Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3341, Going Back On Your Word


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Zhu Kong shook his head repeatedly as he appeared in shock, “It’s unbelievable. Unbelievable. How are there so many mature Dragon Blood Flowers on the island? Moreover, so many of such high rank.”


Basically, when Yang Kai announced half a year ago that he would make up for the Dragon Blood Flowers he had stolen, no one from the Dragon Clan thought that he could do it. The least they could hope for was that he would just return the remaining Dragon Blood Flowers that were with him.


After all, he couldn’t possibly vomit up what he had already eaten.


Therefore, before coming to this place, the Elders had psychologically prepared themselves and speculated that there were a few hundred Low-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers on the island at most.


However, now, there were more than a few hundred Low-Rank flowers right in front of them. Even the Mid-Rank ones were more than that number.


Not only had Yang Kai returned the flowers he had stolen, but he had also given them back many times more than the original amount.


[Where did he get so many Dragon Blood Flowers?]


Fu Xuan gazed at Yang Kai and asked, “How many Dragon Blood Flowers are there on the island exactly?”


With a faint smile, Yang Kai replied politely, “There are 200 High-Rank flowers, 500 Mid-Rank flowers, 1,000 Low-Rank flowers, and about 2,000 immature ones.”


When they were looking around Dragon Blood Island, they already had a rough idea of the number of flowers; however, after Yang Kai announced the totals and their ranks, they were still astounded.


[200 High-Rank and 500 Mid-Rank flowers? Did we hear it wrong?]


If Yang Kai told them the numbers when they had just arrived at Dragon Blood Island, they wouldn’t have believed him; after all, in the past, there were only about 30 High-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers on Dragon Blood Island, which was a huge difference from the current 200. There were also about 200 Mid-Rank flowers in the past, but now, there were 500.


Furthermore, there were also 1,000 Low-Rank flowers and 2,000 immature ones.


In total, the number of flowers had grown by more than four times.


Having travelled around the island, all of the Elders thought that the numbers given by Yang Kai should be accurate. Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to exaggerate something like this as they could all count. If the real numbers were different from what he had announced, he would be extremely embarrassed.


In other words, these high-quality Dragon Blood Flowers were real.


If it weren’t because there was nothing unusual about the flowers, Zhu Yan would have thought that Yang Kai had used the past six months to build a giant Illusion Array to make all of them hallucinate.


However, it had only been half a year, so how did he manage to do it?


The four Elders stared at Yang Kai as if they were seeing a ghost in broad daylight. On the other hand, Zhu Qing appeared impassive as she was aware of the outcome; after all, over the past six months, she had witnessed the gradual transformation of the island.


Right in front of everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai heaved a sigh, “It’s a shame that I haven’t been able to nurture any Peak-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers.”


In fact, Mu Zhu and Mu Lu were able to do that, but it would take them about ten to twenty years, and Yang Kai did not have that much time to waste. Furthermore, the two Wood Spirits had expended an enormous amount of time and energy already to turn the Mid-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers into High-Rank ones.


As for his contribution, Yang Kai had provided five big barrels of his own blood. Fortunately, his restorative ability was amazing and the entire process lasted for just half a year. Otherwise, the purity of his blood would most likely have regressed somewhat.


“Peak-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers are extremely rare, so it’s expected that you can’t nurture them in such a short time.” Zhu Kong wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. It would be truly inconceivable if Yang Kai managed to cultivate Peak-Rank flowers as well.


[That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!] An elated Yang Kai stared fixedly at Fu Zhun and asked, “Second Elder, what do you think? Is what I’ve done enough to compensate for the losses you suffered in the past?”


His expression was arrogant, and his gaze appeared ferocious. It was as if he was ready to get into a fight with her if she dared to say anything that was untruthful.


Fu Zhun remained silent as she truly couldn’t say anything that was against her own convictions.


“It’s enough to make up for our losses,” Zhu Yan nodded. Although they couldn’t get back the two Peak-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers, the numbers of High-Rank, Mid-Rank, Low-Rank and immature flowers were much greater than in the past. Hence, it would be unreasonable if they insisted that the compensation wasn’t enough. It could even be said that not only had Yang Kai made up for the losses, but he had also given a lot more to the Dragon Clan.


“Hahaha!” Yang Kai guffawed as his six months of ‘hard work’ had finally paid off. What Zhu Yan had said basically meant that the issue had been settled, so it was pointless for Fu Zhun to say otherwise. He was so excited that he even hugged Zhu Qing and landed a kiss on her cheek, causing her entire face to redden.


A dumbfounded Zhu Yan coughed and said, “Boy, how did you manage to do it? Did you already have so many Dragon Blood Flowers?”


Yang Kai looked vigilantly at him, “Great Elder, you don’t have to care about how I’ve managed to do it. This may come across as rude, but I suggest that you give up any idea you have in your mind now. In order to nurture these Dragon Blood Flowers, I expended a lot of time and energy, and you can’t replicate the process even if I told you about it. From now on, you’ll handle these Dragon Blood Flowers on your own, and I won’t cultivate them for you again.”


“Ahem, I was just asking…” Zhu Yan appeared embarrassed. Naturally, he had wanted to find out more about how Yang Kai managed to achieve it; after all, if they were able to learn this amazing technique, they wouldn’t have to worry about the supply of Dragon Blood Flowers ever again, and their clansmen would have many resources to consume to improve the purity of their bloodline. Nevertheless, Yang Kai had seen through him and thwarted his plan before it began.


In a dispassionate manner, Yang Kai stated, “Now that there’s Purple Soul Grass on the island, the quality of Dragon Blood Flowers will only keep improving. All of you have been cultivating the flowers for years, so I don’t think I need to teach you anything more. Good, this issue has been settled.”


Upon finishing his words, he turned his head back and pointed at Fu Zhun with his chin as he said slowly, “I want to enter the Dragon Temple!”


Fu Zhun sneered, “In your dreams!”


Yang Kai bellowed, “You dare go back on your word!?”


Fu Zhun refuted coldly, “This Queen has never spoken a word she did not mean!”


Yang Kai pointed at her and growled, “Half a year ago, you said that as long as I could make up for the losses you suffered, you would agree to all of my requests. Now that I’ve done what you ask, you won’t fulfil your promise? How does that not count as going back on your word?”


“Have I ever said so?” Fu Zhun turned to look at the side.


A dumbstruck Yang Kai was lost for words, but he soon sneered, “Qing’er was right beside me at that time. What’s the point of denying it?”


Zhu Qing nodded, “Second Elder, you indeed said so before.”


Her voice was low, which went to show that she was quite unhappy as well. In the past six months, she had accompanied Yang Kai and witnessed how he had been busy working with the flowers. He had even contributed his own Golden Blood to the process; however, she had never expected that Fu Zhun would go back on her word, so she found it unacceptable.


It had never crossed her mind that the Second Elder was this kind of person.


“En, I did say such words before,” Fu Zhun turned her head back, “But so what?”


Yang Kai stared at Zhu Yan and said coldly, “Great Elder, how can members of the Dragon Clan go back on their word?”


Zhu Yan sighed, “We of the Dragon Clan always mean what we say.”


“What a joke!” Yang Kai’s lips curved into a smile, but there wasn’t a tinge of joy on his face. He was completely infuriated by what Fu Zhun was doing.


Zhu Yan, however, went on to say, “But, have you really met Second Elder’s condition?”


Yang Kai pointed at the side, “Don’t these flowers count?”


Zhu Yan nodded his head, “They do count, and it is true you’ve compensated for the flowers you stole in the past. But what about our other losses? Try to recall what the Second Elder said, exactly.”


Certainly, Yang Kai remembered the exact words of Fu Zhun, then he sneered, “What’s the point of playing on words?”


Zhu Yan shook his head, “It’s not that we’re playing on words. In the past, a Dragon of the Fu Clan lost his life because of you. In short, there is a blood feud between us, and by all rights we should kill you to resolve the grudges. However, since you’re somewhat related to the Dragon Clan, it is not appropriate that we fall out with each other. Nevertheless, you need to do something to make up for that loss.”


Yang Kai sneered, “Fu Chi was killed by Wu Kuang. If you want to avenge his death, go look for Wu Kuang. What does it have anything to do with me?”


Zhu Yan refuted, “Given the situation Wu Kuang was in, if you hadn’t injured Fu Chi, Wu Kuang wouldn’t have succeeded in killing him. So, you’re partly responsible for Fu Chi’s death as well.”


“He should be glad that he was killed by Wu Kuang. At the very least, he didn’t suffer much pain. If I were to make a move on him, I wouldn’t let him die so easily,” Yang Kai grinned menacingly.


Zhu Qing balled up her fists and stared at Zhu Yan, “Great Elder, Fu Chi is dead, so what is the point of mentioning this? Do you want my husband to kill himself to atone for his mistake?”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he blamed himself for being too naïve. If he knew this would be the outcome, he wouldn’t have helped them cultivate these Dragon Blood Flowers in the first place. He should have barged into the Dragon Temple and made use of the power of Dragon Souls there to suppress Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun from the start.


Zhu Yan said, “That’s not what I meant; after all, Fu Chi wasn’t killed by him directly, so why would I want him to kill himself?”


“Great Elder, please speak directly.”


Zhu Yan coughed as he darted his gaze between Zhu Qing and Yang Kai, then he said, “We’ve lost a clansman because of you, so as long as you can add a clansman to our ranks, you can come and go as you please, and no one will stop you again.”


Yang Kai couldn’t help but snort, “Add a clansman for you? Interesting. Where am I supposed to look for a new clansman for you?”


Zhu Yan went on to say, “You don’t have to look for it. You already have the ability yourself.”


Yang Kai frowned, “What do you mean?”


He was puzzled as Zhu Yan’s words were ambiguous.


Suddenly thinking of something, Zhu Qing’s face reddened in an instant.


Fu Xuan also realised what Zhu Yan meant as she gazed at Yang Kai in surprise.


With a smile, Zhu Kong finally sent a Divine Sense transmission to Yang Kai.


At that instant, a myriad of expressions came over Yang Kai as he turned to look at Zhu Qing and pointed at his own nose, “You think if Qing’er and I have a child, that child will be born as a member of the Dragon Clan?”


At the end of the day, this was Zhu Yan’s real intention. Yang Kai even suspected that it had always been his intention since the beginning as they lured him to jump into the trap. Telling him to nurture Dragon Blood Flowers was just a hook. [These two old farts are too sly!]



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