Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3321, Tricked


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After washing up at Ling Yin Qin’s secluded residence, Yang Kai put on a new set of clothes and sat down with his legs crossed to adjust his breathing for an entire night. At the break of dawn the next day, he stepped out of the house, feeling re-energized.


When Ling Yin Qin and Lan He, who had been standing guard outside the house for the entire night, saw him, they were shocked by his incredible restorative ability. After the battle with the purple-robed man yesterday, there was basically no spot on Yang Kai’s body that was still intact; however, after only one night, not a single trace of injury could be seen.


This kind of restorative ability was inconceivable.


The old man was outside the house as well. A glint flashed across his eyes when he saw Yang Kai as he called out respectfully, “Young Master!” 


Yang Kai shot him a look and grinned.


After one night of rest, he had figured many things out. Although he still wasn’t sure about the old man’s identity, or which Divine Spirit the latter was, he was certain that there was only one reason that the old man was willing to disparage himself by calling him ‘Young Master’. 


[This old fart wants to seek my protection!]


The previous day, the old man had said that even if Li Wu Yi wanted to bring him back to Spirit Beast Island, he had to ask for Yang Kai’s permission first.


[Do I even have the right to interfere in such a matter? If Li Wu Yi wants to take him back to Spirit Beast Island, I’d definitely agree to it. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say this old man looks pure evil. If he stays by my side, he might do something immoral and ruin my reputation. Moreover, given the power he showcased, I would not be able to suppress him.]


Therefore, although Yang Kai was pleased that someone so powerful was calling him ‘Young Master’, he wouldn’t want to accept this walking disaster.


Even if Yang Kai was able to give shelter to this old man, he didn’t find it necessary to do so, to say nothing of the fact that he wasn’t capable of doing it in the first place.


The old man didn’t seem to be aware of Yang Kai’s meaningful grin as he said, “Young Master, what are your orders?”


“I wouldn’t dare to order you around!” Yang Kai waved his hands, then turned to look at Lan He, “Where are the two Seniors?”


Lan He replied, “The two Seniors are staying at Heavenly Wolf Valley’s reception palace.”


“Lead the way, please.”


Lan He nodded and brought Yang Kai to meet Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng. Ling Yin Qin didn’t follow them as she wasn’t familiar with the two. Moreover, there was a huge gap between their statuses, so she didn’t find it necessary to tag along.


It turned out that Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng weren’t at the reception palace and instead had moved to a gazebo on the peak of a certain mountain.


Lan He and Yang Kai searched around for a long time before they found the pair standing by the railing and gazing out at the valley. While Lan He stopped at a spot that was still far from the gazebo, Yang Kai directly flew over. As for the old man, he followed after Yang Kai, as though determined to protect him.


After stepping into the gazebo, Yang Kai seriously cupped his fists, “Greetings, Seniors.”


While Li Wu Yi arched his brow, Jiu Feng replied with a smile, “You called us Big Sister and Big Brother yesterday, so why do you call us Seniors today?”


Yang Kai explained with a smirk, “Today is a new day, different from yesterday. This Junior knows that two Seniors intended to make it seem that we were close in order to raise my status and force my enemy to back down. Junior is grateful for what you’ve done. Since my enemy is gone now, I cannot keep addressing you so informally.” 


Yang Kai then paused for a moment before continuing, “Moreover, Xiao Qi and I call each other Brother and Sister, and she calls you Uncle and Aunt. If I claim to be of the same generation as you two, the seniority would become a mess. Once that happens, what should I call Xiao Qi from now on?”


“Seems you’re not too foolish.” Jiu Feng’s eyes flashed a meaningful light.


Li Wu Yi stated, “It’s just a form of address, so we don’t mind either way. By the way, I thought you had gone to a Lower Star Field. When did you come back?”


“Not long ago.”


With a serious expression, Li Wu Yi asked, “Did you find Wu Kuang?”


Upon hearing the name, the old man, who had remained silent to the side, raised his brow and shivered slightly. Although he wasn’t born in the same era as Wu Kuang, he was aware of what horrible crimes the latter had committed.


Yang Kai heaved a sigh, “I found him, but there was nothing I could do.”


At that time, Yang Kai was in a rush to return to the Lower Star Field because he was worried that Wu Kuang would devastate Heng Luo Star Field. Now that he had refined the Star Field Source of Heng Luo Star Field though, Wu Kuang would not have the chance anymore. Wu Kuang would also be suppressed by the Heavenly Way when he was in a Lower Star Field unless he refined the Star Field Source first.


After a moment of deliberation, Yang Kai went on to explain, “Moreover, Wu Kuang’s condition is special now. Even if I had the power to deal with him, I wouldn’t know how to handle him.”


Li Wu Yi understood what Yang Kai was worried about, so he nodded and replied, “It’s indeed a thorny issue.”


Two Souls were residing in the same body at the moment. It wouldn’t matter if it was a random individual, but it was Bustling World Great Emperor’s body and Soul Wu Kuang was sharing at the moment. Even if they had a chance, they couldn’t possibly kill both Wu Kuang and Bustling World Great Emperor. After giving it a thought, Yang Kai knew that it would ultimately be up to Bustling World Great Emperor to resolve the issue himself. Unless Duan Hong Chen forced Wu Kuang’s Soul out of his body, no one else would be able to intervene.


Moreover, the person at fault for this whole mess was actually Yang Kai.


Each time the Shattered Star Sea opened, Bustling World Great Emperor would waste his cultivation and begin cultivating from the beginning so he could enter that place and search for the whereabouts of Wu Kuang’s Soul. This time, Duan Hong Chen had the chance to die together with Wu Kuang, but Yang Kai interfered, and after a series of coincidences, managed to save both of them. Now, the Souls of the two Great Emperors had been intertwined.


Li Wu Yi suddenly put on a smile, “If the sky falls, those who stand above us will hold it up, so don’t worry about it too much.”


Yang Kai understood that they should just let the Great Emperors deal with their own internal affairs. It was pointless for them to keep thinking about it.


Nodding, Yang Kai changed the subject, “There’s something I need to ask you two… After I left Dragon Island, what happened?”


Jiu Feng asked with a smile, “You want to ask about that Dragon girl, right?”


Yang Kai coughed, “Senior Jiu Feng, please tell me.”


A dejected Jiu Feng sighed, “Things ended quite miserably for her. Members of the Dragon Clan are arrogant and xenophobic, so what she did was intolerable to them. She was thrown into the Dragon Grave to perish on her own.”


“They court death!” Yang Kai was enraged as his murderous intent flared like a blinding sun, causing Jiu Feng to widen her eyes. The old man also looked at him in shock. It was incredible that he was able to release this kind of murderous intent in his realm. [Who is this Dragon girl? She seems to be his reverse scale. Has this brat hooked up with a woman from the Dragon Clan or something? How interesting! It’s no wonder that he’s able to transform into a 300-metre-tall Half-Dragon form. He must be some kind of Dragonkin. Tsk. What a rare opportunity.]


Feeling his head aching, Li Wu Yi rubbed his temples and uttered, “Don’t listen to this crazy woman.”


“Eh?” Yang Kai’s aura suddenly deflated as he turned to look at Jiu Feng, only to see that she was looking back at him teasingly with a meaningful smile.


[She tricked me!] 


Yang Kai couldn’t help rolling his eyes, “Senior Jiu Feng, you’re too mischievous. Does Senior Martial Beast know this?”


Jiu Feng rolled her eyes back at him, “What does this have to do with him?”


Yang Kai ignored her and turned to look at Li Wu Yi, “Senior Li, did the Dragon Clan do anything to Zhu Qing?”


Li Wu Yi replied, “What could they do to her? She was just confined within Dragon Island to reflect upon her actions. In the end, she’s an Elder within the Dragon Clan.” Despite what he just said, he felt that the only reason Zhu Qing received such a light punishment was that the Dragon Clan had to show enough respect to Yang Kai.


Fu Xuan was also an Elder of the Dragon Clan, but after her affair with Martial Beast Great Emperor was exposed, she was still thrown into the Dragon Grave.


However, Yang Kai commanded more respect than Martial Beast Great Emperor due to the special Source he carried.


“It seems they know their place after all,” Yang Kai snorted. Being confined to Dragon Island wasn’t a serious punishment. If Zhu Qing was really thrown into the Dragon Grave, he would definitely turn the island upside down again. Having calmed down, Yang Kai asked, “What about the Third Elder?”


The Third Elder of the Dragon Clan, Fu Xuan, was Mo Xiao Qi’s mother, as well as Martial Beast Great Emperor’s wife. They were enemies turned lovers. Martial Beast Great Emperor’s Dao was taming Monster Beasts, and he had done so to countless powerful Monster Beasts across the Star Boundary. Whatever order he gave, Monster Beasts wouldn’t dare to disobey him. Technically, members of the Dragon Clan were also Monster Beasts, the distinction only being that they were of an extremely high rank. Since Martial Beast Great Emperor wanted to tame all Monster Beasts, he would certainly have his eyes on the Dragon Clan. He wanted to tame at least one of them, and since both Spirit Beast Island and Dragon Island resided in the Eastern Territory, it was convenient for him to act towards that goal.


After some plotting and waiting, he was finally able to tame a member of the Dragon Clan; however, he didn’t do it with brute force but by using a different method. In the end, they even had a daughter together.


Whenever Yang Kai thought about this, he had nothing but respect for the Great Emperor.


Normally, the higher one’s cultivation was, the lower the chance they had of having a child. As for the probability of a Dragon and a Human having a child together, it was even lower. The odds that such a couple could even have a child together were incredibly long.


Despite that, Mo Xiao Qi was born. It could almost be considered a miracle.


However, during Yang Kai’s time with Mo Xiao Qi, he had never sensed a drop of Dragon Blood within her. He wasn’t sure whether she didn’t have any or whether Martial Beast Great Emperor had sealed it using some Divine Ability.


“Mistress?” When Li Wu Yi thought about Fu Xuan and what happened on that day, he put on a wry smile, “She’s keeping Zhu Qing company.”


At that time, after Yang Kai left, all members of the Dragon Clan were exhausted both physically and mentally; after all, they had just gone through a grand battle, and Wu Kuang had even killed one of them when they were not paying attention, so they had suffered a huge loss. There were only a small number of Dragon Clan members, and more often than not, no new member was born even after thousands of years, so every death was a huge loss for them.


Martial Beast Great Emperor had wanted to leave Dragon Island together with Fu Xuan, bringing her back with him to Spirit Beast Island. As long as they returned to his island, the Dragon Clan would never be able to touch her again.


However, Second Elder Fu Zhun would never agree to this. Yang Kai had witnessed how obstinate that woman could be. She was always icy and bitter, as if she had never experienced happiness in her life before. With her blocking the way, Martial Beast Great Emperor was, as expected, furious, and a fight almost broke out again.


In the end though, it was Fu Xuan who requested to stay on her own. As a compromise, Fu Zhun could not even mention throwing Fu Xuan back into the Dragon Grave. Now, the two Dragon Clan Elders were confined to the island to reflect upon themselves after having committed the same mistake.



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