Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3322, Who is this Old Fart?


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


In the end, Martial Beast Great Emperor had no other choice. If Fu Xuan was willing to follow him, he would have done everything within his power to bring her away; however, she didn’t want the relationship between the Great Emperor and Dragon Clan to turn sour once again, so he had no choice but to go back alone and dejected.


Before Mo Huang left though, he threatened that if Fu Xuan suffered any grievances, he would destroy Dragon Island.


After Li Wu Yi finished speaking, he suddenly thought of something and asked, “Are you going to Dragon Island again?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Of course. I’ve come to the Eastern Territory for two reasons. First, I wanted to look for you to discuss the Dao of Space. Second, I planned to visit Dragon Island to bring Zhu Qing away.”


Upon hearing that, Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng stared at him as if he was some kind of madman.


“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai stared back at them.


Jiu Feng replied with a smile, “Nothing, I wish you all the best.” 


Despite what she had just said, she didn’t think Yang Kai could accomplish this. Even Martial Beast Great Emperor couldn’t leave with Fu Xuan, so how could Yang Kai take Zhu Qing away?


Yang Kai nodded and said, “But before that, there’s something I need to ask two Seniors.”


Li Wu Yi replied, “Just ask us without holding back. I had indeed intended to raise your social status in front of Brother Cang yesterday, but I meant it when I said that you’re also a part of Spirit Beast Island. Whether or not you acknowledge it, you’re related to our island, do you understand?”


If something happened to Spirit Beast Island, there was no way Liu Yan would stand by and watch, which also meant that Yang Kai would also need to help them out. In other words, if something happened to Yang Kai, those from Spirit Beast Island would never turn a blind eye to it. Their fates had become intertwined.


Yang Kai nodded and said with a smile, “Junior understands, which is why I won’t be overly polite with you two.”


“Very good.”


Having come to a mutual understanding, Yang Kai nodded before pointing his finger to the side and asking bluntly, “Who is this old fart?”


The old man’s face twitched as he protested, “Young Master, how could you call this Old Master an old fart!”


Yang Kai ignored him directly and went on to say, “Senior said that you’ve come all the way here for him and want to take him back to Spirit Beast Island. I can see that he’s a Divine Spirit, but why does he call me Young Master and why is he seeking my shelter? Senior Li, why did you say that I should know him and that he didn’t call me Young Master for no reason? I’m really puzzled about this. Please enlighten me.”


Li Wu Yi asked with a smile, “Do you really have no idea?”


Yang Kai truly had no idea. 


He speculated that it might have something to do with Zhang Ruo Xi, but he soon realised that it was impossible. Although the Divine Spirits had found out about his relationship with Zhang Ruo Xi, they would only be wary of offending him, not try to flatter him because fawning over him was pointless to them.


Thus, he shook his head and waited for them to enlighten him.


“It was you who released him,” Li Wu Yi gave him a reminder.


“I released him?” Yang Kai was startled, “From where?”


Jiu Feng smiled charmingly and replied, “The Four Seasons Realm.”


“Four Seasons Realm?” A shocked Yang Kai immediately recalled something as he turned to stare at the old man, “Then, you must be…”


The old man bowed and said, “Qiong Qi greets Young Master.”


Yang Kai gasped and almost jumped up in shock. [Qiong Qi! This old fart is Qiong Qi!?]


When he combined the Four Seasons Realm and a Divine Spirit, Yang Kai immediately realized this old man’s identity; after all, he knew Qiong Qi resided inside the Four Seasons Realm in the past. However, Yang Kai was still shocked when he heard the answer from the Divine Spirit himself.


[He’s really Qiong Qi!? The mount of Flowing Time Great Emperor…] Yang Kai sized him up and wondered why the latter looked so hideous after he assumed Human form. He did not look handsome and imposing; instead, he was chubby and wrinkled with a hideous glint in his eyes. It was as if the words ‘I am evil’ had been engraved on his forehead.


There had been many Great Emperors throughout history, but only Flowing Time Great Emperor was able to make a Divine Spirit become his mount. Although Martial Beast Great Emperor was able to tame Monster Beasts from around the world, and he had a member of the Phoenix Clan like Jiu Feng on Spirit Beast Island, they were closer to family than Master and mount.


Even though the Divine Spirits were not as powerful as the Great Emperors, they were noble existence who would rather die than become someone’s mount. Qiong Qi was the only exception. No one knew how Flowing Time Great Emperor managed to tame this ominous ancient beast, much less gain so much loyalty that even after the Great Emperor’s death, Qiong Qi decided to hibernate in the Flowing Time Temple to guard it for so many years.


Qiong Qi only left that place when Four Seasons Realm last opened up.


It wasn’t that he wasn’t capable of leaving. Given his power, he could leave the Flowing Time Temple whenever he wanted; however, for some reason, he remained in that place. When Yang Kai was still weak, he had explored the Flowing Time Temple and felt Qiong Qi’s aura on the Flowing Time Stairs when Zhang Ruo Xi, who was with him at the time, was taken away by Qiong Qi.


At that time, Yang Kai even thought that Zhang Ruo Xi had lost her life; however, quite to the contrary, she soon returned without a scratch on her, She then told him that she had met a big Monster Beast called Qiong Qi who just like a benevolent elderly neighbour treated her well and even gifted her a defensive Emperor Artifact, the Pink Clouds Phoenix Robe. As far as Yang Kai knew, she was still wearing it up until this day.


Upon hearing her story, Yang Kai thought that Qiong Qi must have gone senile from old age. Otherwise, why would he whisk away a little girl, treat her so well, and even give her a rare and precious treasure?


Now, of course, Yang Kai understood that Qiong Qi hadn’t lost his mind. Instead, he was quite wise and far-sighted. He must have sensed the hidden Bloodline Power within Zhang Ruo Xi’s body; otherwise, he wouldn’t have treated her so well.


He could not afford to offend the descendant of Heavens Order.


After the Four Seasons Realm closed, Yang Kai learned from Gao Xue Ting that Qiong Qi had broken free and re-emerged. When Qiong Qi appeared that day, all were shocked. Fortunately, Bright Moon Great Emperor’s Soul Manifestation appeared and resolved the situation in a peaceful manner.


There hadn’t been any news about him for the next several dozen years. It wasn’t until yesterday that Yang Kai met him again.


Yang Kai stroked his chin and curiously circled around Qiong Qi. Then, he tutted and stopped in his tracks, “Are you really Qiong Qi?”


Qiong Qi nodded firmly, “Of course.”


Yang Kai nodded, “There are righteous Divine Spirits and wicked Divine Spirits. If I remember correctly, Qiong Qi is famed as one of the most, if not the evilest of the Divine Spirits, so there are no benefits in impersonating him. Good, it seems that you’re really Qiong Qi. It’s no wonder that bastard called you an Evil Spirit.”


Qiong Qi coughed, “Rumours shouldn’t be believed so easily. This Old Master has changed his ways and is now a kind-hearted soul who treats all benevolently.”


“Really?” Yang Kai snickered, clearly not believing him.


After a sigh, Qiong Qi muttered, “My bad reputation has held me back.” 


He appeared heartbroken, as if he wanted to kill himself to prove his innocence.


Yang Kai turned back to Li Wu Yi and cupped his fists, “Senior, please use your Divine Ability to capture this Evil Spirit so that he cannot bring chaos to this world.”


Qiong Qi widened his eyes, anguished but unable to shed a tear as he cried out, “Young Master!”


“Enough!” Yang Kai raised his hand, “You call me Young Master because I’ve obtained Flowing Time Great Emperor’s inheritance and cultivated the Time Flies Seal, right?” 


Then, he suddenly thought of something, “Did you find me because I used Time Flies Seal earlier? You felt the Time Principle fluctuations?”


“En.” Qiong Qi nodded, “The reason this Old Master stayed in the temple for so long was to wait for the right person to inherit the Great Emperor’s legacy. After years of waiting, a candidate finally appeared. Young Master, you are the Great Emperor’s successor.”


Yang Kai sneered at him, “It’s true I obtained some benefits from Flowing Time Great Emperor, but I doubt this can be considered his true inheritance. Moreover, he was Flowing Time Great Emperor, and I am Yang Kai, so please don’t confuse us. You are the Great Emperor’s mount, and I admire the fact that you’ve stayed loyal to him for so many millennia; however, I’ve heard much about you, and I have no right to be your Young Master, so please stop calling me that.” 


Yang Kai would have accepted the old man if the latter was a different Divine Spirit; however, Qiong Qi was an infamous character, so he didn’t want to have anything to do with him. After a pause, he said, “Actually, Old Qiong…”


[Old Qiong? How could he call me Old Qiong?] Qiong Qi couldn’t help but shoot him a glare.


“Spirit Beast Island is a nice place with beautiful scenery and kind-hearted people. You’re pretty old now, so you should stop gallivanting around. It’s good for you to spend your retirement years on Spirit Beast Island. I believe Senior Martial Beast, Senior Li, and Senior Jiu Feng will not treat you poorly so long as you don’t cause trouble.”


Li Wu Yi spoke up, “He’s right. Old Qiong, although you haven’t done anything evil since you became a mount, the Great Emperor is worried that your wild nature will re-surface. That’s why he wants us to bring you back to Spirit Beast Island. Don’t worry. You will be well received on the island. As long as you stay there, you can do whatever you want.”


[You’re also calling me Old Qiong now? Do you think I don’t dare to eat you!?]


An exasperated Qiong Qi bellowed, “You want to confine this Old Master just because of some worries?”


Li Wu Yi replied with a frown, “Please understand.”


Jiu Feng continued, “We’ve followed you all the way to this place, but we’ve never used force. We’ve persuaded you for a long time, but you still always try to run away from us. What’s not good about Spirit Beast Island? We don’t intend to confine you. If you want to leave the island in the future, you will have a chance to do so.”


Qiong Qi shook his head, “For this Old Master’s entire life, he has only acknowledged Flowing Time as his Master, and though Flowing Time has fallen, he has a successor now. I am willing to stay by his successor’s side. If his successor doesn’t want me, I’ll just travel around the world, but I’ll never submit to Spirit Beast Island.”


“Are you really so resolute?” Li Wu Yi knitted his brows together. If possible, he didn’t want to fight with Qiong Qi. Although Qiong Qi was old, he was a highly ranked Divine Spirit, so it would be difficult to deal with him. Even if Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng joined forces, they only had a fifty percent chance to capture him.


Qiong Qi replied, “Please don’t make things difficult for this Old Master.”


Li Wu Yi heaved a sigh while Qiong Qi appeared determined. At that instant, the atmosphere around them became dangerous.


“Are you really willing to follow this boy and acknowledge that he’s your Master?” With a weird expression, Jiu Feng gazed at Qiong Qi.


Qiong Qi replied, “I don’t want to be confined to Spirit Beast Island. Besides, I have no other choice but to follow him.” If he didn’t follow Yang Kai, he would have to go against Spirit Beast Island unless he could stop Li Wu Yi from tracking him.


Nevertheless, he had been planted with a Space Seal by Li Wu Yi, so as long as Li Wu Yi wanted to look for Qiong Qi, he could find out his location with a simple thought. There was no way Qiong Qi could shake him off. 


After giving it a thought, Qiong Qi knew that he could only seek refuge from Yang Kai; moreover, it was a coincidence that he came across Yang Kai in the Eastern Territory. He even felt that it was Flowing Time Great Emperor who had protected him from the Heavens; otherwise, why would he detect the aura of Time Flies Seal when he was already at a dead end?


Silavin: Original Title – Qiong Qi



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