Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3328, Shameless Boasting


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The sun was high above the sky and no clouds could be seen.


A beam of red shot across the Heavens and disappeared into the distance. Even if anyone happened to see it, they couldn’t make out what the red light was.


Qiong Qi’s speed could only be described as lightning fast.


He indeed lived up to his reputation as a highly ranked Ancient Divine Spirit. Although he wasn’t as prestigious as Dragons or Phoenixes, he could still arouse awe and fear from others.


More importantly, Qiong Qi’s back was broad and comfortable, so Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi could sit across from each other while not feeling cramped at all. Mo Xiao Qi had laid a thick layer of animal skin rug on Qiong Qi’s back and she and Yang Kai were seated on it chatting happily.


The last time they met was in the Shattered Star Sea. At that time, Mo Xiao Qi had become enraged and lifted the seal on her face, almost going berserk in the process. It was only thanks to Zhang Ruo Xi’s blood that this rampage was suppressed.


Many years had passed since that incident.


Time flew by, but a friendship forged could last forever. Since Mo Xiao Qi was born, she had spent most of her life on Spirit Beast Island. The first time she snuck out from home, she came across Yang Kai in the Southern Territory. Naturally, she treasured this precious friend of hers. 


In fact, Yang Kai was still wondering how Mo Xiao Qi managed to go from the Eastern Territory to the Southern Territory at that time. She wasn’t powerful back then, and there was a vast distance between the two territories. Without any escorts, how was she able to travel across such a long distance?


Now, it was apparent to Yang Kai that it was Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng who had been protecting her in secret. Of course, the young girl still thought that she had successfully snuck out of her home and was proud of her achievement.


Mo Xiao Qi was an inexperienced girl while Yang Kai had travelled widely and seen many things, so there were a lot of topics they could talk about; however, most of the time, it was Yang Kai who did the talking while Mo Xiao Qi cupped her face and listened attentively to him.


At the mention of the old swindler they came across in Maplewood City, they tacitly laughed.


In the past, they were truly two reckless youths. Bustling World Great Emperor had disguised himself as an ordinary person as he roamed around the world, but he was regarded as a swindler by them. They were still somewhat annoyed with the Great Emperor because of this.


As time passed, Yang Kai could clearly feel a change in Mo Xiao Qi’s emotions though. She became increasingly nervous, hopeful, and hesitant as they got closer to Dragon Island.


Apparently, she was extremely restless in her heart, as she was going to meet her mother for the first time. She wasn’t even sure how she should face this woman who had given birth to her because she had never met her before.


In the end, she fell completely silent. Even if Yang Kai tried to tell her some funny jokes, she would only force a smile in response.


At that, Yang Kai didn’t have a better solution, so he decided to allow her time to think.


Qiong Qi seemed to know the route to Dragon Island, so Yang Kai didn’t have to use the Dragon Island Token to seek their destination.


A few days later, Qiong Qi landed on a small island in the vast blue ocean.


Yang Kai looked around and asked, “Is this the island closest to Dragon Island?”


Qiong Qi replied in a hushed voice, “Young Master, there’s no island that’s closer to Dragon Island than this one.”


He didn’t understand why Yang Kai wanted to look for such an island; however, since Yang Kai had given the order, he just had to execute it.


“Good. Here will do, then.” Yang Kai nodded and jumped off Qiong Qi’s back with Mo Xiao Qi. After that, he investigated the surroundings with his Divine Sense and found a suitable place.


“Big Brother Yang, what did we come here for?” Mo Xiao Qi looked around curiously. There were countless such islands in the ocean, so this one was nothing special, and nothing precious could be nurtured here; therefore, she didn’t understand why he asked Qiong Qi to look for such a place.


“I want to arrange a Space Array here,” Yang Kai explained.


Just like the Sealed World Bead, Dragon Island was a Sealed World with its own World Principles. Even if Yang Kai arranged a Space Array on Dragon Island, he couldn’t connect it to the other Space Arrays around the Star Boundary because there would be a World Barrier separating them.


Yang Kai knew that he would come into contact with members of the Dragon Clan more often in the future, and it was inconvenient to always fly all the way here, so to save time he decided to leave a Space Array here.


Although he still had to travel a bit to reach Dragon Island, it was much better than if he flew all the way from the Ancient Wild Lands.


Mo Xiao Qi nodded in acknowledgement. Even though she didn’t understand Yang Kai’s intentions completely, she didn’t ask any questions and just obediently followed him around.


Soon, they reached a cave that seemed to be naturally formed with its mouth near the ocean and extending towards the middle of the island.


The inside of the cave was dry, like a natural shelter.


Yang Kai then started working on the array as Mo Xiao Qi assisted him from the side. Of course, being completely inexperienced in this field, she was more of a hindrance than a help, but instead of blaming her, Yang Kai gave her a lot of encouragement, which allowed her to stay motivated.


Half a day later, a new Space Array had been set up. After examining it and making sure that it was functioning properly, Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi left the cave.


After they got onto Qiong Qi’s back, the old man flapped his wings and turned around to ask, “Young Master, are we really going to Dragon Island?”


With a smile, Yang Kai asked, “What’s wrong? Are you afraid?”


Qiong Qi replied through gritted teeth, “Nonsense; however, those Dragons have always been so xenophobic, so it’s best to act carefully.”


In fact, he was curious about Yang Kai’s relationship with the Dragon Clan. When he saw Yang Kai transforming into a 300-meter-tall Half-Dragon, he knew that the latter must have a Dragon Bloodline; however, members of the Dragon Clan were extremely disdainful of those who had impure bloodlines. To them, impure Dragon bloodlines were even more repulsive than other races.


Since Yang Kai was just a Dragonkin, he should naturally stay as far from the Dragon Clan as possible instead of venturing into Dragon Island. His actions were akin to walking right into a death trap.


Qiong Qi wanted to warn Yang Kai that there was a Half-Dragon City on Dragon Island where most of the residents were Half-Dragons. They might appear powerful, but they were actually prisoners of the island. Whenever the Dragon Clan needed them, they would be brought to the main island to get their blood drained to nurture Dragon Blood Flowers.


Yang Kai might be trapped in Half-Dragon City and then be taken away to have his blood drawn. Given his Half-Dragon bloodline and his 300-metre Dragon Form, a lot of blood could be drawn from him.


Qiong Qi was annoyed at the fact that Yang Kai bossed him around and regarded him as a mount; however, if Yang Kai really lost his freedom on Dragon Island, those from Spirit Beast Island would come to hunt him down again. Considering his future, he thought that he had to give Yang Kai a warning.


Just then, Yang Kai said with a smile, “No matter how xenophobic they are, they can’t do anything to this Young Master. If they dare to offend me, this Young Master doesn’t mind beating them up.”


Upon hearing this, Qiong Qi had the urge to roll his eyes and thought that his new Master was such a shameless man. Although Yang Kai was fairly powerful, and he was even able to deal with the likes of Cang Mo, Dragon Island was where all members of the Dragon Clan gathered including ten or more Great Dragons. Even Qiong Qi had to be obsequious when he was on the island, otherwise, he would be beaten up and tossed out.


If Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun went all out, even a Great Emperor would find it hard to deal with them. Hence, there was no way Qiong Qi was a match for them. To Qiong Qi, it was laughable that Yang Kai threatened to beat up such powerful Masters. He had lived in this world for many years, but it was the first time he heard this level of shameless boasting.


Yang Kai seemed to have seen through Qiong Qi’s thoughts and leaned forward to ask, “What’s wrong? You don’t believe me?”


Qiong Qi replied, “Of course this Old Master believes you, Young Master. With Young Master’s powerful Divine Ability, how could a few mere lizards match you?”


“It seems that you don’t believe me.” Yang Kai snorted and rolled his eyes, “What if I prove I can put those guys in their place? What will you do?”


With widened eyes, Qiong Qi stared at him, “If Young Master can achieve this, this Old Master will sincerely acknowledge you as his Young Master. Whatever order you give, this Old Master will never dare to disobey.”


“Oh…” Yang Kai said in a weird manner, “Hmm… So, it seems that you have not been sincere when you call me Young Master…”


Shaking his head, Qiong Qi replied, “This Old Master had no choice in that kind of situation. Young Master is an intelligent person, so there’s no point in feigning ignorance.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I’m glad you’re honest with me. If you showed total obedience to me right away, I would have to suspect whether you have ulterior motives.”


“Haha. Please don’t blame me, Young Master, I had no other choice. However, if you can make the members of the Dragon Clan submit to you, you’ll naturally have the right to be my Master, and it won’t be humiliating for me to follow you.”


Qiong Qi paused for a moment, “Nevertheless, if you can’t do that, I only have one request.”


“Go on.”


Qiong Qi put on a smirk, “Please don’t treat me like a mount again. Yes, I was a mount for old Flowing Time; however, I’m pretty old now, so I need to protect my dignity.”


“Good!” Yang Kai nodded casually.


Qiong Qi was both excited and elated as he thought that Yang Kai was such a boastful person. [You’re definitely going to lose this time!]


Although he didn’t mind following Yang Kai around, he was displeased at the fact that he was regarded as a mount.


Flowing Time Great Emperor and Yang Kai were two different people. Yang Kai had cultivated the Time Flies Seal and knew a little about Time Principles, so he could be considered a successor to Flowing Time Great Emperor; however, how could the current Yang Kai be compared to a true Great Emperor?


“Young Master, Dragon Island is right there. Both of you should hold on to me tightly.” Qiong Qi suddenly growled as his gigantic figure moved and plunged into the ocean.


Before he even came into contact with the ocean, the water seemed to separate and reveal a circular passageway that led to its bottom.


As they rapidly passed through the passageway, they realised that not even a drop of water could wet their clothes.


While Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi were still admiring this phenomenon, a huge Void Corridor appeared at the bottom of the ocean which led to an unknown place.


Having gone through this experience before, Yang Kai knew that the Void Corridor was connected to Dragon Island. Previously, if he hadn’t used a Dragon Island Token to find this location, he wouldn’t have even imagined that the entrance to Dragon Island lay beneath the sea.


Apparently, it wasn’t the first time Qiong Qi had come to Dragon Island as he plunged into the Void Corridor without any hesitation. At that instant, all the ocean water disappeared, which was then replaced with endless nothingness.


Even the time and space around them seemed to have frozen.


“Em?” Qiong Qi exclaimed as this Void Corridor gave him a feeling that he had been surrounded by murderous intent. It wasn’t like this the last time he came to this place; moreover, upon closer inspection, he realised that he couldn’t find the exit anymore.


At that instant, he tensed up because they would be doomed if they were lost in this Void.



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