Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3310, There’s Really Someone Else


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A hundred thousand kilometres away from Heavenly Wolf Valley, a beam of light was breaking through the sky at the speed of a meteor. Anyone with an acute vision would be able to see the true form of this light. He was an energetic-looking elderly man with a red face.


At this moment, the elderly man seemed to be avoiding something as he kept flying forward. With a furious expression, he seemed to be cursing at someone.


All of a sudden, he sensed something as he turned to look in a different direction, upon which he appeared stunned, “This aura… Impossible…”


Just then, in the direction he was heading, space rippled slightly, as if it was melting. The intact space showed signs that it was being torn apart as a crack soon appeared.


The elderly man narrowed his eyes and said through clenched teeth, “That damn boy is already here?! That’s too soon. Is he trying to chase me to death?”


Despite the fact that he was fairly powerful, he knew full well the other party’s power, so it was difficult for him to get rid of that person. Then, he darted his gaze around as an idea came into his mind. Following that, he turned around and headed in the direction he was looking at just now.


The direction was where Heavenly Wolf Valley was located.


In just a short moment, the space tear expanded as two figures nonchalantly walked out of it. It was a man and a woman. The man appeared brave and heroic, while the woman was enchanting and alluring. The two of them looked like a couple made in Heaven.


Upon inspection, the man heaved a sigh, “He fled again.”


The woman said through gritted teeth, “That old thing is pretty quick. It’s not like we’re trying to kill him. Why is he so anxious?”


The man burst into laughter, “Although we’re not going to kill him, we’re trying to restrict his freedom. Naturally, he’s reluctant.”


The woman shot him a look and snorted, “Are you speaking up for him or what? What’s wrong? Do you intend to let him off?”


The man shook his head, “Sir has given the order, so I can’t let him off even if I wanted to. We’d better keep someone that dangerous under our watch. If his ferocious nature is reignited, the world will be thrown into chaos.” He paused for a moment and smiled, “It would be alright if he stayed in the Southern Territory; however, since he had the guts to come to the Eastern Territory, and our Sir chanced upon him, he will have to stay on Spirit Beast Island from now on.”


“Enough nonsense, we need to follow him now or we’ll lose him.” The woman urged in an impatient manner.


The man nodded slightly and lifted his arm. As Space Principles undulated, a crack opened up in the space, after which the pair stepped into it together and disappeared.


A moment later, the tear healed and vanished.



Outside Heavenly Wolf Valley, Yang Kai used his Nihility Secret Technique to merge with the Void at the most critical moment to evade his opponent’s fatal sneak attack. Following that, he seized the opportunity to use his Time Flies Seal on his attacker, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood. After that, Yang Kai looked nonchalantly at the person and sneered, “Wu Heng, this King has been waiting for you. What took you so long?”


The person who launched a sneak attack was none other than Wu Heng, the Star Field Master of Grand Desolation Star Field who had gotten into a conflict with Yang Kai.


With a livid face, Wu Heng pushed his Emperor Qi to counter the rampaging Time Principles within his body, blood still leaking from his mouth as he bellowed, “How did you know I was here?”


Although Yang Kai didn’t kill his father or snatch his wife, the feud between them was practically unresolvable; after all, Yang Kai had taken millions of kilometres of the Grand Desolation Star Field from him. Although snatching this small stretch of territory wouldn’t harm the foundation of a Star Field, it would have a huge impact on Wu Heng’s future.


Whether or not a Star Field was intact was a deciding factor for Wu Heng’s journey on the Martial Dao. A broken Star Field also destabilised the Star Field Source within his body, making him unable to cultivate in peace. As time went by, even though it wouldn’t cause his cultivation to fall, it would be difficult for him to reach new heights.


Previously, he had suffered a setback because the management of Star Court had interfered in the conflict, so he could only let Yang Kai have his territory.


Although the Star Court could interfere in the matters regarding Star Fields, Star Envoys couldn’t possibly intervene if he wanted to retaliate against Yang Kai in the Star Boundary. As long as he could kill Yang Kai here, he could regain control of his Star Field. He might even be able to invade Heng Luo Star Field again and complete his previous plan.


Since he was Grand Desolation Star Field’s Master, he was somewhat related to Netherworld Sect as well, and after the previous incident, Wu Heng had pulled himself together and returned to the Star Boundary. Then, he found Fu Bo and told him to find out Yang Kai’s whereabouts.


He had never expected that the Heavens would send him such a gift. Yang Kai, who was supposed to be in the Southern Territory, suddenly arrived in the Eastern Territory. Qi Family Fort informed Netherworld Sect about it, who then discussed it with Wu Heng and came up with this plan.


However, what puzzled Wu Heng was that Yang Kai seemed to have predicted that he would appear here.


Yang Kai chuckled, “The reason Fu Bo is aware of what had happened in Grand Desolation Star Field must be because you told him about it. Since there’s such a connection between you two, this King would be a fool if he didn’t know that you were lurking in the dark. This King is also certain that you are the mastermind behind this plot.” 


Fu Bo had held back his anger for a long time, and if it weren’t because of Wu Heng, he wouldn’t have attempted to retaliate against Yang Kai.


[No wonder!] Wu Heng looked resentfully at the Mountains and Rivers Bell. His gaze seemed able to penetrate the bell and lock onto Fu Bo as he appeared furious. He had never expected that Fu Bo’s slip of the tongue would allow Yang Kai to figure everything out.


Taking that into consideration, the reason he had suffered a setback this time was due to Fu Bo. 


[That waste!] He cursed Fu Bo in his heart.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai continued, “Those surname Fu always end up in a miserable state when they oppose this King, but the same is true for those surname Wu. Wu Heng, your life had been spared previously, so you should have treasured it more. How dare you come find fault with this King again? Do you think this King doesn’t dare to kill you!?”


Upon finishing his threats, Yang Kai’s murderous intent seemed to materialise as it engulfed Wu Heng. With a livid expression, Wu Heng snorted, “You think you can kill this King!?”


Yang Kai arched his brow, “You seem confident. Let me guess. Besides you, ‘that’ person is also here, right?”


Wu Heng’s expression changed slightly when he heard those words, but he soon composed himself and snorted, “What nonsense are you spouting?”


Yang Kai scoffed, “I’m spouting nonsense?” He scanned the surroundings and stared fixedly at a particular location, “Hey you! Since you’ve come, why don’t you show yourself? Do you think I can’t see you?”


[There’s someone else lurking in the dark?] Tang Sheng, Qian Xiu Ying, and Chi Gui were dumbfounded.


They were already astounded that Wu Heng suddenly appeared out of nowhere. After all, they had never heard of Wu Heng, nor did they know where he came from.


Nevertheless, that didn’t make sense to them; after all, a Third-Order Emperor wouldn’t emerge from nowhere for no reason at all. People with such cultivation were famous figures. However, Wu Heng’s name was unfamiliar to them and none of them had even heard of him.


However, there was one more surprise. After Wu Heng’s arrival, Yang Kai suddenly called out someone else and stared fixedly at a particular location, as if he was certain that another top Master was hiding there.


It wasn’t certain whether this shadowy figure existed as he hadn’t appeared. However, Tang Sheng and the others had a strange feeling that he must be even stronger than Wu Heng; after all, the one who appeared last must be the strongest.


Wu Heng, Fu Bo, and Xu Chang Feng were all Third-Order Emperors, so what realm was this hidden Master in? Suddenly, a horrifying idea sprang into their minds. Tang Sheng and Chi Gui traded glances and saw the terror behind each other’s gaze.


“There’s really someone else!” Lan He suddenly covered her mouth and stared at that location in disbelief. As space fluctuated, a mysterious figure appeared all of a sudden. He was wearing a golden crown and clad in purple robes. His hands were folded behind his back as he looked down at everyone in a dispassionate manner. He appeared so aloof that it was as if a deity was gazing at mere mortals on the ground. His gaze gave off a discomforting feeling, as though everyone else was an ant in his eyes.


He didn’t reveal his strength, nor was anyone at the scene able to find out his cultivation. Nevertheless, anyone who saw him was certain that he was much stronger than everyone else present.


“A Pseudo-Great Emperor!” Tang Sheng exclaimed as his forehead was drenched in cold sweat. Chi Gui also gulped and subconsciously nodded.


Lan He turned to look at her Master, “A Pseudo-Great Emperor? What do you mean?”


It was the first time she heard this term. Although she was an Emperor Realm Master, she was only in the First Order; therefore, her life experiences were a little shallow and she was not yet aware of certain secrets.


Tang Sheng and Chi Gui were focused on the purple-robed man, so they didn’t hear what she had said, and that was why they didn’t reply to her.


Qian Xiu Ying heaved a sigh and sent her a Divine Sense transmission, “Little He, there is a group of people in this world who are stronger than Third-Order Emperors, but are weaker than Great Emperors. Each one of these people is incredibly powerful, just a half-step away from becoming Great Emperors. We call these people Pseudo-Great Emperors. If one doesn’t count the Great Emperors, these people are considered the strongest.”


A shocked Lan He uttered, “There are such people in this world?” 


It was the first time she heard about it.


Qian Xiu Ying nodded, “Yes, and there are quite a number of them. For example, you’ve heard of Senior Li Wu Yi, yes? He’s the strongest among all the Pseudo-Great Emperors.”


Lan He nodded in acknowledgement, but she soon asked curiously, “Since there are many of them, why have I never heard of such a title before?”


Qian Xiu Ying explained patiently, “Once they reach such a height, there’s basically no room for growth in their cultivation anymore, unless they challenge a Great Emperor for their position. That’s why most of them cultivate in seclusion, preparing for that opportunity. This also means that most of them disappear from the world and don’t easily show themselves. Of course, there’s an exception to everything. Senior Li Wu Yi for example.”


Lan He bowed her head to show that she understood her, then she said furiously, “But this is blatant oppression then!”


In order to deal with a Second-Order Emperor like Yang Kai, two top Sects in the Eastern Territory had deployed all their top combat power; however, they only had themselves to blame for their failure. After that, Wu Heng appeared and launched a sneak attack on Yang Kai, which was an extremely despicable act. Now, there was even a Pseudo-Great Emperor lurking in the shadows. If Yang Kai hadn’t pointed it out, this person would probably have kept hiding until he found the right chance to deal a fatal blow.


Since a Pseudo-Great Emperor had arrived, no one else besides a Great Emperor could suppress him. This purple-robed man was basically bullying Yang Kai. Lan He was extremely vexed as she thought about the situation Yang Kai was in as she darted her gaze between Wu Heng and the unknown man, finding them to be hideous and shameless characters.



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