Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3333, Trumping Up Charges Against Yang Kai


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Zhu Qing said dispassionately, “Although those from the Dragon Clan are born to be powerful, it’s been a difficult issue for us when it comes to improving the purity of our blood. Every breakthrough we have for our Dragon Vein will take an unbelievably long time. Now that such a shortcut with no hidden dangers has appeared, do you think they’re not tempted?”


“Ah, en, may I know how many women there are on Dragon Island?” Yang Kai coughed.


Zhu Qing replied, “Besides the Second Elder, the Third Elder, and myself, there are four more women.”


Yang Kai touched his chin, “There are so few of them.”


Although he was already aware that the ratio of men to women on Dragon Island was unbalanced, he hadn’t expected that there were only seven women in total. Zhu Qing was already his woman, while Fu Zhun, and Fu Xuan were definitely not interested in him. [As for the other four…]


Zhu Qing shot him a look, “I’m warning you. Don’t ever think about flirting with them.”


A solemn Yang Kai replied, “How could I possibly think of something so inappropriate? I would have to thank the Heavens if they don’t come to bother me. Just like what you’ve said, I will be of great help for them to break through.” It was no wonder that Fu Ling had been acting coquettishly towards Yang Kai. She had an ulterior motive. Nevertheless, although Fu Ling’s reputation was terrible, she was indeed a beautiful and curvaceous woman.


After a sigh, Zhu Qing said, “In fact, they can’t be blamed entirely, as the idea of a breakthrough is deathly attractive to us. Naturally, they wouldn’t want to miss this chance. Anyway, while you’re on Dragon Island, you’re not to leave my sight.”


“En, got it.” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly and patted his chest, “I’ll make sure to stay by your side day and night. I won’t leave you alone I swear.”


Understanding the innuendo in his words, Zhu Qing shot him a glare, “Let’s pay a visit to the Elders now.”


Since Yang Kai had agreed to it, he couldn’t go back on his word.


Fortunately, the first Elder they were going to visit was Great Elder Zhu Yan. Yang Kai didn’t have any grudges against him. As he recalled, the Dragon Clan’s Great Elder was an affable man, but there was no doubt that he was also the strongest.


Although there was a ‘Yan’ in his name, he wasn’t a Fire Dragon. In fact, he was an Azure Dragon.


Azure Tree Island, where Great Elder Zhu Yan resided, had countless ancient trees growing on it, and each one of them was enormous. Apparently, the trees had been around for a long time. In the centre of Azure Tree Island was a tree that was more outstanding than all the others. It was a tree that had occupied a land area of about three square kilometres, and the crown of the tree was so wide that it could cover half of the island.


When Yang Kai and Zhu Qing arrived at this place, Zhu Yan was standing on one foot while bending his other leg. With his palms clasped together, he was standing steadily beside a tree. He was topless and clad only in a pair of loose cotton trousers. His breath seemed able to move the wind and clouds. All his muscles were just as robust as the tree beside him, and every piece of his flesh seemed to contain horrifying power.


When he opened his eyes, an unrivalled pressure seemed to descend from the sky, causing Yang Kai to feel his skin prickle.


The next moment, the acuity in his gaze vanished, and it was then replaced by calmness.


“Great Elder.” Zhu Qing walked over and saluted him.


Yang Kai stepped forward and cupped his fists, “Junior Yang Kai greets Great Elder.”


Without uttering a word, Zhu Yan closed his eyes and let out a breath to finish the course of his cultivation technique. Then, he fished out his clothes from his Space Ring, and as he put them on, he looked smilingly at Yang Kai, “Your courage isn’t small to return to Dragon Island again.”


Yang Kai turned to look at Zhu Qing and grinned, “It doesn’t matter whether I’m bold or not. Since Qing’er is here, I must come again.”


Zhu Yan nodded, “It’s thoughtful of you to come visit me right after you’ve arrived on Dragon Island.”


Yang Kai arched his brow, “You knew that I’d arrived?”


Upon finishing his words, he realised that he was foolish. Since it was Fu Ling who greeted him, she must have already spread the news; after all, she was responsible for guarding the entrance. She would have failed to fulfil her obligations if she didn’t inform the others about Yang Kai.


Zhu Yan said, “To be honest, I’m not sure how I should treat you.”


Yang Kai frowned, “What do you mean?”


Zhu Yan placed his hands behind his back and replied impassively, “You’re a Human, but you’ve snatched a woman from our clan. This is intolerable to us. Previously, you broke into Dragon Island and took Zhu Qing away on her wedding day, which greatly embarrassed us. There was also the fact that one of our clansmen had lost his life because of you. He was an Eighth-Order Thunder Dragon, so it was a huge loss for us. Considering all of this, it could be said that there are blood feuds between us. Don’t you think this Old Master should regard you as an enemy?”


“Great Elder…” Zhu Qing’s expression drastically changed when she heard this. She thought that Zhu Yan was a benevolent man, which was why she brought Yang Kai to meet him first. As long as Zhu Yan could accept Yang Kai, the others would be easier to deal with; however, she hadn’t expected that Zhu Yan would say such things. Zhu Yan basically hinted that it would take Yang Kai’s life to resolve the grudges between their two sides. If he was forced to make a move, Yang Kai would end up in a miserable state.


However, before she could finish her words, Yang Kai cut her off and said with a smile, “Great Elder, you cannot just accuse me of crimes I have not committed.”


Zhu Yan narrowed his eyes, “What do you mean by accusing you of crimes you did not commit? Everything that I’ve said is true, how can you say that I’m making things up?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “If you want to condemn me using these reasons, I have something to say as well.”


Zhu Yan said impassively, “This Old Master is listening.”


Yang Kai replied, “Great Elder said that I’ve snatched Zhu Qing away, but I disagree wholeheartedly. It’s totally natural after we’ve fallen in love. Our true love shouldn’t be restricted just because we’re from different Races. Moreover, Zhu Qing is still on Dragon Island, so it’s not true that I’ve taken her away. Well, if you mean I’ve snatched her heart, then I’ll admit it.”


There was basically no emotion on Zhu Yan’s face, and he didn’t seem to have the intention of speaking.


Yang Kai thus continued, “Since Zhu Qing is my woman, how could she get married to another man? I wasn’t willing to snatch her on the wedding day, but I was forced to do so. Furthermore, I had been humble enough on that day as I had taken out a Dragon Island Token, hoping to exchange it for Zhu Qing’s freedom. It’s rumoured that whoever holds a Dragon Island Token and presents it to the Dragon Clan would have any wish they requested granted. Now it seems that was nothing but a lie. Great Elder, have you forgotten about this?”


Zhu Yan was lost for words. They were indeed in the wrong regarding the issue of the Dragon Island Token.


Yang Kai continued to say, “As for Fu Chi’s death… It was Wu Kuang who did it, so it has nothing to do with me. If you want to get your revenge, you should look for him, or is the solemn Dragon Clan actually afraid of Wu Kuang, which is why you’ve decided to oppress a young man like me instead?”


Zhu Yan fell silent for a long time before he lifted his head, “Why are you mocking us when you’re expressing your views?”


Yang Kai replied confidently, “I’m just refuting your claims to prove my innocence.”


Zhu Yan snorted, “You sure are a man with a sharp tongue.”


Yang Kai grinned at him, “En, that is one of the skills I possess.”


Zhu Yan burst into laughter, “Although you’re right, it’s a fact that we’ve suffered huge losses because of you. Even if we don’t include the death of Fu Chi, you can’t deny the fact that you’ve stolen our Dragon Blood Flowers.”


A solemn Yang Kai said, “What are you talking about? I’ve never seen the flowers you’ve just mentioned.”


Zhu Yan bellowed, “Don’t feign ignorance in front of this Old Master. It would have been fine if you had just taken away those Mid-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers, but why did you also steal the Low-Rank ones as well? Were they useful to you at all? Now, there are only a small number of Dragon Blood Flowers left, and we can’t even dream about improving ourselves for the next one thousand years. How should we get even with you for this?”


Yang Kai’s face twitched, for he was indeed in the wrong for what he had done. He could still be considered righteous by snatching the bride on her wedding day and injuring Fu Chi in the process; however, it was an irrefutable fact that he had committed a crime by stealing Dragon Blood Flowers. However, at that time, he was forced to do so because he desperately needed to improve the purity of his Dragon Vein. Nevertheless, this issue had come in the way when he wanted to resolve the grudges between them.


Anyway, there was nothing else he could do, so he obstinately said, “How do you want me to compensate, then? I’ll do anything for Qing’er’s sake.”


Zhu Yan scoffed, “Stop acting like you’re the righteous one. Since you’ve made a mistake, you should make up for it.”


Yang Kai shot him a look, “I’m telling you this upfront. If you insist on making things difficult for me, don’t blame me for not showing due respect.”


Torn between exasperation and laughter, Zhu Yan refuted, “Do I even need respect from a little brat like you? Respect is to be earned, not given.”


Yang Kai nodded his head, “True.”


Zhu Yan said, “You’ve stolen our Dragon Blood Flowers and made us unable to improve our Dragon Veins for the next one thousand years. If you can solve this problem. we can… put down the grudges between us.”


He didn’t say they could write off the grudges against Yang Kai, as the latter was partly responsible for Fu Chi’s death.


“How do you want me to resolve this? Give you back all the Dragon Blood Flowers? I still have some with me, but they’re all Low-Rank flowers that were leftover at that time. I used up all the Mid-Rank and High-Rank ones.”


The corners of Zhu Yan’s eyes twitched when he heard that, “You used up all the Mid-Rank and High-Rank ones? So quickly?”


All this time, he had thought that Yang Kai still had some Mid-Rank and High-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers left, so this revelation made his heart freeze.


After the Dragon Clan members consumed Dragon Blood Flowers, it would still take them some time to refine the medicinal efficacies. However, Yang Kai said that he had used up everything he had stolen. In other words, he had consumed a few hundred Mid-Rank and High-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers in a short period of time. Even though he still had some Low-Rank ones left, they were practically useless.


Yang Kai coughed awkwardly, “Yes.”


“You bastard!” Zhu Yan yelled. This time, he was truly incensed as he almost couldn’t contain his impulse to beat Yang Kai to a pulp. A panicked Zhu Qing quickly stood before Yang Kai.


Fortunately, despite Zhu Yan’s rage, he hadn’t lost his mind. After blowing his top for a moment, he suddenly thought of something and calmed down. Then, he gave it a thought and swept a glance over Yang Kai, “I’ve heard that you have a way to help improve the Dragon Veins of our female Dragon Clan members rapidly.”


After he finished speaking, a cold glint flashed across Zhu Qing’s eyes while Yang Kai was rooted to the spot.



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  1. Alright alright alright, let’s analyze this nonsense.
    He’s blamed for:
    Killing Fu Chi – it was Wu Kuang. Other speculations are just speculations, if not wedding affair, he could be even ambushed on the toilet.
    Embarrassing them – he tried his very best to solve it amicably, it was the lizards who went against him.
    Snatching Qing’er – she’s still there, YK has ancestral source, making him a great partner, their love was first and began not of his own initiative (Qing pounced on him in the frozen world) Most importantly, without him, she’d be dead, giving them nothing whatsoever.
    Stealing flowers – it’s the kind of argument the likes of WE ONLY TRIED TO MURDER YOU AND TAKE YOUR POSSESSIONS AND WIFE, WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING BACK?! But sure, token solves this one.
    But on the other hand, repeatedly trying to kidnap and rob and kill MC is still on their offense list. Conveniently unanswered.

    And to those who will come whining that dragons did the thing best for their survival, and while annoying, it was necessary from their perspective, I’m afraid not. No same person tries to kill and steal the wife of a master of space that carries the supreme treasure of their race, one that can comfortably solve at least half of their problems, when that wife is the only reason he doesn’t commit genocide on your people. A leader needs to think ahead as well, not only how to get back at others when they’re angry. The situation could be handled far cleaner, if those millennias of inbreeding didn’t make them retarded. It was fueled by a pure, empty pride.
    (sorry for the harsh words, if there are some)
    Convince me if I’m wrong.

    1. Brother, only imbeciles can try to convince you wrong.

      But guess what – our author is one of those.

      If he made YK a bit smarter, our MC would just take hostage another five or so dragons. When it came to the wedding, he would simply say smth like give me my wife or you can lose six dragons.

      Since he easily enslaved one he never tried another. And even one such hostage actually meant a lot (and remember – having soul brand means you die when your master dies):
      if they killed YK, Zhi Quing would say fuck you to them: result (-1YK -2drags)
      If they let YK take his wife: result is (-1drag)
      And 1 drag equals much more than 1 YK for drags.

      Simple arithmetics say it was a perfect way out for our MC. But he is so retarded he can not sum up 1 plus 1, apparently.

    2. Yikes! These chapters with his female lovers are so cringe. Makes it feel like it was written by a 40 year old virgin who can’t get laid but thinks he understand how a women is suppose to act when around men.

      I can already hear the triggered virgins wanting to argue lmao don’t bother replying, no one needs to hear how realistic you find these female personalities based off your limited to zero experience in relationships. Probably why you’re either single, or low key wanker hidding their opinion from their SO (good job keyboard what?).

  2. About those Dragon Blood Flowers, Yang Kai has a way to replace then and in a bigger number. Remember the special garden and the two Wood Spirit fairies he has to take care of that garden inside the Sealed Small World Bead?

  3. I can’t argue with most things but Fu Chi is almost entirely his fault because of the state he was left in after YK ripped his arms off 😂 as well as YK giving Li Jiao the buff to overcome the bloodline suppression if not for those things WK wouldn’t have been able to kill him so easily and he probably could have ran away for backup. Also I don’t get why they think that sex is the reason why ZQ upgraded her bloodline, like I can understand why the dragons think that way but not YK and ZQ when they should know that it was her consuming his blood like some kind of vampire that did the trick, so logically thinking YK should give them a few vials of his blood every dozen or so years to make up for the flowers.

    1. It was mentioned way back in the story that only virgins pass their primordial essences during sex with the exception of cauldrons and dual cultivation arts of which YK possesses neither in relation to ZQ.

      1. Nope. Yang Kai got a boost by having sex with Zhu Qing because of the blood your talking about. But Zhu Qing got that boost because she drank yang kai’s blood from his fingers. She even said so herself. Yang Kai even asked why she didn’t improve on their second time sex

    2. I would not be surprised if Yank Kai simply nurtures the remaining flowers with his own blood. That will probably bring more benefits to the dragons than anything else.

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