Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3331, Mother and Daughter Finally Meet


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When Yang Kai stepped into the palace, Zhu Qing was holding Mo Xiao Qi’s hands as they were whispering something. It wasn’t certain what they were talking about, but there was a big smile on Mo Xiao Qi’s face. A moment later, she shook her head as she appeared nervous and hesitant. After Zhu Qing patiently consoled her for a long time, she gently nodded.


Then, Zhu Qing walked over and hinted at Yang Kai with her gaze, after which they left together.


Yang Kai wrapped an arm around Zhu Qing as his other hand wandered around her body, all while asking, “What did you tell her?”


Zhu Qing slapped his naughty hand away and replied, “I was asking when she would like to meet Third Elder. She was quite anxious.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai said, “It’s to be expected. On our way here, she had already been nervous, hopeful, and conflicted. Her condition was exacerbated after we arrived at this place. What’s wrong? Isn’t she willing to meet her mother?”


Zhu Qing replied, “It isn’t that she isn’t willing to meet her mother, she’s just anxious. Since that’s the case, why don’t we invite Third Elder to come over instead?”


“Good,” Yang Kai nodded.


After that, they headed to the Spirit Island where Fu Xuan resided. The Spirit Island wasn’t far from Zhu Qing’s Half Moon Island, and given their speed, they were able to arrive at their destination in an hour. The island was beautiful with a long mountain range. More importantly, there was a huge waterfall that seemed to have reached the Heavens. Before they even arrived, they could hear a thunderous splashing of falling water from this fall.


Below the waterfall was a mountain valley where there was an elegant palace. It was Fu Xuan’s residence.


Zhu Qing was clearly familiar with this place as she led the way for Yang Kai. Soon, they came across a woman in a blue imperial dress who was taking care of her garden. Her demeanour was demure and gentle.


Noticing that she had some guests, Fu Xuan lifted her head and flashed a smile at Zhu Qing, then she shifted her attention to Yang Kai.


“Third Elder!” Zhu Qing walked over and saluted her.


Yang Kai also cupped his fists and called out, “Third Elder.”


A smiling Fu Xuan nodded, “Welcome.”


Previously, she had met Yang Kai and found out about his relationship with Zhu Qing. They were in a similar situation as that of Mo Huang and her. Both women had violated a taboo of Dragon Island, the only difference was that Fu Xuan and Mo Huang already had a child, so there was no turning back. On the other hand, Yang Kai and Zhu Qing hadn’t come to such a point yet. Fu Xuan felt that Zhu Qing’s fate was somewhat similar to theirs, so although she wasn’t close to Yang Kai, she didn’t find it awkward to talk to him at this moment.


It was the first time Yang Kai sized Fu Xuan up in a serious manner. The last time they met, she had just escaped from the Dragon Grave after more than twenty years of imprisonment. At that time, she was in a weak and pale condition, which could easily arouse anyone’s pity. Now, it was apparent that she had recuperated. She was an alluring lady with a benevolent gaze, and she didn’t come across as arrogant as the other members of the Dragon Clan. 


He had heard from Zhu Qing that Fu Xuan was a Water Dragon, so she had the softest temperament among all the Dragons on Dragon Island. If anyone knew her well enough, they would realise that she was more like a hermit than anything else.


It was said that seeing was believing. Every move Fu Xuan made indeed gave off a feeling that was like a gentle spring breeze. The difference between her and Second Elder Fu Zhun was like the difference between the Heavens and Earth. At the thought of Fu Zhun, Yang Kai felt irked. He really wondered how Zhu Yan was able to put up with her.


“Previously, you left this place to pursue Wu Kuang, but you only came back after so many years. Was there any accident?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “There was no accident. I feel sorry that Qing’er had to worry about me.”


Fu Xuan nodded, “She was indeed worried. During the past years that we spent together, she…”


“Third Elder!” Zhu Qing hurriedly interrupted her in embarrassment and got straight to the main topic, “The reason Yang Kai has come over here is to tell you some good news.”


Fu Xuan pressed her lips together and smiled, “Why would there be any good news that’s related to me? Stop speaking nonsense.”


A smiling Zhu Qing replied, “Xiao Qi is here to visit you. Does that count as good news?”


“Xiao Qi?” Fu Xuan’s expression changed when she heard that. All of a sudden, her gentle gaze shone brightly as she turned to look at Yang Kai and asked excitedly, “Is Xiao Qi really here?”


Yang Kai gave a gentle nod, “Senior Martial Beast knew that I was coming to Dragon Island, so he entrusted Little Sister Xiao Qi to me and told me to bring her to meet you.”


Upon getting an affirmative answer, Fu Xuan started trembling as she looked behind Yang Kai, but there was no one to be found. In a bitter voice, she asked, “Where is she? Is she nearby?”


Given the purity of her Ninth-Order Dragon Vein as well as her cultivation as a Divine Spirit, Fu Xuan would have immediately noticed it if Mo Xiao Qi was anywhere near her, so her asking such questions showed just how much of a mess her mind was at the moment. It was apparent that her daughter’s visit had had a huge impact on her.


Yang Kai shook his head, “She’s waiting for you on Qing’er’s Half Moon Island.”


Zhu Qing explained, “Little Sister Xiao Qi is a little nervous, so she didn’t come with us…”


At that moment though, Fu Xuan was no longer listening to what Zhu Qing had to say as a voice screamed in her mind, [Xiao Qi is here! Xiao Qi is right here on Dragon Island! She’s here to visit me! She’s nearby! I can finally meet her!]


It had been decades since she was separated from her daughter, who was still an infant at that time. It was the first time she was so close to her daughter, and there was no doubt that they were going to meet.


Before Zhu Qing could even finish explaining, Fu Xuan shot off in a blue beam of light as she flew towards Half Moon Island.


Yang Kai and Zhu Qing traded glances and saw the helplessness behind each other’s gazes. Nevertheless, they understood the feelings of the mother and daughter pair.


“Let’s go over and have a look.” As Yang Kai spoke, taking Zhu Qing’s hand as the pair raced after Fu Xuan. Since Martial Beast Great Emperor had entrusted Mo Xiao Qi to him, he had to fulfil his duties till the end. Although he didn’t think that Mo Xiao Qi would do anything unbecoming during her first meeting with her mother, he could only be at ease by personally taking a look.


Less than an hour later, they returned to Half Moon Island.


Fu Xuan had already arrived in front of the palace; however, instead of going in, she was standing outside with an anxious expression. After investigating the palace with her Divine Sense, she realised that there was indeed a familiar aura inside it. Even if it was the end of the world, she would never forget that special aura. That was an aura that was connected to her by blood, the aura of her daughter!


Yang Kai and Zhu Qing landed a short distance behind her and traded glances, but they didn’t know what to say. Both of them could feel that Fu Xuan’s emotions were in turmoil.


All of a sudden, Fu Xuan turned to look at Zhu Qing and asked nervously, “Qing’er, is there anything wrong with the way I look now?”


She seemed worried that her daughter might be disdainful of her appearance.


Zhu Qing shook her head, “There’s nothing wrong.”


“What about my clothes? Are there any wrinkles?”


“Third Elder looks fine. There’s nothing wrong…”


“What about my hair? Is it messy?”


While Zhu Qing was rendered speechless, Yang Kai stepped in to assist, “Third Elder, you don’t have to be so apprehensive because you are Xiao Qi’s mother. I’ve heard of a rather rude saying before that may be appropriate here, ‘A dog will never despise a poor owner, and a child will never think that their Mother is ugly.’ No matter what you look like, you are Xiao Qi’s mother, so there’s no way she won’t acknowledge you. Moreover, there’s probably no mother in this world that is more outstanding than you are.”


“Really?” Fu Xuan let out a breath.


A smiling Yang Kai said, “Xiao Qi didn’t tell me much about it, but on our way here, I could feel that she was eager to see you. She wanted to find out what her mother looked like. Right now, she’s just a little afraid.”


Fu Xuan turned to look at him and asked in a trembling voice, “What is she afraid of?”


Yang Kai explained, “She doesn’t know why you left her behind in the past. She’s afraid that after she’s come all the way here to meet you, you won’t acknowledge her as your daughter.”


Upon hearing that, Fu Xuan was startled for a moment before her eyes turned bloodshot and tears started streaming down her face. Before her tears even came into contact with the ground, they turned into transparent round beads and landed on the ground with a light thud.


Anyone with an ulterior motive would go mad if they saw this. Dragon Tears were rare ingredients for an Alchemist.


Fu Xuan murmured, “Why would I do such a thing? I was the one who was in the wrong.”


“Third Elder…” Zhu Qing felt heartbroken. The sight of Fu Xuan tearing up made her feel sorrowful as well.


All of a sudden, Fu Xuan wiped the tears from her eyes and took a deep breath before she said with a smile, “I apologize for my embarrassing behaviour.”


Zhu Qing slowly shook her head. In this kind of situation, she would never think that Fu Xuan’s behaviour was embarrassing.


After pulling herself together and making sure that her appearance was in order, Fu Xuan shuffled towards the palace and soon entered it.


Yang Kai and Zhu Qing stood outside as they didn’t want to bother them. Nevertheless, they were secretly paying attention to what was going on inside.


Using their Divine Senses, they could sense that both Fu Xuan and Mo Xiao Qi were agitated. The fluctuation in Mo Xiao Qi’s emotions was so violent that Yang Kai was worried something would happen to her. When the fluctuation reached its peak, Mo Xiao Qi could be heard calling out in a choking voice, “Mother!”


“Seems like everything is fine,” Yang Kai heaved a sigh of relief. Although he didn’t think anything bad would happen when the mother and daughter met, the entire process still wasn’t good for his heart. Following Mo Xiao Qi’s shout, it signalled that Yang Kai had completed the Great Emperor’s order, and he could finally set himself at ease.


Zhu Qing gently snuggled up to him and said in a hushed voice, “Will our child be like her in the future?”


The suffering Fu Xuan and Mo Xiao Qi had gone through made Zhu Qing worried as well.


Yang Kai grinned at her, “No. If we have our own kid in the future, I’ll never let them be separated from you. If they dare to stop us, I’ll turn Dragon Island upside down.”


Zhu Qing put on a sweet smile, “Then, we’ll have a child only when you’re able to turn Dragon Island upside down.”


Yang Kai looked around and licentiously groped Zhu Qing again as he whispered in a hushed voice, “I can give you one now.”


Zhu Qing grabbed his hand and forcefully pinched his waist.


Yang Kai grimaced in pain as he protested, “We haven’t met for years. Don’t you want to?”


As he said so, he secretly activated his Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength to stir up her emotions.


Zhu Qing could never resist this kind of move. The first time they met, she had been taken advantage of by Yang Kai when he used this same method. His Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength was strangely attractive and tempting to her.



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