Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3319, Cherish this Moment While You Still Can


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With this thought in mind, Tang Sheng was finally able to be at ease.


On the other hand, the purple-robed man put on a bitter smile, “Since he belongs to Spirit Beast Island, this is all my fault. Brother Li, Sister Jiu Feng, please forgive me.”


Although he was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, he wasn’t someone who was unbending. The situation was clear. He was no longer at his peak, and Yang Kai had the support of an ‘Evil Spirit’. Even Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng had arrived, so there was no way he could harm him. Understanding his situation, the purple-robed man decided to apologise and show sufficient respect towards Spirit Beast Island.


In fact, he couldn’t be disrespectful of the island, because he couldn’t afford to offend Martial Beast Great Emperor. Although he was from the Star Court, the Ten Great Emperors took turns to be in charge of this force, so he might be Martial Beast Great Emperor’s subordinate one day.


Li Wu Yi nodded his head, “Fortunately, nothing serious has happened yet.” 


Although the purple-robed man and Yang Kai looked battered and severely injured, they were not at risk of losing their lives. It was already the best outcome.


However, he didn’t understand why the purple-robed man would find fault with Yang Kai. The statement from Yang Kai earlier suggested that there was something with him that the purple-robed man coveted. Li Wu Yi took a look at the Mountains and Rivers Bell in Yang Kai’s hands and gave it a thought. Then, he realised something and suspected that it was this bell that had invited trouble for Yang Kai.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai was truly remarkable. He had not been killed by the purple-robed man when they fought. When Li Wu Yi came across him on Dragon Island previously, he already noticed that Yang Kai was a reckless person. Given Yang Kai’s relatively weak cultivation at that time, he still had the guts to sneak into a literal Dragon’s den to steal a bride. Now that they met again, he realised that Yang Kai was still as willful as ever.


[This little brat is even more impetuous than me when I was younger… I wonder if this matter can be resolved peacefully?]


While he was lost in his thoughts, Yang Kai suddenly asked, “Big Brother Li, do you know this guy?”


Li Wu Yi nodded, “He’s an old friend of mine.”


Yang Kai nodded gently, “Then Big Brother Li should be more cautious in the future about who he makes friends with; after all, it’s hard to see through someone’s true self. Many people lie to your face while using dirty tricks behind your back. You never know when such people might betray you.”


The purple-robed man’s expression turned cold as he was displeased at the fact that Yang Kai mocked him when he was still right there. However, he wasn’t willing to refute him. Li Wu Yi also appeared embarrassed and somewhat wished he hadn’t come here. Now that he was caught between these two parties, he felt utterly uneasy. Then, he shot a glare at the tacky old man. If it weren’t because of him, he wouldn’t have come all this way.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai asked, “Big Brother Li, if I insist on killing him, will you side with me or him?”


After pondering on it for a moment, Li Wu Yi replied, “If you insist, this Li can only watch from the side.”


Yang Kai could be considered a part of Spirit Beast Island, while Li Wu Yi and the purple-robed man were old acquaintances. If Yang Kai and the purple-robed man really got into a life or death battle, it wouldn’t be appropriate for Li Wu Yi to side with either of them; therefore, he could only remain neutral. Certainly, it would be wonderful if he could resolve the grudges between them; however, seeing how Yang Kai’s eyes were filled with murderous intent, he knew that it was no use persuading him at this point, which was why he directly told him his stance.


“Good!” Yang Kai shouted and grinned, “That’s good enough for me.”


Li Wu Yi was startled upon hearing that. [Was he worried I would side with Brother Cang and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t before he acted? However, given his current state, how does he plan on killing him?]


Yang Kai’s expression turned grim as he glanced at the old man beside him. Pretending to not notice it, the old man hung his head low. The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he thought that he probably couldn’t count on this old man.


He didn’t know why this old man would seek his protection, but the latter had said that it was difficult to kill the purple-robed man and he wasn’t willing to offend Iron Blood Great Emperor. This old man had nothing to do with Yang Kai, so he definitely wasn’t willing to kill a Pseudo-Great Emperor for him.


However, Yang Kai and the Embodiment alone couldn’t end the purple-robed man’s life.


Yang Kai heaved a sigh as he was deeply unwilling to give up this opportunity to settle things once and for all. Nevertheless, since the situation had reached a stalemate, raising any more fuss would simply be counterproductive. Understanding this, Yang Kai uttered, “Big Brother Li, since he is your friend, I will give you face and let him off this once. Old dog, cherish this moment while you still can!”


The purple-robed man’s face fell when he heard that. He was so exasperated that he started laughing, “Are you saying that you’re the one who is letting this King off? Boy, you’re quite arrogant. Have you never looked at yourself in the mirror before?”


Yang Kai’s expression suddenly turned ferocious, “If you want to settle this now, I’m more than willing to!”


Just when the purple-robed man wanted to say something more, Li Wu Yi suddenly said, “Brother Cang, regardless of who is in the wrong this time, please stop pursuing it.”


Since Yang Kai was willing to let this matter rest, Li Wu Yi certainly wouldn’t allow them to fall out again. He wanted to see both of them stop pursuing the matter. Yang Kai was young and reckless, so it would be difficult to persuade him, but the purple-robed man was different. There was no way he didn’t understand that compromises had to be made in order to resolve conflicts. That was why Li Wu Yi persuaded him instead of Yang Kai.


The purple-robed man had to show Li Wu Yi enough respect, so he took the opportunity and backed down. After a nod, he said, “Since Brother Li has spoken, I will let him off this time.” 


He paused for a moment before cupping his fists, “It’s a bit inconvenient for me to remain today. Later, I will pay a visit to Spirit Beast Island to speak further with Brother Li and Sister Jiu Feng. Farewell.”


Upon finishing his words, he shot into the distance as he wasn’t willing to remain any longer.


Seeing that the purple-robed man had left, the pale Wu Heng tried to race after him. Earlier, right after he appeared, he was struck by Yang Kai’s Time Flies Seal, and even now, Time Principles were corroding him, forcing him to divert almost all of his Emperor Qi to resist. When Yang Kai joined forces with the Embodiment to battle against the purple-robed man, no one had the time to pay attention to him. As he wasn’t powerful enough to join the battle, he could only watch from the side. Now though, things were different.


However, even though Wu Heng wanted to flee, he might not be able to. Something flashed across his eyes as a gigantic figure suddenly stood in his way, blocking out the sun. At that instant, Wu Heng was engulfed by that huge shadow.


Looking up, he saw Yang Kai’s 300-metre-tall figure looming before him, staring down at him with a mocking grin that sent a chill down his spine.


“W-What are you trying to do?” The shocked Wu Heng stepped back in an apprehensive manner.


Right then, he felt a ferocious aura approaching him from behind. Without the need to take a look, he could tell that it was the Divine Spirit Shi Huo. He was caught between two deadly enemies and was powerless to resist. Just now, he had witnessed how Yang Kai and the Embodiment contended with the purple-robed man, so he knew that he wasn’t a match for either of them, let alone both of them.


Feeling fearful, he lost all fighting spirit and exclaimed, “Sir, save me!”


“Not even the Heavens can save you today!” Yang Kai snorted. He had no choice but to let the purple-robed man go. It could be said that he was forced to do so, or that he wasn’t powerful enough to kill him, but since the purple-robed man couldn’t be dealt with today, Yang Kai could only seek revenge in the future. Nevertheless, he wasn’t about to let Wu Heng escape as well.


Looking back, he realised that Wu Heng was the culprit who caused all of this mess in the first place.


If Wu Heng didn’t have designs for Heng Luo Star Field, it wouldn’t have been invaded by cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field, resulting in countless Cultivation Stars being thrown into chaos and trillions of lives being lost. Also if it weren’t for Wu Heng, the grudges between Yang Kai and the purple-robed man wouldn’t have been formed.


Yang Kai had wanted to kill Wu Heng when they were in the Star Fields, but he didn’t have the chance to do so. Now that the chance was right before his eyes, he wasn’t about to let it slip through his fingers, so as he shouted, he extended his Dragon Claw to grab him.


The terrified Wu Heng quickly pushed out a palm as their attacks clashed in mid-air. Although he had managed to halt the Dragon Claw for a moment, it couldn’t spare him the fate of getting captured.


As Space Principles flared, a light flashed across everyone’s eyes as they saw Wu Heng simply disappear.


“Stop!” It was only then that the purple-robed man’s growl could be heard, but it was too late. Wu Heng had been captured by Yang Kai and suppressed inside the Sealed World Bead, so his shout was pointless.


The purple-robed man, who was about to leave, turned around and glared coldly at Yang Kai while questioning, “What did you do to him?” 


He suspected that Wu Heng wasn’t dead because he knew that Yang Kai had an artifact that contained a Sealed World. His main reason for coming all the way here was to get that artifact, and judging from what he just saw, he figured that Wu Heng had been imprisoned inside that artifact.


“None of your damn business.” Yang Kai grinned arrogantly, “Are you leaving or not? If not, you can just stay here forever.”


The purple-robed man shot him a cold glare and knew that it wasn’t possible for him to get Wu Heng back from Yang Kai unless he could defeat him, which was highly unlikely to happen. With a dark expression, he nodded and replied, “The world is vast, but I’m certain we will meet again soon.”


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “I’m looking forward to that day.”


The purple-robed man’s lips also curved into an insidious smile as a meaningful glint flashed across his eyes before he turned around and shot into the distance and disappeared from everyone’s sight.


Yang Kai frowned and instinctively felt that it was a wrong decision to let the purple-robed man go, even though he didn’t understand why he had such a feeling. Besides, he indeed didn’t have enough power to make the purple-robed man remain.


The situation had flipped back and forth continuously throughout the battle, and it wasn’t until now that everything finally settled.


Inside Heavenly Wolf Valley, the onlookers suddenly felt extremely exhausted. Although they didn’t take part in the battle, this entire series of events had left them on pins and needles the entire time and had greatly taxed their Divine Senses. Even now, they were wondering if another top Master would appear out of thin air.


Naturally, that didn’t happen.


On the other hand, Yang Kai and the Embodiment returned to their original forms before flying over.


An amazed Jiu Feng looked at the Demonic War Hammer in the Embodiment’s hand and asked, “Yang Kai, where did you get this thing? Why does it look like a Demonic Armament?”


Yang Kai chuckled, “Big Sister Jiu Feng’s vision is indeed sharp. This is a genuine Demonic Armament.”


“It is?” Jiu Feng’s expression changed.


Yang Kai uttered, “Don’t worry. It can’t harm anyone now.” As he spoke, he put the Embodiment and the Demonic War Hammer into the Sealed World Bead. Apparently, he wasn’t willing to dwell on this issue.


A look of worry flashed across Jiu Feng’s eyes, but just when she was about to warn him, Yang Kai suddenly spoke up, “Could you two please wait for a bit? I have to process my spoils.”


Many Emperor Realm Masters had lost their lives in this battle, leading to two of the top Sects in the Eastern Territory essentially being destroyed. Even those who were still alive were badly injured. There were more than thirty Space Rings that belonged to Emperor Realm Masters lying around, including those from Sect Masters like Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng, so it could be said that wealth was literally piled up before him. Although Yang Kai was both powerful and rich now, he would never say no to more, especially when so many good things were lying on the ground waiting for him to pick them up.



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