Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3342, Stealthy


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After giving it a thought, Yang Kai realised that it might be possible. Although he was from the Human Race, it was hard to tell whether he was now actually a Dragon or Human. On the other hand, Zhu Qing was a Pureblood Dragon.


Hence, if they ever had a child together, it could probably be from the Dragon Race.


The main reason Mo Xiao Qi didn’t have a Dragon Clan’s bloodline must be that she had inherited more of the traits from her father, Martial Beast Great Emperor Mo Huang.


Upon learning the Dragon Clan’s plan, Yang Kai said with a grim expression, “Great Elder, are you pulling my leg?”


Zhu Yan coughed into his fist and replied, “Throughout history, we have always had a small number of clansmen, so every death is a huge loss for us. This Old Master wouldn’t pull your leg when it comes to this issue.”


[This old fart is serious?] Yang Kai was dumbfounded and he replied with a frown, “In that case, I’m afraid that I’ll disappoint you. Even if we’ve intended to bear a child, we won’t know how long it’ll take for Qing’er to get pregnant. Furthermore, if we ever have a child of our own, we won’t pass our child to the Dragon Clan. We’ll certainly have to personally raise and teach the child.”


He was already a Second-Order Emperor, while Zhu Qing’s cultivation was even higher than his; therefore, it was hard for them to conceive any children at all. That was because the higher the cultivation the couple had, the harder it was for them to have kids.


If Yang Kai agreed to this demand, he was worried that he wouldn’t see any hope for the next ten or even hundred years. There was no way he would stay on Dragon Island for such a long time.


“There will always be hope as long as you work hard enough.” Zhu Yan persuaded him.


Yang Kai waved his sleeve and refuted, “Great Elder, you don’t have to persuade me anymore. Since you’re determined to go back on your word, there’s nothing else I can say. If you really want a new member for the Dragon Clan, you can work harder yourself. You don’t have to ask me to do it.”


Upon hearing that, Fu Zhun bellowed, “How impudent!”


If Zhu Yan were to work harder on getting a child, he would have to do it with Fu Zhun. That was why she was embarrassed upon hearing what Yang Kai had said.


Yang Kai shot her a cold glance without saying a word, then he turned to look at Zhu Yan, “I’ll just give all these Dragon Blood Flowers to the Dragon Clan. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other anymore. Goodbye!”


After he finished speaking, he turned around and flew away.


Zhu Qing sighed before she moved and raced after him. Initially, she thought that since Yang Kai had cultivated so many Dragon Blood Flowers for the Dragon Clan, the relationship between them would definitely improve, and the Dragon Clan might even accept him; however, she had never expected that it would end up in such a way, so she was now resentful of Fu Zhun as well.


“That boy has such a short temper,” Zhu Yan watched Yang Kai leave as he shook his head, then he started laughing. “He has the Ancestral Dragon Source, so does he seriously think that he can have nothing to do with us anymore?”


Zhu Kong said, “I guess he hasn’t yet realised that he is already part of the Dragon Clan; however, the issue regarding the Ancestral Dragon Source is important, so we can’t simply tell him about it yet.” He sighed.


Zhu Yan nodded, “That’s the reason I want him to have a child with Qing’er. In that case, he’ll be closely related to the Dragon Clan, and he won’t be reckless anymore in whatever he does. Unfortunately, the outcome has turned out to be the opposite of what we’ve desired.”


Fu Xuan knitted her brows together, “Why can’t we just tell him directly? Why must we do it in such a roundabout manner?”


With a helpless smile, Zhu Yan shook his head, “The Ancestral Dragon Source is extremely powerful and important. If we told him the truth, Dragon Island will fall completely under his control. Right now, he’s not powerful enough to handle that much authority. If he gains so much power without the necessary strength to wield it, it will be terrible for both the Dragon Clan and him.”


Fu Xuan parted her lips, but she eventually heaved a sigh.


Up in the sky, Yang Kai and Zhu Qing were flying alongside each other.


After sulking for a moment, Yang Kai gradually calmed himself down. Although he had been tricked by Fu Zhun, his stay on Dragon Island could be said to be fruitful still. At the very least, he was relieved to find out that Zhu Qing hadn’t been punished by the Dragon Clan, and she would also get a lot of the Dragon Blood Flowers that he had spent half a year nurturing.


At the thought of this, he fished out a Space Ring from his pocket and passed it to her.


Zhu Qing took it and investigated it with her Divine Sense, after which she was stunned, “Why are there so many Dragon Blood Pills inside?”


There were three hundred Dragon Blood Pills in the Space Ring that were all of high quality. Some of them even had Pill Veins.


Over the past six months, Zhu Qing hadn’t been by Yang Kai’s side the whole time, so whenever he was free, he would refine some Dragon Blood Pills. It wouldn’t take the Wood Spirits much effort to cultivate Dragon Blood Flowers anyway, so he had only used High-Rank flowers to make the pills, which was why the quality was superb.


With a smile, Yang Kai replied, “They’re for you. When I’m not by your side, you can take these pills to improve the purity of your blood. When I visit you again, I’ll give you more.”


“Are you really leaving?” Zhu Qing tightened her grip on the Space Ring as she stared longingly at him. She had been extremely happy for the past six months, even though she knew that he wouldn’t stay on Dragon Island forever; however, she hadn’t expected that the separation would come so soon.


Yang Kai wrapped his arm around her waist and gazed at her with a tilted head, “Why don’t you come with me?”


Zhu Qing rested her head on his shoulder and pressed her lips together, “I’m afraid…”


Yang Kai was stunned, “What are you afraid of?”


Right after he finished speaking, he felt a pinch on his waist as Zhu Qing snorted, “I’m afraid of your four wives!”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai guffawed as he was torn between tears and laughter, “Why are you afraid of them?” [You’re a member of the Dragon Clan… They’re supposed to be afraid of you instead.]


An embarrassed Zhu Qing replied, “I’m just afraid of them. Okay?”


No Dragon Woman had ever shared a husband with other women before. After all, they were noble existences, so any man who had gotten together with one of them would be considered extremely lucky. However, Zhu Qing felt guilty that she had gotten together with a man who belonged to other women. Furthermore, Fu Zhun had never been fond of Yang Kai, so if she really left with him on a whim, she wasn’t even sure what the Dragon Clan would do in response.


It would be terrible if she were to attract trouble for Yang Kai.


After she told Yang Kai her worries, he stopped forcing her as he nodded and said, “I’ll visit you whenever I’m free. I’ve set up a Space Array on an island outside the entrance, so I’ll be able to come back easily. If you have a chance to leave Dragon Island, you can use the Space Array and head to High Heaven Palace.”


Zhu Qing bowed her head, “I’ll remember.”


After a moment of silence, she suddenly recalled something and said, “If you leave now, what about Xiao Qi? You’ve brought her to this place, so don’t you need to bring her back?”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai finally remembered that Mo Xiao Qi was on Dragon Island as well. Before coming to this place, Li Wu Yi had told him to bring Mo Xiao Qi back to Spirit Beast Island when he left.


After giving it a thought, he said, “Since Xiao Qi’s mother is here, there’s nothing to worry about. We don’t have to tell her about it.”


He had a plan in his heart, so he knew that he would be better off not alerting Mo Xiao Qi. Things would become terrible if she insisted on leaving with him.


Upon hearing that, Zhu Qing nodded, “That works as well. I’ll ask Third Elder about it later and see what she says.”


Yang Kai nodded, after which they hugged each other and flew forward in silence.


In front of the Dragon Island’s entrance, Fu Ling was relaxing on a small hill. Sensing that some people were approaching, she turned around and saw Yang Kai and Zhu Qing flying over together. Elated, she walked up to them and beamed, “Big Sister Qing, Brother-in-law!”


Zhu Qing nodded at her and turned to gaze at Yang Kai, “Be careful while you’re travelling.”


“En, I’ll see you soon.” Yang Kai waved his hand at her and shot Fu Ling a look.


Fu Ling blinked and asked curiously, “Brother-in-law, are you leaving now?”


In a dispassionate tone, Yang Kai replied, “Of course I’m leaving. Do you think I’ll stay here forever?”


Upon finishing his words, he patted Zhu Qing’s wrist and took one last look at her before he turned around and plunged into the Void Corridor.


Zhu Qing remained on the same spot for a long time before she sighed and shot a look at Fu Ling. Then, she twisted her wrist as a jade bottle appeared on her palm and tossed it at Fu Ling.


An agile Fu Ling grabbed it and asked curiously, “Big Sister Qing, what is it?”


With a smile, Zhu Qing replied, “Just see for yourself.”


Fu Ling said, “Why are you acting all mysterious? Could it be some good stuff?” As she spoke, she quickly opened the lid and dropped some pills onto her palm. After catching a whiff of the pill’s fragrance, she widened her mouth in shock and gazed at Zhu Qing, “These are…”


Zhu Qing explained, “They’re the Dragon Blood Pills that your Brother-in-law refined. He feels sorry for what he’s done to you. If it weren’t because of him, you wouldn’t have been ordered to keep watch on this place for a hundred years as punishment. This is his compensation for you.”


Fu Ling’s gaze brightened, “Did he say that he wanted to compensate me?”


Zhu Qing frowned, “Don’t read too much into it. He just feels sorry for you.”


“Of course, I will not read too much into it.” Fu Ling quickly waved her hands and smiled. With narrowed eyes, she stated, “He’s such a kind-hearted person, and he’s even able to make Dragon Blood Pills. I’ve told the Elders we should capture an Emperor Rank Alchemist from the outside to make the pills for us, but they just wouldn’t listen to me. Wow! There are ten pills in this bottle. Are these… Pill Veins?”


After getting a bottle of Dragon Blood Pills, Fu Ling was so excited that she had the urge to dance and shout like a young child.


The purity of her blood could only be considered as mediocre in the Dragon Clan. Just like Fu Qi, she was a Sixth-Order Dragon; therefore, Dragon Blood Pills were extremely useful for her. Although these pills weren’t enough to push her bloodline to the Seventh Order, consuming them would save her around a hundred years’ worth of cultivation.


Hence, she no longer felt resentful of Yang Kai. Having obtained such compensation, her punishment seemed worthwhile now.


Excited, she went on to play with the pills for a long time, and when she came to her senses, Zhu Qing was already nowhere to be seen.


All of a sudden, a man could be heard speaking, “You look happy. Have you gotten something good?”


A shocked Fu Ling turned around and widened her eyes in disbelief, “Brother-in-law, why are you back?” The man who spoke was Yang Kai, who had just left.


Without replying to her, Yang Kai looked around stealthily before he asked in a hushed voice, “Is Zhu Qing really gone?”


Upon hearing that, Fu Ling put on a meaningful smile, “Brother-in-law, why did you return in such a stealthy manner?”


She took a few steps back and pressed her lips together as her eyes turned watery, “What do you intend to do?”


Yang Kai shot her a glance and sneered, “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you.”


Fu Ling growled, “Am I ugly or something? Why not?”


Yang Kai replied, “It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re ugly. So, just cut the crap. If not, give those Dragon Blood Pills back to me.”


Hearing that, Fu Ling quickly placed her hands behind her back and shook her head repeatedly, “No way!”


Since she couldn’t bed Yang Kai, there was no way she would give up the Dragon Blood Pills and return them to him.



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  1. Of course, I will not read too much into it.” Fu Ling quickly waved her hands and smiled. With narrowed eyes, she stated, “He’s such a kind-hearted person, and he’s even able to make Dragon Blood Pills. I’ve told the Elders we should capture an Emperor Rank Alchemist from the outside to make the pills for us, but they just wouldn’t listen to me. Wow! There are ten pills in this bottle. Are these… Pill Veins?

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