Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3335, Old Witch


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The fury in Yang Kai’s chest was about to explode like a volcano. Stepping forward, he pointed at Fu Zhun and scolded, “Don’t you think you can do whatever you want just because you’re the Dragon Can’s Second Elder! Although Qing’er is a member of the Dragon Clan, she is her own person and you have no right to interfere in her affairs. I’m her husband for life, and it’s not up to an old witch like you to deny it! The reason we’re here to visit you is to show you some respect, but since you don’t show us any, we need not show you any either! We also don’t need you to acknowledge our relationship!”


Upon hearing this, Zhu Qing knew that things were going south, so she couldn’t help but sigh.


As expected, Fu Zhun became so enraged that the atmosphere around her literally turned colder. Narrowing her eyes, she roared, “Little brat, what did you just call this Queen!?”


“Old witch! Old witch! Old witch! Old witch! Old witch! Old witch!” Yang Kai repeated his words and looked provocatively at her, “Are you happy now? I can keep calling you that if you want!”


Fu Zhun slowly got to her feet and said in an icy voice, “If you can even live past today, you will remember that a loose tongue will cause lots of trouble.”


Yang Kai grinned, “Do you want to fight with me? Come then! Let’s see who will be the last one standing!”


After he finished speaking, a Dragon roar was suddenly heard as a Golden Divine Dragon’s illusory phantom appeared behind his back. After which, his Dragon Pressure filled the air. At the same time, a buzzing sound could be heard coming from the Dragon Temple in the distance as numerous Dragon roars were heard consecutively breaking through the sky.


The entire Dragon Island seemed to shake. All the Dragons, wherever they were, turned to look in the direction of the Dragon Temple as their faces were transformed by shock.


Yang Kai was also surprised as he hadn’t expected that by activating his Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength here, he could also resonate with the Dragon Temple. Feeling even more confident, he guffawed, “It seems that the ancestors of the Dragon Clan favour me!”


Despite what he had said, his entire body was fully tensed, ready to move at a moment’s notice. If his enemy dared to engage, he would go all out to deal a mortal wound to her; after all, he was confronted by the Dragon Clan’s Second Elder, who was even able to fight a Great Emperor. Naturally, Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to hold back.


To Yang Kai’s surprise, however, Fu Zhun didn’t immediately make a move; instead, she was staring coldly at him, the murderous intent in her eyes seemingly materialising.


A flustered Zhu Qing came between them and said, “Second Elder, please calm your anger. My husband only spoke out of anger and did not mean what he said, please forgive him.”


Then, she turned her head to shoot Yang Kai a glare as she was apparently blaming this mess on him. Before coming to this place, they had agreed that he would put up with whatever Fu Zhun had to say, so why did he fall out with her right after they met?


An embarrassed Yang Kai realised that Zhu Qing had been put in a tight spot because he couldn’t control his temper, so he snorted as his aura weakened.


“What do you mean that he didn’t mean it? Are you saying he said all that unintentionally?” Fu Zhun stared coldly at Zhu Qing, “What will you do if I insist on killing him?”


A shocked Zhu Qing replied in a bitter voice, “As a member of the Dragon Clan, I have to obey its rules; however, if my husband’s life is in danger, Qing’er will not stand idly by. If you insist on killing him, I shall fight alongside him until our deaths!”


Utterly moved, Yang Kai gazed at her and tugged at her sleeves, “Qing’er, step aside. There’s no way this old witch is able to kill me.”


“You dare!” Fu Zhun’s expression turned gloomy as she had never expected that that would be Zhu Qing’s answer. After taking a deep breath, she asked, “It seems that your heart is no longer on Dragon Island. Can you still be regarded as a member of the Dragon Clan?”


A sorrowful Zhu Qing said, “Second Elder, please forgive me.”


Yang Kai said, “Since you’re aware that her heart is no longer with you, why not grant her freedom and allow her to leave with me? This can be considered a good deed. We’ll erect a memorial tablet for you and burn some incense sticks every morning and evening once we go. We’ll even kowtow to it every morning to pray that you’ll live for a long life and remain beautiful forever.”


Fu Zhun snorted, “Enough with your drivel. Even if her heart no longer resides here, her body still belongs to Dragon Island. Since she’s born a Dragon, and will forever be a member of the Dragon Clan. Don’t even dream about taking her away!”


Yang Kai frowned, “Forcefully squeezed melons are not sweet.”


Fu Zhun sneered, “What’s your point?”


Looking at her dispassionately, Yang Kai said, “Is there really no room for negotiation?” Faced with her inflexibility, Yang Kai had lost the patience to communicate with her. Zhu Qing’s interference ensured that he couldn’t really fight, which was why he had nowhere to vent out his anger.


“Room for negotiation?” Fu Zhun snorted, “There is.”


Zhu Qing’s gaze brightened, “Second Elder, please tell us clearly.”


Fu Zhun went on to say, “As long as he can compensate for our losses, I can forgive him and even allow you to get married. Both of you can even leave Dragon Island together.”


Upon hearing that, Zhu Qing was over the moon as it was inconceivable to her that Fu Zhun was willing to let them be together. However, she was puzzled by the prerequisite Fu Zhun had just mentioned, “Our losses? What do you mean?”


Fu Zhun sneered, “Doesn’t he remember what losses he’s caused to our clan? Why do you even need to ask me this question?”


Yang Kai bellowed, “Even if there are any losses that you’ve suffered, you only have yourself to blame. Even if I have the power, I’ll not choose to compensate for your losses, to say nothing of the fact that I’m unable to do so.”


Fu Zhun’s eyelids twitched, “Who do you think you’re mouthing off to, boy?”


Yang Kai replied provocatively, “So what if I’m mouthing off to you? What can you do to me?”


“You court death!” Fu Zhun growled as her murderous intent, which she had just managed to suppress, exploded again. Now, even if Zhu Qing wanted to stop them, Fu Zhun would still go all out to kill Yang Kai.


Seeing that, Zhu Qing hurriedly grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and flew off. Turning her head, she called out, “Second Elder, please don’t be mad. We’re sorry for bothering you today.” She then increased her speed as she knew that if they stayed there any longer, Yang Kai and Fu Zhun would really start exchanging blows.


Fu Zhun remained on the same spot with a furious expression, apparently enraged. However, she didn’t seem to have the intention of pursuing them as she just resentfully stared in the direction they disappeared.


A moment later, a figure suddenly appeared beside Fu Zhun. 


Great Elder Zhu Yan asked, “Are they gone?”


Fu Zhun took a deep breath to suppress her fury and closed her eyes before saying, “I really want to kill him!”


A smiling Zhu Yan replied, “You can’t solve anything by killing him; moreover, he possesses the Ancestral Dragon Source. I’m sure you felt the unusual fluctuations coming from the Dragon Temple just now. The temple is protected by the many Dragon Souls of our Ancestors, so even if we join forces now, we can’t possibly kill him on Dragon Island. If we want to end his life, we have to do it outside.”


Fu Zhun snorted, “Why do you think he’s still alive?”


A shocked Zhu Yan stared at her, “Do you really intend to kill him?”


Fu Zhun said through clenched teeth, “So what if that’s my intention?”


Cold sweat started streaming down Zhu Yan’s forehead, “There’s no harm thinking about it, but you must not make a move. The Dragon Clan’s future hinges on him. You’ve always wanted to revive the Dragon Clan, to ensure it endures and grows, and it was for that reason that you bore through your own grief and threw Fu Xuan into the Dragon Grave. So, you must restrain yourself for the greater goal.”


Fu Zhun nodded, “…I know…”


However, she just couldn’t help but blow her top whenever she was faced with Yang Kai. The fact that he kept calling her ‘old witch’ made her want to rip him up into tiny pieces. She paused for a moment and said, “I’ve told him that I have conditions he has to fulfil. It’ll depend on whether he’s capable of achieving that or not.”


Zhu Yan grinned, “It’s good enough that you’ve told him. Seeing how he treasures Qing’er, he’ll definitely do his best to achieve them.”


Fu Zhun suddenly turned to look at him, “If he can’t, I’m going to pull the Ancestral Dragon Source out of his body no matter what. Given how rotten he is, he doesn’t deserve it!”


Zhu Yan’s face twitched but he didn’t play along with her, “We’ll see.”


He looked up at the sky and sighed, “The Ancestral Dragon Source has appeared, so where is the Ancestral Phoenix Source right now?”



Yang Kai and Zhu Qing were flying rapidly.


On the way to their destination, Zhu Qing remained silent, her expression so cold that it was as if a layer of frost could be scraped off her face.


On the other hand, Yang Kai seemed to be humming to himself nonchalantly, but in fact, he was carefully observing her expression. Seeing how gloomy she appeared to be, he knew that he must have disappointed her. Nevertheless, he could only bear half of the responsibility for what had happened. The old witch Fu Zhun needed to bear the other half.


“Qing’er, why don’t we just run away? We should stop caring about their opinion. It’s not like that old witch can really keep watch over us. The outside world is huge, so there’s no way she can find you if you decide to leave.” Yang Kai suggested.


Zhu Qing sighed, “Certainly, I can leave with you, but if I really do that, I’ll never be at ease for the rest of my life.”


The idea of running away with Yang Kai was a beautiful one, but without her Seniors’ acknowledgement, their marriage certainly wouldn’t be a happy one.


Suddenly, she stopped flying and stared lovingly at Yang Kai, “Fortunately, Great Elder and Second Elder don’t seem to have the intention of barring you from coming here again. If you miss me in the future, just come over to visit me. I’ll always be waiting for you.”


Yang Kai parted his lips, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything in the end. Zhu Qing was no child, so she had her own worries and considerations. Even if she really left Dragon Island with him today, she would never be able to enjoy a happy life with all that was weighing down her heart. So, he knew that she would just stay on Dragon Island. At the very least, she wouldn’t suffer any hardship here.


Understanding this truth, and having made up his mind, Yang Kai flashed a gentle smile at her, “This time, I’ll keep you company for a longer time.” Then, he took her wrist and flew towards Half Moon Island. However, they did not speak to each other the whole way there.


Darkness had already descended upon the world when they reached Half Moon Island. Surprisingly, Fu Xuan and Mo Xiao Qi hadn’t left as they were seated and chatting with each other outside the palace. It was apparent that they were getting along well. Fu Xuan’s expression was full of motherly love, while Mo Xiao Qi appeared happy as well.


Mo Xiao Qi’s expression turned somewhat sour when she saw Yang Kai and Zhu Qing coming back hand-in-hand, but she soon put on a smile and called out, “Big Brother Yang, Big Sister Qing.”


To the side, Fu Xuan said with a smile, “Xiao Qi insisted on waiting for your return to bid you farewell before she’ll come back with me.”


She gently patted Mo Xiao Qi’s head, “Can we go back to take a rest now?”


Mo Xiao Qi nodded and turned to look at Yang Kai, “I’ll go back to my mother’s place now. Big Brother Yang, please tell me when you plan to leave Dragon Island.”


“Don’t worry.” Yang Kai smiled and nodded, “I’ll definitely let you know.”


“Big Brother Yang, Big Sister Qing, bye-bye.” Walking alongside Fu Xuan, Mo Xiao Qi kept turning her head and waving her hand, after which the mother-daughter pair flew away from Half Moon Island.


After they were gone, Yang Kai suddenly approached Zhu Qing and wept her up into his arms.


Zhu Qing exclaimed and instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck. As their eyes met, she instantly knew what he was up to, and with her face blushing, she pouted for a moment before gesturing to the bedroom with her chin.


Yang Kai guffawed heartily and dashed in. After kicking the door open, he threw Zhu Qing onto the bed and pounced on her.


A long night of intimacy thus commenced. 



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  1. I always find it hilarious that when powerful masters get mad and act against anyone BESIDES YK, they get stomped ina 2 moves or less. But when it comes to YK, they all of a sudden have all the patience in the world. plot amor ridiculously op

    1. It’s blatantly obvious that her patience is a result of deeper plot. The reason she didn’t curbstomp him is because she trusts her hubby, that they need him. Otherwise the next three chapters would’ve been them duking it out.

  2. Honestly, I know it won’t happen, but I will not be satisfied until the second elder is left dead on a pool of her own blood. And no amount of backstory on her is enough to make me change my mind about her.

  3. The currents situation make absolutely no sense. Dudes are supposed to be centuries or even millennials old but are all dumb as fuck. Like seriously, I get they all have their pride and values but the situation could be handled in such an easier way.
    If the dragon Clan raised YK to be a full fledge dragon (which is definitely possible with his dragon source) he would then become a member of the dragon Clan. When this is done, under an oath made in front of all Dao’s, YK and ZQ work hard to have a dragon born which would be raised by ZQ but on Dragon Island with the rest of the dragon Clan ( it’s not like it should pose a problem if ZQ has to stay on Dragon Island as YK barely spend time with his wives and when he does, he has his pants dropped the entire time). Further more every dragonborn descendance of YK shall be raised on DI. In addition, once YK become a full fledge dragon, he will most certainly have assimilated most of the dragon source meaning he would have access to ancestral knowledge which would definitely and easily raise the power of Dragon Clan.

    Now both sides have gained something, and they have even become extremely close Allies in the process.

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