Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3316, Young Master, Do Not Panic


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


This battle could shake both the Heavens and Earth. Even deities and ghosts would stay away from it. The two parties on the battlefield were trying their hardest to kill one another and held nothing back in that pursuit.


One hour later, the situation became clear as the violent lightning diminished, which allowed Tang Sheng and the others to clearly see the battlefield; however, the sight before their eyes made their chests tighten.


Yang Kai was drenched in blood as he glittered with a golden gleam. Apparently, his Golden Blood had dried and caked around his figure. Most of his Dragon Scales had either been crushed or fallen off, so he looked utterly battered. On the other hand, the Embodiment was in an even poorer state. All his spines had disappeared, so his entire figure looked bare. The flames around his body had also been put out. Meanwhile, the purple-robed man wasn’t in a better state. His face had turned ashen and he couldn’t even sustain his most powerful Divine Ability any longer.


Things had come to a point where both parties had suffered terribly.


While the purple-robed man appeared solemn, Yang Kai was laughing wildly as he taunted, “Is this all you’ve got!?”


The corners of the purple-robed man’s eyes twitched. He too was surprised by the outcome. Initially, he thought that since he had personally made an appearance, he would certainly get what he wanted; however, he hadn’t expected that Yang Kai had so many tricks up his sleeve and that the outcome would be a draw.


A sense of resentment flashed across his eyes as he took a glance at the Embodiment. If the Embodiment wasn’t here, he could have defeated Yang Kai. Even though Yang Kai was able to transform into a 300-metre-tall Half-Dragon, he was still confident of taking him down.


However, with Shi Huo around, it was two against one, and it would be useless even though he could gain the upper hand. If he couldn’t kill Yang Kai, he wouldn’t get the bead. If Yang Yan found out about this, he would be in further trouble.


At that instant, the purple-robed man felt deeply conflicted, as it was pointless to keep fighting. The battle just now had destroyed the seal he had used to isolate the surrounding space. He had used a special method in advance to seal this space, but it wasn’t invincible. After such a violent clash, naturally, the seal had been destroyed.


In other words, if Yang Kai wanted to flee now, he had no way to stop him. Certainly, he wouldn’t want to waste his time and energy on something meaningless, so the thought of giving up became more prevalent in his mind. Just when he was about to say something though, he saw Yang Kai’s expression turning solemn. Following that, Yang Kai performed a hand seal with both hands and pushed his palms out at him.


At that instant, the purple-robed man felt as if time had stopped around him. 


[Time Flies Seal!] The purple-robed man narrowed his eyes and pushed out his own palm to counterattack.


With a loud boom, the violent forces of their palms clashed with each other before annihilating one another. Floating mi-air, the purple-robed man said coldly, “Little brat, don’t go too far!” 


He had intended to retreat, but he didn’t expect that Yang Kai would be so relentless. At that instant, he was fuming with fury. He wasn’t willing to suffer a mutual defeat where both of them were severely wounded, but that didn’t mean he was afraid of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood as he looked arrogantly at him as he bellowed, “Old dog, are you going to admit defeat or what?” 


The purple-robed man called him a ‘little brat’ just now, so in response, he called the purple-robed man old dog.


The purple-robed man’s face fell as he said, “This King was a bit hasty in his actions, but you haven’t suffered any losses, so why don’t we simply forget what has happened today?”


Yang Kai sneered, “Forget what happened today? You mean you want to come and go as you please? Do you seriously think you can just do whatever you want?”


The purple-robed man snorted, “What do you want, then?” 


His narrowed eyes were filled with murderous intent. If Yang Kai decided to press the matter, he had no choice but to keep fighting as he believed that he wouldn’t be the one who would lose his life in the end. Nevertheless, he would have to pay a hefty price.


Yang Kai shook his head, “If it weren’t because this King was able to protect himself, you would have killed me long ago! Since you’ve decided to kill me, don’t blame me for being ruthless! Enough nonsense! Today, either you die or I perish!”


After he finished speaking, Yang Kai’s aura inflated again. As his eyes burned with fighting spirit, he began stepping forward and in silence, the Embodiment shuffled forward as well.


With a dark expression, the purple-robed man realized he had underestimated Yang Kai’s determination. Things had come to a point where there was no turning back, so they could only fight with each other until the winner emerged. After he took a deep breath, a glint of resoluteness flashed across his eyes.


Right then though, Yang Kai and the purple-robed man both suddenly turned their heads to stare in a particular direction with solemn expressions. A beam of light was approaching them at incredible speed, showing that whoever was coming had extraordinary power.


Before that person could even reach this place, a booming voice sounded from afar, “Young Master, do not fear! Old Master is coming!”


When the person said his first word, he was still just a point of light in the distant sky; however, by the time he finished speaking, everyone could clearly see the figure of an old man closing in.


He was an eccentric-looking person. Although he was fairly old, he was still clad in a tacky red robe, which made him look slightly incongruous. Despite the smile on his face, he appeared quite ferocious. Anyone would have thought that this old man was an evil person at first glance. Even the wrinkled skin on his cheeks exuded a savage aura, much unlike most elderly figures his age who had a benevolent air about them.


The purple-robed man and Yang Kai were both puzzled by this person’s arrival, as they couldn’t believe that someone would have the guts to butt in on such a grand battle. However, they suddenly thought that it wasn’t so odd. Although this person appeared incongruous, no one would dare to underestimate him. He was definitely powerful enough to join this fight.


Yang Kai could even feel some unusual undulations in his Embodiment’s emotions. The latter was instinctively fearful of this old man, which gave Yang Kai a strange sensation. The Embodiment was created through the infusion of his Soul Clone into a Stone Spirit’s body and wasn’t even afraid of the purple-robed man, so why would he be so fearful of this old man? Moreover, Yang Kai wasn’t terrified of this old man, so why would the Embodiment feel this way?


After giving it a thought, he realised that it was Shi Huo’s Source rather than the Embodiment that was frightened of this old man.


[Who is this old man that even Shi Huo’s Source instinctually fears him?] Yang Kai widened his Dragon Eyes and stared curiously at him.


The old man was also staring fixedly at him as his eyes appeared curious. A moment later, he looked away and nodded slightly, “Young Master, don’t be afraid. This Old Master is here now.”


Yang Kai turned to look behind himself to check if there was anyone there, but upon confirming there was no one, he turned back to gaze at the old man and pointed at his own snout, “Are you talking to me?”


The old man put on a wicked smile, “Of course.”


Yang Kai raised his brow and uttered, “Old Sir, are you not mistaken?” [What’s wrong with this old man? Calling me Young Master? I don’t even know you! Is he out of his mind? He’s a ferocious character with powerful cultivation… Maybe he’s suffering from some kind of cultivation dissonance?]


Nevertheless, the words ‘Young Master’ made Yang Kai fall into his thoughts as he recalled Old Demon, who had gone through some life-or-death crisis with him in the past. It had been a long time since anyone called him ‘Young Master’.


Presently, Old Demon was diligently cultivating in High Heaven Palace. There was a huge gap between their cultivations now, so Old Demon had to cultivate harder in order to be able to stand beside Yang Kai in any battles in the future.


The old man did not shrink back though and uttered, “Young Master, please don’t make such tasteless jokes. Although you’ve… gone through some immense changes, Young Master is still this Old Master’s Young Master.” 


As he spoke, he suddenly turned solemn and cupped his fists, “Young Master, please accept this Old Master’s salute!”


Yang Kai looked down at him and wondered what this old man was up to. [Is he also part of the purple-robed man’s plot against me?] 


He stole a glance at the purple-robed man to check but soon became elated. That was because the purple-robed man was staring nervously at the tacky-looking old man with an apprehensive expression. Apparently, he had also noticed that the old man was powerful.


It seemed that even if it was a plot against Yang Kai, this tacky old man wasn’t in league with the purple-robed man.


Could it be that, just like what Yang Kai had speculated, this old man had suffered from cultivation dissonance and lost his mind and now mistook Yang Kai as his Young Master? However, judging from the old man’s expression and actions, it didn’t look like he had suffered from cultivation dissonance, nor was he in any kind of dazed state.


Furthermore, any person who had the right to be this old man’s Young Master must be from a formidable force.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai nodded and uttered, “Good. Since you’ve acknowledged me as your Young Master, I have a task for you.” Then, he pointed at the purple-robed man and ordered, “Kill him!”


The apprehensive purple-robed man had his expression changed drastically when he heard this. As if confronted by a formidable enemy, he lifted his thunder staff and put his guard up.


Upon hearing this command, the tacky old man took a glance at the purple-robed man as the corner of his mouth twitched, “Young Master… I’m afraid this Old Master…”


Yang Kai pointed at him with his chin as he puffed out a hot breath through his nostrils and scoffed, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you just acknowledge me as your Young Master? Do my words hold no weight at all?”


Seeing that Yang Kai was putting on airs, the tacky old man felt disgruntled. He thought that if it weren’t because Yang Kai was lucky enough and that he needed him to get rid of some troubles, he wouldn’t have come all the way here to be taken advantage of.


However, things had come to a point where he couldn’t go back on his word; moreover, he knew that Yang Kai had the support of a particular woman, one who caused this old man to shiver just thinking about her.


After nodding slightly, the old man replied, “Young Master, this Old Master will certainly obey your orders; however, this man’s cultivation is powerful, so it won’t be easy to kill him. Moreover, if I’m not mistaken, he’s from the Star Court. Iron Blood Great Emperor is currently in charge of the Star Court now, so killing him may cause Iron Blood Great Emperor to find fault with me, and will affect you as well.”


[Hmm… He’s actually clear-headed.] Yang Kai stared at him with appraising eyes. 


[He’s also aware that this bastard is from the Star Court and that it is governed by Iron Blood Great Emperor at the moment, so there’s no way he’s muddle-headed. But… since he has not lost his mind, why would he belittle himself by calling me Young Master?] Yang Kai was perplexed.


Despite his inner thoughts, Yang Kai snorted outwardly, “Since he wants to kill me, I’ll definitely retaliate. Why can’t we kill someone from the Star Court? Enough nonsense! Tell me whether you can murder him or not. Do it now if you can, if you can’t, scram to the side and let me do it.”


The old man was fuming and thought that Yang Kai was too much. At the same time, he was already regretting his decision to come over. Before he could get rid of his original problem, he had fallen into another mire of trouble. [How dare a stinking brat like him talk to me like this? Just wait. I’ll show him how powerful I am one day!]



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