Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3323, You Make the Decision


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Yang boy, this old man seems determined to follow you. What do you think?” Jiu Feng looked smilingly at Yang Kai and winked at him, “It’s a rare opportunity to get a Divine Spirit to acknowledge that you’re his Master.”


If anyone else came across such an opportunity, they probably wouldn’t care about whether Qiong Qi’s reputation was good or bad. They would be elated and immediately agree to it; however, Yang Kai appeared disdainful as he snorted, “It’s not like I don’t have one already.”


[What do you have?] Qiong Qi widened his eyes.


It was then that Jiu Feng remembered Liu Yan and thought that he was right. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for other people, but Yang Kai already had Liu Yan, a member of the Phoenix Clan, ranked higher than Qiong Qi. Although Liu Yan might not be as powerful as Qiong Qi at the moment, her potential for growth was much greater. To Yang Kai, it was not that attractive to get Qiong Qi to acknowledge him as his Master. Moreover, anyone could tell that Qiong Qi was just trying to seek protection and it wasn’t certain whether he was sincere in wanting to follow Yang Kai or not.


Yang Kai could take him in now, but what if Qiong Qi went back on his word and killed him in the future? It would be akin to lifting a stone then dropping it on his foot.


Jiu Feng turned to look at Qiong Qi, “You’ve heard him. Just follow us back to Spirit Beast Island.”


With a grim expression, Qiong Qi said, “I don’t want to fight with you two.”


Jiu Feng replied dispassionately, “It’s not like this Queen wants to either.”


Although Li Wu Yi remained silent, his determined gaze suggested that if they got into a scuffle, there would be no holding back.


All of a sudden, Qiong Qi turned to look at Yang Kai and pushed his Divine Sense.


Yang Kai, who seemed to be enjoying the view of the valley had his expression change abruptly as he turned to stare at Qiong Qi. At the same time, he pushed his Divine Sense to respond.


The two of them directly communicated with each other using Divine Sense right in front of Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng. The two darted their gazes between the man and beast and then looked at each other before smiling helplessly.


Although they had no idea what the two were talking about, they speculated that Qiong Qi must be negotiating with Yang Kai on acknowledging him to be his Master. Moreover, he must have come up with an offer that could move Yang Kai.


As they observed Yang Kai, they could see that his expressions kept changing between shocked, amazed, and surprised as he scratched his face.


In the end, he calmed down and fell silent while Qiong Qi stared fixedly at him. A moment later, Yang Kai heaved a sigh, “Old Qiong, you’ve won.”


Qiong Qi put on a grin, “Many thanks, Young Master.”


“Don’t thank me yet,” This time, Yang Kai didn’t stop the old man from addressing him in such a way. Then, he shifted his attention to Li Wu Yi, “Senior, can I request to keep this old man by my side so that he doesn’t have to go to Spirit Beast Island? You and Senior Martial Beast can rest assured that I’ll keep watch over him and make sure that he won’t do anything immoral.”


Li Wu Yi asked with a frown, “Do you really want to shelter him?”


Yang Kai laughed, “He’s shared a piece of interesting information with me, so it’s difficult for me to reject him.”


[I knew it!] 


However, Li Wu Yi wondered what Qiong Qi had told Yang Kai that made him change his stance. Earlier, Yang Kai had been openly disdainful of this old man, but he was willing to protect him now.


A solemn Jiu Feng said, “Qiong Qi isn’t like Liu Yan. Can you keep control of him?” 


Liu Yan had been following Yang Kai for a long time now, and it could almost be said that it was Yang Kai who brought her up by helping her attain form, sentience, and strength. Liu Yan was absolutely loyal to Yang Kai, but it was a different case for Qiong Qi. He was infamous for his ferocity and he was incredibly powerful, so Jiu Feng was worried that Yang Kai couldn’t hold his reigns. Instead, he might be taken advantage of in the end.


Yang Kai put on a smile as he replied, “Since I’ve said so, I have a way to keep him in line.” He then turned to gaze at Qiong Qi. 


“Let me tell you something important in return for what you told me. The little girl you came across in the past, her bloodline has fully awakened and she is currently inheriting her ancestor’s power. So, I suggest that if you’ve had any ill intentions, forget about them right now, otherwise there’s no guarantee you’ll keep your life.”


A shocked Qiong Qi shuddered and asked, “Her bloodline awakened!?” 


Although Yang Kai didn’t say who the little girl was, Qiong Qi understood who he was referring to. In the past, the reason he treated Zhang Ruo Xi so well was that he could feel Heavens Order’s aura slumbering inside of her. He hadn’t expected that her bloodline would awaken so soon though as based on his observations at the time, it should have been a few hundred more years before the process even began. Since the awakening happened earlier though, some great unexpected change must have taken place.


Understanding the situation well, Qiong Qi cupped his fists and said, “Young Master may rest assured, since you are Master’s successor, this Old Master will follow you and serve you well, this I swear.”


After that, Yang Kai looked at Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng before saying with a smile, “Seniors, what do you think?” He paused for a moment, “Of course, if you insist on taking him back to Spirit Beast Island, I won’t raise a fuss.”


Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng traded glances as they pondered on the same issue.


[Who is this ‘little girl’ he mentioned? Why did Qiong Qi suddenly become so fearful at the mention of her? Who else could make Qiong Qi terrified other than the Great Emperors? They also mentioned something about bloodline awakening…]


The two quickly seemed to think of something as a glint flashed across Li Wu Yi’s eyes while Jiu Feng shuddered as she wanted to ask Yang Kai about the identity of this ‘little girl’ but was too afraid to do so.


A moment later, Li Wu Yi said, “I’ve said that you’re also a part of Spirit Beast Island, so since you’ve decided to keep him by your side, he’s also under the surveillance of Spirit Beast Island, which doesn’t contradict my mission. However, I have to get the Great Emperor’s approval first.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I understand. Since that’s the case, let’s go to Spirit Beast Island first.”


Since Li Wu Yi was here, Yang Kai didn’t have to go to Spirit Beast Island; however, as they had to get Martial Beast Great Emperor’s permission for this matter, it seemed he had no choice but to visit the island.


Li Wu Yi, however, replied with a smile, “There’s no need for that.”


Upon finishing his words, he fished out a jade slip and infused his message into it using his Divine Sense. After that, he flicked the jade slip with his wrist and shouted, “Go!”


The jade slip immediately slipped into the Void and disappeared from everyone’s sight.


Yang Kai widened his eyes and asked curiously, “Senior, did you just send a message back to Spirit Beast Island?” 


Just now, Li Wu Yi had apparently used Space Principles to send the jade slip, which contained his message, back to Spirit Beast Island. However, this place was pretty far from the island, so even though Li Wu Yi was a Master of the Dao of Space, how was he able to send something so far and so accurately?


At that moment, Yang Kai couldn’t wait to ask him about it.


A smiling Li Wu Yi replied, “It’s a novel use of Space Principles. I’ll tell you all about it later. Given your mastery now, you can easily learn it.”


Yang Kai grinned from ear to ear, “Many thanks, Senior.”


Li Wu Yi raised his hand, “There are many people in this world who have cultivated the Dao of Space, but there are not many who have mastered it like you and me. Discussing it with you is beneficial for me as well.”


“Senior is too humble. I have a lot to learn from you.” Yang Kai replied seriously.


Jiu Feng pursed her lips, “What’s the point of flattering this oaf?”


Just then, Qiong Qi chimed in arrogantly, “Space Principles might be profound, but are still not comparable to Time Principles!”


Yang Kai immediately shot him a look, “Can you use Time Principles?”


Qiong Qi’s face twitched as he replied in embarrassment, “No…” 


He was just Flowing Time Great Emperor’s mount, and although he had followed the Great Emperor for a long time and seen the latter use the powerful Time Principles, he had never been able to cultivate them himself.


Yang Kai said, “The power of a Principle depends on the user, all have their advantages and strengths, none is superior to another.”


Li Wu Yi’s eyes brightened, “You’re right. It takes the right person to unleash the true power of a Principle.”


As he spoke, his expression changed as he lifted his hand, after which a jade slip broke through the air and came into contact with his palm. Obviously, the Great Emperor on Spirit Beast Island had sent a reply.


[That was quick!]


It had only been a short moment since the jade slip was sent out, so Yang Kai realized that Li Wu Yi’s jade slip must have immediately reached the Martial Beast Great Emperor, which was why he could get a reply so soon.


Qiong Qi appeared nervous as he stared fixedly at Li Wu Yi. He thought to himself that if things didn’t go as he had wished, he would quickly flee this place. There was no way he would accept being confined to Spirit Beast Island.


However, Li Wu Yi’s expression remained calm and there didn’t seem to be anything that was off. The apprehensive Qiong Qi wondered what Martial Beast Great Emperor’s decision was.


A moment later, Li Wu Yi finally finished reading the reply as his gaze darted between Qiong Qi and Yang Kai, “Sir has said that… He will leave the decision to you.”


Upon hearing that, Qiong Qi heaved a sigh of relief, then he anxiously turned to look at Yang Kai. Since Yang Kai had the final say now, it depended on whether Qiong Qi’s proposal earlier was useful at all.


[It’s definitely useful…] Qiong Qi prayed in his heart.


“I get to make the decision?” Yang Kai touched his chin and chuckled, “It seems that the Great Emperor thinks pretty highly of me.”


Li Wu Yi said with a smile, “Sir has written that since you’re somewhat related to Old Qiong, you’re the best candidate to keep watch over him. If he really goes back on his word in the future, it won’t be too late for us to step forward and settle it.”


“Good.” Yang Kai nodded, “Since the Great Emperor has so much trust in me, I’ll take up the responsibility.” 


Yang Kai turned to look at Qiong Qi, “Old Qiong, you’ll follow me from now on. You’ve heard what the Great Emperor has said. You have to help more people so that your reputation gets rectified. If you dare to commit any kind of evil, both the Great Emperor and I will not let you off. Understand?”


“Yes,” Qiong Qi replied respectfully, then put on a bitter expression, “Young Master, can you stop calling me Old Qiong?”


“How do you want me to call you then? Old Qi?”


Qiong Qi replied, “No, but it’s pretty close. In the past, my old Master would always call me Xiao Qi. You see, it does sound better than Old Qiong. If you’re fine with it, you can call me Xiao Qi… Hmm? Why are all of you looking at me that way?”


At that instant, Yang Kai, Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng were all staring at him with weird expressions.


Yang Kai’s face twitched before he dismissively waved his hand, “Old Qiong is a good name. There’s no need to change it.”


[Why does he want to be addressed as Xiao Qi?]


Mo Huang’s daughter, the Little Princess of Spirit Beast Island, was named Xiao Qi. Both of them shared the same name; however, one of them was an innocent young girl, while the other was a hideous-looking old fart. There was no way Yang Kai would call Qiong Qi Xiao Qi, and obviously Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng thought the same.



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