Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3315, Divine Dragon Tail Sweep


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Not daring to give Yang Kai a chance to approach him, the purple-robed man circulated his Emperor Qi as his thunder staff’s power increased significantly, which caused Yang Kai to halt his steps. Nevertheless, Yang Kai seemed to have predicted this, so he lifted the Mountains and Rivers Bell to block out most of the lightning as he spread his other gargantuan palm and pushed it forward.


Like a mountain descending from the sky, wind was heard howling around the palm, which was surrounded by a fatal aura.


With a loud boom, a huge palm print had formed on the ground, cracking it and sending dust up into the air; the purple-robed man was nowhere to be found. 


A moment later, he reappeared, hovering up in the sky.


Before he could stabilize himself though, the flaming Embodiment, whose spines gleamed with a cold glitter, came at him from the side with the Demonic War Hammer in hand, smashing it at him. Space could be seen breaking apart wherever the War Hammer passed through.


The purple-robed man roared as he turned his thunder staff to aim at the Embodiment before a white bolt of lightning shot out and crashed into the Demonic War Hammer. At that instant, Demon Qi undulated as the War Hammer shone brightly. The Embodiment’s tens of metres tall figure staggered as he was forced to retreat.


Yang Kai puffed out a golden Dragon Breath at that moment, which broke through the barriers of space before it hit right on the purple-robed man’s shoulder. Feeling the violent force, the purple-robed man was sent flying for more than a thousand metres before he could stabilise himself. His shoulder was already covered in blood, as if a large part of his flesh on it had been shredded off.


Since the beginning of the battle, it was the first time the purple-robed man had been hurt. Although it was just a minor injury, he no longer appeared nonchalant, as if everything was within his control. The pain from his shoulder caused his expression to turn hideous as the Thunder Principles around him fluctuated violently.


Black clouds started gathering in the sky, matching the dark look on the purpled robed man’s face.


The lovely weather on this day had vanished as darkness seemed to have descended upon the entire world. Like a thick quilt, the dark clouds covered the sky and pressed against everyone’s heart. Streaks of lightning could be seen flashing across the clouds and breaking through the sky.


After his successful attack, Yang Kai charged forward again while the Embodiment quickly stabilised himself and came at the purple-robed man from the opposite direction.


In an overbearing manner, two gigantic figures were fearlessly launching an attack on a tiny man. The sight was truly astounding.


All of a sudden, the purple-robed man closed his eyes as his expression turned from hideous to calm. When he opened his eyes again, a glint flashed across his gaze as he lifted his thunder staff.


The white lightning on his weapon connected with the lightning in the sky, as if he was able to command the power of the Heavens.


“Fall!” He roared.


The entire world seemed to be trembling as beams of lightning that were as thick as a man’s torso descended from the sky. Every single beam of lightning was horrifying and its power was not to be underestimated. The lightning bolts seemed to have developed eyes as they all struck at Yang Kai and the Embodiment.


At that instant, lightning could be seen flashing across a radius of several hundred metres. The beams of lightning that were connected to the sky seemed uncountable, which caused this area to have turned into a pool of lightning that was filled with murderous intent. Meanwhile, the purple-robed man was hovering in the middle of the lightning storm with a cold expression. As he lifted his thunder staff, he looked down at Yang Kai and the Embodiment, and despite being many times smaller in size, he appeared haughty and aloof, as if he was just gazing at two ants.


Their gigantic figures put them in a disadvantageous position presently as it was difficult for Yang Kai and his Embodiment to evade the lightning. No matter how agile they were, they were still affected and disturbed by the countless bolts.


Despite their best efforts to avoid the lightning, they were still getting struck repeatedly.


Yang Kai’s flesh and Dragon Scales were breaking apart, but he still remained silent as he widened his eyes. Swimming through the lightning storm, he continued forging towards the purple-robed man.


The Embodiment was in a slightly better condition, but he still looked fairly battered. Although he didn’t have any flesh, the rocks that composed his body kept crumbling off, and even the flames around his figure appeared dimmer. Despite the fact that he still had his Heaven Devouring Domain active, he couldn’t devour all this energy in such a short time as he still hadn’t mastered the technique. So, he could only grit his stone teeth and bear with the suffering. The spines shooting out of his back came into contact with the lightning over and over and soon crumbled into dust.




All of a sudden, a Dragon Roar was heard as a giant Dragon, which was shaking its head and wagging its tail, appeared before Yang Kai. This large Dragon was several tens of metres tall and was so life-like it was difficult to tell whether it was real or not. Right after its appearance, it pounced on the purple-robed man.


The purple robed man, whose expression was still cold, narrowed his eyes as he could recognise this was a Dragon Clan Secret Technique.


If it was some time ago, he would still be surprised by the fact that Yang Kai, as a mere Half-Dragon, was able to use a Dragon Clan Secret Technique; after all, their Secret Techniques had to be inherited and one could only be cultivated on Dragon Island. However, after having a taste of Yang Kai’s Dragon Blood and realising that it was peculiar, he stopped feeling surprised by whatever techniques Yang Kai could use.


After that, he waved his hand as the beams of lightning striking from the sky changed direction and turned into Lightning Snakes before swarming against that Dragon. As they clashed with each other in the sky, they snapped and clawed at one another, turning the sky even dimmer as they kicked up a storm of dust.


Yang Kai seized the chance to escape from the lightning storm before he hurled the Mountains and Rivers Bell at the purple-robed man.


Certainly, the purple-robed man wouldn’t dare to parry such an attack, so he hurriedly dodged. Nevertheless, this was just a feint from Yang Kai as he continued dashing towards the purple-robed man.


The purple-robed man wanted to evade it again, but the Embodiment had reached him and tussled against him. Unable to flee, the purple-robed man widened his eyes as he watched the ferocious-looking Yang Kai coming at him. At that instant, Yang Kai caught the Mountains and Rivers Bell and attempted once again to smash it onto his enemy’s head.


The purple-robed man’s agility was not to be underestimated though, and even in such a perilous situation where it was almost impossible for anyone to evade, he somehow managed to achieve this by contorting himself as if he had no bones and successfully escaped unscathed again.


However, before he adjusted his stance, the purple-robed man felt a sharp pain, which caused all his blood to surge. His bones were heard cracking and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.


In a dazed state, he glanced over and saw a golden Dragon Tail flashing across his eyes.


Forcefully swallowing the blood in his mouth, the purple-robed man boiled with rage.


Yang Kai cackled heartily, “Haha! How do you like this King’s Divine Dragon Tail Sweep? Ah…” Before he could finish his words, he was struck by a few beams of lightning. As he shuddered, his golden hair stood on end, which made him look rather ridiculous.


“Since you refuse a toast, you must drink a loss! Don’t blame this King for being ruthless! Both of you must die here today!” The purple-robed man growled grimly as he had apparently become incensed. Previously, he indeed wanted to make a deal with Yang Kai, but it now seemed that was just his wishful thinking, as Yang Kai would never give in to him.


If he wanted the bead, he would have to snatch it. As for whether Yang Yan would find out about it and condemn him, once he killed all the witnesses, how was news going to spread?


As the battle resumed, booming sounds were continuously heard outside Heavenly Wolf Valley, causing all the disciples in the valley to shiver in fear.


At this moment, more people had gathered around Tang Sheng. These people were the high-ranking officials in the valley. When Ling Yin Qin came over and realised that Yang Kai was battling against a terrifying enemy, she didn’t hesitate to rush forward, wanting to lend him a hand. Nevertheless, Qian Xiu Ying hurriedly pulled her back and scolded, “What do you think you’re doing!?”


Ling Yin Qin replied dispassionately, “I must help him.”


Qian Xiu Ying snapped back, “You’ll only distract him by going over! Look at that battle clearly, do you seriously think you’ll be of any help to him?”


Hearing these harsh but clear words, Ling Yin Qin turned back to the battle for a moment before falling silent.


What Qian Xiu Ying had said was true. Even if Ling Yin Qin had the heart to help Yang Kai, she couldn’t possibly interfere in such a high-level battle. If she really rushed over, she would only distract Yang Kai and hold him back. Feeling helpless, she turned to look at Tang Sheng.


After an awkward cough, Tang Sheng replied in embarrassment, “I am unable to interfere either.”


He could have been of some use if he joined the battle when Yang Kai was besieged by the two top Sects. At the very least, he could hold up one of the Second-Order Emperor Realm Masters. Nevertheless, there was no way he could join the present battle. As soon as he tried to fly over, he would either be smashed to blood mist by the shockwaves or fried to dust by the lightning.


Both of them were Second-Order Emperors, but Yang Kai was able to compete against the purple-robed man while Tang Sheng didn’t even have the right to participate in the battle. At the thought of this, Tang Sheng was crestfallen.


“Master, do you think he will win?” Lan He asked worriedly.


Tang Sheng was at a loss for words, as he couldn’t be certain whether Yang Kai would win or not. The fight occurring right now had exceeded anything that he had experienced in his life, so before the dust settled, he didn’t dare to make any predictions, nor did he have the right to do so.


Judging from the situation on the battlefield, Yang Kai and the Embodiment were not in an advantageous position even though they had joined forces; as a Pseudo-Great Emperor, the purple-robed man was truly powerful. Nevertheless, Yang Kai and the Embodiment were not weaklings either. Any Second-Order Emperor Realm Master would be utterly proud of himself if he were able to exchange blows with a Pseudo-Great Emperor and not immediately die.


In fact, there was something Tang Sheng didn’t understand. Supposedly, Shi Huo was also a Divine Spirit, and although he wasn’t highly ranked among the other Divine Spirits, he should still be as powerful as a Pseudo-Great Emperor. Even if he ultimately wasn’t a no match for a Pseudo-Great Emperor, he shouldn’t be this much weaker. The Shi Huo before Tang Sheng’s eyes was somewhat different from the legends.


Naturally, Tang Sheng wasn’t aware that the Divine Spirit current here was a different being than the one he knew. If the real Shi Huo was present, while he might not be able to defeat the purple-robed man, he could definitely protect himself. If he expended all his power, he could even severely injure the purple-robed man at the cost of injuring himself in the process.


Nevertheless, the Embodiment was a special being. He was a Stone Spirit which housed Yang Kai’s Soul Clone and assimilated Shi Huo’s Source. Although he had inherited some of Shi Huo’s power and skills, he was still far from reaching maturity.


Presently, the Embodiment had yet to reach the limits of his potential, and despite the fact that he had cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, he would be comparable to Shi Huo in the short term. However, in the long term, he had more room for growth than Shi Huo. He could even surpass all his predecessors and bring this bloodline to greater heights.


It was because of this reason that he had the right to join forces with Yang Kai to battle against the purple-robed man, but it didn’t mean they could defeat the latter.


Mountains shook as the terrain outside Heavenly Wolf Valley was constantly changed. Amidst the lightning storm, two gigantic figures could be seen charging forward or retreating in a tangled melee. Everything moved so fast, kicked up so much dust, and radiated such brilliant light that Tang Sheng and the others couldn’t clearly see what the situation was even while focusing all their attention on it. They could only vaguely see Yang Kai and the Embodiment. After all, their figures were enormous, so it was difficult to not see them. As for the purple-robed man, no one knew where he was.


Judging from the sounds that were coming from the battlefield though, the purple-robed man apparently wasn’t holding anything back and he could even be said to have gained the upper hand. The roars and grunts from Yang Kai and the Embodiment were proof of that.



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