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Martial Peak – Chapter 3346, You Should Know

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On this war-torn Spirit Island, Qiong Qi was trying his hardest to persuade Yang Kai to put the Dragon Egg back to its original place; however, not only did Yang Kai not listen to him, but he had also reprimanded him.


Left with no choice, Qiong Qi could only resign to his fate.


“Old Qiong, the reason I’ve asked you come over is to ask you how I can hatch it.” Yang Kai looked solemnly at him.


Qiong Qi had no idea either. Although he was also a Divine Spirit, and he had lived for many years, he wasn’t a member of the Dragon Clan; hence, how was he supposed to know how to hatch a Dragon Egg? However, if he really spoke his mind, he would be chided by Yang Kai again. Left with no choice, he replied, “Maybe you can hatch it like how other oviparous species do it?”


“You mean like this?” Upon hearing that, Yang Kai pounced on the Dragon Egg and hugged it with both hands before he turned to look at him. Without waiting for Qiong Qi’s reply, he said with a dark expression, “Don’t you think this is ridiculous?”


The egg was as tall as a full-grown Human, and Yang Kai couldn’t even encircle it with both hands, so he looked rather foolish. Then, he thought of something as he leapt into the air and took a seat on the egg. As he squirmed, he looked down at him and asked, “How about this?”


The corners of Qiong Qi’s mouth twitched.


Yang Kai raised his hand, “Don’t say anything. I get it.”


Yang Kai could tell that he must look like a clown at the moment.


After sliding down the egg, he said, “Certainly, it isn’t so easy to hatch a Dragon Egg; otherwise, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun would’ve succeeded, and they wouldn’t have dumped it. Old Qiong, give it some thought. Have you lived for so many years but learned nothing at all?”


Qiong Qi sighed, “I really have no idea. You have to find out about it on your own, Young Master.”


With a long face, Yang Kai replied, “If I knew how to do it, I wouldn’t have summoned you.”


Qiong Qi said, “Actually, I think that you should know what to do.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai arched his brow, “Why am I supposed to know?”


Qiong Qi put on a smile, “Young Master, you possess a Dragon Source after all. Whatever is related to the Dragon Clan, you should instinctively understand, including how to hatch a Dragon Egg.”


Yang Kai’s gaze brightened when he heard that, and he thought what this old man had said made sense. Divine Spirits were born with immense power and cultivation; furthermore, they could inherit their ancestors’ experiences and memories. The reason for that was that everything was sealed inside their Source. When the time was right, and their cultivation reached a certain height, these memories would be unearthed from their Source.


Previously, the reason Yang Kai could use some Dragon Clan Secret Techniques was that his Dragon Transformation Secret Art had improved to the point that he could access some knowledge from his Dragon Source.


Since he could even comprehend a Secret Technique through it, there was no reason he couldn’t learn how to hatch a Dragon Egg as well.


“En, you’re right.” At that instant, Yang Kai felt enlightened as that realisation dawned upon him, and then he fell into his own thoughts.


A moment later, he lifted his head and said, “Old Qiong, please keep watch around this place for me. Inform me immediately if anyone approaches.”


In fact, it would be totally safe if he hid inside the Small Sealed World to hatch the egg as he could just hide the Sealed World Bead somewhere, and no one could possibly discover it. However, he was now on Dragon Island, where the Dragon Clan had resided for countless generations, so Yang Kai instinctually thought that hatching the Dragon Egg here was the best solution. If he hid inside the Sealed World Bead, something would probably be lacking. In this matter, Yang Kai decided to trust his instincts.


“Yes,” Upon receiving the order, Qiong Qi flew away and kept watch on the surroundings.


On the other hand, Yang Kai circled around the egg several times before patting it and saying, “I’m trying my best to revive you, so you have to work harder on your own as well. You’ll be considered lucky if I’m able to hatch you, and you’ll have a new life. If you can’t be born, it’s your fate and you can’t blame anyone.”


Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai took a deep breath and sat down with his legs crossed beside the Dragon Egg. Then, he emptied his mind as his Soul Avatar plunged into his Knowledge Sea. Silently, he tried to sense the Golden Divine Dragon Source within his body, attempting to learn how to hatch a Dragon Egg.


At that instant, the area fell into dead silence as only Yang Kai’s breathing was audible.


A long time later, Qiong Qi, who was standing guard around the Spirit Island, suddenly heard a rumbling Dragon Roar. Attracted by the roar, he turned around and saw that Yang Kai had transformed into his 300-metre-long Half-Dragon form. Great horns protruded on his forehead, and his skin was covered in Dragon Scales. His golden figure shone brightly under the sun as his Dragon Tail flicked about behind his back, causing a dust storm to rise up into the air.


“Hm?” Qiong Qi’s expression turned awkwardly contemplative as he realised that Yang Kai was in a strange state. He seemed to be subconsciously using his Dragon Transformation Secret Art, and he appeared to be in an ethereal state of mind.


Air billows could be seen puffing out of Yang Kai’s nostrils as he lay down on his side and curled up his body. Then, he dragged the Dragon Egg towards him using his tail and pulled it into his arms.


[Is he going to hatch it just like this?] Qiong Qi was dumbfounded. The Dragon Egg had lost all its vitality, so what was the point of doing this?


He shook his head and sighed as he didn’t understand why Yang Kai was so keen on doing this. So what if he was able to hatch it? It was the child of Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun, so it would have nothing to do with him.


In fact, Yang Kai didn’t really understand why he was doing this either. After he left the cave earlier, a voice reverberated in his heart, which forced him to attempt to hatch the egg. Using it to threaten Fu Zhun was barely a consideration in his choice.


It was as if he was doing it out of instinct, like he was answering his Golden Divine Dragon Source’s calling.


As time passed, Qiong Qi kept guard around the island and never moved away. Fortunately, there were only a small number of Dragon Clan members, and no one would pass by this place. Hence, they were able to enjoy a peaceful life for some time.


He would check on Yang Kai from time to time, but at this moment, Yang Kai seemed to have fallen into hibernation. Qiong Qi suspected that even if he called out to him, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to wake up.


Yang Kai remained in the same position as he curled up around the Dragon Egg. Looking from afar, he looked just like a Dragon that had fallen asleep, but his Dragon Pressure was so intense that even Fu Zhun and Zhu Yan would be no match for him.


Two months later, Qiong Qi was gazing at the sinking sun when he suddenly felt that something was off behind him. After he turned around, he was astounded.


Yang Kai had straightened up his upper body as his eyes were open. Golden lights beamed from his eyes like two miniature suns, making it impossible to meet his gaze.


Following that, he opened his mouth and spat a mouthful of Golden Blood onto the dark Dragon Egg, dying it gold.


The corners of Qiong Qi’s eyes twitched as he wondered for a hundredth time, [What is he doing?]


After two months of watching, he was certain that Yang Kai had learned how to hatch an egg from his Dragon Source; however, he had never heard that those from the Dragon Clan would do such a thing to hatch an egg. It was no different from self-harm.


The next moment, however, Qiong Qi’s expression was transformed by shock because the egg was absorbing Yang Kai’s Golden Blood. The Golden Blood could be seen seeping into the egg, and in just a while, the surface of the egg became dark again.


After that, Yang Kai lay down and fell asleep again.


An amazed Qiong Qi now thought it might just be possible for this Dragon Egg to be saved. If the egg was truly dead, it couldn’t have absorbed Yang Kai’s Golden Blood. However, he had inspected the egg before, and there was clearly no vitality in it.


[What’s going on?] A doubtful Qiong Qi began observing the situation even more carefully.


After the incident, Yang Kai would awaken every three to five days. However, it wasn’t accurate to say that he woke up. Although his eyes were open, it seemed that he could only see the Dragon Egg and nothing else. After he spat a mouthful of Golden Blood, he would fall asleep again.


Every time, the egg would absorb the Golden Blood quickly and then turn dark again.


Yang Kai continued to do this for the next three months until, one day, Qiong Qi could finally sense a weak fluctuation coming from the egg. It was like a candlelight that could be snuffed out at any moment amidst the rain and wind, but there was no doubt it existed.


[It really can still be saved!] Qiong Qi was flabbergasted. Yang Kai was actually right when he said that there was still vitality in the egg. But why couldn’t Qiong Qi feel it at that time? Could the reason be that Yang Kai possessed a Dragon Source?


In the following month, the signs of vitality coming from the egg became increasingly vibrant, as if whatever was inside would break out of the egg at any moment.


That wasn’t the only change though as strange patterns started appearing on the dark egg’s surface. They looked like a kind of picture, but it was hard to tell what it was, and it appeared utterly abstruse.


The patterns would gleam and flicker, but each time they glowed, they would exude a powerful aura.


Qiong Qi had no doubt that once the baby inside the egg was about to be born, it would shock everyone in the Dragon Clan. After giving it a thought though, he realised that this was the child of Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun, so there was no way the child of two Tenth-Order Dragons would have a weak aptitude.


However, could it really be born? Although it had nothing to do with Qiong Qi, things had come to a point that he became nervous as he was looking forward to it. He would observe Yang Kai and the egg’s changes every day and never took a step away.


Azure Tree Island, Zhu Yan’s residence.


A white light flashed across the sky as Fu Zhun broke through the air and landed in front of Zhu Yan, staring silently at him.


Just like the time when Yang Kai saw him, Zhu Yan was standing on one foot beside a gigantic tree as he was focused on cultivating. Sensing Fu Zhun’s aura, he opened his eyes, only to see that she had pressed her lips together, as though she was hesitating to speak.


With a faint smile, Zhu Yan asked, “Yes?”


Although they had been married for years, they usually lived on their own Spirit Islands. In the beginning, Fu Zhun would still come over from time to time; however, after ‘that’ incident, she stopped coming to this island at all.


“What’s wrong?” Zhu Yan finished the course of his cultivation technique and placed his hands behind his back. Then, he walked over and stared at her.


Fu Zhun looked away as she appeared meek, “There’s something I need to tell you.”


Zhu Yan was amazed because it was the first time he saw her sporting this expression, as if she had done something wrong. So, with a gentle smile, he softly stated, “Just tell me whatever you have to say. It’s not like we are strangers.”


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