Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3326, Please Enlighten Me


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If Li Wu Yi knew that Cang Mo had such an ulterior motive, he wouldn’t have shared his knowledge with him for the latter to use against Yang Kai.


In his defence, Li Wu Yi wasn’t even aware that there were grudges between Yang Kai and Cang Mo; after all, there was a huge gap between the latter two when it came to their power and status. While one was a Pseudo-Great Emperor and a member of the Star Court, the other was a rising star who was in the Second-Order Emperor Realm. Yang Kai and Cang Mo logically wouldn’t even come into contact with each other for another few hundred years.


So, when Cang Mo asked him about Space Principles, Li Wu Yi didn’t conceal anything. Now that Yang Kai asked about it, however, Li Wu Yi felt slightly embarrassed. Although he didn’t mean to, he still had caused some trouble for Yang Kai.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had many cards up his sleeves. Any other Second-Order Emperor Realm Master would’ve fallen into Cang Mo’s hands by now, and their life or death would no longer be their own to control.


“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai nodded gently and put on a smile, “Senior need not blame himself, Cang Mo was the only one with ill intentions, so this matter has nothing to do with you.”


An embarrassed Li Wu Yi, however, shook his head, “No, I’m still partly responsible for what happened. Fortunately, nothing serious happened to you…”


Yang Kai changed the topic by saying, “So, what did you teach him? Given his comprehension of the Dao of Space, I’m curious about how he was able to seal off a region of space without my noticing.”


Li Wu Yi explained, “Space is ubiquitous, and even when damaged by external forces, it is able to heal itself under the influence of World Principles. I’m sure you understand this much.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Naturally, I’ve torn space countless times before.”


A smiling Li Wu Yi went on to ask, “When you tear space to enter the Void, did you notice that the barriers of said space have strong and weak points?”


Yang Kai nodded once more, “En, the fabric of space in some places is quite tough, while it’s relatively weak in others. It takes far more effort to tear about strong points in space than weak points.”


Li Wu Yi said, “That’s right. Even space has strong and weak points, and the points where space is the frailest are referred to as Space Nodes.”


“Space Node?” Yang Kai arched his brow.


Li Wu Yi waved his hand as Space Principles undulated and covered a radius of about a thousand metres around them, “Sense it and tell me how many Space Nodes there are in this region.”


Yang Kai closed his eyes and probed. A moment later, he opened his eyes and replied, “There are three. There’s one that is three hundred metres to Senior’s left, another one hundred and fifty metres behind you, and the last is seven hundred metres away to your right.”


“Good, these three places are what I’m talking about. If you want to leave this place using instantaneous movement, you would have to make use of one of these three Space Nodes to enter the Void. Now look…” As Li Wu Yi spoke, the Space Principles around them undulated and a seemingly tangible substance rapidly filled in those three Space Nodes.


Yang Kai’s expression changed, “The space has been sealed off!”


Li Wu Yi looked smilingly at him and stopped using his Divine Ability, “Do you understand now?”


After pondering on it for a moment, Yang Kai lifted his head and asked, “Senior, do you mean that if someone can seal off all the surrounding Space Nodes, they can essentially block off this region of space without anyone knowing and make it impossible to enter the Void?”


“That’s right.” Li Wu Yi nodded, “If we liken the world to a bottle, these Space Nodes are like fissures. When we use instantaneous movement, we need to pass through these fissures to leave the bottle. Once these loopholes are blocked, we become trapped inside the bottle.”


It wasn’t the first time Yang Kai had heard the world referred to as a bottle. Nevertheless, Li Wu Yi’s explanation was clear and precise.


In fact, Yang Kai had realised this truth a long time ago and he had been making use of it ever since; however, after hearing Li Wu Yi’s explanation, it was as if a realisation dawned upon him.


Still feeling puzzled, however, he asked, “Senior, given your mastery over the Dao of Space, it isn’t hard for you to block these Space Nodes. But how did Cang Mo do it?”


Given Cang Mo’s attainment in the Dao of Space, even if he could detect Space Nodes, there was no way he could secretly block them.


Li Wu Yi explained, “My guess is he made use of an artifact. That was a suggestion I gave him. It seems that he asked someone to refine a special artifact for this purpose. As for what that artifact was, we probably would not be able to find out now. Your battle with him undoubtedly destroyed all the blockades. Although space can technically be blocked using this method, it’s still possible to break through with enough force.”


Yang Kai took a deep breath, “If he could overpower me, he could have captured me with ease.”


Cang Mo’s plan would have been perfect, if he had not underestimated just how much Yang Kai’s strength had grown since their last encounter. Any other Second-Order Emperor Realm Master could never have escaped in that kind of situation even if they were an expert in the Dao of Space.


However, Cang Mo’s opponent was Yang Kai, who was able to transform into a 300-metre-long Half-Dragon, and with the help of the Embodiment, Yang Kai was able to fight against him head-on.


Upon understanding the method employed, Yang Kai believed that hardly anyone could deal with him using this same tactic again. At the very least, he could have his guard up in advance. Even if the Space Nodes were blocked again, he could focus on breaking through them to flee.


As the sun sank and the moon rose, Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi sat across from each other and continued their discussion, all while Jiu Feng kept them company to the side, looking quite bored. 


In the end, their discussion lasted for three full days.


During the past three days, Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying from Heavenly Wolf Valley had visited several times; after all, with Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng as guests, the Valley Master and Vice-Valley Master had to show appropriate hospitality. However, they didn’t expect that they couldn’t even meet their guests.


Before they even approached the gazebo, they could feel the surrounding space vibrate, as if it was going to collapse at any moment; however, looking from afar, they could only see Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi chatting happily as they occasionally made gestures with their hands.


Sighing many times over the past three days, Tang Sheng often thought how bright Yang Kai’s future would be. As a Second-Order Emperor Realm, he was able to have a discussion on cultivation with a top Master like Li Wu Yi. When he became more powerful in the future, he would be a force to be reckoned with.


Their valley had truly missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Tang Sheng secretly heaved a sigh again. He had lived for many years, but it seemed his vision was poorer than that of his Disciple.


Three days later, both Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi appeared refreshed and energetic. Although they had spent almost the entire time discussing the Dao of Space, they were not exhausted at all and instead were more vigorous as each of them had gained much from their exchange.


Yang Kai suddenly uttered, “Senior, I have a request for you.”


Li Wu Yi looked smilingly at him, “Do you want to spar with me?”


A shocked Yang Kai asked, “Is it that obvious?”


Li Wu Yi put on a faint smile, “Your gaze suggests that you’re tempted to have a fight. How could I not notice?”


Yang Kai nodded and replied seriously, “I’ve never competed against someone who is also a Master of the Dao of Space. Please forgive this Junior’s presumptuous request, but can Senior fight and enlighten me?”


Li Wu Yi uttered, “What a coincidence. I had a similar thought in mind.”


After trading glances, the two flew out of the gazebo. The next moment, they were hovering mid-air across from each other with a distance of about a thousand metres between them, as if they had agreed upon it beforehand.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai shouted, “Senior, your cultivation is incredibly profound, so I won’t hold back at all. Please take note.”


Li Wu Yi replied, “Although I won’t go all out, I won’t suppress my power too much either. Hopefully, you’ll have a graceful loss.”


Yang Kai grinned and bellowed, “Let’s begin!”


Upon finishing his words, he clapped his hands together before sliding them apart, drawing a Moon Blade between them as he said with a grin, “This is a Space Divine Ability that I created. I call it Moon Blade. Please have a try!”


With that, he hurled the pitch-black Moon Blade at Li Wu Yi.


A serious-looking Li Wu Yi praised, “You’re able to condense the power of the Void into a thin crescent blade, wonderful!”


Despite his solemn expression, his demeanour still appeared nonchalant. Faced with the Moon Blade, Li Wu Yi didn’t even have the intention of evading and it wasn’t until the Moon Blade neared him that he waved his hand.


As Space Principles rippled, the dark Moon Blade vanished into thin air. The Space Divine Ability was disrupted by Li Wu Yi using pure Space Principles. It was the first time Yang Kai’s Moon Blade had ever been erased by an opponent in such a manner.


“Fascinating!” Yang Kai complemented but didn’t slow his movements. With a flick of his fingers, he launched a dense barrage of smaller Moon Blades at Li Wu Yi, as if trying to slice him into a million pieces.


Li Wu Yi burst into laughter, “The same move won’t have any effect on me.” He lifted his hand before pressing down, upon which all the Moon Blades vanished before they could even approach. All of a sudden, though, Li Wu Yi’s expression turned solemn as he arched his brow, “You hid a fatal move inside the storm of blades.”


With a grin, Yang Kai made a grabbing gesture and shouted, “Exile!”


Right then, a huge black hole appeared on the spot where Li Wu Yi was located. Like an ominous beast that had opened its mouth wide, the hole sucked its target inside.


In a flash, both the black hole and Li Wu Yi disappeared from sight.


An excited Jiu Feng asked, “Did you kill him?”


Looking from afar, Qiong Qi shot her a look as his face twitched, [What’s wrong with this woman? Why does she look so happy at the thought of Li Wu Yi getting killed? Aren’t they together?]


Without answering her question, Yang Kai’s expression remained quite solemn as his eyes darted about.


Just then, Li Wu Yi’s voice could be heard from all around, as if the world itself was speaking, “Brat, take my fist!”


As soon as those words were spoken, a fist suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai without any warning. Moreover, only a fist had appeared, without an arm or body at all, making it look quite eerie. However, judging from the skin colour and size of the fist, it obviously belonged to Li Wu Yi.


Although Yang Kai had his guard up the whole time, he never expected that Li Wu Yi would attack him in such a strange way. Nevertheless, it was too late for him to dodge so he swiftly pushed his Space Principles, “Nihility!”


At that instant, Yang Kai’s figure became transparent as his body merged into the Void in an attempt to avoid the attack.


“Oh?” Li Wu Yi could be heard exclaiming in surprise. He hadn’t expected that Yang Kai would evade his strike at the most critical moment by using such a move.


Nevertheless, he still had a way to deal with Yang Kai. A ripple was suddenly formed around the fist, which then vanished into thin air.


The next moment, Yang Kai showed up again in a nearby place, but his expression was grave. Then, he immediately disappeared into the Void again.


After repeatedly appearing and disappearing a few times, Yang Kai stopped moving and patted his own chest with a bitter smile. Shaking his head, he uttered, “Senior’s methods are powerful and profound. This Junior admits defeat.”




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    1. To be honest, it was not. I expected they should exchange pointers like 500 chapters ago and that it would be a very fun and interesting spar battle.
      Here it was short and not at all exciting, not to say very brief.

    2. I really enjoyed this chapter. I liked the enthusiasm, and mutual respect during combat is such a rarely expressed emotion in this novel, it’s quite refreshing.
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    1. You see, it’s actually a foreshadowing. World is really only a bottle. When Yang Kai reaches the limits of this world and wants to conveniently ascend, SPOILER, the ultimate immortal guy will feel thirsty and will want to take a sip. So he’ll open the bottle and MC will escape to a bigger world.
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        …as long as the rumors about cultivation making people retarded are not true… But it seems they are true.

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  4. Their valley had truly missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Tang Sheng secretly heaved a sigh again. He had lived for many years, but it seemed his vision was poorer than that of his Disciple

    Actually by not helping him you probably got much more benefits. Now there is a cross territory space array. And yang Kai wouldn’t have done shit for you guys if you helped. So they actually got more by not helping

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