Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3324, Space Beacon


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“Good, Old Qiong then.” Qiong Qi reluctantly decided to take a step back.


Yang Kai nodded, “You can find somewhere else to rest for now, there’s something I need to discuss with Senior Li.”


“Understood,” Qiong Qi replied respectfully and turned around before he flew into the distance. After landing on a particularly large branch of a tree, he placed his hands behind his back as his hair and clothes swayed with the wind. If it weren’t because of his tacky red robe, he would have looked like a reclusive martial expert.


Inside the gazebo, Yang Kai said, “Both of you and the Great Emperor can rest assured regarding Qiong Qi, I’ll keep watch on him and discipline him appropriately.”


Jiu Feng replied, “Remember not to be too harsh on him; after all, he’s an Ancient Divine Spirit, even older than I am. Although he’s acknowledged you as his Master, and he doesn’t seem forced, it wouldn’t be good if you’re too strict with him. I believe that you can handle the matter well.”


“Got it,” Yang Kai nodded. Although it was intimidating to let an Evil Spirit follow him around, Yang Kai wasn’t a pushover, nor was he a rookie who had just ventured into the world. As for Qiong Qi’s temperament, he would spend some time observing it in the future.


Since the matter regarding Qiong Qi had been settled, Yang Kai couldn’t wait to discuss the Dao of Space with Li Wu Yi. It was the first time he was able to discuss this topic with someone since he began cultivating the Dao of Space, so he was naturally excited.


“Senior Li, how did you send the jade slip back to Spirit Beast Island? Can you show it to me again?”


Li Wu Yi replied with a smile, “It’s really not difficult.” 


As he spoke, he stuck out one finger as the Space Principles around it undulated. Then, he started drawing something on the stone table without touching it.


Yang Kai looked attentively at the table and realised that Li Wu Yi was drawing a kind of abstruse array. As the array took shape, Yang Kai was surprised to see that this array was similar to that of his Cross-Territory Space Array, but with some slight differences.


A moment later, Li Wu Yi stopped drawing. The stone table didn’t change one bit, but Yang Kai could feel Space Principle fluctuations from it. The intangible array had been branded on the stone table using Space Principles.


Li Wu Yi threw an empty jade slip to Yang Kai and said, “Infuse something into it.”


After a nod, Yang Kai grabbed the jade slip and activated his Divine Sense as he engraved his Soul Imprint.


“Give it to me.” Jiu Feng extended her hand.


Although Yang Kai didn’t know what she intended to do, he still obediently passed the jade slip to her.


After taking the jade slip, Jiu Feng moved and shot into the distance.


Gazing in the direction she had left, Yang Kai fell into deep thought.


About a quarter-hour later, the stone table suddenly shone brightly. Yang Kai turned to look at it, only to see that the jade slip had suddenly appeared on it. Arching his brow, he said, “This…”


Li Wu Yi replied with a smile, “Take a look for yourself.”


Yang Kai picked up the jade slip and probed it, after which, he was shocked to learn that it was the one that he had left a Soul Imprint, clearly the one that Jiu Feng had taken away. However, it now appeared again out of thin air.


Pointing at the stone table, Li Wu Yi explained, “I can use Space Principles to engage a Space Beacon. Whatever the location left with a Space Beacon, I or anything that has passed through my hands before can reach the Space Beacon in an instant.”


Yang Kai’s gaze brightened, “It’s just like a Space Array.”


Li Wu Yi nodded, “Good. Normally, you use a Space Array to send people. Meanwhile, all I am doing right now is delivering items, so it’s less difficult; however, the basic principles are the same.”


An amazed Yang Kai said, “This table is made from ordinary stones. Can it be left with a Space Beacon as well?”


Li Wu Yi replied, “Yes, but it will only last for a short while. If you want it to be effective for an extended period, you have to use some special materials.”


Yang Kai arched his brow, “Like Space Spirit Crystals or Space Spirit Jades?”


A smiling Li Wu Yi replied, “Correct.”


“Got it,” Yang Kai appeared elated, as if he had just obtained a priceless treasure, “It’s marvellous that we can use this to deliver messages. It’s more effective than using a communication artifact.”


A communication artifact had its limitations as messages couldn’t be delivered if the destination was too far away; however, this method was different. No matter where the destination was, messages could be sent in an instant.


Martial Beast Great Emperor must have a Space Beacon that Li Wu Yi had left behind, which was why the jade slip could be delivered in an instant. Correspondingly, Li Wu Yi could also immediately receive the Great Emperor’s reply.


An excited Yang Kai hurriedly started drawing a Space Beacon on the stone table.


Li Wu Yi watched on the side and corrected him from time to time. Soon, Yang Kai was able to master the technique as a new Space Beacon had been formed.


Rising from the chair, Yang Kai guffawed, “I’ll be right back.”


After that, he shot into the air and came across Jiu Feng, who was returning to the gazebo. As they rubbed shoulders, Jiu Feng doubtfully turned to look at him and then shifted her attention to Li Wu Yi, “He already managed to learn it?”


Li Wu Yi nodded, “His understanding of the Dao of Space is comparable to mine. He just needs time to accumulate more experience. It’s just a simple technique, so he can easily learn it.”


Jiu Feng said, “Why do you seem happy after someone has stolen a skill of yours?”


A smiling Li Wu Yi replied, “Weren’t you happy when you found out that Liu Yan exists?”


Jiu Feng’s expression changed, and then she nodded, “I see.”


As they spoke, the stone table shone as a piece of High-Rank Source Crystal appeared out of thin air. Li Wu Yi picked it up and weighed it in his hand, “He can even send other items now…”


Before he finished speaking, a one hundred kilogram boulder appeared on the table. It was a wonder where Yang Kai found it before sending it to the Space Beacon.


The stone table shone again as a big wolf appeared in front of Li Wu Yi, the kind of Monster Beast that could be found everywhere in Heavenly Wolf Valley. The Monster Beast was pretty powerful as it was an Eleventh-Order, but as soon as it appeared, it looked around in a panic and howled fearfully, after which, a visible wind blade shot out from its mouth and headed towards Li Wu Yi.


Li Wu Yi flicked his finger to break the wind blade and burst into laughter, “It wasn’t me. You’ve got the wrong person.”


Following that, he waved his hand as a breeze swept the wolf away for more than a thousand metres before it landed on the ground lightly. The turn of events made the wolf so terrified that it was as if its soul had left its body. After making sure that it was safe, it ran away with its tail between its legs and disappeared into the distance.


Just then, a figure appeared in the gazebo. Yang Kai gave it a thought and said, “There are limitations regarding size and weight when delivering items. It’ll be useless if the item exceeds those limitations.”


Li Wu Yi replied, “Of course. If there were no limitations, were you going to send a mountain over? However, it’s more than enough to deliver messages.”


“En, it’s as Senior says.” Yang Kai lowered his head in contemplation, “It’s already incredible that it can be used to transport living creatures. By the way, can I use it to transport a person?”


Li Wu Yi said, “Yes, you can.”


Touching his chin, Yang Kai said, “If I place many Space Beacons around the Star Boundary, does it mean that I can go wherever I want at will?”


This was indeed more convenient than tearing space and entering the Void, and it was easier to implement than building a network of Space Arrays. Nevertheless, although it was convenient, it didn’t have the same utility as a Space Array because it couldn’t be used to transport a large number of people or cargo in one go.


Li Wu Yi replied, “Theoretically, it’s feasible.”


“Does it have the same effect if I draw a Space Beacon on a Space Spirit Jade?”


A smiling Li Wu Yi said, “You can give it a try.”


Without hesitation, Yang Kai fished out a palm-sized Space Spirit Jade and began engraving it. Although the jade was small, he was able to draw the Space Beacon Array on it because he was fairly adept at such tasks already.


After he finished drawing, Yang Kai carefully examined it to make sure that there were no errors.


Thinking of something, he looked at Li Wu Yi and said, “Senior, please give me a way to contact you. It’d be convenient for us to be able to communicate with each other in the future.”


“That’s what I was thinking as well,” Li Wu Yi put on a faint smile, “I was wondering how long it would take you to think of it. I didn’t expect that it’d be so quick.”


Yang Kai grinned at him, “It just came to mind now.”


After that, Li Wu Yi passed him a rounded bead, which was apparently polished from a Space Spirit Jade. Moreover, it had been strung with silk so the user could wear it on his wrist or hang it on his clothes.


“Although it’s convenient for us to contact each other this way, a Space Beacon can be cut off if it’s isolated from the outside world, so it’s useless if you put it into a Space Ring. You can wear it on your wrist so that we can contact each other whenever we want to.”


“Senior is indeed considerate,” Yang Kai took a look at the beads that had been wrapped around Li Wu Yi’s wrist and thought that the latter must have given this mode of contact to others as well. Gazing at Li Wu Yi’s Space Spirit Jade, Yang Kai could tell that his own beacon paled in comparison. Then, he asked, “Why don’t I make one more that looks the same for you so that you can bring it with you?”


Li Wu Yi nods, “Good.”


After that, Yang Kai started polishing a Space Spirit Jade, and soon a bead was made. It was then they officially traded Space Beacons that could be used to contact each other.


With a solemn expression, Li Wu Yi said, “We’re both Masters in the Dao of Space, and we have each other’s Space Beacons in the form of these beads, which makes it convenient for us to communicate with each other. However, if others want to do the same, they must use a pair of matching Space Spirit Beads. That’s because they can’t use Space Principles to locate us, so they can only rely on the matching Space Spirit Bead to localize our Space Beacons.”


“En, I understand,” Yang Kai nodded. He had realized this point even without Li Wu Yi mentioning it as earlier, when Jiu Feng sent the jade slip back, she didn’t use any Space Spirit Bead.


Li Wu Yi had left some Space Principles on the jade slip, so Jiu Feng just had to activate it, after which the jade slip would automatically return to the corresponding beacon.


Yang Kai then said, “Allow me to reciprocate. Since I’ve learned how to create Space Beacons from Senior, I’d like to invite you to examine the Space Array I’m going to arrange.”


A curious Li Wu Yi asked, “You can arrange Space Arrays?”


With a faint smile, Yang Kai appeared inscrutable, “Please look forward to it, Senior. However, it’s a fair bit more complicated to set it up, and I’m not as skilful as you are yet, so please be patient with me.”



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