Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3312, Strike First to Gain the Upper Hand


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The purple-robed man nodded slightly, “I’m impressed by your observational skills.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Many thanks for your compliment. Moreover, I know that you haven’t mastered it yet. At best you’re… a beginner.”


“How did you figure that out?” The purple-robed man was slightly surprised. Just like what Yang Kai had said, he was cultivating the Dao of Space, but he was only just getting started. He had grasped the basics of Space Principles, but he was still far from mastering them. It wasn’t that he wasn’t talented enough. He was a Pseudo-Emperor, so there was no way his aptitude was poor; however, the Dao of Space was truly abstruse, and it couldn’t be easily cultivated just because one was talented. Sheng Yu Zhu had been stuck in a Void Crack for millennia, having to deal with Void Turbulences every single day; however, she had only grasped the basics of Space Principles. Could her aptitude be any worse than this man’s?


Yang Kai could tell that Sheng Yu Zhu and the purple-robed man before him were on par when it came to their attainments in the Dao of Space.


“If you had some true mastery over Space Principles, you wouldn’t have to spend so much energy to seal this space off from the world; after all, in that scenario, I’d never be able to escape from you. However, since you’ve done so, it goes to show that you’re not confident of suppressing me using Space Principles.” Faced with such a formidable enemy, Yang Kai still remained nonchalant as he talked to him in a calm manner, which caused the purple-robed man to feel slightly taken aback.


After giving it a thought, the purple-robed man said, “It seems that you’re an intelligent person, so you should make a wise decision now. What do you say?”


It was the question Yang Kai had asked Qi Hai and Chi Gui earlier. Unexpectedly, the purple-robed man asked him the same question, so it was apparent what his intention was. After Yang Kai asked that question, Qi Hai and Chi Gui made a wise decision. He had been magnanimous to Yang Kai, so he hoped that the latter would do the same.


Yang Kai put on a grin, “What do I say? I say…” 


All of a sudden, he turned ferocious, “Fuck you!”


Following that, he twisted his arm, and as Space Principles surged, Yang Kai sent out a large Moon Blade. Nevertheless, his target wasn’t the purple-robed man but Xu Chang Feng, who kept staggering backwards because he was no match for the Embodiment.


While Yang Kai and the purple-robed man were speaking, Xu Chang Feng had been suppressed by the Embodiment to the point that he almost suffocated. Xu Chang Feng was fairly strong, but the Embodiment had inherited Shi Huo’s Source and had the body of a Stone Spirit, so there was no way Xu Chang Feng was a match for him. The reason Xu Chang Feng had even persevered until now was thanks to his deep heritage and foundation. Xu Chang Feng didn’t even have the chance to call out to the purple-robed man for help, because speaking would only lead to an earlier defeat.


At the same time, he was hoping that Wu Heng could help him out. However, Wu Heng had been struck by Yang Kai’s Time Flies Seal, so he was being corroded by Time Principles even now. Moreover, Wu Heng was dumbstruck by Yang Kai’s previous demands, so he didn’t seem to have the thought of saving Xu Chang Feng.


Taking all this into consideration, Xu Chang Feng was so exasperated that he almost spat blood.


Just when he was reaching the height of despair, he saw Yang Kai’s Moon Blade flying at him, which served as the last straw that broke the camel’s back.


Xu Chang Feng’s vision darkened as he almost cursed. As he wielded his black sword, he channelled his Emperor Qi and managed to stop the Moon Blade from cutting across him; however, when he came to his senses, he realised that the Embodiment’s barbed fist was already flying at him.


[I’ve reached my end…] That was the idea that sprang into Xu Chang Feng’s mind. Unwilling to simply surrender though, he protected his chest using his Emperor Qi, after which, the Embodiment’s fist slammed right into him.


With a loud boom, Xu Chang Feng’s protective Emperor Qi collapsed and his bones cracked. With his eyes protruding, Xu Chang Feng coughed up a mouthful of blood before he was sent flying through the sky for more than a thousand metres before finally crashing into the ground. No one was certain whether he was dead or alive.


The turn of events sent chills down the spines of the onlookers. Tang Sheng and the others had just witnessed the defeat of two Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters from the Eastern Territory. One of them had been suppressed by the Mountains and Rivers Bell, while the other was knocked out by Shi Huo. The former was probably still alive, but it was difficult to tell whether the latter was still breathing.


Right after the Embodiment defeated Xu Chang Feng, Yang Kai performed a hand seal as a loud boom was heard coming from the Mountains and Rivers Bell, which had been suppressing Fu Bo all this time. Following that, with the bell as the centre, a desolate aura, which seemed able to suppress the Heavens and Earth, spread out in all directions. Even Heaven Wolf Valley, which was a couple dozen kilometres away, seemed to shake under the influence of these waves.


Just then, the bell shot up into the sky and revealed Fu Bo’s figure. However, he was already collapsed on the ground as blood streamed out of his seven orifices. His face was as pale as a sheet, and his limbs were convulsing. Apparently, he was about to pass on.


Certainly, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a miserable state if he was just suppressed by the bell. Nevertheless, since Yang Kai had to deal with a formidable enemy like the purple-robed man, he had to make all his cards available. So, he had to kill Fu Bo first; otherwise, it would be a pain if he also had to deal with another Third-Order Emperor Realm Master along with his current opponent.


Fu Bo ended up in such a state because Yang Kai had fully activated the bell’s suppressive power. He was not that concerned about this attack killing Fu Bo because he knew, either way, Fu Bo would be unable to fight any more.


The bell, which had shot up into the sky, then charged towards the purple-robed man at full speed. At the same time, Yang Kai and the Embodiment charged in behind the bell and launched themselves at their enemy.


Faced with such a formidable opponent, doing nothing was akin to waiting around for death. Yang Kai knew he had to strike first to gain the upper hand.


“Impudence!” The purple-robed man was apparently startled as he didn’t expect that Yang Kai would have the guts to make the first move against him. [Doesn’t this boy understand the difference in power between us?] 


The purple-robed man was already displeased at the fact that Yang Kai had cursed him out. No one had dared to curse at him before, so he couldn’t believe that a brat like Yang Kai would have the guts to scold him, and the language the latter used was extremely foul.


After a growl, the purple-robed man pushed out his palm. At that instant, the world seemed to tremble as a buzzing sound was heard. The entire world seemed to be on the brink of collapsing. The power of this palm was able to make Tang Sheng and the others, who were watching from afar, have an illusion that the world was coming to an end, as if they were going to lose their lives the next moment.


Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying instantly turned pale, while Lan He coughed up a mouthful of blood. Only Chi Gui, while still agitated, continued to gaze fervently at the battlefield, as if he was trying to look through the abstrusity of the attack with his own eyes.


Nevertheless, the next moment, he too sprayed out a mouthful of blood as his expression turned pale.


Tang Sheng’s expression changed drastically as he realised that it wasn’t even safe for them this far away from the battlefield. The power of the purple-robed man’s attack had exceeded the limits of his comprehension. Even the fallout from this attack would be enough to kill them all.


Hesitating no more, he shouted at Qian Xiu Ying, “Retreat!”


The couple then respectively pulled up Lan He, whose cultivation was still sealed, and Chi Gui as they quickly returned to Heavenly Wolf Valley and activated the Sect Defending Array, after which, they finally felt safe.


When they lifted their heads, they saw that a gigantic palm that seemed able to cover the sky was clashing with the Mountains and Rivers Bell.


*Dang dang dang dang!* 


The sound of a bell ringing out rapidly permeated the world. Although the bell and the palm had only come into contact once, countless clanging sounds were heard. It was as if the palm had hit the bell more than ten thousand times in that instant.


Ripples propagated from the bell and spread in all directions. Space collapsed as a huge crack appeared both in the sky and down on the ground. Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng, who had both been paralysed, suddenly started shuddering for a moment before they stopped moving completely. Apparently, they had been attacked by the shockwaves coming from the bell.


As for the other Emperor Realm Masters from Brahma Holy Land and Netherworld Sect who were lucky enough to still be alive, they started falling from the sky as if unable to support their own weight anymore.


On the other hand, Wu Heng appeared horrified as he fully circulated his Emperor Qi to protect himself, but even that layer of protection was now fluctuating violently enough to be perceived with one’s naked eyes.


A series of ripples had also been formed on Heavenly Wolf Valley’s Sect Defending Array, and as more ripples spread across the array, Tang Sheng was sent reeling from the shock as he rejoiced at the fact that he had made a prompt decision to withdraw; otherwise, all of them would have suffered. The couple would probably have been fine, but Chi Gui and Lan He, who were only in the First-Order Emperor Realm, would definitely have been wounded.


The purple-robed man’s palm seemed as imposing as the arrival of a deity, and all the living creatures in the world couldn’t help but be horrified.


The Mountains and Rivers Bell, which was touted to be able to suppress all creation, was shaking upon impact as it was sent flying backwards, revealing two figures behind itself.


It wasn’t that the Mountains and Rivers Bell was weak; after all, it was the foundation that Yuan Ding Great Emperor had relied on to attain the position of Great Emperor. This bell had even suppressed the Phoenix True Fire for twenty thousand years. It was just that Yang Kai’s strength was limited, so the power he could draw out from the bell was incomparable to that of Yuan Ding Great Emperor.


If Yang Kai’s cultivation was the same as that of the purple-robed man, the power of the bell would’ve increased tremendously.


Following the palm from earlier, the purple-robed man pointed his fingers at Yang Kai and the Embodiment, after which two beams of lights shot towards them. His expression was calm, as if he was trying to kill two ants.


Yang Kai and the Embodiment had been extremely cautious as they knew that they were currently in the weaker position.


The Embodiment growled as the flames around his body burned brighter. At the same time, his figure grew to several dozen metres taller as he bent his back and shot out his spines. Just like a rain of arrows, the burning spines charged towards the beams of lights.


Whooshing sounds were continuously heard as the burning spines crashed with the approaching lights and immediately turned into dust that sprinkled down from the sky. After clashing with more than a hundred spines, the beams of lights finally dispersed.


At that moment, the Embodiment’s back, which originally looked like that of a hedgehog, was now bare. Nevertheless, new spines soon grew out until it looked as good as new.


With the Embodiment’s attack as a cover, Yang Kai darted forward and reached a spot that was just three hundred metres away from the purple-robed man. With his right eye glowing with a golden gleam all of a sudden, his pupil expanded, after which a blooming lotus appeared.


[Blossoming Lotus!] 


The purple-robed man took a cold look at Yang Kai as a lotus bud filled his gaze. As if the roots of the lotus had been planted in his eyes, it expanded quickly, and the price he had to pay was that his Spiritual Energy was leaving him like a receding tide. 


At the same time, a sharp pain was felt in his mind, which caused him to be a little stunned.


Given his experience, he knew that Yang Kai must have used a rare and powerful Soul Secret Technique. Despite his old age, it was the first time he witnessed such a strange attack, which was why he accidentally fell for it.


The Spiritual Energy in his Knowledge Sea surged in an attempt to destroy the blooming lotus, but he realised that his attempts were futile. The harder he tried to push his Spiritual Energy, the quicker the lotus expanded. His vision turned dark as he could see nothing else but the blooming lotus.



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  1. First, I had no idea Li Wu Yi was of such high calibre. I thought he was a Third Order not a Pseudo Great Emperor. What about Feng Ji? She’s probably a Third Order Emperor.
    Second, Yang Kai got his Blossoming Lotus Divine Ability from the inheritance of the Insect Emperor. Was the Insect Emperor a Pseudo or a fully-fledged Great Emperor? Since he did by the hands of Yang Yan the former is more likely, but they were not in the Star Boundary but in a Star Field so maybe he could not utilise World Force as a GE can?

    1. Insect was a pge, since Yang Yan has access to almost full power in star fields, due to star court. She was INCAPABLE of fully killing him and was almost gravely injured. That much is sure.
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    1. When they were fighting Wu Kuang, flame emperor died. So bell emperor imprisoned the flame, because he was afraid that Wu will devour it during the battle and gain a massive power up.
      As for the lotus, I believe it was gained after Yang boy ate the bead he got from the coloured glass mountain arc on shadowed star (from the pockmarked girl) The powers fused and bam! He comprehended a new technique.

      1. No the seven coloured lotus. At the time 6 coloured. Devoured the sould bead of the insect emperor. That gave this technique. So it could be from insect or could be from lotus. And no has nothing to do with the coloured glass mountain. The coloured glass mountain was used however to improve yang kai’s golden eye.

  3. 1 pseudo great emperor, 3 third order emperors, over 30 second and first order emperors and this kid is still kicking ass and he’s only a second order emperor. It seems a great emperor will have to give up his/her place for yk to ascend. Whether they want to or not.

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    The author never punishes YK for his character flaws. Saved by ungodly luck once, and it’s going to happen again.

    The writing quality improved since the return to heng luo and up to recently with the death of a friendly character for once and the development of a side character (li jiao), but this shit annoys me so much. It speaks volumes of what the author really thinks about this kind of behavior when he keeps reinforcing it.

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