Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3338, I Need Your Help


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The Dragon Blood Flowers picked from Dragon Island were distributed accordingly in fixed amounts. A Dragon Clan member’s Dragon Vein would determine the quality and quantity of Dragon Blood Flowers they would get, so the flowers were not distributed randomly. Normally, a Sixth-Order Dragon only had access to Low-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers.


Seventh and Eighth-Order Dragons would take Mid-Rank flowers, and Ninth-Order Dragons would consume High-Rank flowers.


Peak-Rank flowers were reserved for Tenth-Order Dragons like Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun because Dragon Blood Flowers that were below Peak-Rank were not useful to them at all, and it would be only a waste if they insisted on consuming them. As such, all other flowers were given to the others to improve their bloodline.


Fu Qi had lived for many years, but throughout his long life, he had consumed fewer than ten Mid-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers. Now, only immature and Low-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers were left on Dragon Island, so a Mid-Rank flower’s presence was special and attractive.


Yang Kai now understood how the flowers were allocated, so he spoke no further and instead carefully planted the Mid-Rank flower on the ground in front of him. There was a hole there which was obviously left behind when Yang Kai stole a flower previously.


Then, he slit his own finger and pushed out a drop of Golden Blood before it dropped onto the stem of the flower.


Fu Qi’s breathing became rapid as he widened his eyes and stared fixedly at the drop of Golden Blood.


Hearing a clearly audible gulp, Yang Kai turned to look at him and asked, “Brother Fu Qi, are you hungry?”


“Wha..? No, no, no, no!” Fu Qi waved his hands quickly as his Adam’s apple bobbed.


Initially, Yang Kai thought that Fu Qi was drooling over the Mid-Rank Dragon Blood Flower; however, upon closer inspection, he realised that Fu Qi was staring fixedly at his wound, which caused him to feel disgusted as he discreetly placed his hand behind his back. [What is wrong with him? Is my blood useful to male Dragon Clan members as well?]


After giving it a thought, he realised that it might be true. Zhu Qing’s Dragon Vein broke through from the Eighth Order to the Ninth Order after they engaged in an intimate union. In other words, there was something in his body that could help improve the purity of a Dragon’s blood.


Therefore, his Golden Blood might just be beneficial for all members of the Dragon Clan.


[This is terrible…] Yang Kai became somewhat apprehensive. If that was the case, he was worried that they would capture him to distribute his blood to everyone.


He was fine with using his blood to nurture the flowers to compensate for their losses; however, if they wanted to drink his blood, he couldn’t bring himself to allow them to do so.


Quickly, he waved his other hand at Fu Qi, “Good. You may leave now. I can handle things here on my own, so you don’t have to keep me company.”


Considering what Fu Qi had done just now, he wouldn’t dare to let him remain.


Fu Qi was startled for a moment before he said, “But my job is to guard this place…”


Yang Kai shot him a glare, “And just what are you trying to guard? There are only a hundred or so immature Dragon Blood Flowers here. Do you think I’d steal them?”


[It’s not like you never stole them before…] Despite his unspoken criticism, Fu Qi said, “Great Elder ordered me to…”


“Are you leaving or not? If you aren’t, then I’ll go.”


“What? Where are you going?” Fu Qi was shocked.


“The world is huge. I can go wherever I want.”


A stunned Fu Qi said, “Brother Yang, you’ve promised to cultivate the Dragon Blood Flowers. How can you leave just like this?”


Yang Kai sighed, “That was my intention, but someone has spoiled my mood, so I don’t feel like doing it anymore.”


Fu Qi’s face reddened as he could tell that he must have made Yang Kai feel displeased. After giving it a thought, he realised that drooling over Yang Kai’s blood, even if it was an instinctual response when he realized it was hugely beneficial to him, must have been quite off-putting.


However, with Yang Kai acting this way, Fu Qi could only say, “I’ll have to get Great Elder’s permission first.”


“Make it quick!” Yang Kai urged him with an impatient expression.


Fu Qi then used a Secret Technique to communicate with Zhu Yan, and a moment later, he said with a dejected expression, “Great Elder has said that I don’t have to keep guard here anymore…”


Yang Kai grunted, “Great Elder is indeed a sensible person.”


Feeling helpless, Fu Qi replied, “This Fu will take his leave, then.”


“Go, go.” Yang Kai waved his hand.


Fu Qi longingly took a look at the Mid-Rank Dragon Blood Flower, which had just been planted, before he turned around and flew away. Still, he thought that it was such a shame. It would be wonderful if he could consume the drop of Golden Blood just now. Although he wasn’t sure what that drop of blood could do for him, he knew that it must be better than consuming a Dragon Blood Flower.


After Fu Qi was gone, Yang Kai was finally able to be at ease as he remained on the same spot and stroked his chin. At the same time, he observed the transformation the flower was going through.


He wasn’t sure if it was an illusion, but after just a short moment, he could feel that the flower had gone through some changes. There was a layer of golden glow on the scarlet flower now, which made it look somewhat alluring.


As he kept watching, there seemed to be more changes, but it also felt like there had been none.


Seeing this, Yang Kai was puzzled; however, since Dragon Blood was needed to nurture Dragon Blood Flowers, he knew that his blood must have incredible effects on them; after all, his bloodline was able to suppress most members of the Dragon Clan.


Yang Kai wasn’t in a rush to keep planting more flowers, as he wanted to find out how effective his blood was on this particular flower first. If his blood wasn’t useful at all, then he would stop doing it and directly go over to break into the Dragon Temple to spare himself the suffering.


However, it was quite boring to keep watching the flower, so he decided to take a stroll around the island while he waited.


In fact, he had walked around Dragon Blood Island before; however, at that time, he was focused on looking for Dragon Blood Flowers, so he didn’t take any time to enjoy the scenery. Now, it was the right time to do some sightseeing.


Besides Dragon Blood Flowers, there were also some other plants on Dragon Blood Island. Nevertheless, they were just some ordinary plants rather than precious Spirit Herbs. Furthermore, it seemed that due to the fact that they had been surrounded by Dragon Blood mist for a long time, all the ordinary plants here appeared scarlet as well, giving them a somewhat eerie beauty.


Yang Kai also saw the more than one hundred remaining Dragon Blood Flowers. Most of them were indeed still immature, with their colour and size incomparable to those of the flower he had just planted.


Half a day later, Yang Kai returned to his original spot, and upon closer look, he was elated.


The Dragon Blood Flower had really gone through huge changes. It was hard to tell the differences when he was staring fixedly at it earlier. But now, he could see that the petals had grown larger, and the colour of the flower had become more vivid. The golden glow on the flower didn’t disappear either and instead was shining more brightly than earlier, which went to show that his drop of Golden Blood was still providing a positive effect, even though he wasn’t sure how long the effect would last.


The revelation made Yang Kai feel hopeful.


Since he had an effective method now, it meant that he could fulfil Fu Zhun’s request. In the future, if she dared to stop him from entering the Dragon Temple, he would not hold back.


All of a sudden, he seemed to have endless energy as he was ready to plant more Dragon Blood Flowers.


There were about six hundred to seven hundred Low-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers in his medicine garden, and he could just release six hundred to seven hundred drops of his Golden Blood to nurture them. He believed that after his blood took effect, even if he couldn’t restore the original amount of flowers, he could raise their quality significantly.


With a flick of his Divine Sense, another Dragon Blood Flower appeared on his palm, but upon inspecting it, Yang Kai was startled because this one was also Mid-Rank. Fishing out another, Yang Kai saw it was yet another Mid-Rank flower, and it was the same case for the third one.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai’s expression cramped as he thought of something. Smacking his forehead, he immediately plunged into the Sealed World Bead.


At that instant, he realised that he had foolishly forgotten about the two helpers who had been living inside.


Mu Zhu and Mu Na! 


The duo could be said to be the authoritative figures in cultivating Dragon Blood Flowers. To the members of the Wood Spirit Clan, nothing was more joyous than growing rare plants, and after Yang Kai passed the medicine garden to them, he had essentially stopped checking on it altogether. Now, the medicine garden had expanded by more than ten times, and many peculiar plants were growing in it.


Upon seeing that all the Dragon Blood Flowers he had brought out were Mid-Rank, Yang Kai realised that the Low-Rank flowers that he had placed might have all been upgraded.


With the care of Mu Zhu and Mu Na, who were Wood Spirits, and the special conditions in his medicine garden, the impossible could be made possible.


When Yang Kai appeared in the medicine garden, he was immediately dumbfounded.


There was basically no end to the medicine garden as Spirit Flowers, Medicines, and Herbs of all different sizes and colours spread as far as the eye could see. There were also rows of trees that were neatly arranged, some of which were covered in blooms while others had ripened fruit hanging from their boughs. The entire medicine garden was filled with a unique scent that refreshed one’s spirit and wheted their appetite.


The Immortal Tree and the Firmament Tree stood at the centre of the garden, and in a spot nearby, the rare Flesh Incarnation Fruit Tree was planted.


Countless dots of lights, which looked like fireflies, floated around the medicine garden, making it look like a heavenly paradise.


The dumbstruck Yang Kai wondered if it was really his formerly messy, disorganized medicine garden, as he had never seen a more beautiful and orderly place in his life.


When he reached the peak of Martial Dao in the future, it would be a good idea to spend his time in this serene place with his women.


“Mu Zhu, Mu Na,” Yang Kai called out to them in a hushed voice, feeling somewhat anxious for some reason, as if he was a thief here to steal the herbs.


Just then, two petite figures shot toward Yang Kai from both sides and hovered in the air in front of him. After they traded glances, Mu Zhu asked, “Master, why are you here?”


“I’ve come across a bit of trouble,” Yang Kai still said in a quiet voice. “I need your help.”


Puzzled by his behaviour, Mu Zhu also spoke in a lowered voice, “Master, you don’t have to be overly polite with us. Just tell us what you want us to do.”


Although Mu Na remained silent, she nodded repeatedly.


“That’s great. It’s an easy task for you two I suppose. I just want you to help me cultivate a specific Spirit Flower.”


Mu Zhu replied with a smile, “That’s our forte, but…” She looked around, “Why are you speaking in a hushed voice? Is someone eavesdropping on us here?”


Yang Kai blinked as he placed his fist on his lips and coughed. Then, he said in his usual tone of voice, “No, I just felt I should not ruin the serenity and tranquillity of this place.”


The two Wood Spirits were dumbfounded upon hearing that as they were torn between laughter and tears.



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