Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3325, Why Are You Laughing?


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Yang Kai was pretty skillful at arranging Space Arrays. Without even moving somewhere else, he directly started working on it in the empty space beside the gazebo.


With his hands behind his back, Li Wu Yi watched silently from the side as a myriad of expressions came over him including surprise, doubt, shock, and enlightenment, as if he had gained a great deal of insight and inspiration by just observing.


Half a day later, the Space Array had taken shape. After examining it to make sure that there were no issues, Yang Kai turned to look at Li Wu Yi, “Senior, please have a look.”


Li Wu Yi shot him a meaningful look before stepping onto the Space Array. As Space Principles fluctuated, he closed his eyes and silently sensed his surroundings.


A moment later, he said, “Have you added some kind of restriction to this Space Array? It seems that a special method is required to activate it.”


Yang Kai put on a grin, “Senior is quite perceptive. A specially made Space Token is needed to activate any Space Array that I’ve arranged. Without a token, it will be useless.”


Li Wu Yi nodded his head, “This restriction is indeed ingenious as it can prevent any ill-intentioned people from misusing this array. It also seems to be connected to many places, but…”


“But what?” Yang Kai looked smilingly at him.


Li Wu Yi frowned and spoke in a way as if he was asking himself a question, “But why do the connected places feel so distant from each other?” He suddenly opened his eyes as a glint flashed across them and exclaimed, “This is a Cross-Territory Space Array!?”


“Cross-Territory Space Array!?” A shocked Jiu Feng widened her mouth in an alluring manner. Gazing at Li Wu Yi, she asked, “Are you sure you’re not mistaken?”


Li Wu Yi slowly shook his head, “Although I don’t know where the places this array is connected to are, there are multiple locations and they’re quite far from each other, far exceeding the limits of what ordinary Space Arrays are capable of. Yang Kai, is this really a Cross-Territory Space Array?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Senior really does have sharp vision. This is indeed a Cross-Territory Space Array.”


Jiu Feng turned to look at him in disbelief, “To think you can build a Cross-Territory Space Array…”


An embarrassed Yang Kai said, “Compared to Senior Li’s Space Beacon, my array is too complicated and inflexible.”


Jiu Feng couldn’t help but roll her eyes, “En, in comparison, his technique is too simplistic.”


Ignoring her snipe, Li Wu Yi remained on the array as he studied it in amazement. He had seen some Cross-Territory Space Arrays before, but there were only a small number of them in the entire Star Boundary, and all of them were relics from ancient times. Although some were still intact, most were no longer usable. He had studied them for some time, but he couldn’t unravel the secrets behind them. Nevertheless, he managed to invent Space Beacons thanks to his efforts.


However, he had never expected that Yang Kai would be able to arrange a Cross-Territory Space Array.


“Where are the places that this array is connected to?” Li Wu Yi asked curiously.


“It’s connected to the Southern Territory and the Northern Territory. We can also go to the Ancient Wild Lands in the Eastern Territory.”


Li Wu Yi was at a loss for words for a moment, “It seems that you’ve been to many places.”


Yang Kai had to personally go to those places to arrange a Cross-Territory Space Array as well as make necessary calibrations before they could be linked together and used.


Li Wu Yi understood this and if it were him, visiting so many places throughout his life would not be odd, but Yang Kai was still quite young. Nonetheless, he had seemingly managed to travel to every Territory in the Star Boundary. He had even visited a place like the Ancient Wild Lands and left behind a Space Array there. His experiences alone far outstripped those of his generation.


After giving it a thought, Li Wu Yi said, “I’m curious about where you obtained this array chart from. Did you come up with it yourself?”


The foundation of a Space Array was its chart. Everything was built around that, a blueprint in essence. Without this array chart, it would be a dead creation, a useless collection of rare materials. In the past, Li Wu Yi had spent some time trying to design just such an array chart, but he couldn’t really piece one together. However, he hadn’t expected that he would come across a complete array, drawn by Yang Kai, here. Thus, he was curious.


After pondering on it for a moment, Yang Kai asked, “Senior, do you know Yang Yan?”


“Yang Yan?” Li Wu Yi arched his brow, “You mean the one in the Star Court?”


A smiling Yang Kai replied, “It seems that Senior does know her.”


A curious Jiu Feng asked, “What’s wrong? Do you know her?”


Yang Kai said, “We’re old friends.”


[Old friends?] Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng traded glances as they were rendered speechless. Yang Yan was basically in the same realm as them, and although Yang Kai’s cultivation was fairly high, he was still only a Second-Order Emperor. Moreover, he was only about a hundred years old, so they couldn’t believe that he claimed to be Yang Yan’s ‘old friend’.


If anyone else had said such a thing, they would have thought that they were bluffing. However, since it was Yang Kai who said so, it didn’t seem that absurd at all.


“As Seniors know, I’m from a Lower Star Field. In the past, Yang Yan also lived in that same Star Field; however, her body was seriously injured and forced into a comatose state while her Soul Clone was trapped there. It was during that time that her Soul Clone and I got to know each other, and I obtained this array chart from her.”


As Yang Kai spoke, he walked down memory lane and felt nostalgic, “She truly helped me a lot back then.”


“So, it’s her!” Li Wu Yi fell into a dazed state.


Jiu Feng said, “I heard that she’s unrivalled in both the Dao of Spirit Arrays and the Dao of Artifact Refining, but I’m not sure if it’s true. However, if it’s her, everything falls into place.”


Although Yang Yan knew nothing about Space Principles, her mastery of Spirit Arrays was peerless. Nanmen Da Jun and the other Array Masters were not comparable to her at all. A Space Array was also a kind of Spirit Array, so it wasn’t strange that Yang Yan knew how to design one. However, since she couldn’t use Space Principles, she was unable to actually arrange a Space Array.


Li Wu Yi nodded before pondering, “At the mention of that woman, I recall a certain rumour.”


“What is it?” Jiu Feng looked curiously at him.


Li Wu Yi replied, “There was a man in the past who was so adept in the Dao of Space that he was qualified to become a Great Emperor. His achievements and comprehension even exceeded my own. He could be said to be one of the most talented Masters in history, but he disappeared all of a sudden one day. No one knew where he went. It’s said that Yang Yan is his friend, and they were on very good terms.”


Upon finishing his words, he shook his head, “It’s just a rumour, and I don’t know whether it’s true or not.”


While he was unsure, Yang Kai had his expression change upon hearing that. That was because when Yang Yan passed the Sealed World Bead to him, she said it was given to her by a friend. As for who her friend was and whether he was alive, she didn’t mention anything at all. However, she decided to give the bead to Yang Kai because he cultivated the Dao of Space, so the bead would be useful in his hands.


Connecting that to what Li Wu Yi had said, Yang Kai knew that there must be some truth to this rumour.


The Sealed World Bead was an independent world unto itself, but it wasn’t a natural creation. Someone must have refined it, and anyone capable of such a feat would need an extremely high comprehension of the Dao of Space. Yang Kai knew that he wasn’t capable of this even with his current achievements.


Jiu Feng said with a smile. “Since it’s just a rumour, we can’t believe it completely.”


Li Wu Yi burst into laughter, “Forget it, then. However, this array does give me a lot of inspiration. Please allow me to take more time to study it.” With that, he closed his eyes and stood there.


Yang Kai and Jiu Feng then returned to the gazebo and waited for him.


An hour later, Li Wu Yi came back with a joyful expression as he looked at Yang Kai, “After I return to Spirit Beast Island, you should come over at some point and arrange a corresponding array there so that we can visit each other more conveniently.”


Yang Kai laughed heartily, “Good.”


Li Wu Yi had a Space Spirit Bead that Yang Kai had just refined, so if Li Wu Yi was on Spirit Beast Island, Yang Kai could immediately head there, and it wouldn’t be difficult for him to arrange another Space Array.


His expression suddenly turning solemn, Yang Kai said, “Senior, there’s something I need you to enlighten me on.”


Li Wu Yi replied, “Go ahead.”


“Senior is familiar with the man I fought earlier, correct?” Yang Kai asked.


“You mean Cang Mo? En, we can be considered acquaintances,” Li Wu Yi replied.


[So that bastard’s name is Cang Mo… I was planning to force him to tell me himself one day after he disdained me back when we first met, but I suppose it’s irrelevant now…] Yang Kai thought to himself. 


Shaking off this extraneous thought, Yang Kai continued, “When I was in a battle against the two Sects earlier, the space around us had been blocked off somehow; however, even after carefully probing my surroundings at the time, I couldn’t find any traces of an array. No one from those two Sects was capable of such a thing, so I assume it was that Cang Mo’s doing. Without a Spirit Array designed to isolate space though, how did that purple-robed bastard accomplish that? I know he is at best a novice in the Dao of Space, so what method did he use to seal that space?”


He had to get to the bottom of it. Otherwise, if he came across any formidable enemy who was able to block off the world like that again, he wouldn’t be able to break free.


Seeing that Yang Kai was looking inquisitively at him, Li Wu Yi suddenly appeared embarrassed while Jiu Feng burst into a fit of laughter to the side.


Yang Kai asked curiously, “Senior, why are you laughing?”


[Was there something funny in my question?]


Between bouts of laughter, Jiu Feng explained while pointing at Li Wu Yi, “You can blame him for that. It wasn’t Cang Mo who isolated that area, but him.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai was astounded, “Two Seniors were already there at that time?”


Jiu Feng waved her hands, “That’s not what I meant. What I mean is…”


Li Wu Yi heaved a sigh, “It’s alright, I’ll tell him.”


Coughing awkwardly, Li Wu Yi explained, “This is what happened. As you know, there are not many people in this world who cultivate the Dao of Space, so it’s hard to find anyone to hold even a cursory discussion about it with. Honestly speaking, before I met you, there was no one in the entire Star Boundary that I could really discuss the Dao of Space with. It felt quite lonely when I was the only one pursuing this Dao, so whenever anyone came to me to seek advice about it, I gained a habit of explaining things without any reservation.”


A solemn Yang Kai said, “Senior is most generous to share his wisdom. This Junior is impressed.”


Li Wu Yi appeared even more embarrassed at those words as he continued, “A few months ago, Cang Mo suddenly came to Spirit Beast Island and asked me some questions about Space Principles, so I had a chat with him.”


Then, he looked meekly at Yang Kai, “We discussed a few issues, and one of them was the most effective method to isolate a region of space from the rest of the world…”


Yang Kai’s jaw dropped as he fell into a dazed state for a moment before he pulled himself together and asked, “So, it was Senior who taught Cang Mo how to seal off space?”


Li Wu Yi placed a fist on his mouth and coughed, “Cang Mo and I have known each other for years, and although we don’t share a deep friendship, we’re not on bad terms either. He knows a thing or two about the Dao of Space as well, so speaking with him was refreshing. En… I really didn’t expect that his intention in asking such a question was to deal with you.”



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