Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3359, He’s All Yours


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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While the black-robed old man was hesitating, he suddenly furrowed his brow as he turned towards one side.


A ripple in the sky appeared before Yang Kai’s figure manifested, emerging like a ghost. The old man’s pupils shrank at this sight as he naturally recognized this kind of Space Divine Ability, owing to his vast knowledge and experience. Furthermore, such a profound instantaneous movement ability was only attainable by those who cultivated the Dao of Space to an extremely high level. In fact, when he took a closer look at Yang Kai, a sliver of recognition appeared in his eyes, as if he knew him from somewhere.


As Yang Kai stared at the old man, his face couldn’t help but turn serious; because he discovered that the black-robed old man was a Third-Order Emperor. Worse, this old man gave him an uncomfortable amount of pressure, similar to when he was facing Cang Mo.


A Pseudo-Great Emperor! 


Yang Kai was inwardly shocked, but he showed nothing on his face. He had heard Yang Yan mention that this world had restrictions, and many Pseudo-Great Emperors were living in seclusion, but he never expected to run into one in the middle of the vast East Sea. 


Counting Cang Mo, Yang Yan, Li Wu Yi, and Sheng Yu Zhu, this old man was the fifth Pseudo-Great Emperor Yang Kai had encountered.


When the girl next to the black-robed old man saw Yang Kai, her terrified eyes suddenly glimmered with pleasant surprise before silently sending signals for help.


When Yang Kai glanced over at her, he was even more shocked.


He actually knew this girl, and her background was far from ordinary.


Yao Lin!


Serene Soul Great Emperor, Yao Jun, had a son and a daughter. His son was Yao Si and his daughter was Yao Lin, and Yang Kai had met both of them. 


Yang Kai met Yao Si in the Shattered Star Sea, but their encounter was brief and they didn’t even converse, not even once. On the other hand, Yang Kai had actually gotten into a big conflict with Yao Lin, one that was life threatening for both of them. It was only because at the critical moment Serene Soul Great Emperor’s Soul Descend appeared that Yang Kai was forced to retreat, allowing Yao Lin to survive.


It wasn’t surprising to run into Yao Lin in the East Sea; after all, Serene Soul Palace was also located in the Eastern Territory. What Yang Kai wondered about was who this black-robed old man was. What gave him the courage to make a move on Yao Lin? Judging by Yao Lin’s appearance, it was quite obvious that she was kidnapped, and the corpses floating on the bloody sea below obviously belonged to Yao Lin’s guards, though they were already dead at this moment.


[Does this black-robed old man have some kind of enmity with Serene Soul Great Emperor? Or did Yao Lin accidentally provoke this old man and was taught a lesson by him?] He was well aware of Yao Lin’s character. She was domineering and arrogant, not putting anyone in her eyes. If she really did provoke this old man, it wasn’t that surprising either.


But no matter what, since Yang Xiao was in this old man’s hand, Yang Kai had to get involved.


As these thoughts flashed in his mind, Yang Kai turned a blind eye to Yao Lin’s plea and asked, only looking at Yang Xiao, who was held by the old man, “Xiao’er, are you alright?”


Yang Xiao grinningly replied, “Adoptive Father, don’t worry, your son is alright.”


[Adoptive Father!?] The black-robed old man furrowed his brow upon hearing this, even more confused than he had been before. He recognized this boy had a Pureblood Dragon aura and assumed he was a member of the Dragon Clan, but no member of the Dragon Clan in this world would call a mere Human ‘Adoptive Father’. A prideful and arrogant member of the Dragon Clan, even as a newborn, would never demean themselves so.


[Was I mistaken? Could it be that this little fatty isn’t a Dragon Clan member, and just has a slightly stronger Dragon Clan bloodline? Strange, it’s really strange!]


“When I tell you to not run around, you better not run around! Look what you have gotten yourself into. Since you’re alright, why are you still standing there instead of coming back!” Yang Kai sternly shouted.


Yang Xiao’s brow twitched as he thought, [I very much want to go back now, but I’m being held tight by this old man; how am I supposed to leave?] 


Caught in this awkward position, Yang Xiao had no choice but to ask the black-robed old man with a bitter look on his face, “Grandpa, my Adoptive Father is asking me to go back, can you please let me go now?”


The black-robed old man didn’t say a word as he just deeply stared at Yang Kai.


Slowly, murderous intent began to fill the air.


He hadn’t expected to run into others on this vast ocean, and not a word of what he did today could be allowed to leak out, so he was already considering silencing all the witnesses to his crimes, but seeing how Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, he was feeling quite frustrated. Against someone like Yang Kai, it was necessary to kill with a single blow, otherwise Yang Kai would simply escape.


With the murderous intent being so obvious, how could Yang Kai fail to detect it. His nerves growing taut, he hurriedly stated, “Old Sir, we father and son were just passing through. If this little brat was impolite to you, this Yang will apologize on his behalf. There is no need to keep holding onto him, right? He is just a boy.”


Yang Kai was currently cursing Yang Xiao in his mind. [Smelly brat, don’t you understand Dao of Time? You just slipped away from my grasp, so how did you get captured by someone else right after? Quickly use your Dao of Time to slip away!]


Yang Kai didn’t dare to act rashly in this situation. Yang Xiao was caught by this unknown man, and just a slight move could lead to unimaginable consequences. Yang Xiao had just been taken out of Dragon Island by him a few days ago, so if something happened to him, how would he face the Great Elder and Second Elder in the future? Yang Kai’s heart was pounding with anxiety, but that only made him grow calmer and calmer.


Right then, a streak of red light shot over from the horizon.


The black-robed old man, who had been staring at Yang Kai, frowned and promptly looked in that direction. Immediately after, a look of astonishment appeared on his face.


With the flash of red light, Qiong Qi rushed over with Mo Xiao Qi, and when he saw the black-robed old man, Qiong Qi said a cry of shock as well. Obviously, he was aware of the opponent’s strength.


“Qiong Qi!” The black-robed old man finally spoke, his eyes filled with apprehension. He suddenly realized that the situation had grown completely out of his control. Even though he was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, and his strength was far beyond that of an ordinary Third-Order Emperor Realm, facing Qiong Qi, an Ancient Divine Spirit, he still felt pressured.


[Why is Qiong Qi here? And there is even a girl riding on his back.] His day was turning stranger and stranger.


On another side, after peeking out from Qiong Qi’s back, Mo Xiao Qi spotted Yao Lin and opened her mouth instinctually, “Ah…”


Just as she was about to speak though, Yang Kai’s voice sounded in her ear, “Don’t say another word.”


Mo Xiao Qi quickly swallowed what she was about to say back into her stomach, though she kept staring at Yao Lin while Yao Lin stared back at her pleadingly.


Obviously, the two girls knew each other as they were both daughters of Great Emperors who lived in the Eastern Territory. They would have met, talked, and bickered a few times. If they didn’t recognize each other, then who would? But with Yao Lin’s bad personality, Mo Xiao Qi didn’t have any deep friendship with her, so their relationship was only that of acquaintances.


But at this moment, she absolutely couldn’t let this be known, at least not until Yang Xiao was safe; otherwise, the black-robed old man might gain another advantage.


Attacking the daughter of a Great Emperor was extremely sensational and no one would want this news to be leaked out. This was why Yang Kai stopped Mo Xiao Qi from speaking another word, to prevent the situation from becoming even more complicated.


Things had suddenly taken a strange turn. Everyone had different thoughts while only Yang Xiao, this smelly brat, who didn’t know how high the Heavens were, kept looking around curiously, planning who knows what.


After a long silence, the black-robed old man suddenly asked, “Qiong Qi, what do you want?”


His voice was hoarse as raspy, like metal scraping against metal, extremely harsh on the ears. The reason he was asking was because Qiong Qi had been eyeing him like an enemy since he appeared.


The old man was confused by this. [Is Qiong Qi with these people? Otherwise, how come all of them ran over one after another? If that’s the case, my luck is really terrible.]


“You tell me, what do you want?” Qiong Qi’s voice was thunderous, releasing power on par with that of a Pseudo-Great Emperor. He was naturally not intimidated in this situation; after all, he had accompanied Flowing Time Great Emperor in the past and seen many Pseudo-Great Emperors. He didn’t need to be polite in front of this old man at all.


The black-robed old man frowned before suggesting, “How about you stay out of this matter?”


Qiong Qi agreed with a nod, “Good. Let the boy go and I’ll retreat.”


“Him?” The black-robed old man lifted Yang Xiao and shook him a bit.


Yang Xiao immediately objected, “Grandpa, please be gentle, I’m getting dizzy.”




“Is he a member of the Dragon Clan?” The black-robed old man asked.


“You don’t need to know,” Qiong Qi fumed a jet of white mist through his nostrils as his eyes turned fierce and vicious, “You only need to know one thing, if anything happens to that boy, you will definitely die today.”


The black-robed old man nodded before replying, “Anyone can make a bluff, but since it’s being said by Qiong Qi, this Old Master will have to think carefully about it.” He pondered for a moment before casually raising his head and throwing Yang Xiao out, “He’s all yours.”


The next moment, the black-robed old man suddenly lifted his black robe as the sky suddenly grew dark. It seemed as if his black robe turned into a black curtain that covered the sky. Taking advantage of this sudden change, the old man grabbed Yao Lin with one hand and immediately fled.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, had already shot forward, catching Yang Xiao in his arms. When he scanned Yang Xiao with his Divine Sense though, his face drastically changed as he hurriedly shouted, “Old Qiong, kill that bastard!”


Qiong Qi didn’t reply but his figure had already been turned into a small black dot over the horizon, pursuing the black-robed old man the moment he threw Yang Xiao out. 


Mo Xiao Qi descended from the sky. When Qiong Qi gave chase, she naturally jumped off. Qiong Qi couldn’t guarantee her safety when fighting against a Pseudo-Great Emperor, so he had of course let her off first.


“Is Xiao’er alright?” Mo Xiao Qi asked as she stood beside Yang Kai, but as she looked down at the little fatty in Yang Kai’s arm, her she couldn’t help gasping in shock, “What’s wrong with Xiao’er?”


Yang Xiao’s eyes were completely wide and there was a terrified look on his face. He was bleeding from all his orifices, and his body was alternating between red and white. Obviously, he was struck with some kind of sinister move. Clearly, the black-robed old man had done something when he threw Yang Xiao just now.


Yang Kai tore Yang Xiao’s clothes and laid him down flat. The next moment, his gaze fixed on his back, where he saw a clear five fingers imprint on his jade white skin. Wisps of evil energy could be seen spreading from this imprint, making Yang Xiao’s body alternate between hot and cold.


“Come with me!” Yang Kai said, grabbing Mo Xiao Qi’s arm, and with a flash of thought, he took her into the Small Sealed World, straight to the medicine garden. He then shouted aloud, “Mu Zhu, Mu Na!”


The two Wood Spirits immediately rushed over. Once they saw Yang Kai holding the little fatty with a distraught look on his face, they were greatly frightened and hurriedly asked, “Master, what happened?”


Yang Kai placed Yang Xiao on the ground and anxiously informed them, “He was injured by a powerful Master. I need to force the evil energy out of him while you help me stabilize his vitality and heal his injuries.”


The two Wood Spirits hurriedly nodded and got to work.




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