Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3318, He’s a Part of Spirit Beast Island


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Tang Sheng nodded slightly and replied with a respectful expression, “You’re right. It’s Senior Li.”


Li Wu Yi was touted to be the most powerful Master beneath the Great Emperors. Any cultivator in the Star Boundary who had reached a certain level of strength or status would know who Li Wu Yi was.


However, not many had seen him before; after all, Spirit Beast Island was elusive, and Li Wu Yi was an expert in the Dao of Space, so it was difficult to know his exact location at any given moment, so most could not meet him as they pleased. Tang Sheng had the chance to meet him once long ago, before he was an Emperor Realm cultivator.


More than a thousand years had passed and Tang Sheng was now a middle-aged man; however, time didn’t seem to have left any traces on Li Wu Yi’s face. He was just like Tang Sheng remembered him, still so handsome and vigorous that anyone could hardly look him in the eyes.


Tang Sheng heaved a sigh as he thought that he could probably never reach such a point in his life. It was already so difficult for him to reach the Second-Order Emperor Realm. Turning around, he looked at Lan He and Chi Gui, whose eyes were beaming with excitement, and wondered if they would have that chance in their lives.


“Since he is Senior Li Wu Yi, then the woman beside him… Is she the legendary Senior Jiu Feng?” Qian Xiu Ying’s expression changed as she gazed at the beautiful lady in red clothes.


The top cultivators from Spirit Beast Island, Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng, were both famous for different reasons. The former was a Master of the Dao of Space while the latter carried the bloodline of a Divine Spirit, a member of the Phoenix Clan, which was even rarer than those of the Dragon Clan.


Tang Sheng nodded his head, “I believe so, but why are they here? Were they attracted by the grand battle that was taking place?”


Although Spirit Beast Island was also in the Eastern Territory, it was too far away from this place for any kind of fallout to be felt there. Even though there was an epic battle that had happened here, those on Spirit Beast Island couldn’t have sensed it. The only explanation was that these two were already nearby, which was why they were able to reach this place so quickly by breaking through the Void.


“It’s quite bustling here.” The Void Crack began to seal up in the sky as Jiu Feng looked around with her alluring eyes. With a smile, she stared fixedly at Yang Kai for a moment before they shone and she asked curiously, “Is that you, little brat?”


Although Yang Kai’s figure had gone through a transformative change, she could still recognise him at a glance; after all, it wasn’t the first time she came across Yang Kai like this. Previously, on Dragon Island, she had already seen his Half-Dragon Form, which was why she was familiar with his figure now.


“Greetings, Senior Jiu Feng, Senior Li.” Yang Kai cupped his fists and grinned at them. Things were now getting interesting. He had wanted to head to Spirit Beast Island to discuss the Dao of Space with Li Wu Yi, but he hadn’t expected that the latter would actually come to him, saving him some trouble.


“Stop calling me Senior. Do I look that old to you?” Jiu Feng’s face sank.


Yang Kai immediately flashed her a smile and corrected himself, “Big Sister Jiu Feng is the picture of youth and beauty, who would dare to call you old? Please forgive me for misspeaking just now.”


Jiu Feng flashed him a winning smile as she nodded lightly, “A promising young man indeed.”


Li Wu Yi placed his palm on his forehead as he muttered, “Do you know no shame at all?”


Hearing that, Jiu Feng shot him a glare, “Did you just call me shameless? You dare say that to me?”


Li Wu Yi hurriedly pointed at Yang Kai and declared, “I was talking about this brat who seems to specialize in trimming sails. If members of the Dragon Clan find out that he’s this kind of person, they might chase him out!”


Yang Kai guffawed, “They have no right to butt in on my affairs. Big Brother Li, Big Sister Jiu Feng, why are you here?”


After being addressed as ‘Big Brother Li’, Li Wu Yi was startled and had his face twitch. When they came across each other in the past, Yang Kai would always address him as ‘Senior’ in a respectful manner, but now it had suddenly changed to ‘Big Brother’.


However, since Jiu Feng was now ‘Big Sister’, Li Wu Yi knew better than to open his mouth. If he insisted on being called ‘Senior’ while Jiu Feng was a ‘Big Sister’, he would be the one to suffer her wrath.


“Ahem, it’s a long story. What’s going on here anyway?” Li Wu Yi coughed lightly before swiftly changing the subject, glancing at the old man who seemed to be seeking refuge beside Yang Kai.


[So, it has something to do with this old man.] Yang Kai immediately understood. When the Void Crack appeared just now, this old man immediately moved to stand beside him, so he had his own speculation. Now, Li Wu Yi’s expression suggested that he was right.


[Two of the top Masters from Spirit Beast Island came out to deal with this old man at the same time. Just what kind of Divine Spirit is this old man that both Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng have to join forces to hunt him down?]


Moreover, why did this old man not flee just now despite knowing he was being hunted? He came all the way here to call Yang Kai ‘Young Master’ and even stood beside him as if he was seeking refuge. It wasn’t like Yang Kai would be able to protect him.


As such thoughts flashed across Yang Kai’s mind, he replied with a smile, “It’s just that someone was lusting after my treasures, so he tried to kill me and snatch them from me.” As he spoke, he shot a cold glance at the purple-robed man with a wicked smile.


“He wants to kill you and snatch your treasures from you?” Jiu Feng frowned, appearing displeased.


Although Yang Kai didn’t seem to have anything to do with Spirit Beast Island, he was actually closely related to them.


Firstly, the Little Princess of Spirit Beast Island, Mo Xiao Qi, was a close friend of Yang Kai. Over the years, Mo Xiao Qi had frequently mentioned Yang Kai and even asked several times to leave the island to visit him. However, Martial Beast Great Emperor had all but confined her to the island, which caused her to be distressed. Granted, she did agree to stay confined and focus on cultivating until she reached the Emperor Realm. Certainly, Jiu Feng was aware that the little girl was in love with Yang Kai, and if something happened to him, she would definitely throw a tantrum.


Secondly, the Mistress of Spirit Beast Island was the Third Elder of Dragon Island, while Yang Kai was the husband of the Fifth Elder of Dragon Island. 


Previously, Yang Kai and Spirit Beast Island had even joined forces and raised a fuss on Dragon Island. Even the Great Emperor praised Yang Kai as a promising youth with great potential. With so many indirect connections between them, it could be said that they were almost family.


Thirdly, Liu Yan was utterly loyal to Yang Kai. Liu Yan had inherited the Phoenix True Fire, so she could be considered a member of the Phoenix Clan as well. In other words, she was one of the few family members Jiu Feng had in the Star Boundary.


Taking all those into consideration, even though officially Yang Kai didn’t have anything to do with Spirit Beast Island, his relationship with the island was quite complex.


That was the reason Jiu Feng was so amiable to Yang Kai and even told him to change the way he addressed her so that they would appear more closely connected. Hence, when she heard that someone was trying to rob Yang Kai and kill him to cover it up, she was naturally angered.


Turning to look at the culprit though, she frowned and wondered why it had to be this person.


Li Wu Yi also turned his head and asked in surprise, “Brother Cang?”


“Brother Li, Sister Jiu Feng.” The purple-robed man coughed and cupped his fists, his aura quite weak.


Li Wu Yi was torn between tears and laughter, “Brother Cang, are you the one who tried to kill Yang Kai and snatch his treasures?” 


Despite his question, he knew that it was the truth. Judging from the states the purple-robed man and Yang Kai were in, they had apparently fought a great battle without holding anything back, resulting in serious injuries on both sides.


Without answering his question, the purple-robed man asked, “Brother Li, are you related to this boy?”


Li Wu Yi replied, “Hmm… he could be considered a part of Spirit Beast Island as well.”


Besides Mo Xiao Qi’s love for Yang Kai, the relationship between the Third Elder and the Fifth Elder of Dragon Island as well as the relationship between Liu Yan and Jiu Feng could solidify the fact that Yang Kai was a part of Spirit Beast Island.


The purple-robed man was stunned and parroted back, “He’s a member of Spirit Beast Island?” 


Li Wu Yi only said that Yang Kai could be considered part of Spirit Beast Island, but even that was no easy feat to accomplish. Since Yang Kai’s identity had been acknowledged, it went to show that he had a close relationship with the island.


If this wasn’t the case, Li Wu Yi could have just said that Yang Kai had nothing to do with them, which was why the purple-robed man was astonished.


At that instant, he felt extremely bitter and helpless in his heart. If he had known this would be the outcome, he wouldn’t have done something so futile. Not only was he unable to get what he wanted, but he had also completely offended Yang Kai. On top of that, he was beaten up and embarrassed by the old man.


This time, he had truly suffered a great loss.


Inside Heavenly Wolf Valley, Tang Sheng and the others were dumbfounded. Although they were far from the battlefield, all of them were Emperor Realm Masters, so it wasn’t difficult for them to hear what Li Wu Yi had said.


[He’s a member of Spirit Beast Island?] Tang Sheng was greatly distressed. [Since he’s a part of the island, why wouldn’t he know where the island is? Why did he even come to our valley to seek help? Was he trying to make a joke out of us?]


Initially, he thought that Yang Kai had nothing to do with Spirit Beast Island, so in order to not offend the two top Sects, he refused to assist Yang Kai. When Lan He was seeing Yang Kai off, he even sent someone over to summon her back so that they wouldn’t be dragged into this mess.


It wasn’t until this moment that he realised Yang Kai was extremely close to Spirit Beast Island. If he knew this earlier, he wouldn’t have made such a foolish decision. They thought that by holding onto the Faith Token given to them by the Beast Seeker from Spirit Beast Island, it could serve as their safety charm, thus making all the great forces in the Eastern Territory wary of them and not dare to harm them. However, if he could have formed a friendship with Yang Kai, it wouldn’t be wishful thinking that their valley could rise to be one of the top Sects in the Eastern Territory in the future.


Tang Sheng appeared frustrated and regretful that he had let such a wonderful chance slip through his fingers.


Lan He shot her Master a look and secretly heaved a sigh. Earlier, she had asked Tang Sheng whether he would regret his decision today, and with such an outcome right before their eyes, it was apparent that Tang Sheng was deeply frustrated and regretful.


Qian Xiu Ying had been Tang Sheng’s wife for many years and could easily tell what he was thinking and feeling, so she gently held his hand and softly spoke, “This is our fate. You are a Sect Master, so there are many things you must weigh and consider. If you were given a second chance, knowing nothing more than you had at the time, would you have made a different decision?”


[If I was given a second chance?] Tang Sheng gave it a thought before he decisively replied, “No.”


Given a second chance, he would still make the same decision, because judging from the situation at that time, he had no other choice.


Qian Xiu Ying flashed a smile at him, “En, so don’t regret your decision. Since this opportunity was not meant for our Sect, there’s no point yearning for it.”


Upon hearing that, Tang Sheng was enlightened as he nodded, “You’re right, my dear. I was thinking too much.” 


Although they didn’t lend Yang Kai a hand, they refused to act against him as well. At the very least, he had rejected Xu Chang Feng’s demand to activate the Sect Defending Array to seal off the world, so it could be said that they didn’t offend Yang Kai.


Furthermore, with Lan He and Ling Yin Qin around, Tang Sheng believed that Yang Kai wouldn’t make things difficult for their Sect.



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