Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3362, Ignorance


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


In the main hall, Yang Kai hurried over with Mo Xiao Qi after having received the news. Before going in, he saw two Emperor Realms Masters standing on either side outside the hall. They were radiating a strange aura that was a little dark and gloomy, and that Yang Kai found somewhat familiar.


After giving it a second thought, it was similar to the aura of Netherworld Sect cultivators. He immediately understood that these two Emperor Realm Masters should be the members of Serene Soul Palace, but since two Emperor Realm Masters were guarding the door, the person who had come from Serene Soul Palace must have a very high status.


[Did Serene Soul Great Emperor come in person?] Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat as he immediately froze in place.


To be honest, if Serene Soul Great Emperor really arrived, Yang Kai still had no idea how he should deal with it; after all, he almost killed Yao Lin a while back and provoked Yao Jun into appearing with his Soul Descent. Only then did the conflict back then stop, but Yang Kai’s actions were still enough to be taken as offending the Great Emperor.


Yang Kai didn’t really want to kill Yao Lin back then, as his objective was simply to draw out someone to negotiate with, but he also didn’t care if he really killed her either. Furthermore, everything was Yao Lin’s fault. As long as Serene Soul Great Emperor remained reasonable, there was no reason to blame him; otherwise, he wouldn’t have let him go at the time.


Having adjusted his mindset, Yang Kai strode into the hall under the eyes of the two Emperor Realm Masters.


Inside, Li Wu Yi was speaking to a woman in noble attire. The woman looked cold with long silky hair that cascaded down her light green dress, giving her a mature charm and elegance. Coupled with towering peaks and a tight ribbon around her waist, this woman, who looked roughly thirty or so years old, was no doubt a ravishing beauty that could easily provoke the fantasies of men.


An old woman with grey hair stood behind this woman, her eyes somewhat murky, as if she already had one foot in the coffin.


But whether it was the middle-aged woman or the old woman, both of them were in the Emperor Realm. The cold middle-aged woman was a Third-Order Emperor, while the old woman was Second-Order.


When Yang Kai arrived, an anxious and angry look appeared on the cold-looking woman’s face. Obviously, she was anxious and impatient. When she was talking to Li Wu Yi, she even spoke in a perfunctory manner while not showing the slightest respect.


Seeing Yang Kai come in, the middle-aged woman and the old woman turned their gazes on him and Yang Kai suddenly felt as if two sharp swords were pointed at him.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow as a confused look appeared on his face. He didn’t know these women, yet he could clearly feel their hostility towards him.


[What, do you have some kind of grudge against me?] Yang Kai criticized in his heart.


“Yang Kai, you’re here.” Li Wu Yi turned to face him.


Yang Kai immediately cupped his fists and greeted, “Senior.”


Li Wu Yi nodded before introducing the two women in a serious tone, “This is Madam Rong from Serene Soul Palace, Yao Lin’s biological mother. Madam Rong would like to ask you what you witnessed that day. You must reply to her truthfully.”


Yang Kai was immediately surprised and took a closer look at Madam Rong. [No wonder I felt this woman resembled Yao Lin a little, it turns out she is her mother. But if she is Yao Lin’s mother, doesn’t that make her Serene Soul Great Emperor’s wife or concubine?]


[No wonder Li Wu Yi is personally entertaining her! With Serene Soul Great Emperor behind her, Spirit Beast Island obviously can’t be neglectful towards her.]


While thinking such thoughts, Yang Kai cupped his fists politely, “Greetings Madam Rong.”


Li Wu Yi introduced Yang Kai, pointing at him, “Madam Rong, this is Yang Kai whom I was just speaking to you about. When your daughter was kidnapped, he happened to be nearby and can be considered a witness. You may ask him whatever you want to ask.”


Madam Rong’s pair of pretty eyes stared sharply at Yang Kai as a gloomy look appeared on her face. It seemed she hadn’t heard anything Li Wu Yi said as she indifferently asked, “Are you ‘that’ Yang Kai?”


[What do you mean by ‘that’ Yang Kai?] Yang Kai momentarily frowned. [Are there many Yang Kais in this world?] Nevertheless, he nodded, “Yes, I am Yang Kai!”


Madam Rong continued swiftly, “You saw Lin’er captured that day with your own eyes? You’re sure you didn’t mistake her for someone else!?” She was asking a question, but her tone sounded less inquisitorial and more accusatorial.


Li Wu Yi also heard this and couldn’t help but furrow his brow, suspiciously looking at Madam Rong. Somehow, he felt that she was overly hostile to Yang Kai, but as far as he knew, Madam Rong stayed perennially inside Serene Soul Palace, so how could she have any conflicts with him?


Since the other party was being impolite to him, Yang Kai naturally responded in kind, indifferently replying, “I have already reported everything I witnessed to Senior Martial Beast. I believe Senior Martial Beast has also passed that information to Senior Serene Soul. Madam, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Xiao Qi too as she was at the scene as well.”


The nearby Mo Xiao Qi nodded in agreement, “Yes, Sister Yao Lin was indeed taken away by an old man in black.”


After getting confirmation from Mo Xiao Qi, the little hope Madam Rong was holding onto was immediately quashed. If it was just Yang Kai saying so, she would have doubted him, but Mo Xiao Qi’s confirmation didn’t give her any room for doubt.


Mo Xiao Qi and Yao Lin knew each other, so it was impossible for her to not recognize the other. And combined with the current situation, there was no shred of doubt that Yao Lin had been kidnapped.


After falling silent for a while, Madam Rong shouted at Yang Kai through gritted teeth, “Why didn’t you save her?”


Yang Kai looked up in amazement, looking at her, “Save her? How?”


Madam Rong angrily shouted, “Does this Queen need to teach you how to save people!? Since Lin’er was captured, you should have snatched her back! Why did you just watch some strange old man take Lin’er away while doing nothing!?”


Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh, “Madam, I’m afraid you still aren’t clear on the situation, the man who attacked your daughter was a Pseudo-Great Emperor.”


“So what if he was a Pseudo-Great Emperor!?” Madam Rong became a little hysterical, “Pseudo-Great Emperors are also humans! A Pseudo-Great Emperor was enough to frighten you off!?”


Yang Kai’s face turned black, “Madam, are you just trying to find fault with me?”


What was going on? Since it was related to Serene Soul Palace, Yang Kai didn’t have any complaints about someone coming here to ask him some questions; and at Martial Beast Great Emperor’s request, Yang Kai was willing to cooperate with the investigation.


But who would have thought that Madam Rong would turn hostile from the very moment they met and was now screaming at him, accusing him of not saving Yao Lin. Yang Kai wanted to pry open this woman’s head to see whether it was filled with water.


[Serene Soul Great Emperor’s concubine is this crazy?]


“Bold!” The old woman behind Madam Rong shouted at Yang Kai, “You dare to speak to Madam like this, slap your mouth!”


Yang Kai stood gawking at her. [What ignorance! Madam Rong being a little out of her mind is still somewhat acceptable; after all, her daughter was just kidnapped, but what’s the deal with this old woman?]


Seeing his indifferent face, the old woman grew angrier and shouted again, “Are you still not doing it!?” Her pair of muddy eyes suddenly bloomed with a terrifying gleam as she fiercely glared at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai’s brow momentarily twitched as he asked her incredulously, “Are you asking me to slap myself?”


The old woman sneered, “Since you like to play dumb, then don’t blame this old woman for bullying you!” As she said this, her skinny and dried up figure swooped towards him like a hawk, raising her arm and slapping towards Yang Kai’s cheek. Her palm was surging with Emperor Qi as clearly she was really trying to slap Yang Kai.


Yang Kai immediately blew his top and shouted, “It’s in my virtue to respect the old and take care of the young, but that doesn’t mean that I will allow others to disrespect me!”


He didn’t want to quarrel with the old woman, after all, she was clearly getting on in years and fighting her would be nothing less than bullying, but the other party was now trying to slap him, so how could Yang Kai remain indifferent? His Emperor Qi surged as he palmed back in response.


Li Wu Yi rubbed his forehead as he heaved a sigh. He too had not expected for things to take such a turn. He thought that it would just be some routine questioning, so how could he have known that they would resort to blows after just a few questions?


As an outsider, he naturally knew who was right and who was wrong, and was even a little angry in his heart; after all, this was Spirit Beast Island. Yang Kai might not officially belong to Spirit Beast Island, but he was their Little Princess’ friend. Even if these two were from Serene Soul Palace, they should give him some face. If their Eldest Young Lady’s friend was slapped on Spirit Beast Island, would Spirit Beast Island still have any face left?


So, even though he was able to prevent the conflict, Li Wu Yi didn’t do so. He wanted to teach this old woman a lesson and let her know who was the master here.


Although the old woman was a Second-Order Emperor, her strength was clearly in decline as her vitality was severely withered. On the other hand, Yang Kai was no ordinary Second-Order Emperor. Since this old woman wasn’t thinking straight, Li Wu Yi knew that she was definitely going to suffer.


Sure enough, the old woman’s majestic blow was completely quashed under Yang Kai’s counterattack. The moment their palms came in contact, the expression of the old woman immediately changed as she felt an immense power surging towards her like an oncoming ocean. It wasn’t even a clash when their palms met, just a complete overpowering.


With a crisp slap, the old woman somersaulted a few times through the air before she crashed onto the ground, losing quite a few of her teeth. She somehow tried to get herself back up, but before she could get up, she spurted a mouthful of blood and her vitality plummeted all of a sudden. Looking up from the floor, she shouted in disbelief as she glared at Yang Kai, “You dare to attack me!?”


Her speech was a little slurred; after all, she had lost a number of teeth just now.


Yang Kai flicked his sleeve and said with a mocking look on his face, “You can try again if you’d like!”


Madam Rong was left dumbfounded by such an unexpected turn of events and only after some time did she come to her senses and scream in anger, “Little bastard, you court death!”


Although the relationship between her and the old woman was technically that of Master and Servant, it was much closer to mother and daughter. Seeing the old woman slapped, Madam Rong’s eyes turned red with rage and ignoring her status completely, she immediately wanted to teach Yang Kai a harsh lesson on behalf of the old woman.


Just as Madam Rong’s Emperor Qi surged though, a shout resounded in the hall, “Enough!”


Space seemed to freeze and Madam Rong instantly felt as if a few mountains were pressing down on her, making it a little hard to breathe. Her pretty face turned ashen as she tenderly shouted, gritting her teeth and looking to one side, “Li Wu Yi, what do you think you’re doing?”


Even if Li Wu Yi didn’t really make a move, just mobilizing the local Space Principles was enough to render her powerless.


Li Wu Yi indifferently stated, “This King doesn’t want to see Madam Rong embarrass herself, that’s all. I hope Madam Rong will remember to conduct herself in a manner appropriate to her status in this place.” 


[This short-sighted woman thinks that she can do whatever she wants just because her cultivation is higher than Yang Kai’s? If I didn’t stop you, you would be lying next to that old woman coughing up blood as well!




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  1. Yeah, someone called it in a previous chapter. Seems like the author is setting up SS great emeperor to be a bad dude, so he can die and YK can take a great emperor spot. Or something vaguely in that direction.

    Short chapter this time

    Thanks for translating!

    1. Doesn’t make sense though. If he were a bad dude YK wouldn’t have gotten away with what
      he did back on his first trip to the Ancient Wild Lands. Or at least not so easily.

      1. One of the great emperors has to die for YK to become a great emperor. And this guy’s looking like the best bet it of the ones we know about.

        1. We already have hints that the assassin GE might be shady. Remember the guy who tried to assassinate YK
          to assist the demons at the Orthodox Temple or whatever it was called. My money’s on him. The SS GE
          doesn’t seem to be evil, he just has a shitty wife and a shitty daughter. Also, a parent is not going to be on
          their best behaviour right after their child was kidnapped. She’s probably not a good person normally but
          no one would be reasonable or respectable in these circumstances. I mean YK himself has often behaved
          stupidly when there was someone he cares for a lot involved.

          1. Lad I’m going to stop you right there, do not say anything more because I know what you know and people who don’t know will be mad if they find out. For anyone who doesn’t get what I’m saying at the very least the GE situation is a long ways off but do look forward to this next arc because it’s a really good arc.

    2. It would be really weird and pretty forced if this was the case. I’m pretty sure Wu Kuang is going to be the big bad, kill one of the GE’s and fight it out with YK. It seems that Bustling World has been moved by his proposition, so that’s the most likely outcome to me.

  2. SS GE doesn’t even need to be the bad guy in this scenario, he just has to be on the opposite side of YK. This makes it easier to accept his eventual downfall since we don’t really care about him. It doesn’t even need to be a conflict between YK and SS, he could die because of the machinations of the kidnapper. Then, just like always, YK is there to swoop in at the perfect time and take the GE spot without having to do any killing himself.

  3. YK be like: “Alright. We have a Psuedo GE right here. And you who obviously has higher cultivation than me. Try defeating him, you b!tch. If you can’t then get the fuck outta here.”

  4. This is my speculation: With the info we got from Wu Kuang and Bustling World in the ancestral domain… I get the vibe that Wu Kuang knew about the demon God in the other dimension and was attempting to gain power to counter. If feels like they def. know something ‘big’ is going to happen in the future and they are trying to prep for it. Thus… despite Wu Kuang being a world destroyer he was attempting to do the right thing… ie: The ends justify the means. We we’re given any info other then he was just a selfish guy going for power, so evil being the result. Maybe I read to much into it. Anyway, SSGE isn’t a bad dude. He completely knew it was his daughters fault, which is why Kai lived back in the gateway to ancient wild lands. His servants/wife is a bit over the edge… but knowing the daughter she would share ‘her side of the story’ with momma, hence probably the ‘that’ Yang Kai bias toward him. There is still a lot of room for speculation in the future. It honestly is too early to judge who/what/where at this point.

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