Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3327, Assume Your Duties


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“Tsk. You are going to admit defeat just like that?” Jiu Feng shot Yang Kai a look. It was a rare opportunity to witness two Masters of the Dao of Space fight, so she thought that the battle was going to be intense and exciting. However, after only trading a few moves, Yang Kai decided to give up, which caused her to be unable to enjoy herself to the fullest. After sizing Yang Kai up, she asked, “Did he hit you?”


Yang Kai nodded but didn’t explain himself.


Although Jiu Feng was powerful, she was unable to make out Li Wu Yi’s move just now. His fist took twists and turns in the Void as it relentlessly tailed Yang Kai. No matter how hard Yang Kai tried, he could never evade it. In the end, Li Wu Yi’s fist lightly came into contact with Yang Kai. It was one hit but once it landed, Li Wu Yi immediately retracted it. In their competition on the use of Space Divine Abilities, Yang Kai had undoubtedly lost. While his moves were useless against Li Wu Yi, the latter was able to hit him with ease. It was apparent who the stronger one was.


“I’m grateful for your guidance today, Senior.” Yang Kai cupped his fists respectfully, “I’ll work harder so that I’ll be able to defeat you one day.”


Li Wu Yi guffawed, “Good. I’ll be waiting for that day.”


A smiling Yang Kai said, “I have nothing else to do, so I’ll take my leave now. I’ll go to Spirit Beast Island to visit two Seniors another day.”


Li Wu Yi raised his hand, “There’s no hurry. Don’t leave first. There’s something I need you to help me with.”


A doubtful Yang Kai asked, “What is it?”


“Just wait a moment,” upon finishing his words, Li Wu Yi moved and disappeared from sight.


After investigating the surroundings with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai realised that he couldn’t detect Li Wu Yi’s aura and determined that he must have used his Space Beacons to instantly move somewhere far away.


As such, Yang Kai turned to look at Jiu Feng with an inquisitive gaze, to which she said, “Stop looking at me. I don’t know what he’s up to.”


Yang Kai nodded. Since Jiu Feng had said that she had no idea, it must be the truth. Realising that it was pointless to ask anything further, he decided to wait patiently.


After the time it would take to boil a cup of tea, a visible fluctuation of Space Principles could be seen beside Jiu Feng. Following that, Li Wu Yi’s figure appeared together with one other person.


She was a young girl with a butterfly-shaped mark on her alluring face. She gave off an innocent and youthful charm; however, the butterfly mark, which covered half of her cheek, ruined her overall beauty. She was clad in a modest green dress, which perfectly outlined her rather curvy figure which contrasted with her baby face.


As soon as the young girl appeared, she looked around dazedly before quickly meeting Yang Kai’s eyes.


“Xiao Qi?” Surprise was written all over Yang Kai’s face.


“Big Brother Yang?” Mo Xiao Qi’s gaze brightened as she appeared elated. Then, she hurriedly left Li Wu Yi’s side and charged toward Yang Kai. Suddenly realising something, she stopped in her tracks and stabilised herself on a spot that was ten metres away from him. With a flushing face, she asked, “Are you really Big Brother Yang?”


“Of course it’s me. Who else could it be?” Yang Kai put on a faint smile and combed his hair back with both hands, as if he wanted to allow Mo Xiao Qi to see his face clearly.


A pleasantly surprised Mo Xiao Qi tilted her head slightly and asked, “Why are you in the Eastern Territory?”


“I came here to attend to some matters when I happened to come across Senior Li and Senior Jiu Feng.”


Mo Xiao Qi shot him a glance and pouted, “Since you came to the Eastern Territory, why didn’t you visit me on Spirit Beast Island? Did Big Brother Yang forget all about me?”


A smiling Yang Kai replied, “I wanted to go to Spirit Beast Island, but I didn’t know how to get there, so I was delayed.”


“I see…” After a nod, Mo Xiao Qi placed her hands behind her back and leaned forward slightly as she said coquettishly, “Alright, then. The next time you come to the Eastern Territory, you must come to Spirit Beast Island first!”


“Of course, of course.” Yang Kai gave a nod.


Looking from a nearby spot, Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng couldn’t help but sigh.


Jiu Feng spoke to him using her Divine Sense, “Things are looking terrible. Why did you bring this little girl here?”


Li Wu Yi replied, “When I sent a message to the Great Emperor a few days ago, I mentioned that Yang Kai was going to Dragon Island, so Sir wanted me to fetch Xiao Qi so that she could follow this boy to meet Mistress on Dragon Island.”


Upon learning the reason behind it, Jiu Feng heaved a sigh, “It’s indeed time they met. It’s been so many years since Xiao Qi was born, but she has never met her mother. Poor girl, when she was a child, she kept asking me whether she was picked up by the Great Emperor from somewhere…”


Li Wu Yi sighed as well, “Our previous mission there was too dangerous, so we didn’t bring Xiao Qi along. She has been pouting because of that ever since.”


Upon hearing that, Jiu Feng recalled what happened more than ten years ago and shuddered. After a nod, she said, “It’s good for Xiao Qi to meet her mother; however, isn’t the Great Emperor worried that those old Dragon Clan coots will… En, with Mistress around, those Dragons wouldn’t dare to do anything to Xiao Qi. Moreover, Yang Kai is going as well. They are going to have a hard time dealing with him alone, so they won’t have any time to harm Xiao Qi. Hahaha. That’s a great move by Sir. He wants Yang Kai to be the centre of hatred so that Xiao Qi and Mistress can have a proper reunion.”


As they communicated with each other using their Divine Senses, Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi were also whispering among themselves. As if they were talking about something funny, Mo Xiao Qi covered her mouth and giggled while Yang Kai shook his head with a helpless smile.


Li Wu Yi stepped forward and said, “Yang Kai, since you’re going to Dragon Island, bring Xiao Qi with you. Someone is waiting for her over there…”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai took a look at Mo Xiao Qi and understood what was going on. Fu Xuan must be missing her daughter, so he spoke to Li Wu Yi using his Divine Sense, “Is Xiao Qi aware of this?”


Li Wu Yi gave a nod and replied, “En. The Great Emperor did not hide anything from her; however, you have to take care of her when both of you are there.”


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai stated, “Senior, please rest assured, no harm will come to Xiao Qi.”


A smiling Li Wu Yi said, “If the Great Emperor didn’t trust you, he wouldn’t have allowed Xiao Qi to come here. Good. After you’re finished, remember to bring Xiao Qi back to Spirit Beast Island.”


“En.” With that, Yang Kai cupped his fists, “We’ll take our leave first, then.”


“Be careful on your way there.” Li Wu Yi gave a wide smile and an affirming nod.


Yang Kai turned to look into the distance, only to see Lan He gazing at him from afar. With a smile, he waved to her. Lan He was startled for a moment before she understood what he meant. In response, she also waved.


Since Ling Yin Qin was nowhere in sight, Yang Kai decided not to disturb her. Then, he beckoned to Qiong Qi and said, “Let’s go.”


Stepping forward, Qiong Qi sized Mo Xiao Qi up and understood why Yang Kai wouldn’t want to call him ‘Xiao Qi.’ It because there was already a young girl with the same name.


His wrinkled face and beady eyes made Mo Xiao Qi feel apprehensive as an idea sprang into her mind. [This old man is a bad person!]


Qiong Qi flashed what he thought was a harmless smile at Mo Xiao Qi, but the latter just shrunk back slightly and pursed her lips, as if wary of him.


A frustrated Qiong Qi turned around, only to see Yang Kai staring fixedly at him. Straightening his face, he asked with curiosity, “Young Master, what can I do for you?”


A surprised Yang Kai replied, “Do I even need to give you such simple orders? Since you’ve acknowledged me as your Master, you should assume your duties.”


Upon hearing that, Qiong Qi was puzzled for a moment. Nevertheless, he soon understood what Yang Kai meant as his face twitched, “Young Master, do you…”


“Hmm?” Yang Kai shot him a look.


Qiong Qi appeared bashful and hesitant as his gaze darted around.


Seeing that, Yang Kai immediately turned and cupped his fists to Li Wu Yi, “Senior, I’m afraid I must go back on my word. Please use your Divine Ability and take this old fart away.”


Right after he finished speaking, Qiong Qi roared and transformed into a 50-metre-long, ten-metre-wide gigantic beast. He looked like a winged tiger with two horns on his forehead. All his fur was red and his wings were so huge that they seemed able to shade Heaven and Earth. He also appeared imposing and majestic.


As he snorted, visible fiery breaths could be seen puffing out of his nostrils.


An elated Yang Kai thought to himself, [It seems this old man does know how to act.]


After circling around Qiong Qi once, Yang Kai nodded in approval before leaping up onto his back. Then, he beckoned to Mo Xiao Qi, “Come on.”


At that moment, Mo Xiao Qi was dumbfounded. Although there were many Monster Beasts on Spirit Beast Island, and even a Divine Spirit like Jiu Feng, it was the first time she saw a mount like Qiong Qi. She had just seen the old man’s Human form, but recalling his fleshy face, she instinctively felt repulsed.


Nevertheless, after Yang Kai beckoned to her, she still joyfully jumped onto Qiong Qi’s back.


“Farewell!” Yang Kai cupped his fists at Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng before he tapped Qiong Qi with his foot.


After that, Qiong Qi flapped his wings and shot into the sky. Upon turning into a beam of red light, he dashed into the distance at incredible speed. If he did not have such incredible speed, he would have been captured by Li Wu Yi long ago.


Looking in the direction Yang Kai had left, Li Wu Yi said, “Let’s return.”


Jiu Feng nodded. The reason they came all the way here was to capture Qiong Qi, but since the latter was now under Yang Kai’s wings, whatever he did had nothing to do with them anymore, as Yang Kai would be responsible for keeping him in line. If Qiong Qi really did commit some great evil, it wouldn’t be too late for them to make a move.


The next moment, Li Wu Yi manipulated the Space Principles and disappeared from the spot with Jiu Feng.


Moments later, Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying, who had been looking from afar, moved forward to take a look around. Upon making sure that all their guests had really left, they heaved a sigh of relief. It was indeed an honour for Heavenly Wolf Valley to receive such illustrious figures; however, the huge gap between their powers made it stressful to serve them.


Since their guests were gone, they could finally be at ease.


Although their guests were no longer around, there seemed to be some remaining fluctuations of Space Principles around the gazebo. There was even an array that had been left behind. Tang Sheng and the others observed the array for a long time before they concluded it was a Space Array. They weren’t sure whether the array was arranged by Li Wu Yi or Yang Kai; however, after several attempts, they realised that they couldn’t activate it. Of course, they wouldn’t dare to destroy it either. Left with no choice, they decided to make the gazebo a Restricted Area, and the average disciples were not allowed to come here; after all, this place was where two great Masters of the Dao of Space had held a lengthy discussion, so it would be a shame if it was simply neglected. Sometime later, they decided to pick some disciples with outstanding aptitude to come here to study the array and see whether they could gain any useful insights.


It would be beneficial for the valley if even one of their disciples happened to be able to cultivate the Dao of Space.



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    1. I actually really like how pragmatic Tang Sheng acted in regards to what’s essentially a doodle on a table in his eyes: “I have no idea what it is, but who knows, it could come in handy”

  1. I like how in the beginning, Yk kept finding things/areas left behind by previous Master tens to hundreds of thousands of years ago. And now we see how such relics/ Legends/ restricted areas are born. The story overall has fallen off a cliff, but small things like that keeps me reading this. (probably till the end)

  2. Imagine reaching a point in life where you stay at someone’s place, enjoy their hospitality without speaking to your hosts and then walk off without a word to them. 😂

  3. “If Qiong Qi really did commit some great evil, it wouldn’t be too late for them to make a move.”
    Yup. Who cares if he burns up the North, it is never too late to save the East.
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