Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3336, I’m Going to Do It


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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The next few days were pleasant for Yang Kai. He was surrounded by an azure blue ocean and sky, and he was accompanied by a beautiful woman, which caused him to almost drown in pleasure. In the morning, he and Zhu Qing would explore Dragon Island and discover its beautiful sights. In the evening, they would indulge in intimate sessions they never grew tired of.


Certainly, Zhu Qing knew that this kind of life wouldn’t last for a long time. Nonetheless, as long as nothing serious happened, she would always stay close to Yang Kai.


As she had thought, this kind of life was destined to not last forever. More than ten days later, someone was about to bring an end to their peaceful times.


On Half Moon Island, Yang Kai was lying on the beach with his head resting on his arms as he observed the movements of the cloud. Beside Yang Kai, Qiong Qi was lying on his side as he closed his eyes and enjoyed this carefree life. A Human and his mount seemed to have become an eternal painting at that instant. As the tides rose and fell, water could be seen splashing onto the beach.


“Old Qiong, I’ve decided to break into the Dragon Temple.” Yang Kai suddenly said.


Qiong Qi was taking a rest with his eyes closed when he heard that. Opening his eyes, he sat up straight and gazed at Yang Kai, as if he wanted to make sure he didn’t hear him wrong.


“I probably cannot leave with Qing’er, but I have to visit the Dragon Temple. The Dragon Clan’s Secret Techniques are powerful, and since I’m here, I wouldn’t want to miss the chance. What do you think?”


Qiong Qi shook his head repeatedly, “It’s a terrible idea.”


“Oh? Why do you think so?” Yang Kai turned to look at him.


Qiong Qi explained, “We’re on Dragon Island, and the Dragon Temple is the Dragon Clan’s most sacred and mysterious place. If we break into it without permission, we won’t leave alive.”


Yang Kai scoffed, “It’s not like I haven’t been to the Dragon Temple before. Wu Kuang had also barged into that place previously, and he’s living a carefree life in Ancestral Domain right now.”


“Wu Kuang and you are two different people.” Qiong Qi apparently didn’t approve of it, then he gave it a thought and said, “You can go there if you insist, but you can only do it after I leave Dragon Island.”


Yang Kai shot him a look, “Old Qiong, you’re pretty loyal to me. Aren’t you?”


Qiong Qi said, “This Old Master simply wishes to survive so he can take revenge for you in the future.”


“Tsk…” Yang Kai sneered, “What a great idea. That’s so thoughtful of you.”


Qiong Qi pretended to not understand his mockery and went on to say, “Anyway, I’d suggest that you give up this idea. If possible, you should get the Dragon Clan’s permission first before entering the Dragon Temple.”


Yang Kai snorted, “If they’d agree to it, I wouldn’t have to break into that place! That old witch Fu Zhun, seems determined to oppress me and threatens me using Qing’er every time. How despicable! I’ll let her know the consequences of offending me one day!”


[Old witch?] Qiong Qi couldn’t help but gulp. [To think he dares to call Fu Zhun an old witch…]


It was then he realised that his new Young Master was indeed unusually bold.


“Hmm? Someone is coming!” Qiong Qi’s expression changed as he looked in a particular direction.


Noticing it as well, Yang Kai looked in the same direction and put on a grin. The beam of red light over there was shooting towards Zhu Qing’s palace, but when the person noticed Yang Kai’s aura, he changed direction and flew towards Yang Kai.


A moment later, a figure was standing in the sky as he looked down condescendingly.


While remaining in his relaxed position, Yang Kai waved his hand at the person, “How are you, Little Brother-in-law?”


Seeing how sloppy Yang Kai looked, Zhu Lie frowned and thought that his Elder Sister must be blind to have fallen in love with a man like him. In a dispassionate manner, he said, “What are you doing here lying on the ground?”


“What else am I doing besides enjoying a sunbath?” Yang Kai replied matter-of-factly and waved his hand, “Come down here. What are you doing up there?”


The corners of Zhu Lie’s mouth twitched, but he still obediently landed beside Yang Kai. When he turned his head and saw Qiong Qi, he exclaimed, “You’ve really taken Qiong Qi as your mount…”


It hadn’t been a long time since Yang Kai arrived at Dragon Island, but it hadn’t been a short time either. There were only a small number of Dragon Clan members, so any shocking news would be spread around quickly. Now, all of them knew that Yang Kai was chased out of Snowy Island the other day and almost killed by Fu Zhun. Furthermore, he had Qiong Qi as his mount.


Zhu Lie had been cultivating a Secret Technique for the past few days and only emerged from seclusion today, so when he received the news, he immediately flew over to have a look.


A shocked Zhu Lie stared at Qiong Qi and said, “You’re also a Divine Spirit, why do you disparage yourself like this? Don’t you feel ashamed at all?”


Qiong Qi blinked, but before he managed to say a word, Yang Kai got to his feet and glowered at Zhu Lie, “Little Brother-in-law, what do you mean by that? Are there any grudges between us? Why are you trying to drive a wedge between my mount and me right after you’ve arrived?”


Zhu Lie knitted his brows together, “That’s not what I meant. I just thought that… Alright, forget it. Everyone has different goals in life.”


He shook his head and appeared disappointed, as if the fact that Qiong Qi had belittled himself by becoming Yang Kai’s mount had embarrassed all Divine Spirits.


Then, he turned to look at Yang Kai, “What are you doing here instead of keeping Zhu Qing company?”


Yang Kai snorted, “Zhu Qing is with three other women from your clan right now, why would I dare to go over?”


There were seven women among the Dragon Clan in total. Besides Zhu Qing, Fu Zhun, and Fu Xuan, there were only four of them left. Fu Ling had to keep watch on the entrance, so she couldn’t move about as she pleased. So, only three Dragon girls were left. One of them was from the Zhu Clan while the other two were from the Fu Clan.


For the past few days, these three had been visiting Zhu Qing every single day. They would arrive at the place at the break of dawn and would only leave at night. Their intentions were clear.


Yang Kai had only met them once on day one, then Zhu Qing came up with an excuse and chased him away.


In fact, Yang Kai had a good impression of these three. They were not as flirtatious as Fu Ling and instead appeared bashful when they were looking at Yang Kai. They also appeared guilty and apprehensive when facing Zhu Qing.


Yang Kai even suspected that it was Zhu Yan who told them to come over. Although he was able to help them improve the purity of their bloodline, given the Dragon Clan’s arrogance, they would never have done this without receiving an order from the Great Elder.


The reason Fu Ling was so bold was that she had plenty of contact with Yang Kai before, so they could be considered familiar with each other.


Upon hearing his explanation, Zhu Lie finally understood what was going on. As the corners of his face twitched, he couldn’t help staring resentfully at Yang Kai.


Even his Little Brother-in-law was jealous of him, so nothing needed to be said about the other Dragon Clan men. Presently, they were probably eager to skin Yang Kai alive, eat his flesh, and drink his blood. If it weren’t because they were aware that Yang Kai’s Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength was able to suppress them, making it impossible for them to defeat him, they would have already come over and had a life or death battle with him.


After a moment of silence, Zhu Lie asked, “I heard that the Second Elder has come up with a condition.”


Yang Kai asked curiously, “You know about that as well?”


Zhu Lie replied, “Dragon Island is only so big, and there are only a small number of us, so any news will be spread around quickly. The Second Elder told you to compensate for the losses you’ve caused, right?”


Yang Kai nodded, “She did say that.”


Zhu Lie questioned, “Why are you not trying to come up with a solution then? She has finally made a concession, so if you can fulfil her request, you’ll be able to leave with Zhu Qing. Do you want to be separated from her again?”


Yang Kai sneered, “Why should I compensate for the losses the Dragon Clan has suffered? It has nothing to do with me.”


Zhu Lie said slowly and clearly, “Dragon Blood Flowers!”


Yang Kai’s face twitched, “The Great Elder told you to come here, right?”


He was just speaking off the top of his head, but Zhu Lie looked away and replied, “It doesn’t matter who told me to come over. It just seems to me that you’re able to fulfil the Second Elder’s request.”


“You think I’m capable of doing that?” Yang Kai burst into laughter, “Do you have any idea how many Dragon Blood Flowers I had picked?”


“Two Peak-Rank, thirty High-Rank, two hundred Mid-Rank, and countless Low-Rank ones. Around a thousand in total!”


“You do know a lot.” Yang Kai was surprised, as the number given by Zhu Lie was similar to that of his own calculation. After a nod, he asked, “Then, do you have any idea how many Dragon Blood Flowers I still have?”


Zhu Lie shook his head.


Yang Kai replied, “I’ve used up all the Peak-Rank, High-Rank, and Mid-Rank flowers, so I’m only left with some Low-Rank ones. Even if I return all the remaining flowers, how am I going to make up for the disparity? It’s not like I can produce the flowers myself.”


Zhu Lie said slowly, “Dragon Blood Flowers are nurtured primarily with Dragon Blood. The purer the Dragon Blood, the better the quality of the flowers will be. The Dragon Blood Flowers on Dragon Island are mostly irrigated using the blood of those Dragonborn, so the quality of blood is poor, to say the least, and it will take a long time before the flowers mature. If you’re serious about getting the job done though, you can use your own blood to nurture Dragon Blood Flowers. Your blood might have some amazing effects on them.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai snorted and subconsciously wanted to refute him; however, after giving it a thought, he realised that Zhu Lie was actually correct. As he touched his chin, he sank into contemplation for some time before he asked, “Do you seriously think I’m able to nurture some Mid-Rank and High-Rank flowers?”


Zhu Lie replied, “How will you know if you don’t give it a try? Second Elder has already announced that if you’re able to fulfil her request, you can leave with Zhu Qing and enter the Dragon Temple.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai could envision the scene in his head. While he walked into the Dragon Temple, the old witch, Fu Zhun appeared bitter as she was powerless to stop him.


Feeling gleeful all of a sudden, he asked, “Does she really mean what she’s said?”


Zhu Lie sighed, “Second Elder has never said a word she did not mean.”


Tempted now, Yang Kai paced around on the beach as a myriad of expressions came over him. He was hesitant as it was difficult for him to make such a decision. A moment later, he clapped his hands and said, “Fine then. I’ll do it. I don’t believe I can’t nurture a few Dragon Blood Flowers.”


Zhu Lie, “I wish you all the best, then.”


Yang Kai grinned, “Alright, go back and tell Great Elder that I’ll compensate for the losses, so he doesn’t have to worry anymore; after all, I’m married to a member of the Dragon Clan, so I’m a part of Dragon Island as well.”


The corner of Zhu Lie’s mouth twitched harder than before as he said, “I was just speaking randomly. It has nothing to do with Great Elder.”


Yang Kai shot him a look, “If Great Elder didn’t make you do this, why would you come all the way here to tell me about this?”


Zhu Lie wanted to defend himself, but in the end, he nodded and said, “Good.”


All the Dragon Blood Flowers had been taken away by Yang Kai, so the Dragon Clan wouldn’t be able to improve their bloodline by consuming Dragon Blood Flowers for the next thousand years or so. There were only two solutions to this problem. The first one was Yang Kai had to nurture enough Dragon Blood Flowers to make up for the ones he ‘borrowed’, and the second option was he could ‘help’ the female Dragons to improve their bloodline.


Of course, Zhu Lie wanted Yang Kai to choose the first option, which was why he accepted the Great Elder’s order and came over here to persuade him.



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    1. The manhua is shit tho. Tried to read it, it skips too much stuff, violence is watered down and there is straight up censoring. It could finish adapting the entire novel today and I still would stick to the novel

      1. Nah, i just went and read the manhua. i enjoyed it more than here, seeing as the author’s doa of wordcount is cut out there and ALL the useless bs the author would like to write off as “dialogue” is cleaned up. Reading the chapters here are nauseating more often than not (not because of the translators, they do an amazing job). while the manhua is crisp and fast. Most of the details they cut out arent really that important

  1. I doubt highly they will just sit back and watch Yang Kai enter the temple and take Zhu Qing out of the place without raising a fuss. I must say, when I started this story I didn’t think dragons, out of all beings, would be antagonists to Yang Kai.

    1. I think they’ll let him if he proves useful enough to them. As angry with him as they are they still care more about the prosperity of the Dragon Clan. The only question is what wins in a contest, The second elder’s pride or her commitment to the clan.

    1. First he can turn all the dragon blood flowers he has into pills. He can make 5 or so pills from a low rank flower every pill is better than a flower so that’s a lot of compensation already. But most importantly yang Kai not only can help the women he can also help the men. He just needs to let them feed on his blood

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