Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3344, Bastard


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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The second supposition wasn’t possible. Yang Kai was now a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master. Unless a Great Emperor was over there, he would have detected the man. Could it be that his speculation was wrong? That there was no one in the cave?


However, if no one was over there, what did Fu Zhun mean when she said those words before leaving?


Things were getting stranger, but Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to be complacent as he remained vigilant of his surroundings. Soon, he reached the cave’s entrance.


It was pitch dark inside the cave, and there was only a single tunnel. Since there was no light at all, it wasn’t certain how long the tunnel was.


Silently, Yang Kai stepped into the cave and slowly explored it. There were many twists and turns, but he could feel that he was gradually going downward.


A long time later, he could tell that he was now a few thousand metres below ground at the very least. Right then, he saw a faint light in front of him, which made him excited as he carefully concealed his aura.


He was about to find out whether or not Fu Zhun was keeping a lover.


Soon, he reached the source of the light and realised that it was an underground cave. The cave seemed natural rather than artificially made by anyone. It was spacious as the land area was about four thousand to eight thousand square metres.


Standing outside the cave, Yang Kai took a quick glance and realised that no one was inside it. Instead, the walls were embedded with many fist-sized Luminous Pearls that exuded a warm light and illuminated the entire cave.


The cave was the end of the tunnel as there was no more route ahead.


Standing outside the entrance, Yang Kai blinked and called out, “Is anyone there?”


His voice reverberated around the cave and caused his eardrums to buzz, but no one replied to him.


“If there’s no one there, I’m coming in.” As he spoke, he stepped into the cave and looked around. With an awkward expression, he touched his chin and said, “There’s no one here? What the heck?”


Everything in the cave could be seen clearly. Besides the exquisite Luminous Pearls on the walls, there was nothing else that was worth his attention. There wasn’t even a corpse lying around, let alone any living creature.


However, since no one was around, who was Fu Zhun speaking to before she left? Was she suffering from some mental illness? Although it was unlikely, the possibility couldn’t be excluded. After all, he wasn’t so familiar with Fu Zhun. He only knew that her cultivation was powerful. Unless he could make use of Dragon Vein suppression and the power of the Dragon Temple, he was no match for her under normal circumstances.


Since there was no one inside the cave, Yang Kai decided to stop hiding. Placing his hands behind his back, he started walking around.


A light scent still lingered inside the cave, which was obviously Fu Zhun’s bodily fragrance. It proved that she had been here and had stayed here for three days. Otherwise, the fragrance wouldn’t have remained even now.


As he walked around, he suddenly looked to the side and saw some crystal clear beads, which looked like solidified water drops, lying on the ground.


[Dragon Tears?] The items on the ground were solidified tears from a Dragon, which could be used to produce a kind of special Spirit Pill. Recalling that Fu Zhun’s eyes were all swollen, Yang Kai immediately understood that these Dragon Tears were left behind by her.


She must have cried for a long time, so there should have been many crystal tears; however, she had probably kept most of the Dragon Tears, and only a small number of them were accidentally left behind.


There were about a dozen of them which were scattered around a certain black rock.


As he touched his chin, an image sprang into his mind. Fu Zhun must have been standing beside this rock as she was crestfallen. She was weeping silently, then she started bawling her eyes out.


[Why would she face a rock and cry though?] Yang Kai snorted. Right after he dismissed the rock as insignificant, his expression changed suddenly as he sized it up again.


He wasn’t paying attention to the rock earlier and seeing as there was no one in the cave, he only took a few glances at it. However, upon closer inspection, Yang Kai realised that there was something wrong with this rock. It was as tall as a Human and its shape was oval. The shape reminded Yang Kai of an egg. It was a rock that looked like an egg!


[Wait… Is this a Dragon Egg!?]


The idea in his mind shook him to the core as he stared at the egg with widened eyes.


In fact, he wasn’t even sure how a member of the Dragon Clan was born. Was it directly given birth to by a female? Or was it hatched from a Dragon Egg? No one had told him about this before, but he did recall hearing something about Dragon Eggs.


[Could this really be a Dragon Egg?] After giving it a thought, he realised that it was possible. Snakes were oviparous, so it should be the same case for Dragons.


Fu Zhun had stayed here for three days and bawled her eyes out in front of what was thought to be a Dragon Egg. Could it be the Dragon Egg of Fu Zhun and Zhu Yan?


“Oh, my goodness!” Yang Kai widened his eyes as he was shocked by this idea. If that was the case, he had discovered something incredible.


This was a Dragon Egg that had inherited the bloodline of two Tenth-Order Great Dragons. Hence, this child was destined to be the future hope of Dragon Island.


However, if this was really their Dragon Egg, why was it placed here rather than on Azure Tree Island or Snowy Island? The latter should be excluded as the island was eternally covered in snow, and the place was filled with Ice Attribute Principles. Hence, it wasn’t a suitable location for a Dragon Egg to hatch. Nevertheless, Azure Tree Island was a pleasant place with a warm climate.


[Why did they place the egg here rather than on Azure Tree Island?]


Yang Kai frowned and extended his hand to knock on it. At that instant, the knocking sound reverberated around the cave, as if he was thumping on a rock. Hearing this, Yang Kai scratched his head as he wasn’t sure whether it was a Dragon Egg or a rock. If it was a Dragon Egg, why was there no vitality in it at all?


[Could it be a… This egg is dead?] At the thought of this, he placed his hand on the egg and closed his eyes to sense it.


The next moment, he concluded that it wasn’t a rock. Although this thing looked like a rock, it wasn’t made of stone. Instead, it was a special kind of creature.


[This is indeed a Dragon Egg! Moreover, it really is dead!] It was then Yang Kai understood why Fu Zhun absent-mindedly came to this place, cried her heart out, and said those words before she left.


This was clearly the Dragon Egg she had laid, but for some reason, it did not hatch, and all its vitality was gone. To any mother, this was completely unacceptable. This must have been especially unbearable for Fu Zhun, who was a member of the Dragon Clan. It was difficult for any Dragon to give birth to a child, so she must have been overjoyed when she got pregnant, but utterly devastated when things turned out like this.


She had placed her Dragon Egg here, and from time to time, she would visit it to weep. This time, Yang Kai just happened to come across her visit.


Yang Kai suddenly felt somewhat sorry for her. Although she always appeared to be stone-hearted and unfeeling, she was a woman after all. The Dragon Tears that had been left behind and her swollen eyes suggested that she was sorrowful over what happened and that she deeply yearned for her child.


It was then he realised that he had really seen a different side of her.


While he was mulling over his thoughts, his expression changed suddenly as he stared at the Dragon Egg with widened eyes. That was because for a brief moment, he could feel a weak vibration coming from the egg.


Nevertheless, he was distracted just now, and the fluctuation was barely perceptible, so it could have just been a misunderstanding.


[I must be mistaken. The reason this dead egg is placed here is that Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun have lost hope in it. Otherwise, they would’ve taken good care of it.]


Just when he was about to withdraw his hand, he felt a weak vibration again.


At that instant, Yang Kai’s eyes bulged as there was indeed still some vitality in the Dragon Egg. When he felt that fluctuation, he could detect some weak vitality spreading around. However, since there was still vitality in the egg, why had Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun abandoned it?


After feeling the egg for a long time, Yang Kai was certain that there was still some vitality in it, but that was it.


Withdrawing his hand, he gazed at the Dragon Egg and sighed. Either Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun weren’t aware of this, or they were but could do nothing to revive it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have abandoned it.


Then, he sighed again, “Since your dad and mom have given up on you, there’s nothing I can do to help you.”


After patting the egg, he turned around and left.


Since Fu Zhun’s lover was non-existent, it was pointless for Yang Kai to stay here. He happened to discover her secret, but he didn’t think he should threaten her with it. 


It was a mother’s love and regret for her child, so there was nothing worth blackmailing.


After leaving the cave, he leapt into the air and headed off towards Dragon Temple.


A moment later though, he stopped flying and stroked his chin. As he darted his gaze around, he suddenly thought of something. Following that, he turned around and returned to the cave, after which he put the Dragon Egg inside his Small Sealed World.


After leaving the cave again, he headed to the entrance instead of Dragon Island.


However, Fu Ling wasn’t at the entrance. Yang Kai searched around and eventually found her in a lake, which was about thirty kilometres away from the entrance.


Nonetheless, he was shocked to find out that she was taking a bath! Her clothes were put on the lakeside as she was swimming around like a fish.


Seeing Yang Kai, she was shocked as she aggrievedly looked up at him and asked, “Brother-in-law, what are you doing here?”


Yang Kai couldn’t help rolling his eyes. The lake was crystal clear while Fu Ling was naked, so although it wasn’t his intention, he could still see her nude body. Her peaks were rich and her waist was slender while the curve of her bottom was perfectly sculpted. Her figure appeared a bit distorted under the water, but there was no doubt that she was an alluring lady.


“There’s something I need to ask you about.” Without looking away, Yang Kai stared at her in a condescending manner.


Using all her limbs, Fu Ling swam towards a rock in the middle of the lake and placed her hands on it before she revealed half of her blemish-free back. Arching her alluring figure, she looked up and asked with a smile, “What do you want to ask me about?”


Yang Kai landed on the rock and crouched down before touching his chin, “Did Second Elder give birth to a child before?”


Fu Ling batted her eyes and asked curiously, “How did you know?”


[So it’s as I thought!]


Silavin: Original Title – A Dead Egg



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