Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3348, Hatching


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Understanding his circumstances, Yang Kai just let the consciousness do whatever it wanted.


As expected, the consciousness leaned close to him again as he could feel that it was drawing something out of him. This kind of derivation was harmless to him, but it was immensely beneficial to the consciousness.


From a nearby spot, Qiong Qi was looking at what was going on in a dazed state. He could clearly see that a golden aura was leaving Yang Kai’s body, which was then absorbed by the dark Dragon Egg. As it sucked in the golden aura, its vitality became vigorous as the patterns on the eggshell shone even more brightly.


Besides the dazzling light, the Dragon Pressure exuding from the egg also became conspicuous.


[This might alert others!] Qiong Qi was worried that the Dragon Clan might find out what was going on over here. In this circumstance, anyone who passed by within a kilometre radius of this place would notice what was happening. If the person came over to have a look, their secret would be exposed.


Fortunately, his worry did not materialise. Although what was happening on this island was intense, it hadn’t alerted anyone for a few days.


One day, when Qiong Qi was keeping watch on the surroundings, he suddenly heard a loud thud.


Turning around, he could see a ring of light expand from the Dragon Egg, which was in Yang Kai’s embrace. He also noticed that the egg had stopped absorbing Yang Kai’s aura.


[It’s going to hatch!] For some reason, that idea sprang into Qiong Qi’s mind. Although he had never seen a Dragon Egg hatch before, he was certain that it was exactly what was going to happen.


[He really did it?] Qiong Qi found it inconceivable. Some time ago, he determined that the egg was completely dead with no vitality whatsoever. However, Yang Kai was able to hatch it in the end. He wondered what the Dragon Clan would make of this after they found out about it.


Just then, a loud thud could be heard again. It sounded like a heartbeat or the sound of someone beating a drum. Rings of light expanded from the egg again and spread around even further.


*Dong dong dong!* 


The sound became increasingly frequent and intense as more rings of lights were seen spreading madly from the egg, as if someone was constantly throwing rocks into a lake.


Just then, the sound stopped abruptly as another strange sound was heard.


*Kacha…* A crack appeared on the dark Dragon Egg as it spread from the top to the bottom.


The Dragon Egg, which was as tall as a Human, suddenly cracked open from the middle as Qiong Qi widened his eyes. He wanted to see what the new member of the Dragon Clan that Yang Kai had spent so much time and effort to hatch would look like.


However, he realised that he couldn’t see it clearly because a white light shot out of the egg and beamed right into the sky.


At the same time, a high-pitched Dragon Roar could be heard as it echoed across the sky. In the distance, more Dragon Roars could be heard as their voices reverberated around Dragon Island.


Just then, Phantom Dragons suddenly appeared as strange noises could be heard coming from above. Looking up from Dragon Island, countless illusory phantoms of Great Dragons could be seen swimming through the air. As Dragon Pressure spread out, the whole world seemed to be trembling because of it.


On different parts of Dragon Island, everyone looked up at the sky as they all appeared shocked and puzzled.


Meanwhile, on Snowy Island, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun were standing alongside each other on an ice mountain. Fu Zhun appeared pale and desolate. Since she discovered that her child was stolen, she had become utterly dispirited. She couldn’t sleep at night and didn’t have the heart to cultivate. Even as a Tenth-Order Dragon, she had become noticeably thinner by the day, which was something quite unbelievable.


Zhu Yan had been looking into the matter, but he had failed in his attempt to find any clues. He had secretly inspected the residences of the more than ten clansmen, but he couldn’t find Lin’er’s whereabouts. On this day, he had come over here to ask Fu Zhun whether she had other leads; however, not long after he started speaking, he saw the phenomenon in the sky.


The two Elders looked up at the sky in unison as they were stunned.


“The Dragon Temple is shaking. Dragon Souls have appeared. T-This is…” Zhu Yan widened his eyes and exclaimed, “Has a new clansman been born?”


It wasn’t the first time he came across this phenomenon, so he understood what this Heavenly Manifestation meant. Every time a new member of their clan was born, this kind of phenomenon would appear; however, this time, it was grander than any other time in the past.


Fu Zhun was dumbstruck by what was going on as she temporarily forgot the fact that her child had gone missing. In a dazed state, she asked, “Has any of our clansmen shown signs of getting pregnant recently?”


Zhu Yan shook his head, “No. If there were any signs, we would’ve noticed it. None of the females in our clan has even laid an egg, so how is it possible that there would be a newly born clansman?”


For a member of the Dragon Clan to be born, a Dragon Egg had to be laid and then hatched after a number of years of effort. However, there wasn’t even a single egg on Dragon Island, so it was impossible for a new clansman to have been born.


“But this manifestation…” As Fu Zhun spoke, her expression suddenly changed as she exclaimed, “Lin’er! It’s Lin’er! He’s been born!”


Upon hearing that, Zhu Yan immediately thought that it wasn’t possible. He had personally inspected the Dragon Egg and concluded that there was no hope for their child. Many years had passed, so how was it possible that their child was born at this point?


Nevertheless, after giving it a thought, he realised that he couldn’t exclude this possibility.


Besides the eggs that had been placed in the Dragon Grave, there was only Lin’er on Dragon Island. If a new clansman had really been born, it had to be Lin’er.


At the thought of this, Zhu Yan, who had always been calm and collected, accidentally exerted more force with his hand and plucked out some of his beard. After a gulp, he uttered, “Could it really be… Lin’er?”


By the time he came to his senses, Fu Zhun had already turned into a beam of light and shot towards the source of the Heavenly Manifestation at full speed.


An anxious Zhu Yan quickly raced after her. Whether or not it was Lin’er, a new member of their clan had been born, which was wonderful news for the Dragon Clan. As the Great Elder, he had to look into this matter.


At the same time, twenty or so figures shot up into the sky from all directions. On the entire Dragon Island, apart from Fu Ling, who was still guarding the entrance as punishment, all others had been alerted and were now flying towards the Spirit Island where Yang Kai was located.


On the island, Yang Kai opened his eyes as he yawned and stretched his back. Then, still in a groggy state, he straightened up and placed his elbow on his knee as he rested his chin on his palm. After that, he sank into his thoughts.


He had been muddle-headed recently, so after he awakened, he still wasn’t sure what was going on. He just felt that the World Energy around him was active, and he could hear some incessant Dragon Roars.


“It’s so noisy,” Yang Kai rolled his eyes and darted his gaze around before he saw Qiong Qi looking at him in shock from a nearby spot.


After his vision regained focus, he grinned and asked, “Old Qiong, why do you look like you’re seeing a ghost?”


The corners of Qiong Qi’s mouth twitched as he cupped his fists, “Congratulations, Young Master. You’ve achieved your goal.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai leaned forward and looked curiously at him.


Qiong Qi gazed awkwardly at him, “Young Master, have you forgotten what you’ve been doing?”


Yang Kai batted his eyes, “What have I been doing?”


A moment later, he smacked his head as he finally recalled, “I remember now. I wanted to try hatching that Dragon Egg. Where is it now?”


He lowered his head and looked around, but upon seeing the broken shell, he was shocked, “Huh? What is going on?”


Qiong Qi was torn between laughter and tears, “Young Master, you’ve successfully hatched the egg!”


A surprised Yang Kai uttered, “I did?”


Qiong Qi pointed at the sky.


It was then Yang Kai looked up at the sky with his deep gaze, and upon seeing the sight there, let out a hearty laugh, “Haha! Have I really successfully hatched the egg?”


“That’s true. I saw it with my own eyes,” Old Qiong affirmed.


An energetic Yang Kai clapped his hands, “I knew I would succeed!”


Following that, he examined the young Dragon in the sky and nodded, “En, this kid looks pretty vigorous. He’s got such a substantial figure right after he’s born, so his future must be bright.”


Qiong Qi put on a helpless smile and thought that whether or not this kid had a bright future, it had nothing to do with Yang Kai. The kid’s parents were Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun, not him.


Just then, the Dragon Roars died down as the countless Phantom Dragons in the sky vanished. The unusual phenomenon in the world slowly faded.


Next, a beam of white light rapidly descended from the sky and landed on the Spirit Island.


It was only then that Qiong Qi could make out what the young Dragon, who was successfully born with Yang Kai’s help, looked like.


It was a translucent and plump little White Dragon.


He was about twenty metres long and had pretty thin limbs. At first glance, he looked like a snake, but the translucent Dragon Horns on his head proved that he was a Dragon. His figure wasn’t particularly outstanding compared to the others on Dragon Island, and technically speaking, he at best had a Second or Third-Order Dragon Vein, incomparable to other Dragons.


However, given the fact that he had just been born, his figure was actually quite incredible. The average member of the Dragon Clan would not be this big right after being born.


[He’s a White Dragon! Could he be a Water Dragon?] Qiong Qi shook his head. As far as he knew, the Third Elder, Fu Xuan, was a Water Dragon, but her figure appeared blue after she transformed into her Dragon Form.


[Perhaps he’s an Ice Dragon!?] After all, his mother Fu Zhun is an Ice Dragon, so he had probably inherited her traits. However, the whiteness of Fu Zhun’s true form was different from that of this young Dragon, hence Qiong Qi couldn’t be certain what kind of Dragon this little White Dragon was.


On the other hand, the little White Dragon seemed naturally close to Yang Kai. After he descended from the sky, he circled around Yang Kai several times before stopping in front of him.


The next moment, Qiong Qi was dumbfounded as the young Dragon contorted and transformed into a four-or-five-year-old, fair-skinned little fatty.


This little fatty appeared quite clever with his delicate white jade skin. Staring at Yang Kai, he grinned from ear to ear and revealed his canine teeth, looking utterly adorable.


Seeing that, Qiong Qi widened his eyes in disbelief because the young Dragon was able to assume Human Form not long after he was born. It seemed that this little fatty had an exceptional aptitude. Although all members of the Dragon Clan were blessed and gifted, most of them couldn’t assume Human form immediately after being born. However, this boy here had done just that, which meant that he wasn’t ordinary even by Dragon standards.


Although, seeing how he was the child of two Tenth-Order Dragons, and he was hatched by a Half-Dragon with the Golden Divine Dragon Source, being born extraordinary was only to be expected.



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