Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3364, Sweet Talker


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Currently, High Heaven Palace’s management was still in its development stage. The six Monster Kings might be strong, but in the end, they were still Monster Kings, so it was impossible to ask them to manage administrative tasks in High Heaven Palace. If they really did that, the entire High Heaven Palace would fall into a mess in short order. Now, there was only Second Manager Bian Yu Qing in the entire High Heaven Palace who could help Hua Qing Si, so it was a predicament that she would be stuck in this busy period for a long time.


Thinking of this, Yang Kai began to feel guilty. Hua Qing Si was also a cultivator, so she pursued the peak of the Martial Dao, but now, she was distracted by so many trivial matters she couldn’t even find time to cultivate. It really wasn’t fair to her.


However, before Yang Kai could speak, a crisp voice rang out from the side, “Beautiful Big Sister, what’s your name?”


Hua Qing Si’s attention was immediately attracted to this unexpected voice as only now did she notice that there was another person in the room. A tender little fatty with a tinge of innocence, long eyelashes, and a handsome pinkish face that looked like it was carved from jade caught her eye. She immediately exclaimed as she stretched her hand out and asked, pinching Yang Xiao’s cheek, giggling, “Who’s the cute little one?”


Powerless, Yang Xiao had his cheeks squeezed by her as he smiled even more happily, “Big Sister, you’re so pretty!”


[Sister Hua, don’t be fooled by this smelly brat’s act!] Yang Kai shouted in his heart.


Unfortunately, every woman loved hearing compliments like these. Hua Qing Si was stunned for a moment, then she asked, giggling and pointing her slender finger at Yang Xiao, “Little one, how sweet of you!” She then looked at Yang Kai and asked, “Who is he? Palace Master, where did you abduct him from?”


Yang Xiao smilingly replied, “I am Father’s son.”


Hua Qing Si’s laughter abruptly caught in her throat as her pretty eyes bulged in surprise. She looked at Yang Xiao and then at Yang Kai then back at Yang Xiao, as if she wanted to see if there was something in common; however, it seemed that there was no similarity between the two.


Yang Kai swiftly broke into a cold sweat and shouted, “Adoptive Father and Adoptive Son!”


Hua Qing Si heaved a sigh of relief before nodding in understanding, “I was wondering how you had such a big child after leaving for just over a year. So he is your Adoptive Son!” [If he was really Yang Kai’s kid, it would have been a real mess. The Palace Master has four wives, but none of them have ever given birth. If he suddenly brought a child back from another woman, it would be a great scandal!]


“Adoptive Father is also Father, and once a father is forever a father,” Yang Xiao stated with a serious and righteous look on his face.


Yang Kai was very pleased after hearing this while Hua Qing Si also added, “This little one is quite a sweet talker. What’s his name?”


“Yang Xiao!”


Hua Qing Si’s expression suddenly turned weird, wondering if this boy was really Yang Kai’s kid; otherwise, why would he even have the same surname? If he is an Adoptive Son, why would be he surnamed Yang?


But she didn’t dwell on the issue. The only person who was going to have a fire in his backyard would be Yang Kai. As such, Hua Qing Si gave Yang Xiao’s cheeks another squeeze before praising, “A good name! It’s said a tiger would never beget a dog. Your Adoptive Father is the dragon among men, your achievements should not be too bad either.”


Yang Xiao giggled and stated, “If Adoptive Father is a dragon among men, then I will become a True Dragon!”


Hua Qing Si praised, “Ambitious, I like it!” She had no idea that Yang Xiao was really a member of Dragon Clan. If she did, who knows what she would have thought.


Hua Qing Si switched the conversation at that point and reported, “By the way, Palace Master, an old man with a fierce and sinister look is strolling around the peaks inside the palace. When the disciples asked him who he was, he said he came with you.”


“He’s… Qiong Qi,” Yang Kai casually replied.


“Qiong Qi…” Hua Qing Si furrowed her curvy dark brows, “Such a strange name… wait, Qiong Qi!?” Hua Qing Si’s pretty eyes widened as she suddenly came to a realization. She immediately tried to confirm her assumption, looking at Yang Kai in surprise, “Palace Master, by Qiong Qi, you mean the Qiong Qi or… is it just a similar name?”


Yang Kai smiled, “He’s exactly who you think.”


“Oh no!” Huan Qing Si’s expression changed.


“What happened?” Yang Kai curiously looked at her.


Hua Qing Si’s face twitched as she reported, “The disciples reported that an unfamiliar old man was wandering around and didn’t look like anything good, so I summoned Monster King Xie and asked him to look into the situation. Nothing should go wrong, right?”


Yang Kai assured, smiling, “Monster Kings live in the Ancient Wild Lands year-round and have met several Divine Venerables, so they should be able to differentiate Qiong Qi’s aura from ordinary people’s.” 


Even as he said so though, a bit of nervousness crept into his expression as he muttered, “Well, it depends on how the Monster King acts.”


Hua Qing Si nodded and hurriedly took out a communication artifact to contact Xie Wu Wei.


After a moment, Hua Qing Si wiped the cold sweat off her forehead, “Fortunately, nothing serious happened to Monster King Xie.”


“Nothing serious?” Yang Kai asked hesitantly.


Hua Qing Si didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she reported, “Monster King Xie seems to have made some impertinent remarks, and was then taught a lesson by Senior Qiong Qi. Now, Lady Liu Yan and the two other Monster Kings have rushed over after hearing the news.”


“The old fart is a constant source of trouble….” Yang Kai couldn’t help but roll his eyes.


Meanwhile, on a lush and verdant peak, Xie Wu Wei was standing beside Qiong Qi with an awkward look on his face. Qiong Qi, on the other hand, was standing with his hands behind his back, looking straight ahead with interest.


Before coming here, although he knew that High Heaven Palace had a pretty good heritage and that Masters floated about it like clouds, he never expected it to be so good.


There were three Monster Kings here, as well as a lot of other Emperor Realm Masters; however, in his opinion, this still wasn’t much as none of these people could enter his eyes. Now though, the little girl in a fiery red dress standing opposite him had caught his attention.


[The aura of a Divine Spirit!]


This little girl was radiating the aura of a Divine Spirit; furthermore, it was the unique aura of the Phoenix Clan!


In other words, there was a Phoenix in High Heaven Palace!


Although Qiong Qi was confident that, if they really started fighting, this little girl would surely not be his opponent, that was only because age and experience were on his side. He was already an old man from Flowing Time Great Emperor’s era, while the other party was filled with youthful vigour. Obviously, this little girl still hadn’t reached her limits yet.


A Phoenix Clan member would definitely climb higher than him in the future.


“Who are you?” Liu Yan asked after looking at the unfamiliar old man for a long time. She also felt strong pressure from this sinister old guy and immediately identified him as one of the strongest enemies she had ever faced in her life. The last time she felt this kind of pressure was when she was on Dragon Island, facing the Great Dragons.


Qiong Qi smiled, “Who are you, little girl?”


Liu Yang’s face sank, “I asked you first?”


Qiong Qi laughed, “Do we have to answer in order?”


Xie Wu Wei, who was standing nearby, quickly made introductions, “Lady Liu Yan, he is Qiong Qi. This Kin… ahem, I heard that he came back with the Palace Master.”


Qiong Qi, proudly straightened his back as he was looking forward to Liu Yan’s reaction after hearing his name, but contrary to his expectations, Liu Yan’s face just bloomed with a pleasant surprise as she asked, “Master is back?”


Xie Wu Wei nodded and said, “The disciples guarding the Space Array said that they saw Sir Palace Master return not long ago.”


As soon as he said this, Liu Yan disappeared from everyone’s sight, leaving a long fiery trail behind her.


The corner of Qiong Qi’s mouth twitched, gazing at the departing Liu Yan. He then asked, “The Master of that little girl… is the Palace Master of this place, Yang Kai, right?”


Xie Wu Wei agreed, nodding, “That’s right Sir, is there any problem?”


Qiong Qi’s expression turned quite wonderful, thinking, [What’s the problem? He is my Young Master too! Originally, I thought that a dignified Divine Spirit like me lost face after I was forced to serve him as my Master, but now even a Phoenix Clan member is calling him Master. It seems me calling him Young Master is nothing special!]


Furthermore, Yang Kai was in the good graces of the Dragon Clan on Dragon Island and even had a Dragon Girl as his wife. More astonishingly, he had become the Adoptive Father of the son of the Great Elder and Second Elder of Dragon Island. Compared to Dragons and Phoenixes, Qiong Qi really was a bit lacking.


Meanwhile, Liu Yan rushed straight into the main hall and called out to Yang Kai with a smile, “Master.”


Yang Kai nodded at her, “Liu Yan, you’re here.”


“En, I heard that you just got back, so I came over.” Liu Yan sweetly smiled before she walked to Yang Kai’s side, looking up at him.


Yang Kai reached out and patted her head, asking, “Have you met Qiong Qi?”


Liu Yan replied, nodding, “We met.”


“Nothing happened, right?”


“Nope, just a small scuffle. Since he came with Master, there’s nothing to worry about.” While speaking, she suddenly sensed something as she looked to one side, staring straight at Yang Xiao with widened eyes, who was curiously sizing her up in return. When their gazes met, she couldn’t help but frown, watching Yang Xiao smiling at her, “Who are you?”


“Me? My name is Yang Xiao, Xiao as in soaring through the nine Heavens (Xiao).” Yang Xiao explained proudly.


Yang Kai slightly smiled and introduced Yang Xiao, “This is my Adoptive Son. He will live in High Heaven Palace from now on. Xiao’er, this is Liu Yan, you can call her…”


Before he could finish speaking, he saw Yang Xiao cup his fist and bow to Liu Yan, “Xiao’er greets Big Sister Liu Yan.”


[This damn sweet talker!] He called Liu Yan Big Sister just after meeting her. He appeared quite humble and polite, as if he had received quite a good family education.


Liu Yan’s brow rose slightly before her lips curled upwards in an unreadable manner as she slightly nodded to him, before snuggling next to Yang Kai, ignoring Yang Xiao.


Although Yang Kai left not too long ago, with High Heaven Palace now spanning both the Northern and Southern Territories, there were many things he needed to attend to. After he returned, Hua Qing Si naturally had many things to report to him, so inside the main hall, Hua Qing Si began listing off various things. Yang Kai asked a few questions from time to time, and gradually understood the current situation of the entire High Heaven Palace.


After a while, Yang Kai suddenly said, “Liu Yan, show Xiao’er around. Since he will be living here in the future, he should familiarize himself with the environment.” 


The main reason was that Yang Xiao seemed to be very interested in Liu Yan. Yang Xiao was moving around Liu Yan, but couldn’t quite understand what he found interesting, so he kept quiet. Yang Kai knew that this boy had never seen a child around his age before, which would naturally make him interested in Liu Yan.


“En.” Liu Yan nodded and waved to Yang Xiao, “Follow me.”


Yang Xiao immediately followed after her, grinning from ear to ear.


After coming out of the main hall, Yang Xiao followed Liu Yan like a tail as he sweetly asked, “Big Sister Liu Yan, where should we go now?”


Liu Yan tilted her head and looked at him, faintly smiling as she said, “I will show you around.”


“En en,” Yang Xiao kept nodding his head. Obviously, he had no opinion either way. Just as Yang Kai had assumed, since he had never met a child about his age before, his first thought was to make friends upon meeting one.


Touring around the mountains and rivers with Liu Yan, Yang Xiao only felt that this place was much more fun than Dragon Island. Not to mention that it was quite lively, he had found a playmate to accompany him. He thought that it really was a wise choice to come out with his Adoptive Father.




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