Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3351, A Real Tragedy


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All members of the Dragon Clan surrounded Yang Xiao to take a proper look at the newly born clansman. It had to be said that he was truly adorable. His skin was fair, his figure was chubby, and all his limbs appeared just a bit bloated. His big eyes and long eyelashes also made him look likeable.


About seven to eight pairs of hands were touching the young boy at once as they were trying to feel the newly born aura. Yang Xiao flashed a broad smile at all the clansmen, which made them adore him even more.


Even Zhu Qing appeared overjoyed as if she was eager to give birth to a child herself.


“Alright. Alright,” Zhu Yan was so elated that he couldn’t stop smiling, but seeing Yang Xiao being molested by so many clansmen, he felt sorry for the boy, which was why he stepped forward to stop them, “It’s wonderful news that a new clansman has been born, so we should celebrate. It’s been a long time since we last had a new clansman. Go back now and get prepared. We’ll come together soon to hold a banquet.”


Zhu Kong nodded, “Great Elder is correct. We should celebrate this joyous event properly.”


Since Zhu Yan had said so, all the others stepped away from Yang Xiao, which allowed the boy to heave a sigh of relief.


Fu Zhun looked softly at him and asked with a smile, “Let’s go home.”


However, Yang Xiao appeared hesitant as he turned to look at Yang Kai with an inquisitive gaze. It was as though he wouldn’t leave with Fu Zhun if Yang Kai didn’t agree to it.


Seeing that, Zhu Yan felt sorrowful as it seemed that Yang Kai was more important than them in the boy’s heart. Although it was Yang Kai who hatched him, they were the ones that were related to him by blood. [Does it have something to do with the Ancestral Dragon Source?]


Fu Zhun turned to look at Yang Kai as well, but the coldness and steadfastness in her eyes had vanished, replaced by a look of pleading.


Yang Kai simply grinned and waved his hand, “Go now. You have to listen to your mother.”


Yang Xiao replied respectfully, “En, I’ll be obedient.”


Upon hearing that, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun were both heartbroken and gratified. They were heartbroken because Yang Xiao seemed to only listen to Yang Kai. On the other hand, they were gratified because their child was obedient.


After taking Yang Xiao’s hand, Fu Zhun nodded gently at Yang Kai. Then, she turned around and headed towards Snowy Island. Zhu Yan bowed his head at Yang Kai with a grateful expression before he hurriedly raced after them.


The others slowly left as well, but they sported an awkward expression when they gazed at Yang Kai; after all, it was an inconceivable idea that he had managed to hatch a Dragon Egg, which had lost all its vitality.


Soon, only Yang Kai, Zhu Qing, and Qiong Qi were left on the island.


“Are you reluctant to part with him?” Zhu Qing suddenly gazed at Yang Kai and asked.


Yang Kai retracted his gaze and snorted, “He’s not my kid, so why would I be reluctant to part with him?”


Zhu Qing pressed her lips together and took his hand, “Let’s go back now and think about what we should gift him.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai was startled.


With a smile, Zhu Qing explained, “Didn’t you hear Great Elder declare we would celebrate this occasion? That child will be the star on that day, so as his Seniors, we naturally have to prepare some gifts.”


Understanding what she meant, Yang Kai nodded, “You’re right. What should we give him?”


Zhu Qing replied, “I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I think that the Dragon Blood Pills you’ve refined would be excellent gifts. That boy has just been born, so his priority right now will be to improve his Dragon Vein.”


She paused for a moment, “But it’s you who gave me those pills.”


“You can give them to him as you please. I’ll just make more pills for you. Those pills aren’t anything rare anyway.”


[Not rare?] Zhu Qing was lost for words. On Dragon Island, every Dragon Blood Flower was extremely precious, let alone Dragon Blood Pills. However, she soon recalled that Yang Kai was an Emperor Alchemist, and he had two Wood Spirits tending to his personal medicine garden, so Dragon Blood Pills really might be common items in his eyes.


Speaking no further, all three headed to Half Moon Island at full speed.


Although Yang Kai had been muddle-headed during the hatching process, he had actually expended a lot of energy. He just couldn’t feel it at the time. Earlier, he wasn’t aware of it, but after he returned to Half Moon Island and fell into bed with Zhu Qing, he was engulfed in a sense of exhaustion immediately and fell asleep for the next few days.


Some days later, while he was in a groggy state, he felt a ticklish sensation on his nose, as if something was brushing against his face gently.


Absent-mindedly, he reached out and grabbed the person’s wrist before pulling her into his embrace, muttering under his breath, “Stop being naughty.”


A tender body remained unmoving in his embrace as she breathed heavily into his chest. Yang Kai closed his eyes and changed into a different position, hugging the woman in his embrace with one hand as he slid his other hand down her waist, reaching for her bottom.


As he stroked the half-moon gently, he couldn’t help but frown slightly because something felt off about the feedback he was getting.


Although he felt an amazingly elastic and plump sensation on his finger, the shape and size were all wrong, making him aware that the woman in his embrace wasn’t Zhu Qing. Furthermore, the fragrance that exuded from this woman’s hair was also different.


At that instant, Yang Kai woke in shock as his forehead was covered with beads of cold sweat. At the same time, a horrifying idea sprang into his mind. [Did I… make some kind of terrible mistake?]


Before he could understand what was going on, he heard footsteps approaching from outside along with Zhu Qing’s voice, “Your father has been asleep for a few days… Ah! You…”


Outside the room, Zhu Qing stared dazedly at the sight on the bed with widened eyes.


On the bed, Yang Kai was lying on his side while Mo Xiao Qi was tucked into his embrace. His big hand was even currently stroking her bottom.


Beside Zhu Qing, Yang Xiao batted his eyes and stared fixedly forward. With his lips curving into a grin, he darted his gaze between the duo on the bed as if he was happy with what he was seeing.


Seeing that, Zhu Qing quickly covered his eyes and dragged him away.


Yang Xiao shouted, “I can’t see! I can’t see! Why are you covering my eyes?”


Ignoring him, Zhu Qing lugged him out of the bedroom before she stomped her feet and said through clenched teeth, “How inappropriate!”


She had managed to stop all her Fellow Sisters from approaching her husband, but she had never expected to see Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi in the same bed instead.


After blowing her top for a moment, Zhu Qing turned to look at Yang Xiao, only to see that he was tiptoeing and trying to peek into the bedroom, as though he was curious about what was going on. 


Seeing this, her face fell as she said in exasperation, “What are you looking at?”


“Nothing. I saw nothing!” Yang Xiao placed his hands behind his back and lowered his head to whistle as he kicked away the stones on the ground.


The corner of Zhu Qing’s brow twitched as her expression turned weird. [Is he really the child of Great Elder and Second Elder? There are no similarities between him and them at all; instead, he looks like a younger version of Yang Kai. So adept at spouting nonsense with a straight face.]


Straightening her face, Zhu Qing said, “Remember, you saw nothing just now.”


Yang Xiao nodded his head repeatedly like a chicken pecking at rice, “I saw nothing.”


Meanwhile in the bedroom, after being woken up by Zhu Qing and Yang Xiao, Mo Xiao Qi jumped out of Yang Kai’s embrace like a frightened rabbit.


Yang Kai slowly straightened up on the bed and rubbed his eyes. Seeing the girl in front of him, he was torn between tears and laughter, “It’s you, Xiao Qi…”


It was truly a tragedy. He hadn’t expected that Mo Xiao Qi would come over to visit him at this hour. Instead, he thought that it was Zhu Qing, so without giving it a thought, he had begun exploring her body without holding back.


If he knew it was Mo Xiao Qi, he naturally wouldn’t have done so.


A flushing Mo Xiao Qi felt her face burning. Her butt, which was stroked by Yang Kai just now, felt scorching hot. With her head hanging low, she did not dare to look at Yang Kai and simply remained silent for a moment before all of a sudden stomping and shouting, “Big Brother Yang is such a bad bad baddy!”


Upon finishing her words, she dashed out of the bedroom and almost crashed into Zhu Qing.


“Qing… Elder Sister, Big Brother Yang is awake. I’ll take my leave now!” A flustered Mo Xiao Qi wasn’t even sure about the right direction as she just leaped into the air and disappeared.


“Be careful…” Zhu Qing exclaimed as she watched her leave, worried that the young girl would accidentally fall.


“Hmm?” An amazed Yang Xiao muttered as he looked in the direction Mo Xiao Qi left. Then, he shifted his attention to Zhu Qing and giggled.


“What are you laughing at?” Zhu Qing questioned with a long face as she stared at the young kid’s cheeky smile.


“Mother, you’re pretty magnanimous,” Yang Xiao replied smilingly.


A blush appeared on Zhu Qing’s cheeks as she refuted, “Who are you calling mother?”


Yang Xiao said matter-of-factly, “You are father’s wife, so I have to call you mother; otherwise, it would be regarded as disrespectful.”


“Just who taught you all of this?” Zhu Qing was stunned. It had only been a few days since the boy was born, but he already seemed to know quite a lot, including many useless things. After getting called ‘mother’, she felt somewhat awkward and joyful all at once, but at the same time, she wasn’t used to it. She hadn’t even given birth to a child, but now a young boy was calling her ‘mother’.


“Nobody taught me anything, I just know it somehow.”


Zhu Qing wasn’t willing to harp on this issue as she said solemnly, “You mustn’t tell anyone what you just saw.”


An astonished Yang Xiao asked, “What happened?”


He batted his eyes and appeared puzzled.


“En, clever boy!” Zhu Qing patted his head.


Yang Xiao moved his head away and pouted, “Why do all of you love to touch me like this? It’s disrespectful.”


An amused Zhu Qing asked, “Who else touches you like this?”


Yang Xiao grunted without replying to her. Without the need to think about it, Zhu Qing was certain that Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun had done the same thing to him many times.


“A little kid like you should stand firmly on the ground when the adults rub your head. Blame yourself for being born short.” After Yang Kai finished speaking, Zhu Qing and Yang Xiao shifted their attention to him, only to see him waltz out of the room confidently and majestically. Admiration was written all over Yang Xiao’s face when he saw that.


On the other hand, Zhu Qing shot Yang Kai a glare.


Immediately feeling guilty, Yang Kai coughed and rubbed his nose.


Yang Xiao cupped his fists and said, “Xiao’er greets father.”


He appeared polite and well-mannered, then he suddenly changed the topic, “En, what father says is correct. I’ll remember it.”


“What will you remember?” Yang Kai stared at him with his sharp gaze.


Yang Xiao balled up his fists, “I want to grow to be taller than everyone else, so I can look down at everything in the world. In the future, if I’m displeased with anyone, I can pinch his head and make it explode. Father, that’s what you meant, right?”


The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched but he still nodded, “You’re truly ambitious.”


An exasperated Zhu Qing snapped, “How can you teach a child such nonsense?”


Yang Kai quickly shrunk back as he muttered, “I’ve never had a kid before, so how would I know what to teach him?”




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