Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3313, Going All Out


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The purple robed man indeed lived up to his status as a Pseudo-Great Emperor as he still remained calm and collected, instantly withdrawing his Spiritual Energy to block out the blooming lotus so that it couldn’t absorb more of it.


Just then, a saber made out of light shot out from the middle of the lotus and headed towards him.


At that instant, for the first time, he felt threatened as he bellowed, “Soul Emperor Artifact!”


He wouldn’t be so shocked if it was just a Soul Emperor Artifact. Given his cultivation and age, he had come across countless amazing things. There was only a small number of items that he lusted after, and he wasn’t interested in the rest.


What shocked him was that Yang Kai was able to hide this Soul Emperor Artifact within his lotus Soul Secret Technique. Many things were involved in order to achieve such a feat, so it could be said that the strike was both exquisite and astonishing.


Even if someone was able to fend off the Soul Secret Technique and block the lotus from expanding, a fatal attack was actually hidden within its petals.


[Why is his Soul so abnormally strong? How did he cultivate it? He’s just a Second-Order Emperor, but his Spiritual Energy is much stronger than that of an ordinary Third-Order Emperor.]


What was hidden in Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique was naturally the Soul Splitting Saber. Yang Kai had actually improvised this combination of the Blossoming Lotus and Soul Splitting Saber, and the effect was unbelievably good.


The purple-robed man’s Soul was attacked by the Soul Splitting Saber when he was least expecting it, shaking the defences of his Knowledge Sea. Although he managed to block the attack with his profound cultivation, his vision still darkened as his Knowledge Sea fell into turmoil.


Yang Kai thought it was a shame as he had just used the Heaven Severing Slash Secret Technique in Heng Luo Star Field some time ago. He hadn’t been able to condense enough Spiritual Energy into it recently, so he couldn’t bring out the full power of Soul Splitting Saber; otherwise, the purple-robed man would’ve been at least slightly injured. However, now, this two-part attack was just a slight disturbance to his opponent.


This man was definitely the strongest opponent Yang Kai had faced in battle so far. Fortunately, in a battle between Masters, a moment of disturbance was enough.


Before the purple-robed man was able to recover, Yang Kai and the Embodiment had already reached him. Yang Kai made a large slashing motion with both his arms, sending out two pitch-black Moon Blades that sliced towards the purple-robed man’s chest. At the same time, the Embodiment raised his barbed fist and sent it smashing towards the purple-robed man’s head. His coordination with Yang Kai was seamless; after all, he was a Soul Clone in the body of a Stone Spirit, so there was no need to communicate between them to know what each other intended in battle.


Regardless of how powerful the purple-robed man was, if he was hit by the Moon Blades and the Embodiment’s fist, he would be severely injured if not dead.


Just then, an alarm sounded in Yang Kai’s heart as a sense of crisis engulfed him.


With his eyes widened, he didn’t hesitate to retreat. The Embodiment wanted to withdraw as well, but his figure was bulky, so his movement was comparatively slower.


The next moment, crackling sounds were heard. With the purple-robed man as the centre, a ring of lightning spread out in a radius of a thousand metres, creating a kind of lightning sea. Countless beams of lightning roamed across the sky, illuminating the world in dazzling brilliance.


The Moon Blades that were approaching the purple-robed man’s chest were entangled by beams of lightning and shattered before they could even reach the purple-robed man.


As for the Embodiment, who didn’t manage to retreat in time, he roared fiercely as lightning snakes coiled around his giant figure, causing him to convulse uncontrollably. 


“Thunder Principles!” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he thought that his opponent was truly difficult to deal with.


Dao Source Realm Masters comprehended Principle Strength, and Emperor Masters manipulated Principle Strength, Great Emperors commanded Principle Strength.


Since the purple-robed man was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, he must be an expert in one of these Principles. It was difficult to deal with someone who was an expert in Thunder Principles because thunder was both extremely fast and extremely violent. When the lightning sea burst forth, it turned a thousand-metre radius around the purple-robed man into a death zone for any living creatures, so how could anyone stand against him?


The Embodiment had successfully retreated, but lightning was still flitting across his body. With bloodshot eyes, he stared at the purple-robed man as he could feel and shared Yang Kai’s gloomy emotions.


On the other side, with the protection of the lightning storm, the purple-robed man was able to fend off the fatal combination attack from Yang Kai and the Embodiment. After he fully came to his senses, his vision became clear again as he appeared frustrated. That was because, to him, as a Pseudo-Great Emperor, he shouldn’t have had to use the power of Principles to deal with Yang Kai. A Master like him was supposed to destroy Yang Kai with a wave of his hand.


However, the truth was that he was forced to use his Thunder Principle, and despite that, he still couldn’t kill his opponents, which was intolerable for him. At this moment, he glared coldly at Yang Kai and declared, “You’ll regret offending this King!”


Upon finishing his words, he made a grabbing gesture, after which, a lightning whip appeared in his hand. The lightning whip was purely made from lightning as it was continuously crackling. It appeared green, so it was as if he was holding a violent green snake.


Then, he raised his hand, after which the green lightning whip curled and snapped towards Yang Kai at incredible speed.


Yang Kai immediately retreated, but he was stunned to realise that he could not escape the lightning whip’s pursuit.


As the distance between them shrank, Yang Kai growled and pushed his Emperor Qi madly. His growl sounded like a Dragon Roar, which seemed able to shake the entire world as a breath gusted out of his mouth.


Surprisingly, the breath he had just spat out was golden.


The lightning whip was blocked by the golden breath, and under the shocked gaze of the purple-robed man, his whip started collapsing. The golden breath seemed able to cut through anything in this world as it slashed the whip into pieces.


“Dragon Breath!” The purple-robed man raised his brow.


Certainly, he knew that Yang Kai had a Dragon Clan bloodline. Besides the moves Yang Kai was able to showcase in Grand Desolation Star Field previously, he had also managed to retain his Half-Dragon Form for a long time.


However, could a Half-Dragon release such a pure and powerful Dragon Breath? One on par with a true Dragon Clan member? What was going on?


Furthermore, Yang Kai’s growl just now sounded no different from an authentic Dragon Roar, which caused even the purple-robed man to shiver slightly.


It was the first time he found it so hard to comprehend what situation he found himself in.


Just when he was in a dazed state, the Embodiment pounced on him again, summoning a jet black hammer. Black Qi surrounded the hammer, which gave off a discomforting feeling. With the hammer in his hand, the Embodiment attempted to smash it down on the purple-robed man.


“Demon Qi!” Flabbergasted, the purple-robed man was attracted to the huge black hammer at that instant. As the Demon Qi swept towards him, he felt as if the darkest emotions in his heart were being riled up.


[It’s a Demonic Armament!] The purple-robed man’s superb vision allowed him to recognise the hammer at first glance. The Demon Qi around the hammer was pure, so it was apparently an artifact from the Demon Realm. Furthermore, judging from its aura, the hammer had been around for quite some time, so it was probably an ancient Demonic Armament.


[Where did this Shi Huo obtain this Demonic Armament from?] What puzzled the purple-robed man was how his opponent was able to use this hammer without being corrupted by it.


Just then, a lightning storm appeared again and engulfed Embodiment, after which a lightning whip lashed out.


At that instant, the Embodiment remained unperturbed as he focused on smashing the Demonic War Hammer onto the purple-robed man’s head, as if he was determined to perish together with him. Furthermore, his body was surrounded by a layer of mysterious power, which seemed able to absorb the lightning, so he no longer appeared as battered as he was earlier.


A person who had cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was able to devour everything in existence, turning it into their own power, which included lightning. After the Embodiment activated the Heaven Devouring Domain, even the purple-robed man’s lightning storm couldn’t harm him anymore.


The Embodiment’s fearless attitude shocked the purple-robed man. Even if the Embodiment didn’t treasure his life, the purple-robed man couldn’t possibly allow himself to die with him, because he was still waiting for a chance to become a Great Emperor, a position from which he could truly look down on the world.


Since his lightning storm was useless, the purple-robed man decided to condense his lightning whip into a spear and thrust it into the Embodiment’s chest.


With a loud clang, sparks could be seen spraying out everywhere. Upon impact, the Embodiment tumbled more than ten times through the air before he could stabilise himself with difficulty. However, before his feet were firmly planted, the lightning whip had reached him and tied him up. With a cold expression, the purple-robed man performed a hand seal, after which the whip shone brightly as the lightning turned violent, as if it was trying to incinerate the Embodiment on the spot.


The Embodiment roared as he activated his Heaven Devouring Battle Law to the maximum in order to quickly absorb the lightning and assimilate its energy before counterattacking.


At the same time, a voice growled, “Dragon Transformation!”


As a high-pitched Dragon Roar sounded, Yang Kai’s figure rapidly grew, and before the shocked gazes of Tang Sheng and the others, a 300-metre-tall Dragon appeared. Yang Kai’s Dragon head seemed to be pressing against the sky while his feet were firmly on the ground. Dragon Horns had protruded out of his forehead, and behind him was a golden Dragon Tail. His hands had turned into Dragon Claws and even the breath he puffed out was visibly white and seemed capable of summoning the wind and clouds.


This monster appeared both terrifying and majestic, able to elicit awe and fear from all who gazed upon it.


Tang Sheng and the others found the sight before their eyes surreal. They looked up at the transformed Yang Kai as an unimaginable pressure pressed down on their hearts, making them almost unable to breathe.


The fighting spirit on Chi Gui’s face had disappeared and was replaced by dejectedness and bitterness. That was because he finally realised the depths of his naivety. Not more than a quarter of an hour ago, he had been eager to challenge Yang Kai in order to test his power, but now, faced with such an enormous monster, there was no need to test anything. Chi Gui had no doubt Yang Kai could pinch him to death with ease at any point he wanted.


After Chi Gui saw Yang Kai using Space Principles, Time Principles, and the Mountains and Rivers Bell, he thought that the latter had used up all his tricks. Naturally, he knew about Yang Kai’s Half-Dragon form, but previously, he had only been a dozen or so metres tall, nowhere near his current size. At this moment, Chi Gui couldn’t help wondering if this was the true extent of Yang Kai’s strength, or if he still had more trump cards to play. 


Regardless of how powerful Yang Kai truly was, his 300-metre-tall figure alone was able to give the others an inexplicable pressure. Those without an indomitable will wouldn’t even have the courage to stand against him.


However, how pure must his bloodline be to allow him to transform into such an enormous monster? Previously, back in the Heng Luo Star Field, Yang Kai’s 200-metre Half-Dragon Form had already astonished the purple-robed man, but there was a huge difference between 200 and 300 metres.


This 300-metre figure was Yang Kai’s limit after he activated Dragon Transformation. That was because he knew that when confronting a Pseudo-Great Emperor like the purple-robed man, he couldn’t afford to hold back his power at all. Although he had joined forces with the Embodiment, he still wasn’t confident of defeating this enemy. If he or the Embodiment had to face the purple-robed man alone, they would certainly lose.


It was also the first time he had been able to go all out since he became a Second-Order Emperor, so Yang Kai was eager to test where his limit was.


As Yang Kai moved forward, the ground seemed to tremble beneath him. He gazed down at the figure that was as tiny as an ant and directly stepped into the lightning sea. The violent lightning roamed around his body as crackling sounds were heard, but he remained completely undaunted.



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