Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3330, He Really Conquered One


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Qiong Qi was elated at the thought of this.


The other races hated the fact that those from the Dragon Clan always acted so arrogantly. Although Qiong Qi was a Divine Spirit as well, he had never been fond of anyone from the Dragon Clan; hence, he couldn’t believe that a haughty woman from their clan would ever accept a mere Human as her partner.


Now, he was eager to find out what this woman looked like. Since such a scandal had happened, he wanted to know whether those from the Dragon Clan would still dare to be haughty in front of him.


With this thought in mind, he dashed forward at a speed that was as swift as wind. On his back, Fu Ling was talking incessantly as she tried to cozy up to Yang Kai. If it weren’t for Mo Xiao Qi constantly being on guard, she would’ve already pounced on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai couldn’t bear her heated approach and thought that something must be wrong with her. Supposedly, she should be resentful of him since he had made her suffer so much; however, why was she fawning over him instead?


If all the members of the Dragon Clan were like her, they would’ve lost all their pride and authority long ago.


Waves could be seen surging on the azure blue ocean.


They whisked past a deserted Spirit Island that was filled with countless precious treasures. The precious items on Dragon Island were ample; however, these treasures that the other cultivators coveted were nothing to those from the Dragon Clan. That was because every one of them was innately powerful, so these items were useless to them. The only resources that were of use to them were Dragon Blood Flowers, which were almost entirely swiped by Yang Kai previously.


After the trio flew forward at full speed for two days, they finally saw a half-moon shaped island in front of them. The island was about one hundred square kilometres, so it was neither small nor big; more than enough for a member of the Dragon Clan to reside.


“That’s Big Sister Qing’s Spirit Island,” Fu Ling pointed at Half Moon Island and spoke in a dejected tone. Although she had spent the past two days with Yang Kai, she couldn’t get closer to him. Instead, Yang Kai had put his guard up because she was too forward in her approach, which made her feel frustrated.


There was also the ugly young girl who had been keeping watch over her as if she was a thief. If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s sake, she would’ve killed this interloper with one slap. The young girl was staring fixedly at her the entire time, and whenever she made a move, the former would immediately be alerted.


“This is where Qing’er lives?” Yang Kai appeared startled as he had actually been to this island before. Previously, in order to look for Zhu Qing, he had snuck into many Spirit Islands in Dragon Palace. At that time, this place was deserted, so he didn’t expect that it was actually Zhu Qing’s Spirit Island.


A smiling Fu Ling stated, “That’s right, this is Big Sister Qing’s domain. She and Third Elder have been confined to Dragon Palace to reflect upon themselves. If there’s no accident, they won’t be able to leave for the next hundred years. If brother-in-law misses her, he should come pay her a visit more often.”


Yang Kai snorted, “One hundred years? Was it Second Elder’s order?”


Fu Ling stuck out her tongue, “Who else could it be other than Second Elder? We’re most fearful of her.”


“Good. Since we’ve arrived at our destination, we don’t need you to guide us anymore. Go back to where you’re supposed to be.” Yang Kai waved his hand.


Fu Ling pouted, “Brother-in-law, you’re so heartless! How can you just toss me away the moment you’re done with me? No! It’s really difficult for me to come back to Dragon Palace, so I don’t want to return to the entrance so soon. I want to visit Big Sister Qing as well!”


Yang Kai shot her a look, “Do you need me to teach you a lesson again?”


Upon finishing his words, he readied a hand seal.


Fu Ling’s expression changed drastically as she leapt off Qiong Qi’s back and let out a hollow laugh, “Brother-in-law, what are you saying? Good, good, I won’t disturb your reunion with Big Sister Qing.”


While she was smiling on the outside, she was cursing Yang Kai in her heart for his ungentlemanly behaviour inside. He wasn’t even interested in a beautiful woman who had thrown herself at him. Was he a man or not?


Yang Kai waved his hand at her dismissively, after which Fu Ling said longingly, “Brother-in-law, please visit me when you’re free. It’s really too boring to stay there on my own.”


Ignoring her directly, Yang Kai urged Qiong Qi to get going, after which the latter turned into a beam of red light and flew over to Half Moon Island.


There was a quaint palace on one end of Half Moon Island, and as soon as Qiong Qi’s gigantic figure descended from the sky, an alluring woman dashed out of the palace. Looking up, she immediately met Yang Kai’s eyes.


As they gazed at each other, Yang Kai flashed a smile at her.


A surprised Zhu Qing said, “You’re back!?”


Previously, after Yang Kai left the Dragon Temple to chase after Wu Kuang, Zhu Qing had naturally been worried. Although Wu Kuang was no longer at the peak of his power, he was still the infamous Heaven Devouring Great Emperor. No one knew whether Yang Kai would survive an encounter with such a terrible Master.


Seeing that Yang Kai had returned safely, Zhu Qing could finally be at ease.


Right after she finished speaking, she pounced at Yang Kai, who spread his arms and pulled her into his embrace as he took a deep whiff of the fragrance on her hair.


Qiong Qi was instantly distressed. He was already displeased that he had to be bossed around as Yang Kai’s mount, but now, this boy and his woman were even flirting with each other in broad daylight right on top of him as if he didn’t even exist. Nevertheless, he couldn’t flare up as he stiffened his body so as not to disturb the couple.


At the same time, he was flabbergasted by what he was witnessing.


[It’s true! My Young Master really conquered a dragon girl! How shocking! I’ve lived for several tens of thousands of years, but it’s the first time I’ve come across such an incident.]


Although Zhu Qing hadn’t shown her true form yet, Qiong Qi could feel that her bloodline was extremely pure. If they were to have a one-on-one fight, he might not be able to defeat her.


[Is she a Ninth-Order? Or perhaps even a Tenth-Order Dragon? Given her pure bloodline, she must hold an important position on Dragon Island! At the very least, she must be an Elder. Why would someone like her fall in love with my Young Master? Does his Half-Dragon’s bloodline have anything to do with this?]


While he was lost in thought, Yang Kai and Zhu Qing were blissfully rubbing their faces against each other. Although they were not saying anything, they could feel their longing for each other through the contact of their skin.


All of a sudden, Zhu Qing could feel that someone was staring at her. Opening her eyes, she was met with a pair of big eyes.


Mo Xiao Qi was standing behind Yang Kai as she looked dazedly at the sight with widened eyes, as if she found their behaviour unacceptable. The sight before her eyes had had a huge impact on her, and for some reason, she felt so sorrowful that she was about to tear up.


Faced with such a stare, Zhu Qing started blushing furiously as she gently pushed Yang Kai away and looked smilingly at the young girl, “Who is this?”


Yang Kai didn’t feel bashful in the slightest of course and quickly whispered something in Zhu Qing’s ear.


Zhu Qing’s gaze brightened when she heard this and quickly stepped forward, gently holding Mo Xiao Qi’s hands as she spoke, “So you are Little Sister Xiao Qi.”


Zhu Qing and Fu Xuan were the Elders of the Dragon Clan; however, to be precise, Fu Xuan was her Senior, so there was no problem with the way she addressed Mo Xiao Qi. She had heard about this little girl quite often over the past few years, but it wasn’t until now that she met her.


Mo Xiao Qi was shocked by how warmly she was being treated. Her mind was already a mess, and at this moment, great anxiety had left her completely on edge. Parting her lips, she wanted to say something, but she suddenly couldn’t bring herself to utter a word in the end, instead turning pitifully to look at Yang Kai.


A smiling Yang Kai introduced her, “She’s Zhu Qing. If you don’t mind it, you can call her Big Sister Qing.”


“Big Sister Qing…” Mo Xiao Qi said gently, but her voice sounded somewhat sorrowful. After that, she crashed into Zhu Qing’s embrace and started sobbing, her tears soon soaking the front part of Zhu Qing’s robes.


A dumbfounded Zhu Qing froze up and turned to look at Yang Kai, who also appeared puzzled.


“Did you bully her?” Zhu Qing parted her lips and asked pointedly.


In response, Yang Kai spread his palms to indicate that it had nothing to do with him. He really didn’t know why Mo Xiao Qi would suddenly start sobbing.


In fact, not even Mo Xiao Qi knew why she had done this. She just felt like crying, couldn’t stop herself, and embraced Zhu Qing half instinctually.


A helpless Zhu Qing could only drape her arms around Mo Xiao Qi and pat her back as she consoled her in a gentle voice.


Yang Kai wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and felt fortunate that Martial Beast Great Emperor was not here to witness this scene; otherwise, the Great Emperor would probably skin him alive. After giving it a thought, he could somewhat understand Mo Xiao Qi’s feelings though. Now that they were on Dragon Island, and she would soon meet her mother, it was only natural that Mo Xiao Qi’s emotions were in an unstable state. Given the situation she was in, and after becoming agitated, she certainly would need to vent out her anxiety.


While Mo Xiao Qi was crying incessantly, Zhu Qing didn’t show any sign of impatience as she softly consoled her.


Moments later, Mo Xiao Qi finally stopped sobbing as she hung her head low and left Zhu Qing’s embrace. Her face was completely red as she was wiping her tears with the back of her hand.


[So embarrassing!] 


It was the first time they met, but she suddenly broke into tears in Zhu Qing’s embrace. Mo Xiao Qi wondered just what the latter would think of her, but looking up secretly, she realised that Zhu Qing only showed worry and concern for her, calming her heart and putting her at ease.


Then, Mo Xiao Qi turned to look at Yang Kai, only to see that he was looking smilingly at her, as if he had just witnessed a good show. Stomping her foot, she shouted, “Big Brother Yang is too evil!”


Upon finishing her words, she dashed into Zhu Qing’s palace and disappeared from everyone’s sight.


A dumbstruck Yang Kai pointed at himself and asked Zhu Qing, “What does this have to do with me?”


Zhu Qing shot him a glare and didn’t bother to reply, instead chasing after Mo Xiao Qi, leaving Yang Kai and Qiong Qi behind as the ocean breeze blew past.


A moment later, Yang Kai said, “Old Qiong, are women always so strange?”


Qiong Qi simply replied, “If they’re not strange, they wouldn’t be women.”


Yang Kai asked with some surprise, “Do you have any similar experiences? By the way, are there any women of your race?”


Qiong Qi rolled his eyes, “Do you think this Old Master was born out of a boulder or something?”


Yang Kai put on a grin, “I’m just curious.”


He paused for a bit, “You should just stay here during this period of time and not wander about. When I’m done with what I need to do, we’ll leave together.”


“Rest assured, Young Master, I understand.” They were now on Dragon Island, so Qiong Qi wouldn’t dare to wander as he pleased. Then, he hesitated for a moment and gave him a warning, “Young Master, you have to be careful. It’s… difficult to deal with any member of the Dragon Clan.”


[You’ve already got together with a woman of the Dragon Clan, so there’s no way the Great Elder Zhu Yan and Second Elder Fu Zhun will let you off.]



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