Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3314, You Want to Kill Me?


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Members of the Dragon Clan had incredibly tough physiques, so although the purple-robed man’s Thunder Principles were mighty, the lightning sea still couldn’t stop Yang Kai from moving forward.


The lightning sea undulated as soon as his gigantic figure barged into it, after which he landed a slap on the ground. Not daring to directly go against this towering beast, the purple-robed man immediately turned into a beam of light and retreated.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai didn’t seem to have the intention of letting him off as he kept making grabbing motions, as if he was trying to capture a flying insect, which made Tang Sheng and the others feel absurd. The sight of a Pseudo-Great Emperor fleeing in embarrassment as he was hunted down by a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master made the onlookers feel like they were in a dream.


Although Yang Kai was now gigantic, his actions weren’t clumsy. Nevertheless, the purple-robed man was even more agile. As they played the game of cat and mouse, they left behind afterimages in the sky that remained there for a long time.


The Embodiment tacitly came over with the mighty-looking Demonic War Hammer in his hand. His seamless coordination with Yang Kai made sure that the purple-robed man could only parry their attacks rather than counterattack.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai didn’t appear elated at all. Although the purple-robed man appeared battered and on the defensive, he was actually not flustered as he dealt with the two of them in a calm manner.


“Bind!” Yang Kai yelled all of a sudden as Space Principles surged, upon which the space around them solidified. The purple-robed man, who was flying around agilely suddenly froze, as if he had fallen into the mud. The space around him felt extremely viscous, and the harder he struggled, the more he sunk.


While he was struggling, the Embodiment’s hammer reached him.


At that instant, he knew that he couldn’t evade this attack. He had indeed cultivated the Dao of Space, but just like what Yang Kai had said, he had only scratched the surface. Although his cultivation was more powerful than that of Yang Kai, the space around him had been sealed tight. He would only need a brief moment to break free from this kind of binding, but that moment was enough to determine his life or death.


With his gaze turning cold, he pushed his Emperor Qi and released countless beams of lightning in all directions. At the same time, an oval lightning shield appeared in front of him.


With a loud boom, the Demonic War Hammer smashed right at the oval lightning shield, causing it to sink in and then shatter. At the same time, the Embodiment was sent flying backwards by an intense rebound while lightning was seen roaming around his body, causing crackling sounds to emerge.


Without giving the purple-robed man any time to breathe, Yang Kai raised his humongous hand, which seemed able to cover the entire world, and grasped at the purple-robed man tightly before growling coldly, “Die!”


The Space Principles within his hand fluctuated and turned into a murderous force. He seemed determined to kill the purple-robed man ruthlessly.


However, the next moment, Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically. Beams of lightning radiated through the gaps between his Dragon Claw and then merged into one, which penetrated his impregnable hand and shot out from the back of it.


Yang Kai looked up and saw a grim-looking man standing in the sky. There was an artifact in his hand that looked like a Vajra. The artifact was only arm-length, but it was not to be underestimated. The lightning that surrounded the artifact wasn’t green but white and as bright as daylight. Some golden blood that seemed to contain immense vitality was caked around the Vajra.


Yang Kai spread his palm and looked down, only to see that a large hole had been formed in the middle of his hand. His Golden Blood remained inside the wound rather than dripping onto the ground, however, and his flesh was already beginning to squirm and heal.


“It’s really difficult to kill you.” Yang Kai swung his hand and looked up at the purple-robed man.


Although he had joined forces with the Embodiment and used all his power, Yang Kai still couldn’t take down the purple-robed man, proving once again that the latter was worthy of his Pseudo-Great Emperor cultivation. If a Pseudo-Great Emperor was already so powerful though, what about a real Great Emperor? At that instant, Yang Kai longed for the day when he could also stand in that position.


“Your Dragon Vein is strange.” The purple-robed man sized him up with narrowed eyes and scraped some Golden Blood off his artifact before placing his finger into his mouth to have a taste. Following that, his expression was transformed by shock.


Although he was already aware that Yang Kai was a Dragonkin, he subconsciously thought that the latter’s bloodline wasn’t very pure. However, it was an inconceivable idea that a Half-Dragon with an impure bloodline was able to transform into a 300-metre tall Half-Dragon. As far as he knew, the purer the bloodline of a Dragon Clan Member was, the grander his Dragon Form would be.


He had befriended an Eighth-Order Great Dragon before, but the latter could only transform into a 200 metre long Dragon. An Eighth-Order Big Dragon was already a powerful existence on Dragon Island, so there was no way that person wasn’t even comparable to a Half-Dragon.


At the very least, a Great Dragon had to reach the Ninth Order in order to take a 300-metre form.


With the help of his artifact, the purple-robed man was able to break free from Yang Kai’s grip and even harmed him in the process, but upon tasting the Dragon Blood, he was shocked to realise that even though the blood was indeed impure, the power it contained was far greater than that of the other Dragon he had encountered.


[What’s going on? Has this Half-Dragon’s bloodline already reverted to that of his ancestors?] 


While the purple-robed man was still lost in his thoughts, Yang Kai suddenly asked grimly, “How does my blood taste?”


Upon hearing that, the purple-robed man immediately realised that something was off. The Dragon Blood in his mouth seemed to exude a sharp aura at that moment, so without any hesitation, he quickly spat it back out, only to see that the blood had turned into tiny golden swords.


At that instant, he was drenched in cold sweat, as he couldn’t understand how Yang Kai managed to control his blood even after it left his body. That was an inconceivable skill.


Not daring to be complacent, he activated the white lightning around his artifact and shook off all the remaining Golden Blood.


Then, he heaved a sigh and uttered, “Yang Kai, this King is not willing to oppress you. Although you are fairly powerful for your cultivation, you’re still not strong enough to defeat me. You’ve proven your worth now. This King’s proposal remains the same. As long as you hand over that bead to me, this King will turn around and leave. If you need any help in the future, this King will not reject you.”


In response, Yang Kai put on an arrogant smile and shouted, “Do you want it? Come take it then! If you can do it, the bead will be yours. If you can’t, don’t blame me for beating you to death!”


“You want to kill me?” The purple-robed man’s expression turned strange, as if he had just heard something unbelievable.


“Let’s see just how hard it really is to kill you!” Yang Kai took a deep breath and raised his hand, after which the Mountains and Rivers Bell rotated and flew towards him. After grabbing the bell, he directly smashed it down on the purple-robed man.


Although the purple-robed man was an experienced man, the corner of his mouth still twitched when he saw this.


A precious Ancient Exotic Artifact, which even Great Emperors coveted, was now being used in such a crude way by Yang Kai. At that instant, the purple-robed man couldn’t help but feel that the bell had fallen into the wrong hands.


However, without a doubt, this move was indeed incredible. Despite the purple-robed man’s might, he still couldn’t ignore such an attack. If he was hit by the bell, he would be severely injured if not dead.


Despite being in a perilous situation, the purple-robed man still remained unperturbed. After he raised the Vajra, a white Thunder Dragon shot out of it and charged toward Yang Kai’s chest.


Even before the Thunder Dragon reached him, Yang Kai could feel the aura of death sweeping over him. The purple-robed man was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, so the artifacts he summoned could never be underestimated. The Vajra was a thunder staff as well as an Emperor Artifact that he had used his own life essence and Thunder Principles to refine. Even a Great Emperor would need to pay attention to the Heaven Shattering Lightning that was shot out of it. Otherwise, they might be wounded.


Although Yang Kai had no idea what the thunder staff or Heaven Shattering Lightning was, he trusted his instincts. He knew that despite the purple-robed man’s calm expression, the latter must be utterly resentful in his heart, and wouldn’t hold back any power in this strike.


This was probably the purple-robed man’s full strength, so if Yang Kai could parry it, he would have the right to battle against him. If not, he would be killed on the spot.


At that instant, Yang Kai’s expression turned cold as he appeared utterly determined. Upon holding the bell horizontally, he prepared to smash it against the Thunder Dragon.


As the white light expanded, the Thunder Dragon crashed into the bell and clanging sounds rang out. The surrounding space trembled as the feeling of the world collapsing seeped into everyone’s heart, making them feel apprehensive.


The next moment, all of them shifted their attention to the sky.


The while light that had shot out from the thunder staff connected the purple-robed man and Yang Kai. One of them was tiny, while the other was towering. The stark difference in their sizes was stunning; however, at this moment, it was the petite figure who had gained the upper hand.


The lightning forced Yang Kai’s immense figure to keep stepping back, which left some huge footprints on the ground. He hunched his back as all his muscles had swollen up. The veins on his face protruded, which suggested that he was exerting all his might. Yang Kai and the bell soon couldn’t be seen as they were engulfed in lightning while crackling sounds were intertwined with furious roars.


The purple-robed man continuously released more lightning as he didn’t seem to have any intention of letting Yang Kai catch his breath. It was as if he was trying to put an end to everything by using his strongest move. He even had the time to utter, “Yang Kai, you should learn to appreciate kindness. This King doesn’t want to kill you, but don’t think that means I won’t! This King will give you one last chance, think carefully before replying!”


“I…” Yang Kai’s voice had turned hoarse, but it still cut clearly through the roaring lightning. Upon hearing Yang Kai speak, the purple-robed man was elated as he thought that Yang Kai had cracked under pressure. Just when he was about to stop his Divine Ability to have a proper chat with this promising young man, Yang Kai’s voice sounded loudly, “…refuse!”


At that, the purple-robed man’s expression darkened.


As Yang Kai shouted, all the lightning seemed to have flickered and diminished significantly. His 300-meter tall figure emerged again as he leaned in, resisting the immense pressure as he slowly stepped forward.


At the same time, he pounded the Mountains and Rivers Bell with his Dragon Claw every time he took a step.


*Guang guang guang!* 


Every time the bell tolled, a circular shockwave would spread out and crash into the white lightning, causing it to warp.


Yang Kai was increasingly able to move forward as he shifted from walking to jogging, then to running as the lightning around his body could no longer stop him. All his Dragon Scales were broken, and there wasn’t any part of his body that wasn’t cracked. Moreover, every inch of his skin stank with a burnt smell.


Seeing this, the purple-robed man’s expression finally changed.


Silavin: Seems like there is a reference to the Demon Blood Treading Secret Technique in this chapter. 



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