Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3356, Imparted Wisdom


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After passing through the swirl, Yang Kai took Yang Xiao’s hand and stepped into the Dragon Temple.


While he was in a dazed state, he suddenly realised that he was no longer holding anyone’s hand. Turning around, Yang Kai was shocked to see that Yang Xiao had disappeared without any warning. At that instant, he was drenched in cold sweat. Just now, he had promised Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun that he would take good care of Yang Xiao. Now that Yang Xiao had disappeared, how would he explain himself?


“Xiao’er! Xiao’er!” Yang Kai shouted as his loud voice reverberated around the spacious hall, but he did not get any reply. Next, he released his Divine Sense, but he was shocked to realise that it had been suppressed to a radius of ten metres around himself.


This wasn’t the first time he had entered the Dragon Temple. Previously, after Wu Kuang made use of the temple’s power to break through space and sneak into a Lower Star Field, Yang Kai had come to the temple to look into the matter. Afterwards, he chased after Wu Kuang through the same Void Corridor that the latter had opened up.


However, Yang Kai had not come across such a strange incident at that time, which was why he couldn’t understand what was going on right now.


He had a feeling that it had something to do with the Dragon Souls in the temple. The Souls had been enshrined in this place for a long time, and although it wasn’t certain how many years had passed since their deaths, their Souls were still fairly powerful.


At the thought of this, Yang Kai bellowed, “Show yourselves!”


As he activated his Golden Divine Dragon Source, his high-pitched Dragon Roar resounded in the hall.


The next moment, Dragon Roars could be heard responding to him from all around.


Following that, lights were ignited consecutively as the gigantic Phantom Dragons appeared from the columns that seemed to be leading to the Heavens. Then, they surrounded Yang Kai and made sure that he couldn’t run away. Every Phantom Dragon appeared vivid and they looked just as majestic as when they were alive. As the Dragon Pressure undulated, ripples could be seen spreading from the space Yang Kai stood in, as though the space around him would break apart at any moment.


Yang Kai looked around and swept a glance over all the Phantom Dragons before asking in a grim voice, “Where’s the kid who has come with me? Where are you hiding him?”


All the Dragon Souls fell silent as they just stared fixedly at him.


“Are all of you deaf?” Yang Kai’s expression darkened. 


He wasn’t even sure whether these Dragon Souls still had any consciousness left. Perhaps they were only possessed with instinctive reactions since a long time had passed since they had died. Nevertheless, he couldn’t let Yang Xiao be harmed.


“Answer my question!” Yang Kai bellowed as his Dragon Roar seemed able to pierce the Heavens.


Finally, a Dragon Soul responded to him. The longest one suddenly raised his head and looked in a particular direction.


Following his gaze, Yang Kai peered through the void to where the Dragon Soul was looking.


At that moment, Yang Xiao was seated with his legs crossed on a rock. His expression was serene, and he didn’t seem to be injured at all. His aura was steady, and he was surrounded by colourful lights. As the lights kept leaving and entering his body, he appeared to be in a strange state.


Yang Kai watched him for a moment before he turned to look at the first Great Elder’s Dragon Soul with a frown, “You know why I’ve brought him with me?”


He wasn’t even sure how he came to this conclusion; however, upon seeing what was happening to Yang Xiao, Yang Kai was certain that these Dragon Souls were examining his Source. That was why Yang Xiao was taken away to a different location in the temple right after they stepped into this place. Without the Dragon Souls’ help, Yang Kai couldn’t even see Yang Xiao or locate the latter.


After receiving a nod, Yang Kai said, “There seems to be something wrong with his Source, so I needed you to check on him. Since you are already doing so, please carry on.”


As soon as he finished speaking, the area around Yang Xiao darkened and he disappeared.


Yang Kai set his mind at ease. Since the Dragon Souls were willing to help, it proved that there was nothing wrong with Yang Xiao’s Source; otherwise, they would’ve expelled Yang Xiao as not just anyone could step into this sacred place.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai went on to say, “There’s something I want to ask all of you. I want to cultivate some Dragon Clan’s Secret Techniques, but I don’t know where to start.”


Normally, a Divine Spirit’s Source contained all of its ancestral inheritance. Given the right opportunity, a Divine Spirit could obtain their Ancestors’ knowledge and experience, including Secret Techniques; therefore, they could instinctively use these skills and methods.


Yang Kai had comprehended a lot from his Source as well. For example, he had never learned the abstruse Dragon language from anyone; however, after he cultivated the Dragon Transformation Secret Art, he gained an understanding of this ancient language as if he had known it all along.


The only thing he was displeased about was that he hadn’t really learned any Secret Techniques, making him wonder if there was something wrong with his Golden Divine Dragon Source.


The reason he came to the Dragon Temple was to comprehend some useful Secret Techniques, and since the chance was right before his eyes, he wouldn’t let it slip through his fingers.


Upon hearing this request, the first Great Elder opened his mouth as a white light orb shot out directly at Yang Kai.


A shocked Yang Kai thought that he had somehow offended the first Great Elder and prepared to defend himself; however, upon closer look, he realised that he was mistaken. The aura inside the light orb was profound and powerful, but it didn’t have any murderous intent.


[Could this be…] Yang Kai’s gaze brightened as he thought of a possibility. Seeing as the light orb was about to hit him, he quickly sat down with his legs crossed and hung his head low.


As soon as the light orb came into contact with Yang Kai, it expanded and engulfed him in it. The next moment, he realised that a lot of information was madly penetrating his mind, which caused his Knowledge Sea to shake violently and he felt a slight pain in his head.


[He’s trying to impart his wisdom to me!] An elated Yang Kai quickly made his mind focus and did his best to absorb the information from the light orb. A long time later, the light that had surrounded Yang Kai slowly diminished.


Before the light completely vanished, another Dragon Soul shot out a similar light orb that engulfed Yang Kai once more.


Yang Kai’s face twitched as things were going differently from what he had imagined. Although he wanted to comprehend a few of the Dragon Clan’s Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques from the Dragon Temple, he had never expected that the Great Elders of the past would be so enthusiastic and directly impart all of their wisdom to him.


It would be fine if it was just two to three times, but there were more than ten generations of the Great Elders’ Dragon Souls on the scene, which was a bit troublesome to digest, but at the same time, Yang Kai was truly overjoyed.


A myriad of expressions came over Yang Kai, who was seated on the ground. Nevertheless, he was meticulously absorbing all this new knowledge. Soon, the pain faded, and he seemed to have plunged into a state of emptiness, thus making him unable to sense anything around himself.


All of a sudden, he opened his eyes, which shone brightly as he had gained a lot of wisdom, and after a blink, the gleam in his eyes faded.


Looking up, Yang Kai realised that the more than ten Dragon Souls had turned dimmer than they initially were. Knowing that they must have exhausted a lot of their energy, he cupped his fists to express his gratitude.


The more than ten Great Elders’ Dragon Souls nodded, after which they roared and disappeared from the place.


Following that, an immense pressure swept over Yang Kai as his vision turned blurred. Then, he realised that he was already outside the temple.


After that, he turned his head and saw that Yang Xiao was standing beside him; however, the young child appeared sullen with his brows knitted together. Apparently, he had been sent out of the temple as well.


“Are you alright?” Yang Kai stroked the young boy’s head.


Yang Xiao shook his head, “I’m fine.”


Seeing them, Zhu Yan and the others, who were waiting for them, immediately flew over.


Seeing Yang Xiao’s dejected face, Fu Zhun felt her heart sinking. However, she wouldn’t dare to ask him anything; instead, she turned to look at Yang Kai and questioned, “How was it?”


Yang Kai put on a helpless smile, “I don’t know.”


Zhu Yan frowned, “What do you mean that you don’t know?”


Yang Kai explained to them that he and Yang Xiao were separated right after they entered the temple, so he wasn’t sure what was happening to the boy. It wasn’t until now that they were sent out of the temple together.


Upon hearing that, Zhu Yan understood that he couldn’t get the answer from Yang Kai, so he turned to gaze at Yang Xiao and asked, “What was the result of the examination?”


Yang Xiao hung his head low and fell silent. Despite his silence, the answer could be deduced from his expression.


Zhu Yan felt unsteady as he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t bring himself to say a word in the end. Ultimately, he just heaved a sigh and patted Yang Xiao’s head.


Fu Zhun crouched down in front of her child and flashed the best smile she could muster at him, “It’s fine. You are still my son. So what if your Source isn’t pure? I’ll take care of you.”


“Mother, I’m so sorry!” Yang Xiao pressed his lips together and crashed into her embrace before he started sobbing.


“How is this possible?” Yang Kai scratched his head with a puzzled expression. He thought that since the Dragon Souls were willing to check on Yang Xiao, there shouldn’t be a problem; however, he didn’t expect that the result would be the same as the previous ceremony. Could Yang Xiao really have suffered from a congenital defect, or was affected by Yang Kai during the hatching process?


Every move Yang Xiao made was able to infect Fu Zhun. She had merely forced a smile just now, so upon seeing that he was crying, she started tearing up as well.


The mother and son hugged each other and bawled their eyes out, which caused Zhu Yan to feel heartbroken as well. No matter how Zhu Qing tried to console them, her attempts were useless.


After they finally calmed down, Zhu Yan brought his family away.


A dispirited Yang Kai then followed Zhu Qing back to Half Moon Island.


Although he had told Yang Xiao that it didn’t matter even if his Source was impure, it was merely to temporarily cheer him up. Only a member of the Dragon Clan could truly understand how terrible it was to have an impure Source. In the future, he wouldn’t be able to mingle with his fellow clansmen as an equal. Although he was the child of the Great Elder and Second Elder, he would forever be considered an outsider to the Dragon Clan now.


Since that was the case, Yang Xiao probably had to leave with Yang Kai. There was no way he could stay on Dragon Island as any attempt to have him remain would be a violation of the clan’s laws.


However, Yang Kai didn’t understand whether it was his fault or Yang Xiao’s congenital defect that had resulted in such an outcome.


Realising that Yang Kai was feeling uneasy, Zhu Qing spent the next few days treating him gently, which slowly managed to cheer him up a little.




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