Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3340, Don’t Be Too Surprised


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It was said that a sharp axe makes a woodcutter’s job smoother. Purple Soul Grass was essential to the growth of Dragon Blood Flowers, so the two Wood Spirits decided to nurture the grass first to build a foundation for the Dragon Blood Flowers that would be gradually moved out of the medicine garden.


It wasn’t difficult to cultivate Purple Soul Grass. Although they didn’t have any seeds left, they had plenty of this grass in the medicine garden. Paired with Mu Zhu and Mu Na’s root splitting Secret Technique, the entire Dragon Blood Island would be covered in the grass soon.


Mu Zhu estimated that it would take them a month to finish this step.


While the Wood Spirits were busy with their work, Yang Kai basically had nothing to do. Fortunately, Zhu Qing would come over to keep him company every few days, which made his life less boring.


Zhu Qing was shocked when she saw the Wood Spirits, as she hadn’t expected that two people from such a rare race had been staying by Yang Kai’s side. Knowing the Wood Spirits’ special abilities, she was now completely confident that Yang Kai would be able to fulfil Fu Zhun’s request.


Besides Zhu Qing, Fu Qi, and Zhu Lie had come over several times in an attempt to check on his progress; apparently, they had received the order from Zhu Yan.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai blocked both of them outside the island. The two Wood Spirits were busy with their work, so he didn’t want the situation on the island to be revealed too soon. If the Dragon Clan discovered Mu Zhu and Mu Na and greedily wanted them to stay, it would become troublesome.


Fu Qi and Zhu Lie felt helpless. Although they headed to the island every two to three days, they still had no idea about the progress on the island.


Half a month later, a frustrated Yang Kai finally lost patience and beat Fu Qi and Zhu Lie up badly.


After that, they stopped showing up. Left with no choice, Zhu Yan decided to pry some information out of Zhu Qing; after all, the only person on the entire Dragon Island who could make Yang Kai tell the truth was Zhu Qing.


Certainly, Zhu Qing wouldn’t dare to ignore Zhu Yan’s questions, and fortunately, Yang Kai had told her to inform Zhu Yan that the result would be ready in half a year, and that everyone in the Dragon Clan wouldn’t be disappointed.


Half a year wasn’t a long time. Compared to their long lifespan, half a year would pass after a flick of the finger, so they were fine with waiting.


The appearance of Dragon Blood Island changed noticeably every day. Just like what Mu Zhu had said, one month later, the Purple Soul Grass had grown into place.


Now, half of the island was covered in this purple grass. Looking from afar, the island appeared stunning. The places where the purple grass was growing would now be planted with Dragon Blood Flowers.


After they were done with the preparation, Yang Kai followed the Wood Spirits’ orders and fished out Dragon Blood Flowers from his medicine garden.


Every flower that had been taken out, Mu Zhu and Mu Na would carefully plant on the island. While they were doing this, they appeared meticulous and sincere, as if they were adherents on a holy pilgrimage.


Two days later, all the Mid-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers had been taken out and planted, and a few days later, a large number of the immature flowers had also been moved out.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai had prepared his own Golden Blood. Following Mu Zhu’s instructions, he filled a large barrel with his blood and passed it to them.


He was relieved that the purity of his blood didn’t seem to have regressed after this was done.


Then, there was nothing else he could do but wait. With two Wood Spirits in charge of everything, Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about anything at all. After finding a suitable location, he built a wooden hut for himself and spent most of the time meditating.


Sometimes, he would take a stroll and check on the Dragon Blood Flowers’ progress, and every month or so, Mu Zhu or Mu Na would look for him and get more Golden Blood.


It was a peaceful life. Zhu Qing also spent more time on the island. Whenever she was free, she would come over and keep him company.


Half a year later, Yang Kai was standing on the beach of Dragon Blood Island with his hands behind his back as his hair and clothes swayed in the wind. With a solemn expression, he looked up at the sky, appearing bold and undaunted.


Just then, beams of lights that came in from different colours appeared over the horizon and shot towards Yang Kai. Waves of Dragon Pressure swept across the sky, causing the ocean to surge and splash onto the beach.


After the lights diminished, five figures appeared in front of Yang Kai.


All five Elders of the Dragon Clan, Great Elder Zhu Yan, Second Elder Fu Zhun, Third Elder Fu Xuan, Fourth Elder Zhu Kong, as well as Zhu Qing, had all arrived.


Right after Zhu Yan appeared, he said hurriedly, “Yang Boy, Qing’er said that you’re done with the task. Is that true?”


When Zhu Qing informed him about it earlier, Zhu Yan still couldn’t believe it. In the past, she had passed on Yang Kai’s word that everything would be resolved in half a year; however, when that time came, Zhu Yan couldn’t help feeling apprehensive as he was worried that Yang Kai was just messing with them.


After all, Yang Kai had stolen a large number of Dragon Blood Flowers. Furthermore, he had said that he had consumed all the Mid-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers already, so how was he able to compensate for their losses in such a short time?


A smiling Yang Kai replied, “Whether or not it’s true, you’ll have to look forward to it.”


As he spoke, he nodded at Fu Xuan and Zhu Kong as a way of greeting them. As for Fu Zhun, he wasn’t even willing to spare her a glance.


With a cold expression, Fu Zhun didn’t show any sign of displeasure. It would be weird if Yang Kai showed her any respect. His behaviour just now was normal.


Zhu Yan said solemnly, “Little brat, you mustn’t lie to us. I’m sure you’re aware that Dragon Blood Flowers are important to us. If you dare mock us, this Old Master will never let you off.”


Yang Kai snorted, “It’s just a few Dragon Blood Flowers. Why do you make it sound like they’re some unparalleled treasures?”


[Just some Dragon Blood Flowers?] Zhu Yan’s expression darkened when he heard that. Dragon Blood Flowers were the foundation of the Dragon Clan. How are they not considered as treasures?


Zhu Qing couldn’t take it any longer and finally spoke up, “Great Elder, seeing is believing. Why don’t you have a look yourself?”


Zhu Yan nodded, “Good.”


Then, Fu Zhun moved and shot further into Dragon Blood Island as her cold voice was heard saying from afar, “This Queen will see what tricks you’re up to!”


Yang Kai scoffed, “Take your time, no one will snatch anything from you, so why are you in a rush?”


Fu Zhun stopped flying and turned around to shoot him a glare before moving forward again.


Zhu Yan wasn’t willing to keep wasting time on Yang Kai as he raced after Fu Zhun to find out the situation on the island. Fu Xuan and Zhu Kong cupped their fists to Yang Kai before they ran after the others as well.


Zhu Qing stared at their figures and said, “I hope that they will not be too surprised.”


Over the past six months, Zhu Qing had witnessed how the Wood Spirits used their Secret Techniques to transform Dragon Blood Island into a place overflowing with life and vitality. If she hadn’t seen it for herself, she wouldn’t even be sure how she should face the current Dragon Blood Island.


Surprised? Shocked? Elated? Excited? Perhaps any member of the Dragon Clan who saw the current Dragon Blood Island would not be able to contain their emotions.


Yang Kai extended his hand toward her and said, “Let’s go and see what their reactions will be.”


With a faint smile, Zhu Qing took his hand as they flew into the air together.


A moment later, they arrived at the cultivated region of Dragon Blood Island, and looking up, they realised that the Dragon Clan’s four Elders were hovering in the air in a row as they remained silent.


As if a Binding Secret Technique had been cast upon them, these four were rooted to the spot as they stared fixedly in front of themselves. Fu Xuan even covered her red lips as her eyes beamed with excitement.


While Zhu Yan had been transformed by shock, Fu Zhun appeared doubtful and astounded. 


Batting his eyes, Zhu Kong asked for confirmation, “Is this a dream?”


If it wasn’t a dream, why would they see such a sight?


The vast plot of land below was covered in purple grass, and there were countless Dragon Blood Flowers which appeared vivid and lively growing amongst them. Furthermore, they were all neatly arranged.


There were immature, Low-Rank, Mid-Rank and even High-Rank flowers in this patch of garden.


As far as Zhu Kong could see, there were about five High-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers, thirty to forty Mid-Rank flowers, and the Low-Rank and immature ones were basically innumerable.


What’s more, the area they were looking at was just one part of Dragon Blood Island. If they had to count all the Dragon Blood Flowers on the island, they wondered how many there were in total.


Apparently, Fu Zhun couldn’t believe her own eyes. After some hesitation, she shot forward. It seemed that she wanted to look around the entire island. Perhaps only this area was full of Dragon Blood Flowers while the other regions were barren.


She wasn’t the only one who had this thought as Zhu Yan, Zhu Kong, and Fu Xuan dispersed to examine the other parts of the island.


Yang Kai sneered and turned to look at Zhu Qing, “Looks like they still don’t believe me.”


Zhu Qing shook her head, “It’s not that they don’t believe you. It’s just that it’s inconceivable. Just let them look around. It’s better than if you explain anything.”


Yang Kai nodded his head, “You’re right.”


After that, they decided to wait.


A moment later, Fu Zhun was the first one to return. It was the first time she was staring at Yang Kai in surprise with her deep gaze. It was as if she wanted to look into his heart and find out how he was able to achieve this in just half a year. She parted her lips in an attempt to ask something, but she couldn’t bring herself to say a word in the end.


On the other hand, Yang Kai straightened up as his figure appeared as imposing as a sword.


Then, beams of lights returned as the others showed up and looked at Yang Kai in disbelief.


Seeing that, Yang Kai felt even more confident.


“Yang Boy…” Zhu Yan was the first to speak as he pointed at the ground, “Is that Purple Soul Grass?”


Yang Kai turned to gaze at him and replied, “Great Elder is a knowledgeable man, even able to recognise the Purple Soul Grass. Impressive, impressive.”


Zhu Yan couldn’t help but roll his eyes, for Yang Kai’s compliment sounded more mocking than sincere. Nevertheless, he didn’t have the time to harp on this issue as he asked, “Where did you get this Purple Soul Grass?”


Purple Soul Grass had become extinct; otherwise, they would have collected it and used it to nurture the Dragon Blood Flowers long ago. After all, with Purple Soul Grass around, Dragon Blood Flowers would grow more rapidly.


However, Zhu Yan had never expected that something that had supposedly become extinct would appear in this world again. Moreover, it came in large quantities, almost covering the entire Dragon Blood Island.


Purple Soul Grass alone was an immense treasure for the Dragon Clan which couldn’t be traded with anything else.


“You don’t have to care about where I obtained this grass. Since I’ve planted it here, I’ll just give it to the Dragon Clan.”


Zhu Yan thought to himself. [It’s not like you have a choice. Did you even intend to take it back? I’ll kill you if you really do that!]


The pleasantly surprised Zhu Yan said with a grin, “Wonderful. Since you’re so generous, we won’t hesitate to accept.”


Then, Yang Kai said in a low tone, “I am Zhu Qing’s husband, which makes me part of the Dragon Clan; therefore, I wouldn’t hide any good things from you.”


As he spoke, he stared fixedly at Fu Zhun.


However, Fu Zhun looked away and ignored him.


[This cheap slut!] Yang Kai cursed her in his heart.



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