Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3361, Guests from Serene Soul Palace


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The reason Yang Kai brought up the matter as soon as they met was that he wanted to use Spirit Beast Island to inform Serene Soul Palace. Since he had bumped into this matter and was unable to save Yao Lin, the least he could do was pass on the news.


What’s more, that old man almost killed Yang Xiao, so Yang Kai wanted to know who he was.


On the way, Yang Kai voiced his doubts. Li Wu Yi pondered for a while before slowly shaking his head, “I don’t have an impression of anyone matching your description, but if I get to see him with my own eyes, I might recognize him. Although there are a fair number of Pseudo-Great Emperors in this world, there aren’t that many.”


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel a little regretful after hearing this. He thought that Li Wu Yi might know the identity of the old man. He hadn’t expected him to be unable to identify him, but it wasn’t surprising either, as he hadn’t seen the incident with his own eyes and who knows whether the old man had disguised his appearance or not?


Soon, the pair came to a pavilion with small bridges and creeks flowing below them, a beautiful and unique place. A stalwart man happened to be standing on the bridge, throwing fish food into the water below, attracting red carps to fight for the feed, splashing the water noisily.


Judging by his appearance alone, no one would notice anything special about this man. He looked like an average commoner, lacking any bearing of nobility. It was just that he was relatively bigger and taller, but he was no doubt one of ten Great Emperors of the Star Boundary, Martial Beast Emperor, Mo Huang!


“You’re back!” Mo Huang raised his eyes, looking at Yang Kai with a smile before continuing to feed the fish.


Yang Kai earnestly cupped his fists, “Greetings, Senior!”


Mo Huang lightly nodded in response before indifferently asking, “Xiao Qi is also back?”


Yang Kai replied, “She is back and currently chatting with Senior Jiu Feng.”


Mo Huang gave a nod before going silent.


Li Wu Yi stepped up at that moment and spoke with a serious look on his face, “Sir, something has happened.”


Mo Huang looked up as his brow slightly rose. Throwing the rest of the fish food in his hand into the water, he asked while clapping his hand, “What’s the matter?” Since it is coming from you, then it is clearly not a small matter.”


All of a sudden, Mo Huang worried that something happened on Dragon Island’s side, involving his wife, Fu Xuan.


Li Wu Yi, however, replied, “Yao Lin was captured by an unknown assailant and all of her guards were slaughtered.”


Mo Huang furrowed his brow after hearing this, “Yao Lin? Yao Jun’s daughter?”


“That’s right.”


Mo Huang curiously asked, “How do you know?”


Li Wu Yi explained, “Yang Kai came across the scene on his way back. The Young Lady was present as well. Apparently, the attacker was a Pseudo-Great Emperor.”


Mo Huang grew even more curious, “A Pseudo-Great Emperor!” 


Although Pseudo-Great Emperors were fairly strong, which Pseudo-Great Emperor had the guts to make a move on a Great Emperor’s daughter? Even if Yao Lin had done something incredibly offensive, she would only be slightly punished at most, but to kill her guards and even capture her was tantamount to completely offending Yao Jun.


“Are you certain?” Mu Huang asked with a frown.


Li Wu Yi looked at Yang Kai, who replied with a serious face, “Junior is certain. I could tell it was Yao Lin, and Xiao Qi also recognized Yao Lin at that time.”


Hearing Yang Kai call his darling daughter so intimately, the corners of Mo Huang’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch as he deeply stared at this boy with a meaningful look on his face.


Li Wu Yi coughed and cut in at that moment to ask, “Should I inform Serene Soul Palace of this?”


Mo Huang gave consent with a nod, “En, we have to inform them. If it’s all some misunderstanding, that couldn’t be any better, but if what you say happened really happened, the sooner Old Yao Jun knows, the better.”


Having said so, Mo Huang took out a jade slip and engraved a message into it with his Divine Sense. Then, he flicked his wrist as the jade slip disappeared into thin air following a surge of Space Principles.


Seeing this, Yang Kai understood what happened right away. Mo Huang and Yao Jun should have used Li Wu Yi’s Space Beacons to establish a line of communication between them. This wasn’t surprising as both of them were Great Emperors as well as residents of the Eastern Territory. It was normal for neighbours to have a way to contact each other.


Mo Huang then switched the topic and asked, looking at Yang Kai, “Did anything unusual happen on Dragon Island?”


Yang Kai immediately replied, having understood what he was ultimately asking about, “Everything went well. Third Elder hasn’t received any harsh treatment and was very happy when Xiao Qi went to see her.”


Mo Huang’s expression turned softer as a smile spread on his lips, “That’s good to hear.” 


He then asked, “They didn’t embarrass you this time, right?” If Fu Xuan and Zhu Qing’s fate were connected, Yang Kai and Mo Huang were also considered to be connected by the same fate. They were both married to Dragon Women and weren’t liked by Dragon Island.


Yang Kai touched his nose as he replied, “The situation was a bit awkward at first, but in the end, all our misunderstandings were resolved.”


Mo Huang asked in amazement, “Resolved? What do you mean?” Even though he was a Great Emperor, he couldn’t help but be surprised after hearing this.


Yang Kai replied casually, “It means what it means.”


Mo Huang looked at him with a brilliant look on his face, “Don’t tell this King that Dragon Island is no longer hostile to you?”


Yang Kai forced a cough, “In the beginning, there were indeed a bit, but later… they were quite warm to me.”


[Warm…] Mo Huang’s eyes were almost ready to pop out when he heard this. He was simply astonished by Yang Kai. Li Wu Yi also looked at Yang Kai with a strange look on his face.


Warm could describe many things out there, but it couldn’t be spoken in the same breath with the Dragon Clan.


[How can the Dragon Clan be warm to someone?] Mo Huang was hunted and attacked by Dragon Island just because he had a daughter with Fu Xuan even when he was a Great Emperor. They even almost launched a full-scale attack on Spirit Beast Island. Although Yang Kai could be counted as a rising star, he was still just a Junior. Mo Huang had far greater strength and status than Yang Kai, so how could the latter get preferential treatment from Dragon Island while a Great Emperor was treated with disdain and hostility?


[Fu Zhun isn’t that easy to talk to, right?]


Naturally, Yang Kai could easily dispel the doubts in their hearts, but he found it bothersome so he just scratched his nose and stated, “Xiao Qi knows the whole story. Senior can ask her when you have the free time.” He also didn’t want to give a detailed explanation here, otherwise, he would need to bring up the matter of Yang Xiao, which would take more than one or two sentences.


Right then, Space Principles fluctuated.


The trio promptly sensed it and Mo Huang reached out to catch a jade slip that appeared out of thin air. This jade slip was different from the one he had taken out previously.


This was obviously a reply from Serene Soul Emperor.


After checking it, Mo Huang frowned and informed the others, “Yao Lin may really have been kidnapped.”


“Why do you say that, Sir?” Li Wu Yi asked.


Mo Huang crushed the jade slip and explained, shaking his head, “Yao Jun can’t reach Yao Lin or her guards.” If he couldn’t reach her, it means that things aren’t looking good for her, and coupled with what Yang Kai has reported, Yao Lin’s capture is all but confirmed.


“Do you have urgent business?” Mo Huang asked Yang Kai again.


Yang Kai had no idea why he was asking but he still replied, shaking his head, “I don’t have any urgent matters to attend to for the time being, but since my business in the Eastern Territory is over, I was preparing to return to the Northern Territory.”


Mo Huang added with a nod, “Since you aren’t in a hurry, stay here for a few days. Someone from Serene Soul Palace will be coming to ask you some questions.”


The kidnapping of Yao Lin was a matter of great importance, and as the primary eyewitness to the crime, Serene Soul Palace naturally had some questions to ask Yang Kai. Of course, Yang Kai understood this so he immediately agreed, “Good.”  


He was planning to stay on Spirit Beast Island for a few days anyway; first to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and second to arrange a Space Array here. This way, whether he wanted to travel to Spirit Beast Island, or travel between Spirit Beast Island and Dragon Island, it would be far more convenient.


Having bid farewell to Mo Huang, Yang Kai was led to a courtyard by the sea by Li Wu Yi. The courtyard was quite spacious and had beautiful scenery surrounding it; he could relax by the beach here, watching the tides come and go.


The next day, Yang Kai accompanied Mo Xiao Qi to sightsee Spirit Beast Island. The island itself was fairly large and was protected by an enormous Spirit Array. Outsiders couldn’t find Spirit Beast Island from the outside; only those who knew its location would be able to come here.


The World Energy on the island was incredibly rich, and the mountains and rivers here painted an extremely beautiful picture. From time to time, one could catch sight of rare and exotic beasts wandering about, each of them exuding a terrifying aura.


Martial Beast Great Emperor pursued the Grand Dao of Beast Taming, so there was no shortage of Monster Beasts here. Spirit Beast Island also had its Beast Seekers, who searched for rare beasts year-round. Today, there weren’t many people living on Spirit Beast Island, but the number of Monster Beasts living on it was at least eight hundred, and each of them was an extraordinary existence.


These Monster Beasts all had a high level of sentience too and were especially close to Mo Xiao Qi. What was rare was that Mo Xiao Qi had given each of them a name and remembered all of them.


Of the many Monster Beasts living on Spirit Beast Island, Yang Kai was most impressed by a Seven Coloured Elk. It was short compared to the other Monster Beasts, just ten meters tall or so, but it was a descendant of the Ancient Divine Spirit Nine Coloured Elk, and as such, was quite extraordinary.


After a brief tour, Yang Kai was full of emotions. On the surface, Spirit Beast Island was only managed by a few Masters, but in fact, each of these Monster Beasts here had extremely fearsome combat power.


After two days, Yang Kai, led by Li Wu Yi, came to a suitable place and prepared to arrange the Space Array.


Originally, Li Wu Yi wanted to arrange it himself while Yang Kai supervised and guided him, but if it was really arranged by Li Wu Yi, it would fail to connect to the various Space Arrays already arranged by Yang Kai in various places, defeating its original purpose.


Left with no choice, Li Wu Yi could only let Yang Kai do it himself while he observed and emulated.


Last time, he got the chance to witness this process in Heavenly Wolf Valley, so this would be the second time. Both of them were proficient in the Dao of Space, and Space Arrays and Space Beacons had many similarities, so when Yang Kai was finished laying out the Space Array, Li Wu Yi had already mastered it. In the future, he too could arrange a Cross-Territory Space Array like Yang Kai, through which he could travel to and fro anywhere he wanted.


However, whether Space Arrays were more convenient or Space Beacons were, it was hard to say. The Array could send more people at once, but it was cumbersome to arrange. On the other hand, beacons were convenient to refine but had many more limitations on their usage.


On the fifth day after Yang Kai came to Spirit Beast Island, the people from Serene Soul Palace finally arrived.




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  1. It would be great if Serene soul GE came but he can’t lay a finger on YK because the beast GE is protecting him hehe.

    Although I see this situation as an opportunity for YK to save the princess and get on good terms with Serene soul as well

    1. Think she only knew of HDGE, BWGE, IBGE and Heavens Revelations Great Emperor.

      Don’t think that she would know Mo Huang, especially since he only became a GE after the GE-War in the Shattered Star Sea.

  2. My guess is that the kidnapping is to lure SS GE into a compromising position so he can he killed, so the old dude can ascend to GE status.

    SS GE is also one of the few GEs currently at odds with YK and his offspring range from annoying to asshole so he’s the perfect candidate to beef it for our boys rise. Either that or Demon God is gonna make another breach and a BUNCH of GEs are gonna beef it in the ensuing war. Either or lol.

    1. That’s about where I’m at too. Thing is Yang Kai is only a 2nd order and can’t compete with a pseudo by himself yet. He needs to become a 3rd order at least before a spot opens up if he wants any chance at taking it but he just became a 2nd order not long ago so that’s unlikely.

      I think that it is a plot against him and either serene soul doesn’t die yet or he does, and a spot opens up but for someone other than Yang Kai. Could be an ally like Li Wu Yi, Yang Yan, Aunt Feng, or a dragon. Something neutral like a phoenix or an enemy like kidnapping grandpa and fancy hat guy from star court.

  3. However, whether Space Arrays were more convenient or Space Beacons were, it was hard to say. The Array could send more people at once, but it was cumbersome to arrange. On the other hand, beacons were convenient to refine but had many more limitations on their usage.

    Beacons for individuals. But space arrays for sects 100% better.

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