Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3317, It’s Really Him


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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Even with this thought in mind, the old man remained calm and put on a smile, “Young Master, please do not get mad. Although Old Master can’t kill him… I can beat him miserable to help vent your anger?”


Yang Kai waved his hand and demanded, “Hurry up then. I’ll forgive you if I’m happy with the outcome. If not… Hmph!”


Yang Kai was testing this old man’s strength and bottom line. Although he could sense that the old man was formidable, it remained to be seen whether the latter was able to defeat the purple-robed man. 


The purple-robed man had expended most of his energy in his battle against Yang Kai, but although he wasn’t at his peak anymore, he was still a Pseudo-Great Emperor, not someone an average Master could bully.


The old man, however, just grinned wickedly, “Don’t worry Young Master, you will certainly be happy with the results!”


Yang Kai uttered dispassionately, “I’m looking forward to it, then.” After he finished speaking, he hinted at the Embodiment with his eyes as both of them understood each other. If this old man was able to beat this purple-robed man into a half-dead state, Yang Kai and the Embodiment would charge forward and kick him while he was down. The best outcome would be if they could kill him.


Yang Kai didn’t care whether the purple-robed man was from the Star Court or that he was Iron Blood Great Emperor’s subordinate. He had the support of some influential people as well; moreover, he was a Star Field Master, so he was also technically part of the Star Court. Hence, his conflict with the purple-robed man could be considered to be an internal matter. Others might be afraid of Iron Blood Great Emperor, but Yang Kai wasn’t.


“Who are you?” In contrast to Yang Kai’s calmness, the purple-robed man was obviously frustrated. He was constantly unpleasantly surprised throughout the battle today. Not only was his plot, which he had planned for some time now, foiled, but a random old man had also appeared out of nowhere to interfere. Worse, this old man even threatened to beat him up.


The purple-robed man could sense that this old man wasn’t to be trifled with, and he even felt that he had met him somewhere before. However, after giving it a thought, he still couldn’t recall where he had met such a person. The way the old man dressed up and his appearance were quite distinctive, so if he had met him before, he would have recognised him.


Upon hearing the question, the tacky old man cackled, “You don’t have to ask for my name. You’ve heard what we said just now. I’m not willing to kill you, so it would be good if you just lie down there and let me beat you to help vent my Young Master’s anger. If you dare to resist…” 


He narrowed his eyes and turned savage, “Nothing is certain in a battle. If this Old Master accidentally kills you, you only have yourself to blame.”


“Your Excellency is certainly arrogant enough!” The purple-robed man was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, so he was basically one of the most powerful Masters in this world. Besides the ten Great Emperors, no one dared to speak to him in such a rude manner. The old man’s words had indeed infuriated him as his blood was boiling with rage.


The old man, however, just shook his head, “Most in this world are fools, and it seems Pseudo-Great Emperors are no exception. If you were still at your peak, you might be able to resist somewhat, but in your current state, heh heh…”


As he laughed, he turned into a beam of red light and disappeared.


The purple-robed man’s expression changed drastically as he wielded his thunder staff, after which a beam of white lightning shot forward.


When the red light flickered, the old man appeared again right in front of the white lightning. Just when he was about to be struck, the old man grinned and opened his mouth wide, inhaling sharply. His mouth seemed to contain a horrifying suction force that swallowed the white lightning into his stomach in one go.


The sight astounded Yang Kai. He was aware of how lethal the white lightning shot from the purple-robed man’s thunder staff was. Even his 300-metre-tall Dragon Form couldn’t bear it, and most of his Dragon Scales had even fallen off after being struck repeatedly. There was no way the old man could survive just sucking that lightning into his stomach; after all, the defence in a Human’s stomach was far too weak for that.


However, after swallowing the lightning, not only did the old man not feel any discomfort, he instead started grinning as if he had just finished a delectable dish. The next moment, he opened his mouth and spat the lightning back out, sending it flying back towards the purple-robed man.


[What kind of Divine Ability is that?] Yang Kai widened his eyes in disbelief. At first glance, the old man’s technique was similar to that of the Abyssal Returner. An Abyssal Returner was also able to swallow enemy attacks and then return them. However, upon closer look, there was still a difference between the two. An Abyssal Returner couldn’t change anything when returning attacks it had swallowed, while the old man was able to add his own power to this attack, which was evident as the white lightning had been mixed with a tinge of red.


The turn of events happened too quickly, and as they were near each other, the purple-robed man didn’t manage to respond in time to block this attack. When the lightning flashed across his eyes, he was forced to stagger backwards after being hit by his own attack. The old man had reached him at that moment as his hostile intent surged and surrounded the purple-robed man like the ocean.


“You’re…” The purple-robed man’s eyes were seen bulging as he finally recognised who his opponent was. It was no wonder that he thought he had met the old man before but couldn’t recognise him. Now he understood!


“A Divine Spirit!” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and uttered.


Before the old man unleashed his power, Yang Kai couldn’t sense anything; however, after the old man took action, he couldn’t conceal his aura anymore. It was apparently an aura that belonged to a Divine Spirit. Moreover, judging from the way his aura felt, Yang Kai knew that the old man was stronger than all the other Divine Spirits that he had come across besides the Dragons and Phoenixes. The Divine Venerables from the Ancient Wild Lands were not comparable to him at all.


[Which Divine Spirit is this old man? Since he is a Divine Spirit, why would he call me ‘Young Master’? Is he doing this because of Zhang Ruo Xi? But that’s not possible just judging from the way Luan Feng, Fan Wu, and Cang Gou in the Ancient Wild Lands treat me. Although those Divine Spirits are wary of me, they wouldn’t disparage themselves to flatter me.] 


Now, Yang Kai was truly baffled.


While he was lost in his thoughts, the old man had landed a palm on the purple-robed man, who tried his best to parry it, but his attempt was futile. Just like what the old man had said, if the purple-robed man had been at his peak, he would still be able to put up a fight even if he was ultimately no match for the old man; however, the battle earlier had left the purple-robed man injured and exhausted. At this moment, the purple-robed man could barely exert sixty percent of his strength, so how was he supposed to counter the old man’s attacks?


His protective Emperor Qi broke apart as the palm landed on his chest, which caused him to cough up a mouthful of blood. As the purple-robed man groaned, he was forced to retreat.


The relentless old man turned into a beam of red light and flew around the purple-robed man. At the same time, he kept sending his fists out against the purple-robed man, causing the latter to be powerless to counterattack. In just a short moment, the purple-robed man had been struck with countless punches and kicks, making him appear quite battered. Blood was streaming out of his seven orifices and his face was all swollen. Fist prints and footprints were all over his clothes as the fury in his eyes only grew more and more intense.


With a loud bang, the purple-robed man released countless beams of lightning, surprising the old man and forcing him to step back.


At that instant, the purple-robed man was surrounded by sparkling lightning. It was apparent that he was extremely furious as he glowered at the old man and bellowed, “Evil Beast, how dare you humiliate me!?”


The old man replied impassively, “I have to obey my Young Master’s order.” [So what if I humiliate you? You should consider yourself lucky that I don’t intend to kill you.]


While he was thinking so, Yang Kai shouted from behind, “Well done! This Young Master will reward you later!”


As he spoke, Yang Kai formed a set of hand seals, after which the Mountains and Rivers Bell started rotating and releasing a pressure that was able to suppress the Heavens and Earth. On the opposite side, with a cold expression, the Embodiment held up his Demonic War Hammer and joined forces with Yang Kai as they pounced on the purple-robed man.


The tacky old man was truly powerful. Whatever his reason for calling Yang Kai ‘Young Master’, the situation was in Yang Kai’s favour now, so he wasn’t about to let this chance to kill this purple-robed man slip through his fingers.


The old man and the purple-robed man were shocked by Yang Kai’s move. As they watched the two gigantic figures approaching rapidly, they stood rooted on the spot.


The old man had never expected that Yang Kai would be so determined to end the purple-robed man’s life and realised that this young man was beyond reckless. He had already told him that the purple-robed man was from the Star Court and Iron Blood Great Emperor’s subordinate, so he couldn’t believe that Yang Kai still dared to kill him. Wasn’t he worried that Iron Blood Great Emperor would come to settle accounts with him if he did this?


On the other hand, the purple-robed man had already been severely injured earlier, and it was akin to adding salt to his injuries after being beaten up by the old man. If Yang Kai and the Embodiment made a move on him now, he may very well be forever buried here.


With this thought in mind, the purple-robed man decided that he couldn’t remain any longer and decided to flee. Although that treasure was valuable, it wasn’t as precious as his life.




All of a sudden, a Void Crack opened up.


Yang Kai and the Embodiment halted their steps as they widened their eyes and stared at the crack in disbelief.


[What’s going on today? It’s rare to see top Masters in normal times, but they just keep appearing one by one now. Whether or not I’m happy to see them, they just barge into the battlefield as they please. Do they think this is a marketplace or something?]


The Void Crack wasn’t created by Yang Kai using his Space Divine Ability; instead, a different Master had broken through the Void to arrive here. In the entire Star Boundary, besides Yang Kai himself, there was only one person who could do this that he could think of.


This turn of events allowed the purple-robed man to compose himself, and upon seeing the crack, he thought of something as he let out a sigh of relief and calmed down completely.


The corner of the old man’s mouth twitched as he quickly moved to stand beside Yang Kai in a meek manner.


Yang Kai’s expression changed and he turned to look at him and asked, “Are there any grudges between you two?”


The old man’s face twitched as he uttered, “Young Master, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”


“Heh…” Yang Kai grinned and stopped asking as he looked up at the crack again.


Suddenly, the Void Crack expanded as two figures stepped out of it. It was a man and a woman. The man was brave, heroic, and handsome, while the woman was alluring and elegant.


After they emerged from the Void Crack, they took a glance at the surroundings and appeared quite shocked, as they had never expected that so many Masters would be gathered in this place.


Upon making out the man’s face, Yang Kai and the purple-robed man had the same thought. [It’s really him!]


“Is that…” Inside Heavenly Wolf Valley, Lan He was shocked as she watched the two figures emerge from the Void Crack, “Is he Senior Li Wu Yi?”


She wasn’t an ignorant girl anymore. It was truly horrifying for any man to break through the Void. Certainly, Great Emperors were able to shatter space if they exerted enough force, but they could never do so in such a nonchalant manner. That was why when she saw the man who casually strolled out of the Void Crack, she immediately thought of Li Wu Yi.



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