Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3345, I’m Going to Hatch It


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

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“How I found out about it is none of your business. Just answer my question.” Yang Kai looked down at her.


Fu Ling gave it a thought and replied, “It was many years ago, but Second Elder had indeed given birth to a child.”


“What happened?”


A sorrowful Fu Ling said, “It couldn’t hatch and passed away because it didn’t have enough Source Strength.”


“It didn’t have enough Source Strength?” Yang Kai knitted his brows together. [Why haven’t I heard of this kind of reason for a stillbirth before?]


Fu Ling explained, “The Dragon Clan is blessed with immense power and cultivation right from birth; however, since we’re Divine Spirits, we rely on our Source to live. Every member of the Dragon Clan has their own Dragon Source, including the newly born. If a baby’s Source Strength isn’t sufficient though, it can’t be born. That incident was indeed strange. Great Elder and Second Elder are both Tenth-Order Dragons, the strongest among all of us, so it should be impossible that their child didn’t have enough Source Strength. Nevertheless, it happened.”


“I see…” Yang Kai fell into his thoughts for a moment, then he sneered, “That bitch must have done a lot of evil things, which is why the Heavens decided to punish her. We all have to conform to the Heavenly Way, and the Heavens spare no evil person!”


“B-Bitch?” Fu Ling stared at him in shock, “Brother-in-law, are you… talking about Second Elder?”


“Who else could it be?” Yang Kai shot her a glare.


Fu Ling slowly submerged herself into the water and only revealed her head as she looked meekly at him. It was the first time she realised that Yang Kai was so bold. If Fu Zhun heard what he had said, she would stop at nothing to kill him.


However, Fu Ling wasn’t aware that Yang Kai had actually cursed out Fu Zhun right to her face already, so it didn’t matter that he cursed at her while she wasn’t around.


After a moment of hesitation, Fu Ling said gently, “Actually, before that incident, while Second Elder was still cold and dispassionate, she wasn’t so foul-tempered. However, after the incident, she’s changed a lot.”


“Hmm?” Yang Kai arched his brow, “So, the incident had a huge impact on her?”


“En.” Fu Ling lowered her head, “It was difficult for her and Great Elder to have a child, but it passed away as it didn’t have enough Source Strength, so she naturally despaired. Since then, she became almost obsessed with there being new Dragon Clan members, which was why she insisted on getting Big Sister Qing married to Fu Chi.”


“She can’t do it, so she pinned all her hopes on others? What a crazy woman!” Yang Kai pursed his lips.


“I’ve also heard that, in the past, if the child of Martial Beast Great Emperor and the Third Elder was a Pureblood Dragon Clan member, Second Elder wouldn’t have blamed her; however, that Mo Xiao Qi didn’t carry any of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline at all, which was why Second Elder became enraged and threw Third Elder into the Dragon Grave.”


Yang Kai didn’t want to hear about this story again so he asked, “What happened after that?”


“What do you mean?” Fu Ling looked puzzledly at him.


“Second Elder gave birth to a dead egg, what happened next?”


Fu Ling put on a bitter smile, “What else could have happened? Great Elder and Second Elder tried everything they could think of for several years, but the egg never showed any signs that it would hatch, so they slowly lost hope. Because of this incident, Great Elder has always felt sorry for Second Elder, which is why he has been so tolerant of her behaviour all these years… Brother-in-law, why are you asking me all these questions?”


“I’m just asking. It’s not like I’m going to do anything.” Yang Kai waved his hand, “Go on with your bath and pretend that you never saw me.”


Upon finishing his words, he leapt into the air and disappeared.


An exasperated Fu Ling stared in the direction he had left and smacked the water with her palms as she said through clenched teeth, “What an evil man!”


Turning around, she started swimming in the lake again.


[This really is Fu Zhun and Zhu Yan’s Dragon Egg!] Yang Kai shot forward as his emotions undulated. [This could be the breakthrough to this deadlock!]


There was a war-torn island on the ocean where the traces of an epic battle could still be seen. A palace, which was supposed to be magnificent, had become dilapidated.


It was the Spirit Island of the deceased Eighth-Order Thunder Dragon, Fu Chi. In the past, Yang Kai had come here as well. Hundreds of cultivators had been brought to this place to build the palace for Fu Chi, but the grand battle that happened soon after completed destroyed everything on this island, and the splendid palace became a thing of the past.


Yang Kai landed on the ground and looked for an intact hall before going inside. After cleaning up the surroundings for a bit, he waved his hand and a dark dead egg appeared before his eyes.


Stroking his chin, he circled around the dead egg several times as a glint of determination flashed across his eyes.


Just then, someone was flying over from afar. A moment later, he landed beside Yang Kai and cupped his fists, “Young Master.”


“En,” A nonchalant Yang Kai gently nodded as he had already sent a message to tell Qiong Qi to come over when he was on the way to this place. Previously, Qiong Qi had been roaming around Dragon Island. Yang Kai didn’t inform him when he was pretending to leave, for he had to come back anyway.


It wasn’t until now that he told him to come over. It was said that two heads were better than one, and Qiong Qi had lived for a long time, so Yang Kai figured that he could ask for his opinions over some matters.


“Young Master, why did you tell me to…” Qiong Qi gasped before he could finish his words as he stared at the dark dead egg with widened eyes. Then, he exclaimed, “T-This…”


“What are you trying to say? Speak in a clear manner.” Yang Kai shot him a look.


Qiong Qi gulped and said, “Young Master, is this a… Dragon Egg?”


He said the last two words in a hushed voice as though he was worried that someone else would hear him.


“You really do have an acute vision, to recognise it at first glance.” Yang Kai gave him a thumbs-up. It took him some time to inspect it before he could confirm what it was. Nevertheless, Qiong Qi could tell what it was at first glance, which proved that he was indeed a seasoned old man.


A myriad of expressions came over Qiong Qi before he said, “Young Master, I’m not sure if I should tell you this.”


“Just spill whatever you have to say. Don’t you find it exhausting that you have to pretend to be gentle all the time when you have a hideous face?”


Qiong Qi’s expression darkened, but he still replied seriously, “Although I’m not sure where you’ve stolen this Dragon Egg from, I suggest that you put it back. If the Dragon Clan finds out about this, you’ll be dead.”


“Why are you so sure I’ve stolen it?” Yang Kai shot him a look.


[Could you have laid it if you hadn’t stolen it!?] Qiong Qi secretly criticized him. [Although I’m old, I’m not senile yet!]


“Then can you tell me how you obtained this egg?”


“I picked it up,” Yang Kai replied solemnly.


[As if I would believe you! We’re on Dragon Island, and there’s a Dragon Egg in front of us! How dare you tell me you’ve just picked it up!?]


“Enough nonsense. I didn’t tell you to come over to talk about this.” Yang Kai raised his hand to stop him, “There’s something I need to ask you about, so I hope that you’ll be totally honest with me and tell me everything you know.”


A worried Qiong Qi said, “Does it have something to do with this Dragon Egg?”


“That’s right.”


Qiong Qi heaved a sigh and felt that he had been dragged into a mess by Yang Kai. At that instant, he felt utterly regretful. If he knew that this would happen one day, he would rather have followed Jiu Feng and Li Wu Yi back to Spirit Beast Island. Although his freedom would be limited, he wouldn’t come across this life-threatening incident at the very least.


Since he acknowledged Yang Kai as his Young Master, he had not had a peaceful day again. Not only had Yang Kai barged into Dragon Island to walk sideways, but he had even stolen a Dragon Egg!


If the Dragon Clan found out about this, Yang Kai and Qiong Qi would have their corpses shredded into at least ten thousand pieces.


“To be honest with you, this Dragon Egg belongs to the Dragon Clan’s Great Elder and Second Elder.”


Qiong Qi’s face twitched when he heard this. 


Any Dragon Egg was immensely important, to say nothing of the fact that this was the egg of Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun! 


[What is he trying to do? Even if he wants to die, he shouldn’t have gone this far! But, since this is the Dragon Egg of the two Great Elders, how did Yang Kai manage to steal it?] Qiong Qi was puzzled.


“They said that this is a dead egg, but I don’t think so.” Yang Kai shook his head.


“It’s a dead egg?” Qiong Qi was stunned.


Yang Kai shrugged, “That’s what they said anyway.”


“Who said so?” Qiong Qi pursued the matter and asked.


“Who said it doesn’t matter, what matters is they’re all wrong. Although the vitality in the egg is weak, there’s still some hope.” As Yang Kai spoke, he pressed his hand against the egg and tilted his head to hint at Qiong Qi, “Come over and feel it.”


A curious Qiong Qi walked over and placed his hand on the Dragon Egg to feel it.


Since the Dragon Clan had already confirmed that it was a dead egg, how could Yang Kai claim that there was still some vitality in it?


“How is it? Can you feel it? Some weak life aura fluctuations appear from time to time.” Yang Kai looked joyfully at him.


Qiong Qi looked awkwardly at him and shook his head, as he couldn’t feel anything.


Yang Kai couldn’t believe that Qiong Qi couldn’t feel it, so he demanded, “Inspect it carefully!”


Left with no choice, Qiong Qi tried to feel it again attentively.


“Look. It vibrated again!” Yang Kai suddenly said.


The corners of Qiong Qi’s eyes twitched as he had the urge to ask whether Yang Kai was messing with him. He couldn’t sense any fluctuations at all. Upon inspection, he realised that everything inside the egg was shrivelled, so there were no signs of life to be felt.


However, Yang Kai didn’t seem to be lying when he firmly said those words, and it was unnecessary for him to do so. Meanwhile, if Qiong Qi admitted that he didn’t feel anything, it would mean that he was inferior to Yang Kai. Therefore, he quickly nodded and stated, “That’s right. There is indeed a faint life aura fluctuation.”


Yang Kai withdrew his hand and guffawed, “You can also feel it, right? However, since it still has some vitality, why did they claim that it’s a dead egg?”


Qiong Qi stroked his chin and pondered, “Maybe it’s because its vitality is too weak?”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai nodded in agreement, “That’s a reasonable explanation.”


The life force of any member of the Dragon Clan was incredibly powerful, so an egg with such weak vitality was essentially dead.


“Young Master, what do you plan to do?” Qiong Qi asked. It was a terrible sign that Yang Kai had shown great interest in a dead egg, which was why he was worried.


Yang Kai took a deep breath and said seriously, “I’m going to hatch it!”


“Wha?” Qiong Qi stared at him in disbelief.


“I said I’m going to hatch it!” Yang Kai repeated.


The corners of Qiong Qi’s mouth twitched as he intended to dissuade him from doing this; however, after giving it a thought, he asked, “What’s your intention for doing so?”


“Of course, I’m going to use it to threaten that bitch, Fu Zhun.” Yang Kai grinned deviously as his face was covered in a sinister gleam, “It’s Zhu Yan and her’s child. If I’m able to hatch it, she’ll have to obey my orders in the future. I can tell her to kneel down or stand up as I please… Hahaha!”


He tilted his head back and cackled while Qiong Qi’s heart clenched.



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