Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3352, A Lesson for the Young Kid


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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Zhu Qing snorted, “If we ever have a child together, I’ll never let you teach them.”


Yang Kai stared at her with widened eyes, “Nonsense! I have to teach my own children.”


A disdainful Zhu Qing said, “Look what you’ve just done. How can I believe that you’ll be able to teach our children how to act properly?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “The world is full of devious people, so how can a sheltered child face the challenges out there? Haven’t you heard of the saying that a loving Mother makes a wastrel?”


Zhu Qing shot him a glance, “And what is that supposed to mean?”


Yang Kai looked up at the sky, “Nothing.”


Yang Xiao darted his gaze between the couple with narrowed eyes as he seemed to enjoy this kind of atmosphere.


Seeing that, Yang Kai directly punched the boy’s head, “What are you grinning about?”


An aggrieved Yang Xiao looked up at Zhu Qing and called out, “Mother, Father hit me again!”


Upon hearing that, Zhu Qing was instantly filled with motherly love as she pulled Yang Xiao towards her and glared at Yang Kai, “Why do you have to hit him every time you speak to him?”


Yang Xiao nodded repeatedly, “En, en, that’s right.”


Yang Kai pointed at her and said, “See? Remember what I just said? This is what I mean when I say a loving Mother makes a wastrel! Women tend to dote on their children far too much, creating problematic characters in the future.”


An enraged Zhu Qing refuted, “It’s better than an abusive father who only teaches his child how to use violence.”


After they glared at each other for a while, Yang Kai couldn’t help but burst into laughter. They had started arguing about how to educate their children before they even had one. What would the situation be like if they actually had a child in the future?


With the same thought in mind, Zhu Qing started giggling as well.


“By the way, why was Xiao Qi here?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.


At that instant, Zhu Qing stared at him with a weird gaze, “Did you enjoy yourself?”


Yang Kai immediately lifted his hand to slap his face. [Are you stupid or what? Why did you have to mention that all of a sudden?]


Zhu Qing sighed and said, “Some time ago, after you were done with nurturing the Dragon Blood Flowers, you left Dragon Island without informing Little Sister Xiao Qi. After she found out about it, she was quite frustrated. Then, when she learned that you were still on Dragon Island, she decided to come over to settle the score with you; however, before she could do that, it seems she suffered a big loss at your hands.”


Yang Kai coughed, “Ahem, it’s just a misunderstanding.”


Yang Xiao chimed in, “Is she Aunty Xuan’s daughter?”


“That’s right.” Zhu Qing nodded and looked at him in surprise, “You know her? Have your parents told you about her?”


“No,” Yang Xiao shook his head and fell into his thoughts, then he put on a smirk, “I just know, but I’m not even sure how I learned about it.”


Yang Kai and Zhu Qing traded glances as they realised that Yang Xiao must have inherited something from Yang Kai during the hatching process; otherwise, he wouldn’t have known so many things, nor would his temperament be so similar to that of Yang Kai.


“By the way, why are you here? Where are your parents?” Yang Kai stared at the boy and asked.


“My parents are on their own Spirit Islands. I was bored, which is why I decided to come here.” As Yang Xiao spoke, he felt a chill running down his spine as he appeared meek, “My mother is too passionate. I can’t take it anymore.”


Yang Kai’s face fell, “Don’t ever say that in front of her; otherwise, she’ll be heartbroken.”


Yang Xiao replied, “I know… I’m just not used to it. Also, I don’t even know why I feel a little repulsed by her…”


Yang Kai’s chest clenched slightly when he heard that. There was no son in the world who would naturally feel repulsed by his own mother, so the only answer was that it had something to do with Yang Kai. During the hatching process, Yang Xiao had inherited a lot of things from him, which was why their temperaments were so similar. The boy must have also been affected by Yang Kai’s mentality, which was why he was somewhat reluctant to get close to Fu Zhun.


Yang Kai was resentful of Fu Zhun, so that impression might have passed on to Yang Xiao, who was still a Dragon Egg at the time, which caused him to feel repulsed by Fu Zhun after he was born.


“But at the same time, I love her and feel comfortable with her.” Yang Xiao appeared perplexed as he gazed at Yang Kai, “Father, can you tell me why?”


Certainly, Yang Xiao was fond of Fu Zhun because they were related by blood. The repulsion he felt must be due to some external forces. Yang Kai was too embarrassed to explain it to him, so he just said, “Just spend more time with her and you’ll get used to it.”


Yang Xiao nodded, “En.”


A smiling Yang Kai patted the young kid’s head, “I’m glad that you still call me father; however, you have your own parents, so it’s inappropriate that you keep calling me that.”


A shocked Yang Xiao questioned, “Father, don’t you acknowledge me as your son anymore?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “That’s not true; however, the titles father and mother are sacred and unique. You are the child of the Dragon Clan’s Great Elder and Second Elder, so I cannot snatch that position from them. If I have a child of my own one day, I wouldn’t want them to call another man father either.”


“Is that the case?” Yang Xiao appeared perplexed, “I’m still young, so I don’t quite understand.”


Yang Kai guffawed, “Of course you don’t. It’d be strange if you actually understood.”


Yang Xiao said, “Since you’ve said so, I’ll call you in a different way.”


Yang Kai looked curiously at him, “What do you want to call me then?”


After giving it a serious thought, Yang Xiao cupped his fists and saluted them respectfully, “Xiao’er greets Adoptive Father and Adoptive Mother.”


He looked joyfully at Yang Kai, “It should be alright now, right?”


Yang Kai and Zhu Qing traded glances, then he pulled Yang Xiao towards himself and forcefully stroked his head, “You’re quite clever!”


Yang Xiao said through clenched teeth, “I’ve indeed acknowledged you to be my Adoptive Father; however, if you keep doing this, I’ll…”


“What will you do?” Unperturbed, Yang Kai directly messed up the young kid’s hair.


After struggling out of Yang Kai’s grip, Yang Xiao tidied his hair and shot him a disgruntled look, “Adoptive Father, you’re so unreasonable.”


Yang Kai laughed, “This is the first lesson Adoptive Father will teach you. In this world, strength determines how much say you have. Since my fist is bigger than yours, you have to obey my orders.”


Yang Xiao fell into contemplation upon hearing this worldly wisdom.


Seeing that, Zhu Qing pulled him away into the distance and said to him in a hushed voice, “Don’t listen to your Adoptive Father’s nonsense. Not everything in this world can be solved with your fist.”


Yang Kai shouted from behind her, “If the problem can’t be solved with only one fist, use two fists then!”


Yang Xiao turned around and yelled excitedly, “I also have my teeth and both legs!”


Yang Kai guffawed, “That’s my boy!”


Zhu Qing placed her hand on her forehead and thought that this boy had been wrongly influenced by Yang Kai from the start, making her worry about how he would turn out when he grows up.


Then, she dragged Yang Xiao further away so that Yang Kai couldn’t come into contact with the boy anymore and teach him such twisted logic.


Yang Kai didn’t mind it. Since the boy had inherited his temperament, he was confident he would grow up to be a well-rounded and confident man.


Then, he turned to look at the side. Although no one could be seen over there, he could sense Fu Zhun’s aura hidden nearby. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Yang Kai, but rather that she had only just reunited with her child that was thought to be dead, so she wasn’t willing to part with him even for one breath, which was why she had secretly followed him all the way here. Even if she couldn’t talk to him, she would be satisfied by just observing him from afar.


Since she didn’t seem to have the intention of showing up, Yang Kai wasn’t going to call her out. Placing his hands behind his back, he simply shuffled back towards Zhu Qing’s bedroom.


Ten days later, the celebration party for Yang Xiao’s birth was held on Zhu Yan’s Azure Tree Island. Compared to Snowy Island, the Great Elder’s island was a more pleasant place to hold this kind of event.


All members of the Dragon Clan had come together, including Fu Ling, who was relieved of her guard duty specially for today.


There were only a small number of Dragons, and after a quick count, Yang Kai determined that there were exactly eighteen. If he included the newly born Yang Xiao, there were only nineteen in total. Out of the nineteenth, there were only seven female Dragons while the rest were all male.


There were two rows of tables at the banquet, and each table was able to seat two people.


Naturally, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun were seated at the front, and the others took a seat according to their Dragon Veins below them. The stronger ones were seated closer to the Elders, while the weaker ones were seated further back.


In fact, when it came to cultivation, besides Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun, there wasn’t a huge difference in power between the other members of the Dragon Clan. However, bloodline suppression was a fundamental problem for the Dragon Clan. If two people had equal cultivation, equivalent to the Third-Order Emperor Realm, an Eighth-Order Dragon could easily suppress a Seventh-Order one.


Just when Yang Kai wasn’t sure where he should take a seat, Fu Zhun said, “Yang… Yang Kai, your seat is over there.”


Her voice was slightly shaky as she still wasn’t used to calling Yang Kai by his name; after all, they were basically archenemies in the past. However, due to Yang Xiao’s birth, her resentment towards Yang Kai had vanished and was replaced by gratitude.


Furthermore, Yang Xiao was truly loyal to Yang Kai, so if Fu Zhun offended him, he could easily destroy her relationship with her child.


When she tailed Yang Xiao to Half Moon Island a few days ago, she heard what Yang Kai said about calling him his Adoptive Father instead, which was why she became more grateful to him, and her view of him had completely changed.


Therefore, she had the intention of repairing her relationship with Yang Kai.


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai looked in the same direction and realised that the seat she had pointed at was at the front of one of the two rows of tables.


Arching his brow, he cupped his fists at her and without saying a word, he took a seat as he was told. The person across from him was Third Elder Fu Xuan, and the person beside him was Fifth Elder Zhu Qing. The person opposite Zhu Qing was Fourth Elder Zhu Kong.


Nobody was surprised by the arrangement as they all took their seats.


Yang Xiao’s petite figure was sandwiched between Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun as he didn’t occupy much space. He was clad in auspicious-looking clothes, which went to show that Fu Zhun had spent some time dressing him up.


However, the young kid was fidgety as he kept winking at Yang Kai. After he received a glare from Yang Kai though, he finally became obedient.


Zhu Yan clapped his hands, after which, some strikingly beautiful women appeared as they placed spirit fruits and glasses of wine on their tables. These women were not part of the Dragon Clan, but there had never been a lack of such individuals on Dragon Island.


Such women normally resided on the Spirit Islands of those male Dragons, so all of them were top beauties. Not only were they alluring, but they also had powerful cultivation.


However, they were only servants right now.


They must have learned about the recent good news on Dragon Island and what Yang Kai had done, which was why when they were serving food and wine, they curiously examined him as they wanted to find out why even members of the Dragon Clan regarded him to be an important guest.




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  1. Now that the dragon don’t need the half dragons blood to grow the Dragon Blood Flowers, if curious to see if they’ll change their relationship with Half Dragon City. Like what if they stopped draining they blood and awarded the few strongest in the city a title of warrior for the dragon Clan or something like that. Of course this is highly unlikely considering the repulsion dragons have toward half dragon. But it would be could cool considering the massive potential in power and in influence Dragon City could have in the Star Boundary

  2. If Yang Xiao has learned a lot from Yang Kai, and if he not an ice dragon (has they said when YX was just born as his color was a different white from Second Elder), is it possible for him to have learned Space Principles from YK and be a Space Dragon?

    1. Yeah. We can’t say for sure what his attribute would be just yet so that’s not impossible.
      And it’d be cool to have a new dao of space user. Just think about it in future they can fight side by side like Batman and Robin.

  3. Wow, so he actually did inherit YK’s resentment towards Fu Zhun.

    And if YX ain’t water or ice dragon despite being white then he might be a sky dragon like his name(霄) suggests. Or maybe just a White one like Albion(Vanishing one). Zhu Qing is called a Red one, Fu Qi is green and Zhu Yan is Azure so it seems they can also be identified with just their colors too.

  4. “Yang Kai didn’t mind it. Since the boy had inherited his temperament, he was confident he would grow up to be a well-rounded and confident man.”

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