Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3311, Trying to Take the Lion’s Share


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If possible, Lan He wanted to give Yang Kai a hand regardless of the consequences. Even if her cultivation was restricted, it was better than just standing there watching.


However, she knew that since a mighty Pseudo-Great Emperor had appeared, even the top three Sects in the Eastern Territory wouldn’t dare to offend him, let alone a trivial Heavenly Wolf Valley. If she offended this person, the consequences would be unbearable for her. At that instant, she was gripped by a bitter feeling, one that for the first time made her desperately crave greater strength.


If she was powerful enough, she wouldn’t just be an onlooker. If she was powerful enough, she could’ve repaid Yang Kai’s favour for saving her life. Unfortunately, she was only a First-Order Emperor.


When she was lucky enough to reach this realm, she thought that she was already one of the few top cultivators in the world. She had been proud of her success and effort and it wasn’t until this day that she realised that there were always stronger cultivators out there.


Second-Order Emperor Realm Masters were stronger than First-Order Emperor Realm Masters, while Pseudo-Great Emperors were more powerful than Third-Order Emperors. Furthermore, there were the Great Emperors, who were even mightier than the Pseudo-Great Emperors. Would there be even more formidable beings than the Great Emperors? While Lan He was deep in thought, she appeared dejected as she really thought that Yang Kai was doomed this time.


A Pseudo-Great Emperor had appeared, so there was no way Yang Kai could survive. Nevertheless, she didn’t understand why such an illustrious figure would want to make things difficult for Yang Kai. Although she hadn’t frequently come into contact with Yang Kai, she didn’t think the latter was a wicked person. Why would so many people want him dead after he arrived in the Eastern Territory? Moreover, his opponents only became increasingly stronger.


The purple-robed man stared impassively at Yang Kai and nodded, “This King is impressed that you’ve found out that I am here. It’s no wonder that Yang Yan favours you so greatly.”


[Who is Yang Yan?] Tang Sheng and the others were puzzled. Be it Wu Heng or the purple-robed man, it was the first time they had even heard of such people. Nevertheless, the purple-robed man suddenly mentioned ‘Yang Yan’, another unfamiliar name to them.


Tang Sheng and the others couldn’t help but feel helpless. Suddenly, they realised that there was so much they didn’t know. So what if Tang Sheng was the Valley Master of Heavenly Wolf Valley? So what if Chi Gui was the top cultivator among the younger generation of Ahan Temple? They couldn’t even understand what these people before them were saying, as if they were living in two different worlds. That realization made them feel dejected.


On the other side, Yang Kai snorted, “This space has been sealed off from the rest of the world, but I couldn’t find any traces of a Spirit Array. Neither Netherworld Sect nor Brahma Holy Land is capable of something like this. Wu Heng is also not powerful enough to do that. After giving it a thought, it was easy to conclude it was you behind all of this.”


The space around Yang Kai had been sealed, and although it couldn’t stop him from using his combat-oriented Space Divine Abilities, he couldn’t use instantaneous movement to leave this place. No ordinary person could accomplish this, and since Wu Heng could appear, that meant this man could as well; after all, Yang Kai knew these two were related in some way.


Compared to Wu Heng’s grudges against Yang Kai, this purple-robed man was a bigger threat because he lusted after Yang Kai’s Sealed World Bead and Mountains and Rivers Bell. Previously, thanks to Yang Yan’s protection, as well as the fact that they were in a Lower Star Field, the purple-robed man had no choice but to retreat. Now that they were in the Star Boundary, however, this man certainly wouldn’t let this chance slip through his fingers.


Seeing that Yang Kai was glancing around, the purple-robed man said dispassionately, “Don’t bother. Yang Yan isn’t here, so she won’t be able to protect you.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai burst into laughter, “You misunderstand, I’m not looking for Yang Yan. I’m just curious how you managed to seal off this space.”


“You want to know?” The purple-robed man stared at him and asked.


“Will you tell me?”


“It seems that we can have a proper chat.”


“What do you want to talk about? I don’t think there’s much to ‘chat’ about here.”


“Both of us have something the other wants. Certainly, we can have a talk to settle things peacefully.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai put on a smile and rubbed two fingers together, after which a Sealed World Bead appeared between his fingers, “You want this?”


The purple-robed man narrowed his eyes and stared fixedly at the Sealed World Bead. His eternally calm gaze suddenly appeared fervent though he remained silent.


Just then, Yang Kai withdrew his hand and stored the Sealed World Bead before shaking his head, “I’m sorry to disappoint you. To be honest, this thing will only be effective in the hands of someone who has cultivated the Dao of Space. Even if I give it to you, you won’t be able to use it.”


It was exactly because of this reason that Yang Yan decided to give the Sealed World Bead to Yang Kai. This thing could help its owner comprehend World Force and smoothen the path towards the Grand Dao, so if Yang Yan could use it, she would’ve kept it for herself.


Despite that, this thing was still useful to Yang Yan as well as this man. They were both peak level Masters, so if they could study the Sealed World Bead, they may be able to comprehend something about World Force from it.


The purple-robed man said, “I have my own reason for wanting this thing. Rest assured, I won’t take it from you for free. Whatever demand you have, I will fulfil it for you.” Although he appeared magnanimous, he was actually just wary of Yang Yan. He wasn’t certain about the relationship between Yang Yan and Yang Kai; however, previously, Yang Yan had not hesitated to fall out with him in order to shield Yang Kai. Furthermore, the incident happened in Heng Luo Star Field, so he had his own speculation.


If he decided to oppress Yang Kai and snatch the Sealed World Bead from him, he had to kill everyone at the scene to make sure that the news wouldn’t be spread; otherwise, if Yang Yan found out about it, he would be in trouble. If that woman became enraged, he wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences.


However, it would be a different story if Yang Kai was willing to exchange it with him. He didn’t force him or try to snatch it from him. It was a fair trade as both of them could get the things they wanted. Even if Yang Yan found out about it, she would have no reason to be upset.


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai fell into deep thought.


As the purple-robed man observed Yang Kai’s expression, he became elated and thought that the latter indeed knew his place. [Since I’ve shown myself, he must have realised that he can’t keep that bead no matter what; otherwise, why would he have this kind of expression?] 


Hence, he decided to strike while the iron was hot by saying, “Yang Yan and I are colleagues. Although we’re not close friends, we’re not on bad terms either. For her sake, I’ll not treat you unfairly. Whatever request you have, this King won’t reject you as long as it is within my ability.”


Upon hearing that, Wu Heng was flabbergasted as he exclaimed, “Sir…” 


He felt furious because this purple-robed man was being too generous to Yang Kai. In any exchange, it was normal for the seller to ask for a higher price while the buyer demanded a lower price, but the purple-robed man directly revealed his bottom line, as if he wasn’t worried that Yang Kai would try to take the lion’s share, but what if Yang Kai came back with an outrageous demand?


While Wu Heng was apprehensive, Tang Sheng and the others were equally astonished.


That was a promise as well as a guarantee from a Pseudo-Great Emperor. As long as Yang Kai nodded, he would gain the support of a powerful Master. Tang Sheng didn’t know what the bead was or why it could make a Pseudo-Great Emperor give this kind of promise, but if he was Yang Kai, he would have immediately agreed to it.


With the protection of such a powerful person, Yang Kai could practically walk sideways around the Star Boundary and no one would dare to offend him.


Even Lan He secretly hoped that Yang Kai would agree to this deal; after all, his life was more important than a treasure.


“Are you serious?” Yang Kai flashed a faint smile at the purple-robed man, “I didn’t expect you to be so generous.”


The purple-robed man replied lightly, “It’s said that a long distance tests a horse’s strength and time reveals a person’s heart. This is the second time we have come across each other, so how are you able to know this King’s temperament?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Fair enough.” Then, he suddenly pointed at Wu Heng, “What if I say I want Grand Desolation Star Field?”


Upon hearing that, Wu Heng roared, “Bastard! There should be a limit even if you want to ask for the lion’s share! Who do you think you are? How dare you…”


Before he could finish his words, the purple-robed man interrupted him by saying, “While it will be a little difficult, this King may be able to grant your wish.”


Wu Heng’s jaw dropped open as he looked dazedly at the purple-robed man, unable to believe what he had just heard. [What? He agreed to it? How could he agree to such an outrageous request!?]


After he recovered from the shock, Wu Heng was then gripped by a feeling of fear as he realised that he had underestimated the purple-robed man’s desire for that bead. Since the purple-robed man could even agree to this kind of request, it went to show that the bead was truly important to him. 


Wu Heng now felt apprehensive. Since that was the case, he was afraid that he had to hand over his Star Field Source. Without his title as a Star Field Master, he was only an ordinary Third-Order Emperor, and his future would turn bleak. At that instant, his face turned ashen as he looked resentfully at Yang Kai.


He didn’t dare to hate the purple-robed man, so he could only shift his anger to Yang Kai. At the same time, he was utterly regretful of his decision. If he knew that this would be the outcome, he wouldn’t have gone all out to deal with Yang Kai, as it was akin to lifting a stone only to drop it on his foot. At that moment, he was utterly sorrowful, but he was unable to shed a tear.


Besides Wu Heng, Yang Kai was also stunned, as he couldn’t believe that this purple-robed man would agree to such an outrageous demand.


Then, with a cold expression, Yang Kai continued testing the waters, “I also want him dead!”


The conflicted Wu Heng was flabbergasted upon hearing that. With his lips pressed together as he took a look at Yang Kai and then at the purple-robed man. At the same time, he silently circulated his Emperor Qi, preparing to flee at any moment. If the purple-robed man agreed to this, he would be waiting for death if he didn’t flee.


Fortunately, after hearing this, the purple-robed man frowned and shook his head, “I’m afraid I can’t grant your wish. He’s from the Star Court after all. It would be fine if he was killed in a conflict with someone else, but this King can’t make a move on him. Otherwise, the Great Emperors won’t let me off.”


[Star Court…] Upon hearing that, Tang Sheng, Chi Gui, and the others were so shocked that they started trembling. It was then they realised where these powerful but obscure top cultivators came from. They were from the Star Court, which was touted to be the most powerful and mysterious force in the entire Star Boundary.


“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded as a glint flashed across his eyes.


“What do you understand?” The purple-robed man asked with a frown.


Yang Kai uttered, “You’ve also cultivated a little bit of the Dao of Space.”


The purple-robed man raised his brow and questioned calmly, “Why do you think so?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “I’ve already told you that only someone who has cultivated the Dao of Space can make use of this bead, but you remain determined. Moreover, after I made such an unpleasant request, you agreed to it, so it’s clear how desperately you want my bead. Since that’s the case, you must have a way to use it. That’s why I assume you are cultivating the Dao of Space.”


At the same time, Yang Kai felt dejected in his heart. He thought that only a small number of people could grasp and cultivate the Dao of Space, but recently, he had come across two people who had cultivated it. One of them was Sheng Yu Zhu, who had spent several tens of thousands of years trying to figure out the basics of Space Principles, and now unexpectedly there was this purple-robed man as well.



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