Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3349, It’s Not What You Think


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Yang Kai widened his eyes and examined the little fatty in shock, as he still found it inconceivable that he had actually hatched a young Dragon. Nevertheless, he could feel his own aura exuding from the boy; after all, the young Dragon had been absorbing his Dragon Blood and his aura itself.


Then, he lowered his gaze and became overjoyed that the young Dragon was a boy. Although the young Dragon had successfully assumed Human form, he was totally naked, so ‘everything’ about him was quite exposed and conspicuous.


While Yang Kai was curiously examining him, the little fatty cupped his plump fist and said adorably, “Greetings, Father. Will Father give me a name?”


Hearing this, Yang Kai’s jaw dropped so far it was as if an entire house could be stuffed into it.


With his clothes flapping in the wind, Qiong Qi was equally dumbstruck as he suspected that there was something wrong with his ears. [What did this little fatty just say? Did I hear wrongly?]


Compared to the fact that the young Dragon could think clearly and express himself coherently immediately after he was born, Qiong Qi was more shocked by how the young Dragon addressed Yang Kai. A child shouldn’t be calling just any man his father as he pleased.


A stunned Yang Kai leaned forward and pointed at his own nose. With an awkward expression, he asked, “What did you just call me?”


The little fatty replied with a smile, “There was already no hope for me to hatch, but it was you who helped me break out of my egg. Since it was Father who helped me be born, it is only natural that I call you Father.”


He spoke his mind in a clear manner as he cupped his fists again, “Please grant me a name.”


Yang Kai scratched his head and frowned, “Are you aware of your own background?”


The little fatty nodded, “Of course I am. When Father was hatching me, he also taught me many things.”


“I did?” Yang Kai was puzzled. He had been muddle-headed throughout the entire hatching process, and he mostly acted out of instinct, so he wasn’t even sure what he had taught the young Dragon.


Qiong Qi’s expression changed when he heard this as he recalled that some golden aura had been constantly oozing out of Yang Kai’s body and penetrating the Dragon Egg over the last month or so. Looking back, he realised that the golden aura wasn’t just Yang Kai’s Qi, but also his Spiritual Energy and consciousness, all of which allowed the little fatty to have an incredible level of sentience just after he was born.


Qiong Qi even had a feeling that the young Dragon’s demeanour resembled that of Yang Kai, despite there being no similarities between their appearances.


As though he had been put in a tight spot, Yang Kai stroked his giant chin and said, “Actually, I shouldn’t be the one doing this; however, since you insist, I’ll give you a name.”


After giving it a serious thought, he rubbed his hands together and said, “What about Xiao? You shot into the sky right after you were born, so this name does suit you.”


The little fatty muttered, “It’s Yang Xiao, then.”


His pair of big eyes brightened as he smiled and revealed his canine teeth, “Many thanks, Father, for bestowing me a name. From today onwards, my name is Yang Xiao.”




Fu Zhun landed nearby at that exact moment. Before coming to this place, she could already feel an aura that was closely tied to her by blood. The aura was able to move her and make her shudder, so without the need to verify anything, she was absolutely certain that her child had been born.


With her heart filled with hope, she arrived at this place, but when she saw what just happened, her vision darkened as she almost passed out.


There was no doubt that the young, fair-skinned boy was her child, but at this moment, he was calling Yang Kai ‘Father’, and he even claimed that his name was Yang Xiao from now on.


There was no way she could tolerate it!


She wasn’t sure what devious and despicable method Yang Kai had used to brainwash her child, but his actions were nothing less than trying to snatch her baby away from her, a sin for which there could be only one punishment. In an instant, her anger and regret turned into endless wrath as she was engulfed in a freezing cold aura. Lifting her hand, she pushed out a palm at Yang Kai furiously as she screamed, “Die!”


At that moment, she didn’t care whether Yang Kai and Zhu Qing had slept with each other or that he possessed the Ancestral Dragon Source at all, all she could think about was killing him to set things right and let Lin’er understand the truth.


A Tenth-Order Great Dragon had gone all out to make this palm strike, causing the entire world to tremble. With Ice Attribute Principles filling the air, Yang Kai was the first one to feel the impact as the space around him seemed to have frozen. Before the attack even reached him, his 300-metre-tall figure had already been covered in a layer of frost as his expression warped.


Before he could even react though, a figure flashed across his eyes as the chubby Yang Xiao stood in front of Yang Kai and spread his arms to protect him. Glowering at Fu Zhun, he shouted, “Insane woman! How dare you act so outrageously here!”


Despite his evident fury, his tone was completely adorable and unthreatening, which could easily make anyone laugh.


However, his growl was able to make the colour drain from Fu Zhun’s alluring face as she immediately withdrew her attack. At the same time, the Principles around her ran wild. Although she wanted to kill Yang Kai, she would never have the heart to harm her child.


Fu Zhun immediately coughed out a mouthful of Dragon Blood as her aura diminished. It wasn’t clear whether she was impacted by the backlash of withdrawing her attack forcefully or if it was the sorrow she felt from what Yang Xiao had just said. At that moment, she almost couldn’t support her own weight as she looked dazedly at the front.


Fortunately, Zhu Yan came at just the right time and wrapped his arm around her waist before pulling her into his embrace. Nervously, he asked, “Are you alright?”


Without replying to him, Fu Zhun pressed her lips together and stared fixedly at Yang Xiao. Her gaze appeared sorrowful and dispirited. Compared to the backlash of her own strike, what Yang Xiao had said had evidently dealt a heavier blow to her, as he had basically acknowledged a despicable bastard as his father.


Right then, a loud thud was heard as Yang Xiao staggered forward. Turning around, he covered his head with his hands and said aggrievedly, “Father, why did you hit me?”


His eyes were watery as tears were about to fall from them.


No matter how mature he acted, he was still a newly born child. Certainly, he felt aggrieved when someone smacked him, especially when that person was Yang Kai; after all, he had fearlessly stood in front of his ‘father’ to protect him just now.


“Don’t call her ‘insane woman’!” Yang Kai chided him with a long face, “She’s your mother!”


“My mother?” Yang Xiao hunched his back and turned to look meekly at Fu Zhun. When their eyes met, Fu Zhun’s gaze brightened while Yang Xiao appeared embarrassed as he looked away.


It was no wonder he found the woman’s voice to be so familiar, as she was the one who kept talking to him all these years while he was only semi-conscious.


Although Yang Xiao was aware of his own background, he had never seen Fu Zhun before, which was why he couldn’t recognise her at first glance. He wanted to show Yang Kai that he was able to protect him, but he screwed things up instead, so naturally, he was embarrassed as he scratched his face awkwardly.


“Lin’er?” Zhu Yan’s lips trembled as he looked dazedly at Yang Xiao, “Are you really Lin’er?”


Yang Xiao took a deep breath and cupped his fists, “Just to let you know, my name is Yang Xiao!”


“Y-Yang Xiao?” Zhu Yan’s expression turned awkward as he swept a glance over Yang Kai. The fact that Lin’er was with Yang Kai and that he had even called himself Yang Xiao must have something to do with Yang Kai.


Faced with Zhu Yan’s resentful glare, Yang Kai looked away and whistled faintly. [It really has nothing to do with me. This kid insisted on making me name him, so I just gave him a random name. Since he’s acknowledged this to be his name, there’s nothing I can do.]


*Xiu xiu xiu…*


Beams of lights flew over from all directions. They were members of the Dragon Clan who were drawn here after being alerted. Upon seeing what was going on, they were all stunned.


A dumbfounded Zhu Qing stared at Yang Kai and said, “I thought you were gone.”


Yang Kai coughed into his fist and replied, “En, well, I’m back.”


His original plan was to sneak into the Dragon Temple and raise a ruckus. Then, Zhu Qing would find out about his plan and probably understand him; however, instead of barging into the temple, he had actually hatched a young Dragon, which was hard for him to explain.


Zhu Qing shot him a glare as she knew that he must initially have had some sort of secret plan, which was why he had even lied to her; however, it wasn’t the right time to pursue this matter. Looking curiously at Yang Xiao, she asked, “Who is he?”


Just when Yang Kai put on a laugh and was about to explain himself, Yang Xiao cupped his fists and said, “I am Father’s son, Yang Xiao.”


“Your son? Yang Xiao?” Zhu Qing’s expression darkened in an instant.


Yang Kai immediately punched the boy’s head and bellowed, “Who told you to speak! Huh!?”


“Father, why did you hit me again?” With an aggrieved expression, Yang Xiao covered his head and ran away.


Zhu Qing said dispassionately, “You hit children now? How disgraceful!”


Yang Kai wiped the sweat from his brow and said seriously, “Qing’er, please hear me out.”


Zhu Qing looked away, “There’s nothing worth explaining. This boy exudes very strong Dragon Qi, so he’s obviously our newly born clansman. I have to congratulate you for begetting a child so soon. By the way, where’s his mother? Is she one of my fellow sisters?”


As she spoke, she swept a glance over the females of her clan in an attempt to look for some clues.


A flustered Yang Kai said, “It’s not what you think.”


Just then, Yang Xiao trotted towards Zhu Qing and pointed at Fu Zhun, “My mother is over there.”


Zhu Qing turned her head as her expression was transformed by shock. As she darted her gaze between Fu Zhun and Yang Kai, her expression became strange, and disbelief was written all over her face. Zhu Lie’s face twitched hard as he watched them from a nearby spot.


[Yang Kai and the Second Elder? No way!]


“Stop speaking if all you say is nonsense!” Yang Kai observed Zhu Qing’s expression and understood what was going through her mind. He was so exasperated that he had the urge to spank Yang Xiao’s butt right there and then, but the boy was too clever and seemed to have realised that Yang Kai was wary of Zhu Qing, which was why he had immediately hidden behind her and did not allow him to have a chance to make a move.


With a sorrowful expression, Yang Xiao stated, “It was Father who said that she was my mother.”


He looked up at Zhu Qing, “I’m not lying.”


Zhu Qing nodded repeatedly, “I know. I know.”


After a sigh, Yang Kai explained, “He’s the child of Great Elder and Second Elder, but after I hatched him, he acknowledged me to be his father.”


Upon hearing that, every member of the Dragon Clan was dumbfounded.


[He’s the child of Great Elder and Second Elder? When have they ever had a child? Many years ago, Second Elder had indeed laid a Dragon Egg, but there was no hope for the child, so the egg was placed inside the Dragon Grave. Why is there a child who has come out of nowhere all of a sudden?]


Silavin: Just so that people aren’t confused. This Xiao is different ’霄’. It can mean Sky or Heaven. So, it’s quite a badass name. Though, I never named a child so I am not that great of a judge.




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