Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3358, There is no Problem with my Source


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Dragon Transformation Secret Art was perfect for the current Yang Xiao. Furthermore, Yang Kai could grow the Dragon Blood Flowers in his medicine garden and refine Dragon Blood Pills, so as long as the supply was adequate, improving Yang Xiao’s bloodline should not be a problem and turning him into a True Dragon was not without hope.


Feeling something was off though, Yang Kai suddenly furrowed his brow and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you keep moving about so restlessly?”


Yang Xiao couldn’t help but scratch his ears and cheeks in embarrassment before timidly replying, “Adoptive Father, there is a saying that one should not speak something improper before a child.”


Yang Kai touched his chin, suspiciously looking at him, “Why do I feel that you have done something wrong?” As Yang Xiao was sitting between his thighs, Yang Kai couldn’t clearly see what face the boy was making. But he had a feeling that this smelly brat had done something wrong; otherwise, he wouldn’t be acting like this. No one could understand a son better than his father, and Yang Xiao had predominantly inherited his temperament, so Yang Kai could accurately infer many things from Yang Xiao’s actions alone.


“Why…” Yang Xiao’s tone became weaker. His eyes kept wandering here and there. Even Mo Xiao Qi, who was sitting right opposite him, could tell that something wasn’t right at this point and raised her eyes to signal to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai chuckled before he replied with a gentle smile, “Xiao’er, just say what you want to say to your Adoptive Father. You should know that your Adoptive Father will always listen to your troubles whenever you want.”


Yang Xiao forced a cough before speaking, “First you have to promise that you won’t hit me.”


Yang Kai was immediately piqued and snapped, “Why would I hit you without a good reason? Don’t worry, I won’t hit you.”


Yang Xiao immediately raised his head and turned to Mo Xiao Qi, “Big Sister Xiao Qi, you heard him, right? Adoptive Father said that he won’t hit me, and Adoptive Father must be a man who keeps his word.”


Mo Xiao Qi replied, “Of course, of course. Speak up now, don’t keep us guessing.”


Yang Xiao moistened his lips before he softly murmured something.


“What was that?” Yang Kai knocked on his head, “Speak clearly, I didn’t hear it.”


Yang Xiao immediately jumped up and shouted, “Adoptive Father just said that he wouldn’t hit me, but you still did.”


Yang Kai’s brow twitched before he assured, embarrassed, “It’s just a habit, Adoptive Father won’t do it again.”


Yang Xiao squinted at him, “How come I don’t believe you?”


Yang Kai snorted and added, “While I am asking nicely, quickly tell me, otherwise…”


“There is no problem with my Source!” Yang Xiao quickly threw out a sentence before he hid behind Mo Xiao Qi, vigilantly staring at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai kept nodding his head, “En en, there is no problem with your Source… no problem with your Source… How do you know that there is no problem with your Source?”


Yang Xiao replied, “I knew it when I was tested in the Dragon Temple.”


“Be specific,” Yang Kai raised his brow.


Yang Xiao meekly stated, “I can transform into a True Dragon!”


“Ha… haha… hahaha!” Yang Kai broke into a hearty laugh and confirmed, excitedly looking at Yang Xiao, “Can you really transform into a True Dragon?”


“It’s true. Adoptive Father, please look!” Just as he said so, Yang Xiao’s figure distorted before he really transformed into a jade-like White Dragon, just as fair as the first time Yang Kai saw him.


But Yang Xiao apparently couldn’t maintain this state for too long and reverted back to his Human form shortly after.


Yang Kai clapped his hands, “Good!”


A big weight had finally lifted off his shoulders. Yang Xiao’s previous ceremony had failed and had almost become a thorn in Yang Kai’s heart, because he always worried whether he had done something wrong when he hatched this boy, resulting in his Source becoming impure. But now it was evident that there was nothing wrong with his Source; being able to transform into a True Dragon was proof in itself.


Relieved, Yang Kai immediately jumped up and grabbed Yang Xiao as he ground his teeth and roared, “If I don’t beat your ass up today, my surname will no longer be Yang!!”


[This damn brat is so bad! When he came out of the Dragon Temple, when Zhu Yan asked him about it, he actually hid everything! As a result, not only did Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun feel heartbroken, even I suffered for days as I worried about him. Had I known that there was no problem with his Source, I wouldn’t have taken him from Dragon Island as he is perfectly qualified to stay!]


Yang Xiao’s face turned pale when he heard this and objected, “Adoptive Father, you’re going back on your word!”


He promptly kicked the ground, trying to run away, but he was born not too long ago so how could he escape from Yang Kai’s grasp?


Suddenly feeling a vice grip on his arm, Yang Xiao was lifted off his feet by Yang Kai and immediately called out in horror, “Big Sister Xiao Qi, save me! Adoptive Father is going to beat me!”


Mo Xiao Qi, however, was unsympathetic as she declared firmly, “You deserve it!” 


She felt that Yang Xiao had gone too far this time too. [Why didn’t he inform us of such important news in the first place and hid it instead? Fortunately, he has some reservations, otherwise, we all would have remained in the dark and kept blaming ourselves.]


This brat needed to be taught a lesson for doing something this selfish.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai had already placed Yang Xiao across his knee and lifted his arm up high. Swinging down, he prepared to spank the naughty kid’s butt as he really felt he needed to be disciplined this time.


Yang Kai was also mad at Yang Xiao for lying like this. He had made up his mind to make this boy suffer today, otherwise, he would commit all kinds of irresponsible and immature matters in the future.


However, just as he was about to deliver the first spanking, Yang Kai suddenly furrowed his brow because he felt something was off, and in the next instant, his eyes bulged.


Yang Xiao, who had just been on his knee, had actually disappeared into thin air.


Qiong Qi, who was silently flying forward, minding his own business, also let out a cry of surprise as he abruptly paused and turned to look up just like Yang Kai, staring at Yang Xiao who was already a thousand meters away from them, looking like a small dot in the sky. The next moment, Yang Xiao’s voice came from the distance, “Adoptive Father, you went back on your word, I hate you!”


“Smelly brat, come back here right this instant!” Yang Kai shouted back, his expression contorted quite wonderfully. With his Second-Order Emperor Realm cultivation, he actually allowed Yang Xiao to escape from his grasp. Not only was it a huge embarrassment, it was completely incomprehensible given the difference in strength.


“If you promise that you won’t hit me, I will come back, or else… or else… I’ll run away!” Yang Xiao, moving backwards, stuttered as he shouted aloud.


Yang Kai coldly chuckled, “You dare threaten me? Good, good, good! Go on then, run away!”


“I’m leaving now!” Yang Xiao shouted.


“Go go, go away!” Yang Kai said as his face turned black.


“I’m… really leaving…” Yang Xiao’s voice grew weaker.


Yang Kai only sneered, remaining unmoved.


Yang Xiao suddenly fumed with anger, made up his mind, turned around, and flew off.


Staring in the direction Yang Xiao left, Yang Kai furrowed his brow and asked quietly, “Old Qiong, did you feel it as well?”


Qiong Qi solemnly nodded, emphasizing his every word, “Time Principles!”


Yang Kai heaved a deep breath, “Sure enough, I didn’t sense it wrong. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but you noticed it too. How certain are you?”


Qiong Qi replied with a serious look on his face, “That boy definitely used the Dao of Time.”


Yang Kai clicked his tongue in amazement, “How did that smelly brat comprehend the Dao of Time?” The moment Yang Kai was about to spank him, time seemed to stop for a moment, so he didn’t even notice how Yang Xiao slipped away. This boy had escaped from right under his nose, and by the time he recovered, Yang Xiao was already a thousand meters away.


Qiong Qi’s eyes were filled with confusion and disbelief as well, but soon a possibility crossed his mind and he shouted, “Inheritance!”


Yang Kai thoughtfully spoke, “You mean to say, he got it from me…”


“Apart from that, this Old Master can’t think of another possibility.” Yang Xiao’s Dragon Source wouldn’t grant him such an ability, and since Yang Xiao’s character was greatly affected by Yang Kai, it meant that when Yang Kai hatched him, Yang Xiao had inherited many things from Yang Kai.


Because Yang Kai had cultivated the Time Flies Seal though, he understood a bit about the Dao of Time, and now it was apparent that a bit of comprehension had been passed on to this boy, that was the only explanation.


Since Yang Xiao inherited comprehension of the Dao of Time from Yang Kai, what about the Dao of Space? The Dao of Space was Yang Kai’s Grand Dao, so if Yang Xiao had inherited some talent in the Dao of Space as well, that would be an enormous boon.


“Big Brother Yang, are you not going to chase him?” Mo Xiao Qi asked, apparently worried. Although she had hoped that Yang Kai would give this brat a memorable lesson, she became a little worried seeing Yang Xiao run away just now.


“Rest assured, he can’t run far.” Yang Kai smiled. Despite Yang Xiao raising hues and cries, he definitely wouldn’t go too far. Furthermore, Yang Kai had locked his Divine Sense onto Yang Xiao, so it was impossible for this smelly brat to really escape.


Just as he said that though, Yang Kai’s expression drastically changed as he cursed, “Damn!”


His figure immediately flickered as Space Principles fluctuated and he vanished into thin air.


Qiong Qi also frowned deeply before calling out to Mo Xiao Qi, “Hold on tight.” 


The next moment, his speed soared as he flew towards a certain direction as swiftly as a wind.


In the sky over the sea, a grim-looking black-robed old man was hovering mid-air. Several corpses were floating on the sea below, dying it red with blood.


There was a pale but beautiful young woman hovering by that old man’s side. Although she was a Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, she appeared weak and feeble at this moment, unable to muster even an ounce of strength. Had the black-robed old man not been holding her up with his Emperor Qi, she would have already crashed into the water.


The old man happened to be holding a fair-skinned tender little fatty with one hand at this moment. Naturally, it was none other than Yang Xiao, who had just arrogantly proclaimed that he was running away from home.


Despite Yang Xiao raising a ruckus just now, he naturally understood that Yang Kai would not let him really run away. At most, he would catch him and beat him up after letting him roam free for a bit. But now, Yang Xiao had accidentally fallen into this old man’s grasp, and after witnessing such a scene, there was a good chance he was going to be silenced.


Yang Xiao immediately wore the most innocent look he could muster as he asked the black-robed old man, “Grandpa, who are you? Why did you catch me?”


The black-robed old man tilted his head and furrowed his brow, looking rather troubled.


[If it was just an ordinary brat, I would have killed him right away, but I can sense Pureblood Dragon aura from this little fatty. In other words, this brat might be a member of the Dragon Clan!]


[Since when did the Dragon Clan have someone like him though?] The old man gave it a careful thought, but he couldn’t come up with any answers. As far as he knew, all members of the Dragon Clan had reached maturity centuries ago, so how could a mere boy like this exist? However, the Dragon Clan having a new clansman couldn’t be ruled out.


Furthermore, this place wasn’t far from Dragon Island, so it wasn’t surprising for a Dragon Clan member to be here.


Killing this boy would be as simple as killing an ant, but it would be problematic if he drew a Master from the Dragon Clan here as a result.




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    1. It’s because of misinformation, unlike those who have been to dragon island most are told that the dragon clan isn’t numerous but all of their members are extremely powerful and can compete with GEs and psuedos, but in reality that isn’t the case while Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun can compete against a GE together the rest of the dragons are more or less just strong Emperor realms or even weaker.

      1. The power levels are kinda off… Zhu Qing could already beat a monster king, who could beat a third order emperor realm.. but it took 2 10th order dragons ( the 2 dragon elders) to deal with a GE (beast island master)… so what are 9th order equal to? 2nd order pseudo GE?

        1. I don’t think the power levels are off. Zhu Qing is a top existence divine spirit since all dragons are. This give her a benefit against all non-divine spirits and most divine spirits. It seems to me eighth order is about third order emperor realm.

          Ninth order is pseudo great emeperor since Li (the other dao of space guy) fought against the fourth elder who is a ninth order dragon

          As for Martial Beast going against two tenth orders, not all great emperors are equal, which we know from Heaven Devouring great emperor fighting against four others. For all we know, Martial Beast has a way to suppress dragons, which could also explain why he fought two. But it could really be as simple as when you have a 2v1 advantage, why not use it?

          At least, that’s how I’ve been making sense of it

      2. All the dragons are stronger than 3rd order emperors. But only the first and second are at great emperor level. The 4th elder the 9th order one fought evenly with the strongest pseudo great emperor. Zhu lie a 8th order dragon killed a 3rd order emperor in one attack. So basically all the great dragons are pseudo great emperors. With 2 being great emperor level

  1. I don’t know man. I have the small hope that my worries get cleared up in the next chapters but so far I fear the worst. First off Yang Xiao inheriting time principles from Yang Kai is just pure BS. I don’t think I have to even say anything about that. Second off how is Yang Xiao being captured while Yang Kai has his divine sense locked onto him?? On top of Yang Xiao just escaping Yang Kai. I sure hope the guy who captured him is at least a Third-Order Emperor but even then it’s not really credible.

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