Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3334, Scram


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Yang Kai and Zhu Qing had just discussed this topic before coming to Azure Tree Island. Zhu Qing had even warned him not to leave her sight so that the other women from the Dragon Clan wouldn’t have a chance to flirt with him.


Yang Kai had also patted his chest and promised that he wouldn’t fall for these other women.


However, he hadn’t expected that Great Elder Zhu Yan would bring this up right now. Without the previous conversation with Zhu Qing, he wouldn’t have understood what Zhu Yan was talking about, but now, he could somewhat figure out what he was about to say.


A dumbfounded Yang Kai asked, “Great Elder, are you…”


Zhu Yan chuckled and sized Yang Kai up with his turbid yet shrewd gaze, as if he was looking at a piece of rare jade, which caused Yang Kai to have goosebumps all over his skin.


After a nod, Zhu Yan said, “It’s basically a windfall for you.”


[This was his real intention all along…] Yang Kai was lost for words. At that instant, he had the urge to pry this old man’s head open and see what was really inside. It was terrible enough that Fu Ling had tried to seduce him, but now even the Dragon Clan’s Great Elder was trying to hook Yang Kai up with all the unmarried Dragon Girls as well?


With a serious expression, Zhu Yan turned to look at Zhu Qing, “Qing’er, I’m sorry that you have to give in regarding this matter. However, I’m forced to do it for the sake of the Dragon Clan’s future. I’m sure that you’ll understand me.”


Zhu Qing hung her head low, “Qing’er understands. In fact, you don’t have to tell me this because the decision is all his.”


Zhu Yan said, “You’re a good woman. As long as you’re fine with it, why would he disagree with it? Men… Hmm!” He snorted disdainfully, as if he wasn’t a man himself.


Yang Kai immediately spoke up, “I have something to say.”


Zhu Yan looked curiously at him, “Huh? What do you have to say?”


Yang Kai wiped his forehead with his hand as he said, “I think my opinion matters.”


A smiling Zhu Yan replied, “Just tell me straight.”


With a grave expression, Yang Kai said, “Yes, I’m a man who loves beautiful women, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have a bottom line. First of all, I’m not familiar with the women in the Dragon Clan, and even if I was close to them, love should be mutual and not forced. Qing’er and I have experienced life and death together, and we truly love one another, so she’s different from the other women of your clan. Or does Senior only see me as a breeding animal?”


“Are you saying that you’re reluctant?” Zhu Yan gazed at him in shock.


Yang Kai scoffed, “Would you be willing to do it if you were me?”


After giving it a thought, Zu Yan replied, “It’d be difficult for me to reject this offer.”


Hardly any man in this world was able to reject the seduction of having every woman from the Dragon Clan.


“Moreover, since you all already can’t tolerate the fact that I’ve gotten together with Qing’er, how are you going to put up with it if I really bed the other women from your clan?”


In response, Zhu Yan said, “If you’re able to help upgrade their bloodlines quickly, I’ll have them all married to you, including Qing’er.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai was dumbstruck. This old man seemed truly determined. By just imagining the sight of a few women surrounding him, he could feel his blood boiling; however, if he really agreed, he would become the common enemy of every male Dragon on Dragon Island. Even Zhu Lie would be resentful of him.


The ratio of men to women was already unbalanced in the Dragon Clan, so if all their unwed maidens got married to Yang Kai, it would be embarrassing for the men of the Dragon Clan.


“Senior, please don’t mention this again because I’ll never agree to it.” Yang Kai waved his hand and solemnly rejected the old man. At the same time, he stole a glance at Zhu Qing, and upon seeing her appear elated, he was able to set his mind at ease.


“Don’t reject me so quickly. Go back and think it through. There’s no harm in you accepting.” Zhu Yan also waved his hand.


Yang Kai wasn’t willing to dwell on this issue, so he cupped his fists and said, “I’ve come to Dragon Island to ask for a few favours.”


Zhu Yan asked with a smile, “The grudges between us haven’t been resolved yet, so how do you have the gall to ask us to do you favours? Have you lost your mind? Or am I the one who has gone mad?”


Yang Kai said, “Whether or not you acknowledge it, you can’t deny the fact that this Junior possesses a Dragon Source.”


Zhu Yan scoffed as he thought to himself that if it weren’t the case, he would have slapped Yang Kai to death instead of letting him speak for so long. Moreover, what Yang Kai possessed was the Ancestral Dragon Source, which was related to the very foundation of the Dragon Clan.


Yang Kai went on to say, “In that case, I can be considered partially a Dragon Clan member. Hence, I don’t think it’s outrageous to ask you to do me some favours.”


“It depends on what those favours are.” Zhu Yan snorted.


Yang Kai replied seriously, “These favours are nothing to the Dragon Clan. First of all, I hope that Qing’er will stay by my side and leave Dragon Island with me so that she won’t be confined to this place again.”


Zhu Yan’s expression didn’t change as he simply said, “What about the other requests?”


“This Junior wants to visit the Dragon Temple.” Yang Kai remained silent for a moment, “The last time I entered the Dragon Temple, I had to leave in a rush. Although I had induced many Dragon Souls at that time, I hadn’t had the time to comprehend anything. So, I want to enter the temple again to learn more of the Dragon Clan’s Secret Techniques.”


Zhu Yan fell silent for a moment and asked, “Do you only have two requests?”




“This Old Master agrees.”


Yang Kai was startled for a moment before he became elated, “Many thanks, Great Elder.”


However, Zhu Yan went on to say with a grin, “I’m fine with it, but I’m not sure about the Second Elder’s thoughts on the matter. If you can persuade her to agree to your requests, then I won’t raise any objections.”


The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he asked, “You’re the Great Elder, so shouldn’t you have the final say in everything?”


Zhu Yan blinked, “Of course I have the final say when it comes to external affairs; however, Second Elder is the one in charge of internal affairs. Good, go and look for her now if you want to have your wishes fulfilled.”


Upon finishing his words, he turned around and entered the treehouse.


Staring at his figure, Yang Kai murmured something through clenched teeth.


Suddenly, Zhu Yan stopped in his tracks and turned around as his face twitched, “Little brat, what did you just say? I dare you to say that again!”


A flustered Zhu Qing said, “Great Elder, he didn’t say anything, you must be mistaken. We’ll take our leave now.”


After she finished speaking, she grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and flew away.


Yang Kai, however, did not relent and shouted out loud, “The solemn Dragon Clan’s Great Elder is afraid of his wife!” His voice was so loud that some of the leaves even started falling.


“Boy, come back here!” An enraged Zhu Yan rolled up his sleeves and was about to race after them, but they were already nowhere to be seen. After cursing for a while, Zhu Yan folded his hands behind his back and bellowed, “Laughable! Why would this Old Master fear her? She’s just an arrogant woman, and this Old Master is not willing to argue with her.”


Upon finishing his words, Zhu Yan hurriedly glanced around and only after making sure that there was no one listening, he straightened up and proudly walked into his house, as if he was a cock that had just won a battle.


Up above the sky, Zhu Qing pinched Yang Kai’s ear and yelled, “Why did you have to infuriate Great Elder? He’s a kind-hearted man!”


Yang Kai put on a fawning smile, “Stop pinching my ear. It’s going to break off! I was just saying…”


He reached out to grab her wrist and pulled her hand away.


An angered Zhu Qing, however, did not give up and snapped, “Moreover, is it so embarrassing that he’s afraid of his wife?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “A man shouldn’t be afraid of his wife. No real man would be.”


“Oh really?” Zhu Qing shot him a glare.


“Instead of being afraid, men are just tolerant of their wife; that is a sign of his love toward her.” Certainly, Yang Kai knew what he should say to make her happy.


Zhu Qing’s expression changed. When she saw his reddened ears, the coldness on her face melted and she felt sweet in her heart; however, a moment later, her heart sank again as she gave him a warning, “We’ve somewhat secured Great Elder’s approval, so when you meet Second Elder later, you must restrain yourself. After we get her to accept you, it’ll be more convenient for you to come to Dragon Island in the future, and I might be able to go out and look for you as well.”


“I know I know. Whatever harsh words she’s going to say, I’ll just take it as her farting.”


Torn between tears and laughter, Zhu Qing warned, “She must not hear what you’ve just said.”


Snowy Island was Fu Zhun’s Spirit Island. She was an Ice Dragon, which was why her Spirit Island was covered in snow year-round, and a snowstorm perpetually filled the air. Looking from afar, the entire island seemed like a huge snowy mountain. Within a radius of a thousand kilometres around the island, there were no birds flying past or any living creatures for that matter.


Before Yang Kai and Zhu Qing even went near the island, they could feel overwhelming coldness sweeping over them. Even the ocean around the island had been frozen, and there was no sign of vitality within a radius of a thousand kilometres around the island.


Although the weather was frigid, it didn’t really affect Yang Kai and Zhu Qing.


After they landed at the centre of the island, they could see a huge platform that was made from an ancient ice block. Fu Zhun was sitting with her legs crossed on that platform. Clad in a pure-looking white clothes, she seemed to have blended into the view around her.


After they descended from the sky, they landed on a spot that was three hundred metres away from Fu Zhun.


Zhu Qing saluted her and greeted, “Second Elder, Qing’er has brought her husband, Yang Kai, to offer greetings to you.”


Yang Kai fell into a dazed state when she suddenly called him husband. It wasn’t until Zhu Qing gently elbowed him that he cupped his fists and followed up, “Greetings, Second Elder.”


Fu Zhun opened her eyes, the coldness in their depths seemingly able to freeze anyone’s Soul. Completely ignoring Yang Kai, she gazed at Zhu Qing and bellowed, “Who told you to leave your confinement without permission? Scram back to your island!”


The veins on Yang Kai’s forehead throbbed when he heard this as his fury was rising within him. [What does she mean? Qing’er has come all the way here to show proper etiquette, but she’s acting all arrogant and even told my Qing’er to scram!]


Seeing as he was displeased, Zhu Qing hurriedly said, “My husband and I are here because we have some favours to ask of you.”


“Husband?” Fu Zhun sneered, “You’ve never married anyone, so how is it possible that you have a husband? Even if you did have one, he would be the deceased Fu Chi instead of some beggar off the streets.”


Zhu Qing refuted, “My husband stands right beside me. Why do you ignore him?”


Fu Zhun closed her eyes, “I don’t see this husband you’re talking about. Even if he was here, this Queen would never acknowledge him.”


Zhu Qing sighed, “Whether or not you acknowledge him, it’s an irrefutable fact that he is my husband, and I shall never get married to anyone else.”


“In that case, there’s no point in saying anything more. Scram back, now. Only come to see me again when you’ve repented.”


“Hey, old witch!” Yang Kai snapped and shouted. Before coming to this place, he had reminded himself countless times to bear with Fu Zhun, and he had psychologically prepared himself to face any of her harsh words; however, when he heard her repeatedly telling Zhu Qing to scram back to her island, he couldn’t hold back his fury anymore.



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