Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3363, Enmity


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It was fine if the old woman got beaten; after all, she had treated others with contempt and had spoken rudely, but Madam Rong was Serene Soul Great Emperor’s wife. If she really got beaten by Yang Kai on Spirit Beast Island, while Spirit Beast Island might not suffer any consequences, things would become a little difficult for Yang Kai.


What was difficult to understand was why Serene Soul Great Emperor would let these two come to conduct the questioning? Was there no one else in Serene Soul Palace?


“Are you looking down on this Queen!?” Madam Rong’s face turned extremely dark. Although Li Wu Yi’s words were vague, how could she not understand what he was implying? Li Wu Yi clearly meant that she wasn’t as strong as Yang Kai.


[I might be a woman, but I am still a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master. This Yang Kai is just a Second-Order Emperor, so how am I worse than him? Li Wu Yi must just be intervening to protect him.]


“Now I know why Yao Lin’s character is so terrible, it’s all because she has a mother like you. It would be strange if she was the least bit virtuous.” Yang Kai coldly snorted. [I guess, Yao Lin not only inherited Madam Rong’s beauty, but she also inherited her personality. Sure enough, a loving mother makes a wastrel.]


Madam Rong lashed out at that comment, “Whatever Lin’er’s behaviour is, it’s not your place to judge!” She then turned her gaze at Li Wu Yi and asked, “Are you going to let me go or not?”


Judging by her stance, she was hell-bent on teaching Yang Kai a lesson.


Li Wu Yi’s eyes slightly drooped as he indifferently stated, “Not long ago, Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land were destroyed, I believe Madam Rong should have heard about it.”


Madam Rong furrowed her black and curvy brows, wondering why Li Wu Yi brought up this seemingly unrelated topic now, “So what!?”


Li Wu Yi added, “Madam, how would you compare yourself against Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng? Are you stronger or weaker than them?”


Madam Rong asked in a grim voice, “What do you want to say?”


Li Yu Wi heaved a sigh, deeply staring at her. [This woman can’t be reasoned with, she’s just too foolish. Only her beauty has grown with age, not her brains. Who knows what Serene Soul Great Emperor saw in her? Even someone with lower intelligence could guess after hearing this, but she still has no idea.]


“Even though Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land were ultimately destroyed by the Ahan Temple, the root cause was that most of these two great forces’ Masters were killed, and the one who killed them is standing before you.”


“You?” Madam Rong still didn’t figure it out as she stared at Li Wu Yi in confusion, wondering why Li Wu Yi would make a move against the leaders of Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land. 


[Could it be that those people provoked him somehow?]


In contrast, the old woman’s eyes flickered with shock as she glanced toward Yang Kai before she whispered something in Madam Rong’s ears.


Madam Rong’s face immediately changed as she finally turned her attention to Yang Kai.


“Does Madam still want to seek redress? If you insist, then it will be at your own risk. This Li will not interfere any further,” Li Wu Yi indifferently stared at her.


Madam Rong appeared to be struggling, but finally, she flicked her sleeve and snorted, “This Queen does not want to bully the weak.” 


[Are you kidding me? This boy annihilated so many Emperor Realm Masters from two of the top forces in this territory, so there’s no way I am his opponent. If I insist on attacking him, I will be the one to suffer in the end.] Instead, she just bitterly stared at Yang Kai and declared, “This Queen will remember this. Boy, you best watch yourself. We’re leaving!”


After speaking, she turned around and walked out with the old woman.


Before leaving, the old woman gave Yang Kai a glare of hatred, seemingly wanting to burn his image into her memory; after all, she had never suffered such a huge loss before so she was extremely angry. She might have aged, and was only a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master, but with Serene Soul Palace’s backing and Madam Rong’s support, anyone in the Eastern Territory who saw her had to treat her with respect. She had never been slapped, much less lost teeth before.


In the main hall, Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi exchanged a glance, both of them feeling speechless.


A few days ago, they heard that someone from Serene Soul Palace would come to ask Yang Kai a few questions, but they had never thought that things would turn out like this.


Li Wu Yi asked with a bitter smile, “Does Madam Rong have some enmity with you?”


Yang Kai denied, shaking his head, “This is the first time I’ve ever met her, so how would I have any grievance with her?”


Li Wu Yi curiously asked, “Then why did she turn so hostile the moment you met?” If she wasn’t holding some preconceived impression of him, why would the conversation have become so heated so quickly? 


In truth, there was no need for this questioning at all as Yang Kai had told everything he knew to Mo Huang already, and Mo Huang had in turn passed that information along to Serene Soul Palace.


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai thoughtfully mentioned, “Perhaps it’s because of Yao Lin. I had some conflict with Yao Lin in the past, and came close to killing her, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if she told her mother about me, which led to her being so hostile.”


Li Wu Yi agreed with a nod after hearing this, “This makes sense. Haa… such short-sightedness should not be taken seriously.” Although Yang Kai said he and Yao Lin had some conflict, that was all in the past. Now that Yao Lin had been kidnapped, if anyone else had come here to ask questions, he or she would have definitely been eager to learn as much as possible about the situation at that time, rather than trying to show off their dominance and arrogance.


But since Madam Rong had done this, it wasn’t Yang Kai’s fault, and the old woman with her had practically asked for a beating. Nonetheless, even if Serene Soul Great Emperor wanted to, he would not be able to do anything just for the sake of an old woman as his focus right now would be on tracking Yao Lin’s whereabouts.


Yang Kai had remained on Spirit Beast Island mainly because he was waiting for the emissary from Serene Soul Palace, so now that this matter was settled, it was time to return home.


As such, he went to meet Mo Huang and bid him farewell. And after Li Wu Yi, Mo Xiao Qi, and Jiu Feng said their goodbyes, Yang Kai finally stepped onto the Space Array.


After shuttling through the Void, a flash of light blinded his eyes, and in the next moment, Yang Kai appeared in High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory.


The disciples guarding the Space Array immediately sensed his arrival and upon seeing it was Yang Kai, they promptly bowed and greeted him. At the same time, one of the disciples went to report to Hua Qing Si as she had specifically instructed that as and when Yang Kai returned, she was to be immediately notified.


They really had no choice. If anyone was to blame, it would be their irresponsible Palace Master who only ever showed his tail but never his face. The time Yang Kai spent in High Heaven Palace was probably shorter than the time he spent outside of it; furthermore, every time he left, he would be gone for a few years to even over a decade. This time it was better as he only left for a year or so. Last time he went to the Star Field, he had been gone for over a dozen years.


Although Hua Qing Si was the Head Manager of High Heaven Palace, she was only Head Manager in the end and there were many things she needed to report to Yang Kai about.


It was Qiong Qi’s first time coming to High Heaven Palace, but he had learned that this Young Master of his had founded a Sect in the Northern Territory a while ago. Furthermore, it wasn’t a small Sect and had many Masters. Since he had finally arrived here, he naturally wanted to look around.


After informing Yang Kai, Qiong Qi began to tour the peaks of High Heaven Palace, his arms folded behind his back like he was taking a stroll in his own backyard.


Naturally, Yang Kai let him go before he flew over to High Heaven Peak.


After sorting things out, Yang Kai finally let Yang Xiao out. As soon as the little fatty appeared, he started complaining, “Adoptive Father, why did you keep me locked up for so long.”


As expected of a True Dragon, Yang Xiao had taken just three days to recover from his injuries after Yang Kai and the two Wood Spirits treated him. However, Yang Kai didn’t let him out on Spirit Beast Island as he was worried that this boy would get into trouble. Only when they returned to the High Heaven Palace did Yang Kai finally let Yang Xiao see the sun again.


“I am your Adoptive Father, so what I say goes. Why do you have so many complaints?” Yang Kai snorted.


Yang Xiao rolled his eyes at him before speaking with an apologetic smile, “Adoptive Father, please calm down, I was just saying…” He then looked around and asked, “Where are we?”


“The Northern Territory, High Heaven Palace!”


Yang Xiao blinked in confusion.


Yang Kai added, “High Heaven Palace is my Sect. You will live here in the future. Remember to be on your best behaviour and don’t go causing trouble, understand?”


“I understand!” Yang Xiao nodded like a chicken pecking rice before curiously looking at Yang Kai and asking, “Adoptive Father, you said that the High Heaven Palace is your Sect, does that mean you are its Palace Master?”


“En!” Yang Kai nodded his confirmation.


Yang Xiao jumped around in joy after hearing this, “Hahaha, doesn’t that mean that this Young Master is the Young Palace Master?” After speaking, his face beamed with joy as he asked again, “Adoptive Father, how many disciples does our High Heaven Palace have? How strong are they?”


[This little brat sure adapts quickly.] After learning that Yang Kai was High Heaven Palace’s Master, Yang Xiao immediately started calling it ‘our’ High Heaven Palace. Obviously, he regarded this place as his home already.


Having said that, Yang Kai was his adoptive father, and High Heaven Palace was Yang Kai’s home, so it was reasonable to say this was his home too.


“You will come to know in the future,” Yang Kai scolded him with a straight face. After having said this, his expression changed as he looked towards the front.


Hua Qing Si walked in with an aggrieved look on her face, glaring at Yang Kai as she greeted him with a bow, “Palace Master.”


“Sister Hua!” Yang Kai smiled widely.


Hua Qing Si stated with a snort, “Palace Master, you finally remembered to return.”


Yang Kai coughed awkwardly as he replied, “High Heaven Palace is my home, why would I not return home?”


Hua Qing Si stated, “When so many of the disciples migrated to the Southern Territory, you just flicked your sleeve and ran off. Now that I have finally finished all the arrangements, you suddenly return. Palace Master, your life is really carefree, you’re making your Elder Sister Hua truly envious.”


Yang Kai averted his eyes awkwardly as he tried to justify himself, “An able man is always busy. En, right, is there anything for me to deal with? What about the Orthodoxy Temple Branch?”


“With three Monster Kings overseeing it, what could possibly happen?”


“What about the Northern Territory?”


“Business as usual.”


“En, that’s good then.” Yang Kai let out a hearty laugh, “It looks like our High Heaven Palace is thriving under Sister Hua’s management. Whether I am here or not, it makes no difference.”


“Enough with the flattery, I’m here to say goodbye.”


Yang Kai was shocked, “Say goodbye?”


Hua Qing Si heaved a sigh as she replied, “En, if I continue to toil so hard, this Sister Hua will turn old in just a few years. I don’t want to die of stress and overwork so young.” While speaking, she flashed a beautiful smile at Yang Kai.


How could Yang Kai still not understand that she was complaining to him rather than really wanting to leave. But then again, She was indeed quite exhausted. She had to manage the distribution of basic life necessities and cultivation resources for over 100,000 disciples, and then there was the matter of transactions between the Northern Territory and Southern Territory. And now, there were also all kinds of trivial matters on the Orthodoxy Temple Branch side that she had to deal with. 


In the end, a person’s energy was limited. Since Hua Qing Si broke through to the First-Order Emperor Realm, her cultivation had barely increased because she had no time to cultivate at all with all the responsibilities she had to take care of.




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