Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3357, Leaving


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Since his matters on Dragon Island were all settled, Yang Kai didn’t want to delay any longer. Although he was unwilling to part with Zhu Qing, he had set up a Space Array just outside Dragon Island; hence, he could easily visit her in the future.


Yang Kai informed Mo Xiao Qi about it a few days earlier so that she had enough time to get prepared. This time, she had to leave with Yang Kai and return to Spirit Beast Island. Yang Kai decided to escort her back home and build a Space Array over there as well. Previously, Li Wu Yi had told him to do so, and the array would be useful if Mo Xiao Qi wanted to meet Fu Xuan in the future.


One day, Zhu Yan came over to have a drink with Yang Kai for a night, but they never really talked about anything the whole time. It was only at the break of dawn, before Zhu Yan left, that he said, “Please take good care of Xiao’er on our behalf.”


With a serious expression, Yang Kai nodded his head as he understood that Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun wanted him to take Yang Xiao with him. Although it had only been a few days since Yang Xiao was born, the problems he was facing meant that he couldn’t stay in Dragon Palace. Since he had to leave the palace one day, it was best he leave with Yang Kai sooner rather than later. With Yang Kai taking care of him, Zhu Yan could set his mind at ease.


On the day of departure, Yang Kai and Zhu Qing were waiting on Half Moon Island. Mo Xiao Qi and Fu Xuan had already arrived. Just like a pair of sisters, they were holding hands and whispering to each other. Fu Xuan’s eyes were filled with sorrow. She had spent quite some time with her daughter, so naturally, she was reluctant to part with her.


A long time later, Yang Xiao was still nowhere to be seen and Yang Kai frowned as he had a premonition.


A few hours later, a beam of red light approached them and landed in front of them, after which, Zhu Lie revealed himself.


“Where are Great Elder and the others? Why aren’t they here yet?” Zhu Qing asked.


Zhu Lie’s face twitched as he replied, “Second Elder took Yang Xiao away and went into hiding.”


“She hid him?” Zhu Qing appeared shocked.


Yang Kai was rendered speechless. Although he knew that Fu Zhun was unwilling to send Yang Xiao away, he hadn’t expected that she would go to such an extent.


Zhu Lie went on to say, “Great Elder asked me to come over to ask you to wait for a while more. He’ll send Yang Xiao over soon.”


“En,” Yang Kai nodded.


Upon completing his task, Zhu Lie flew away as he was probably going to look for Fu Zhun and Yang Xiao as well. Yang Kai and Zhu Qing traded glances before they smiled helplessly.


They went on to wait for an entire day, and it wasn’t until the sun was high in the sky that Zhu Yan rushed over to Half Moon Island with Yang Xiao. His wrinkled face was dark, so it was apparent that he was incensed. Fu Zhun was following them as traces of tears could still be seen on her face. She looked longingly at Yang Xiao, whose hand was held by Zhu Yan. Nevertheless, she knew that there was nothing she could do about it, so she bit her lip and silently wept.


Zhu Yan passed the boy to Yang Kai and said solemnly, “I’ll entrust Xiao’er to you now. If he’s naughty… discipline as you see fit.”


Yang Xiao immediately said, “Father, don’t worry, I’ll listen to Adoptive Father and not cause any trouble to him.”


His obedience made Zhu Yan feel assured as he nodded.


Gazing at Fu Zhun, Yang Kai gently pushed Yang Xiao and said, “Bid your mother farewell so we can get going.”


After a nod, Yang Xiao walked up to Fu Zhun and looked up at her.


The emotions in Fu Zhun’s heart finally exploded as she crouched down and pulled him into her embrace. As she cried her heart out, she whispered into the young child’s ear. Yang Xiao nodded repeatedly and helped her wipe away her tears as he consoled her.


Moments later, Fu Zhun finally calmed herself down and gave him some parting advice.


Yang Kai walked over and stated gently, “We should leave now.”


Fu Zhun bowed her head and suppressed the sorrow in her heart before stuffing a Space Ring into Yang Xiao’s hands. As she sniffled, she said, “Mother has prepared some things for you, and if anyone dares to bully you, just call out to us. We’ll stand up for you.”


“I understand!” Yang Xiao nodded repeatedly.


Zhu Yan covered his face with his palm and thought that she was basically encouraging their child to start walking sideways and cause trouble. At that instant, he thought that it was actually a good idea to let their child leave with Yang Kai. If he was allowed to stay on Dragon Island, Fu Zhun would unconditionally dote on him and he might even become a rotten adult one day.


At that moment, Zhu Yan wondered just how the Dragon Clan’s icy Second Elder had changed completely after their child was born.


In the end, Yang Kai and the others departed. He didn’t allow any of them to see them off so, on Half Moon Island, three women looked dejectedly at the leaving figures as their eyes were filled with a sense of longing.


As they flew forward at full speed, Yang Kai’s group reached the entrance half a day later.


Noticing the noise, Fu Ling came over to find out what was going on. Upon seeing that Yang Xiao was following Yang Kai, she was stunned, but after she learned the reason behind it, she did not make things difficult for them. Presently, Yang Kai was highly regarded on Dragon Island, so all members of the Dragon Clan had to be polite to him. Furthermore, she didn’t have the courage to go against him.


Therefore, she quickly let them pass.


After passing through the entrance, they left Dragon Island and shot up from the bottom of the sea. Soon, they reached the surface and leapt out of the water.


An amazed Yang Xiao looked around and tutted, “Is this the outside world? It’s not so different from Dragon Island.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “This is just a small part of the world. We’re on the East Sea right now, and Dragon Island is surrounded by water as well, which is why you don’t see any differences. Soon, you’ll see that the outside world is truly different from Dragon Island.”


Upon hearing his explanation, Yang Xiao replied, “I see.”


“Let’s go. We’ll head to Spirit Beast Island first to send Xiao Qi home,” Right after Yang Kai finished speaking, Mo Xiao Qi pouted.


Since the farce previously, Mo Xiao Qi had been too embarrassed to face Yang Kai. Now that she had to leave Dragon Island with him, she remained quiet, which was unlike how vivacious she usually was; however, upon hearing that he wanted to send her back to Spirit Beast Island first, she was displeased.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai pushed his Space Principles and formed a hand seal as he readied himself to use his Space Secret Technique.


Previously, he had exchanged Space Spirit Beads with Li Wu Yi, so it was easy for him to head to Spirit Beast Island directly, he just had to communicate with the Space Spirit Bead he had given to Li Wu Yi and he’d be able to reach him in an instant.


Supposedly, Li Wu Yi was on Spirit Beast Island at the moment.


Just then, Mo Xiao Qi suddenly asked, “Big Brother Yang, can we fly back to Spirit Beast Island?”


Yang Kai stopped what he was doing and stared doubtfully at her, “Why?”


Although both Spirit Beast Island and Dragon Island were both on the East Sea, there was still quite some distance between them. Yang Kai estimated that it would take him seven to eight days if he decided to fly over. Since he had a Space Spirit Bead there at this moment, which was a more convenient way to arrive there, he wasn’t willing to take the effort to fly over. It’d be a waste of time and energy.


Mo Xiao Qi hung her head low and replied, “Doesn’t Yang Xiao want to see the outside world? If we fly over to Spirit Beast Island, he can take in some different sights.”


Yang Xiao was still looking around when he heard that, then he clapped his hands and said, “That’s right, Adoptive Father. We should fly over.”


He wasn’t aware of what lay between the two islands but still went along with her because he truly was looking for some excitement.


Yang Kai stopped performing his hand seal and smiled helplessly, “Why do you look like you’ve been bored for years?”


Yang Xiao replied, “That’s absolutely right. Although it’s only been a few days since I was born, do not forget that I had been sleeping in the egg for a long time.”


Seeing how pitiful he described himself to be, Yang Kai relented, “Alright then. Since both of you have asked, we’ll fly over.”


Then, he turned to look at Qiong Qi.


The corners of Qiong Qi’s mouth twitched as he thought that he was the one who had to expend a lot of energy after they decided to fly over. It was especially tiresome for him because he was so old.


Despite his unspoken criticism, he had no choice but to assume his true form. At that instant, a hideous yet majestic beast appeared before the trio.


They consecutively jumped onto Qiong Qi’s back and Yang Kai laid down a rug before sitting across from Mo Xiao Qi, then he put Yang Xiao on his lap.


Following that, they headed to Spirit Beast Island at full speed. Initially, Yang Xiao was curiously looking around, but upon realising that all he saw were the ocean and islands, he soon grew bored. Looking up at Mo Xiao Qi, he asked, “Elder Sister Xiao Qi, is there anything fun on Spirit Beast Island that I can play with?”


Yang Kai knocked the little boy’s head and stared at him with a long face, “What did you just call her?”


Yang Xiao covered his head and replied, “Elder Sister. What’s wrong with that?”


Yang Kai said, “Xiao Qi and I call each other Brother and Sister, and you are my son, so don’t you think it is wrong for you to call her Elder Sister?”


Upon hearing that, Yang Xiao gave it a thought and replied, “According to the seniority on Dragon Island, I’m supposed to call her Elder Sister. However, given that you’re my Adoptive Father, she is my Senior. What should I do?”


Mo Xiao Qi pressed her lips together and smiled, “Just separate your relationship with your Adoptive Father from the others. If you adhere to your Adoptive Father’s seniority, your relationships with others will all be messed up.”


Upon hearing her advice, Yang Xiao nodded, “You’re right.”


Despite his immature voice, his manner of speaking was that of an old man, which was amusing to others.


Yang Kai shared the same thought. After he helped Yang Xiao to be born, he messed up the seniority in many ways, so he wasn’t willing to dwell on the issue.


Yang Xiao asked again, “Is there anything fun on Spirit Beast Island?”


Instead of answering his question, Mo Xiao Qi questioned, “Is there anything fun on Dragon Island?”


Yang Xiao shook his head like a rattle. To him, there was nothing fun on Dragon Island. Not only was the atmosphere not lively, but there was also a mother who followed him around all the time.


Mo Xiao Qi went on to say, “Spirit Beast Island is the same to me.”


As they looked into each other’s eyes, they realised that their fates were pretty similar. At that instant, they couldn’t help but heave long sighs.


“You two are both so young, why are you sighing like that?” Yang Kai chided them, after which Mo Xiao Qi stuck out her tongue.


Yang Kai reached out to pinch Yang Xiao’s fleshy cheeks and said, “Let’s talk about something serious now.”


Yang Xiao couldn’t even speak clearly as he muttered, “What is it that Adoptive Father wants to say?”


Yang Kai asked, “Has your mother or father taught you how you will cultivate in the future?”


Yang Xiao replied, “Mother has placed a copy of the Dragon Transformation Secret Art in my Space Ring.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai nodded, “Good. You might have a congenital defect or your bloodline might be impure, but either way, you’re still the child of two Tenth-Order Dragons; therefore, you must have some Dragon Blood in you. The Dragon Transformation Secret Art does suit you, so you should work hard on cultivating this Secret Art, then. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to transform into a True Dragon one day.”




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