Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3329, I’ve Ended Up in Such a State Because of You


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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While Qiong Qi was nervous, he suddenly heard Yang Kai passing him directions. It was then he recalled that his current Master was an expert in the Dao of Space. Anyone else would get lost in this place, but not Yang Kai. At that instant, he quickly followed his instructions and moved in that direction.


As they took twists and turns, it was as if they were moving in a labyrinth.


A long time later, they finally saw a beam of light in front of them.


Qiong Qi didn’t need any instructions anymore as he knew that it must be the exit. As he flapped his wings, he accelerated his pace and shot out of the Void Corridor.


Their vision brightened as they entered a different world where ample World Energy came right at them. The World Principles, which were slightly different from those of Star Boundary, lingered in the air lightly.


They had arrived at Dragon Island.


Just then, a high-pitched Dragon Roar broke through the sky as a Dragon’s aura could be felt coming from the east. In just a short moment, a 100 metre long Dragon was seen hovering in the air in front of them. The Dragon was covered by a purple aura with two horns on its head, and all its Dragon Scales were glowing faintly. Blocking Qiong Qi’s way, the Dragon raised its head as its Dragon Pressure permeated the place. Looking down, the Dragon spoke in a deafening voice, “How dare you break into Dragon Island!?”


The voice was more feminine than masculine, so it was apparently a female Dragon.


Right after the female Dragon finished speaking, she narrowed her eyes, “Qiong Qi? Is that you, you old fart!”


Obviously, she recognised Qiong Qi.


Qiong Qi shook his head and puffed out a visible hot breath. He didn’t appear fearful as he stood arrogantly mid-air. A 100 metre long Dragon was a mere Sixth-Order at most, and such a Dragon could never harm him. Moreover, the reason he came to this place was because he was under Yang Kai’s order. Whatever happened, Yang Kai would be the one to deal with the trouble, so he decided to keep his mouth shut.


On Qiong Qi’s back, Mo Xiao Qi lifted her head to take a look. It was the first time she saw a Pureblood Dragon, so she was curious. In her heart, she wondered if her mother also looked like this in her Dragon form. Meanwhile, she also wondered why she did not have any of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline in her?


“Em?” The Purple Dragon looked at the people on Qiong Qi’s back and stared fixedly at Yang Kai. With her gaze beaming with pleasant surprise, she called out, “Brother-in-law?”


[Brother-in-law?] Qiong Qi was dumbfounded. [Who is your Brother-in-law? Who could be your brother-in-law here? I definitely have nothing to do with the Dragon Clan. Mo Xiao Qi is just a Human girl. Could it be…]


At the thought of this, Qiong Qi’s look was transformed by shock.


Yang Kai could be heard speaking from the old man’s back dispassionately, “Stop spouting nonsense. Who is your Brother-in-law?”


Ignoring his refutation, the Purple Dragon flashed as her 100-metre-long figure contorted and transformed into a young woman clad in a purple dress. She was Fu Ling, who once brought Yang Kai to the island where Dragon Blood Flowers were nurtured.


There were around twenty members of the Dragon Clan on Dragon Island, and all of them had very pure bloodlines, but their ranks were vastly different. The longest and mightiest Dragons were the Great Elder and Second Elder, who had Tenth-Order bloodlines. Following that, Fu Xuan, Zhu Kong, and Zhu Qing had Ninth-Order bloodlines. Then, Eighth-Order, Seventh-Order, Sixth-Order, Fifth-Order and so on.


A Dragon Clan member’s bloodline would become purer as time passed. It could be said that the longer one lived, the higher rank their bloodline would become. Certainly, aptitude and the benefits of consuming Dragon Blood Flowers had to be taken into consideration as well.


The female Dragon here, Fu Ling, was a Sixth-Order Purple Dragon.


Previously, after she was forced to bring Yang Kai to the place where Dragon Blood Flowers were nurtured, Yang Kai had basically stolen all the mature spirit flowers. After the matter was exposed, Fu Ling was naturally punished, sent here to guard the entrance to Dragon Island.


If it weren’t because the Elders knew that Yang Kai had such a strange bloodline, and the fact that Fu Ling was powerless to resist him, she would have been thrown into the Dragon Grave and left alone to perish for committing such a crime.


After Fu Ling assumed Human form, she leapt onto Qiong Qi’s back and faced Yang Kai. They were just a hand’s length apart as the fragrance on her body came right at him. With her hands behind her back, she looked like an inexperienced young girl as she leaned forward and put on a smirk, “Of course it’s you. Who else in the world has the right to make me call him brother-in-law?”


Yang Kai subconsciously leaned backwards as he was worried that he would accidentally come into contact with her plump bosom.


Seeing that, Fu Ling decided to be cheeky as leaned forward further.


With a dark expression, Yang Kai scolded, “We have nothing to do with each other, so how could you call me brother-in-law? Fu Ling, please stop spouting nonsense.”


A grinning Fu Ling said, “I’m not speaking nonsense. You’re indeed my brother-in-law.” As she spoke, she took a step forward.


Before Yang Kai managed to step backwards, Mo Xiao Qi suddenly charged forward and wedged between Yang Kai and Fu Ling. With her arms spread wide, she seemed determined to protect Yang Kai as she rebuked with a flushing face, “What are you doing? Why do you have to lean so close to Brother Yang when you’re just talking?”


Apparently, she had seen through Fu Ling’s intentions, so she was furious that someone was coveting the man she liked.


Fu Ling shot her a glance and snorted, “Where did an ugly girl like you come from? I’m talking to my brother-in-law, so what does it have anything to do with you? Shoo shoo, if not, Great Aunt here will beat you up.”


Mo Xiao Qi had never experienced such humiliation before. She was the Little Princess of Spirit Beast Island whose power was second only to her father. She was always respected and treasured, so she had never met a rude and aggressive woman like Fu Ling. Despite the fact that she was shuddering in fright, she still steadfastly spread her arms and glowered back at her.


Yang Kai shot a cold glare at Fu Ling and said, “Who do you want to beat up?”


Sensing the chill in his voice, Fu Ling’s chest tightened as she smirked, “Please don’t get mad at me, brother-in-law, I was just pulling a prank on her. However, why have you brought a young woman with you when you’re visiting Big Sister Qing? If she finds out about it…”


She gave Yang Kai a wink to hint that he should understand the consequences.


“None of your business!” Yang Kai snorted. Looking around, he asked curiously, “Why are you here instead of staying on Dragon Island?”


This was just the entrance, and the real Dragon Island was still some distance away. The core of Dragon Island was called Dragon Palace by those from Half-Dragon City. Dragon Palace was where those from the Dragon Clan would reside and normally they would not leave.


Fu Ling’s face fell when she heard the question. Appearing to be aggrieved, she started sobbing and said in a choking voice, “Brother-in-law, I’ve ended up in such a state because of you.”


Yang Kai scoffed, “What does it have to do with me?”


Fu Ling’s eyes turned bloodshot as tears started streaming out of her eyes. With a watery gaze, she looked at Yang Kai and asked, “Have you forgotten about the Dragon Blood Flowers?”


“Dragon Blood Flowers?” Yang Kai was startled upon hearing that, then he covered his mouth with his fist and coughed, “Why mention those flowers all of a sudden?”


Fu Ling went on to say, “Previously, I brought you to steal a lot of Dragon Blood Flowers, and after you left, the Elders found out about it and wanted to throw me into the Dragon Grave! Fortunately, Third Elder and Big Sister Qing were kind-hearted enough to put in a good word for me so that I could be spared the ordeal. However, as a punishment, I have to keep watch on the entrance for a hundred years.”


As she spoke, her face was already drenched in tears. It seemed that she was truly sorrowful.


In fact, she wasn’t the one who stole Dragon Blood Flowers, she was only forced to assist Yang Kai, but in the end, she was ordered to keep watch on the entrance for a hundred years and couldn’t return to Dragon Palace as she pleased. She ended up in such a state because of Yang Kai.


More than a thousand Dragon Blood Flowers, which included Low-Rank, Mid-Rank, High-Rank, as well as two Peak-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers that the Great Elder and the Second Elder had been nurturing for years, had all been stolen by Yang Kai.


It could be said that the Dragon Clan’s several thousand years’ worth of accumulated treasure had all gone into Yang Kai’s pocket. If they wanted to restore everything to its original state, it would take them another thousand years at least. During this period of time, those in the Dragon Clan wouldn’t have a chance to consume Dragon Blood Flowers to purify their bloodlines, which lengthened the time they needed to strengthen themselves.


For the past dozen years or so, Fu Ling had been resentful of Yang Kai as she thought about killing him when she met him again. Nevertheless, that remained just a thought, as she understood that there was no way she was a match for Yang Kai. He was able to impose bloodline suppression on her, not to mention that she had surrendered her Soul Brand to him. So, Yang Kai was able to end her life with just a thought.


Now that she finally met the culprit, she had to make a complaint.


Of course, there was a more important reason that she wasn’t willing to reveal to others. Yang Kai seemed to have the ability to significantly improve a Dragon Clan member’s bloodline purity. Initially, Zhu Qing was just an Eighth-Order Dragon, but she was now a Ninth-Order and had been conferred the position of Elder.


As long as Fu Ling’s plan worked, she could easily break through her Sixth-Order bloodline to Seventh-Order or even Eighth-Order, which was far more effective than consuming Dragon Blood Flowers.


“One hundred years isn’t a long time for you,” Yang Kai coughed. Although he was disdainful of Fu Ling’s behaviour, he was indeed the culprit behind her suffering.


Nonetheless, he felt somewhat guilty about it but he wasn’t willing to delve into this topic lest Fu Ling harped on it. Waving his hand, he said, “Why do you keep talking about the past? Where is Zhu Qing now?”


Fu Ling was aggrieved, but she wouldn’t dare to ignore his question, “Big Sister Qing is on her own Spirit Island.”


“What about the Third Elder?”


“She’s on her own Spirit Island as well.” She darted her gaze around, “You don’t remember the routes, right? Do you need me to lead the way?”


Yang Kai sized her up, “Weren’t you ordered to stay here for a hundred years? Is it okay for you to leave this place without permission?”


“It’s fine.” Fu Ling pressed her lips together and smiled, “I’ve been here for more than ten years already, but not a single person has barged into this place besides you. It’s fine for me to leave this place for a while.”


“Don’t blame me if anything happens.”


Fu Ling pouted, “Do I look like such an unreasonable person? Brother-in-law, how can you think of me in this way?”


“Enough, lead the way.”


“Good.” Fu Ling nodded repeatedly and tapped Qiong Qi with her foot, “Old fart, what are you waiting for? Move forward and leave this place now. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten where Dragon Palace is?”


Qiong Qi rolled his eyes as his dignity had been ruined since he became a mount. Even a mere Dragon girl had the guts to boss him around on his back now.


[However, what is going on? Why would this Dragon girl call Yang Kai ‘brother-in-law’? Has my Young Master really hooked up with a female member of the Dragon Clan?]



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