Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3332, My Fellow Sisters Are Interested in You


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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After getting teased by Yang Kai, Zhu Qing started blushing, but she still said through gritted teeth, “It’s none of your business whether or not I want to get intimate with you, but I’m sure you haven’t been lonely over the years.”


Yang Kai replied with widened eyes, “That’s not true. Your husband here has been yearning to be with you this whole time.”


Zhu Qing gave him a meaningful look, “You told me that you have four wives in the Lower Star Field, right? What’s wrong, didn’t you meet them after you went back?”


Yang Kai scratched his face, “Ahem… well, yes, I met them.”


Zhu Qing said, “You had been separated from them for quite a few years and you hadn’t slept with anyone else besides me before that reunion, yes? Didn’t you bed them the moment you were reunited with them?”


In response, Yang Kai put on a hollow laugh, “The weather on Dragon Island is indeed lovely today, isn’t it?”


After a snort, Zhu Qing balled up her fist and thumped at his chest, “How dare you tell me you’re yearning to bed me?”


Yang Kai grabbed her fist and stroked it gently before saying with a fawning smile, “Let’s change the topic.”


He was pretty embarrassed to talk about this issue. Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Shan Qing Luo, and Xue Yue had been getting along well as they had been together for many years now; however, he wasn’t sure how he should introduce Zhu Qing to his other wives.


His four wives were all top Masters in the Heng Luo Star Field, but they paled when compared to Zhu Qing in terms of strength; after all, she was a woman from the Dragon Clan. In fact, hardly anyone was a match for Zhu Qing in terms of strength and status in the entire Star Boundary, so Yang Kai was worried that she would look down on his other wives.


Zhu Qing shot him a glare, then she suddenly reached out and helped him adjust his clothes before saying lovingly, “It’s not the right time to talk about it… Let’s do it after Third Elder and her daughter are gone.”


Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “Good.”


He looked longingly at Zhu Qing and said gently, “Qing’er, you’re so good to me.”


The simple words he just said were much better than any sweet talk. Zhu Qing was elated upon hearing that, but she wouldn’t allow her emotion to show on her face. Despite that, her lips were still curved into a faint smile as she rebuked, “Stop flirting with me. I’ll bring you to meet Great Elder and Second Elder later. You have to be more restrained.”


“Why do we need to meet them?” Yang Kai widened his eyes and shook his head, “I’m fine with meeting Great Elder, but Second Elder? No way!”


He was extremely repulsed by Fu Zhun. It was that woman who had thrown Fu Xuan into the Dragon Grave and forced Zhu Qing to get married to Fu Chi; therefore, there was no way he would be fond of her.


Zhu Qing shot him a glare, “You have to go no matter what.”


Yang Kai grimaced, “Why are you forcing me to meet her? Aren’t you worried that I’ll get into a fight with that old witch?”


Zhu Qing frowned, “Stop calling her old witch. If she finds out about it, she’ll blow her top.”


Yang Kai obstinately said, “Why should I not call an old witch an old witch? Qing’er, I’ll be honest with you, I’ll never be fond of her because she forced you to get married to Fu Chi. Fortunately, that dog was killed by Wu Kuang; otherwise, I would’ve done it myself.”


Zhu Qing sighed, “I know you’re resentful of her, but she’s still the Second Elder of my Dragon Clan. I’m sure you’re aware that it’s difficult for Dragons to give birth to children, so all of us have a duty to extend our bloodline. I’m also resentful of what she did to me, but if you look at this issue from the Dragon Clan’s perspective, you’ll realise that there’s no problem with what she did.”


“There’s no problem?” Yang Kai suddenly yelled and glowered at her, “She wanted to get you married to another man. You think there’s no problem with it?”


Zhu Qing refuted, “I told you, from the perspective of the Dragon Clan.”


Yang Kai said through clenched teeth, “I don’t care what you were in the past, but now you must remember that you are, first and foremost, my wife, even before you are a member of the Dragon Clan.”


Zhu Qing widened her eyes and looked dazedly at him, “Are you getting mad at me?”


An exasperated Yang Kai waved his hand, “Why would I be mad at you? I’m just unhappy with that old witch.”


Zhu Qing burst into laughter and wrapped her arm around his, “Alright, I’ll remember that. Whatever I’ll do in the future, you’ll come before the Dragon Clan.”


Yang Kai looked down at her twin peaks which had been pressed against his arm. With his blood boiling, he gulped and asked, “Why are you tugging at me? Please behave yourself. It’s still daytime now… It’s highly inappropriate!”


Upon finishing his words, he looked around in a stealthy manner.


Ignoring what he said, Zhu Qing leaned closer to him and said coquettishly, “You have to agree to meet the Elders first.”


Yang Kai gave her a meaningful look, “Do you think you can get me to do that by seducing me? Naïve! I’ve said that I’ll never meet her. I can pay a visit to Great Elder, but that old witch should just get as far away from me as possible.”


Zhu Qing continued to persuade him by speaking softly, “In fact, after the previous incident, Second Elder’s stance softened. Why do you think she didn’t throw me into the Dragon Cave? In the past, she had imprisoned Third Elder in the Dragon Grave, and they were as intimate as sisters.”


With a sneer, Yang Kai said, “As intimate as sisters? Why would an Elder Sister throw her Younger Sister into the Dragon Grave to let her perish? If Senior Martial Beast hadn’t come to Third Elder’s rescue in time, she would’ve lost her life. Second Elder was lucky enough to have made the right decision this time; otherwise, she would’ve ended up in a miserable state.”


He paused for a moment, “She must be under pressure now. She has offended Martial Beast Great Emperor, so she can’t bear the consequences of infuriating me as well.”


Seeing as he was unbending, Zhu Qing stomped her foot on the ground, “What should I do so that you’ll meet Second Elder with me?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I won’t meet her no matter what.”


An exasperated Zhu Qing declared, “Good! If you miss me in the future, you can come to Dragon Island to see me, and our relationship will remain illegitimate forever. You have four wives anyway, so you will never feel lonely. It’s quite flattering for you to have a mistress on Dragon Island.”


Upon finishing her words, she turned around and ignored him.


At the mention of having a ‘mistress’, Yang Kai recalled Ji Yao and he felt guilty in an instant. Then, he turned his head to steal a glance at Zhu Qing. Upon seeing that her eyes had turned bloodshot and that she was about to tear up, he couldn’t bring himself to ignore her. Walking over, he made her face him and asked, “Are you mad at me?”


Zhu Qing turned her head and ignored him again.


Yang Kai scratched his face and thought that he was indeed too harsh on her. With difficulty, he spoke up, “Qing’er, I’m sure you understand that I truly hate that woman’s behaviour and what she has done. I haven’t even settled the score with her because I’m not powerful enough yet, but once I am able to do that, I’ll never let her off.”


Zhu Qing replied in a hushed voice, “Then do you understand that I am and will always be part of the Dragon Clan, and that she is the Second Elder of my Clan? I’m your woman, but if you’re not willing to resolve the grudges with her, I’ll be forever caught between the two of you.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai was dumbfounded. After giving it a thought, he realised that she was right. He could continue throwing a tantrum to embarrass Fu Zhun, but that would only make things even more difficult for Zhu Qing. With this thought in mind, he grit his teeth and nodded, “Fine, I understand. I will… meet the two Elders with you.”


A pleasantly surprised Zhu Qing lifted her head, “Really?”


Yang Kai reached out to pinch her face until it was contorted, “For you, I’m even willing to venture into the depths of the Netherworld.”


At that instant, Zhu Qing looked vigilantly at him, “Why are you so good at sweet-talking? Be honest with me. How many women do you really have?”


Yang Kai was torn between tears and laughter, “Why did you mention it all of a sudden?”


Zhu Qing snorted, “You might try to appear upright, but you’re actually an incorrigible flirt! The first time we met, I had already seen through your nature.”


After a long sigh, Yang Kai replied, “Qing’er, you’ve got me all wrong. I came to the Star Boundary several dozen years ago, but I had never slept with any woman before meeting you. I met many beauties before, but I never once touched any of them. Only you were able to make me lose control.”


At that moment, Zhu Qing’s gaze turned blurry, and her face turned red, which went to show that be it Humans or Dragons, a woman was powerless to resist a man’s sweet talk.


Yang Kai then changed his tone, “You can’t blame me for what had happened previously. It was an accident that no one could have expected.”


An exasperated Zhu Qing rebuked, “Are you blaming it on me, then?”


“No! It’s all my fault!” Yang Kai hurriedly accepted responsibility and grinned, “In fact, if the accident hadn’t happened, we might not have come so far in our relationship.”


A blushing Zhu Qing recalled the first time they met. While she was reminiscing, her expression suddenly changed, “By the way, did you meet Fu Ling?”


“En.” Yang Kai nodded, but he didn’t understand why she asked this question suddenly, “She told me that she had to keep watch on the entrance for a hundred years as punishment. I had to pass through the entrance to enter Dragon Island, which was why I came across her. She’s even brought me to this place; otherwise, I wouldn’t have known which Spirit Island was yours.”


“She brought you to this place?” A flabbergasted Zhu Qing stared nervously at him, “Did she do anything to you?”


Yang Kai burst into laughter, “What could she do to me?”


After giving it a thought, Zhu Qing replied, “You’re right. You were with Xiao Qi, so she couldn’t possibly have done anything to you.”


Yang Kai looked puzzledly at her, “What’s wrong? Why do you seem wary of her?”


Feeling helpless, Zhu Qing took a look at him and hesitated for a bit before she decided to tell him the truth, “I’m sure you remember that I was just an Eighth-Order Dragon in the past. An Eighth-Order Dragon is fairly mighty but not completely uncommon on Dragon Island. On the other hand, before me, there were only two Ninth-Order Dragons, the Third Elder and Fourth Elder. However, after… doing ‘that’ with you, I accidentally managed to break through to the Ninth Order.”


Yang Kai guffawed, “You don’t have to thank me. It’s what I should do.”


A bashful Zhu Qing thumped his chest and went on to solemnly explain, “Now that all the members of the Dragon Clan have found out why my bloodline achieved a breakthrough, some of my fellow Sisters became… interested in you.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai appeared perplexed.


Zhu Qing shot him a glare, “Stop pretending that you don’t understand!”


Yang Kai darted his gaze around, wanting to feign innocence, but he was a terrible actor. Pointing at himself, he said with a grin, “Do all the women on Dragon Island now have their eyes on me?”



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