Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3365, You Should Run Now


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The only thing that dissatisfied Yang Xiao a little was that Big Sister Liu Yan was a little reticent. He asked her ten things, but she would only answer one or two occasionally; she would basically ignore him other times.


Suddenly, Liu Yan came to a halt in a mountain valley full of flowers.


Yang Xiao hurriedly stopped as well and looked around. Slowly, his eyes began to glow in surprise. The mountain valley was extremely beautiful, like a paradise on earth, where hundreds of flowers were competing for beauty, and Liu Yan was beautifully standing here, like the most stunning flower that made the entire world lose its brilliance.


As the wind blew by, thousands of butterflies fluttered in the air, painting the sky in a colourful glow, emphasizing Liu Yan’s beauty even more so; she looked just like a fairy.


Yang Xiao stood dumbstruck. For the first time in his life since he was born, he truly realized the meaning of the word beautiful.


But suddenly, Liu Yan tilted her head and indifferently stated, looking at him, “You should run now.”


Yang Xiao, who was looking at her in a daze, was taken aback when he heard this and asked, somewhat confused, “Why should I run?”


Liu Yan slowly raised her hand and stretched her index finger as a flash of fiery glow suddenly appeared at its tip. She then gently stated, “Because… I’m going to burn you with this.”


Yang Xiao was a little dumbfounded hearing this; he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he asked, “Big Sister Liu Yan, why would you want to burn me? Did I do something wrong?”


Liu Yan didn’t answer as she just smiled at him. Then, under Yang Xiao’s incredulous gaze, her index finger bloomed with a fiery glow forward as she gently pushed her fingertip. The next moment, a fire snake shot straight toward Yang Xiao.


Everything happened so suddenly that even though Liu Yan had warned him, Yang Xiao couldn’t react in time. When the fire snake was almost upon him, he finally came to his senses and promptly retreated several tens of meters back as he shouted, “What are you doing!?”


[I didn’t provoke you, so why are you trying to burn me without any rhyme or reason!?] Yang Xiao even wondered if there was something wrong with Big Sister Liu Yan’s head.


Liu Yan remained silent, still beautifully standing on her spot, but with a single flash of her thoughts, the fire snake chased after Yang Xiao under her command like it was an extension of her body.


As the wave of intense heat blew on his face, Yang Xiao’s expression drastically changed. Although he could tell that the fire snake didn’t have enough power to kill him, if it really struck, it would definitely be extremely painful. He immediately jumped here and there, dodging desperately. Although he had been born not too long ago and hadn’t received any formal training, he was still a member of the Dragon Clan, so he instinctively knew some methods and his movements appeared extremely nimble. For a while, the fire snake couldn’t do anything to him. Although the fire snake was extremely hot and fearsome, it didn’t cause any harm to flowers and plants here under Liu Yan’s precise control, proof of the mastery of her own strength.


Yang Xiao shouted while dodging, “Big Sister Liu Yan… why are you doing this? Quickly stop!”


Liu Yan paid no heed to him as a devilish smile hung on her pretty lips, controlling the fire snake to chase after Yang Xiao, making him continuously complain.


After dodging several times, Yang Xiao finally flew into a rage and cursed out loud, “Crazy woman, are you sick in the head!? We have no grudges or grievances between us, so why!?”


He had inherited Yang Kai’s character to a large extent, so having been teased by Liu Yan so much, he would start to grow angry, and when he really reached his limits, he reacted strongly, causing him to be a little unscrupulous with his words.


“What did you just call me?” Liu Yan narrowed her eyes. Her pair of big eyes flickered with a cold gleam as even her voice seemed to have turned into the chilly winds of winter, making Yang Xiao involuntarily shudder after hearing her.


“Crazy… woman…?” Liu Yan asked and answered, laughing menacingly.


Yang Xiao couldn’t help having an ominous premonition, so how could he dare to remain here anymore? Finding a chance, he immediately flew off.


But even though he was a True Dragon, he was born just recently, so how could he be Liu Yan’s opponent? The fire snake suddenly split apart, transforming into a fiery net before covering him. Caught unprepared, Yang Xiao was caught by the fiery net and screamed miserably again and again as blue smoke rose from him.


The net of fire was extremely hot, and although it wasn’t lethal, that didn’t mean being scaled by it didn’t hurt.


Suddenly, a high-pitched dragon roar rang out as Yang Xiao’s body glowed white and Dragon Aura spread into the surroundings. The next moment, Yang Xiao shattered through the fire net and flew off into the distance without even looking back. 


He felt very wronged, [Big Sister Liu Yan is definitely crazy. I really didn’t provoke her! I even addressed her politely, but she actually used such a sinister move against me.]


[What kind of people are following Adoptive Father!? I will definitely run back and expose her true face to Adoptive Father and warn him to be careful of her in the future!]


“Run, run, I told you to run before but you just didn’t listen,” a faint voice suddenly called out from his side. Yang Xiao’s small face suddenly went blue as he stiffly turned his head to look and saw the devilish Liu Yan running side by side with him. Clearly, she was doing something malicious, but there was only a beautiful, pleasant smile on her face, as if she was the happiest she could be and was having great fun.


[She’s really crazy!]


“Ah!” Yang Xiao screamed in horror as any good impression he had of Liu Yan in his heart was completely wiped out. All that was left was a deep fear. He just wanted to stay as far from her as possible. It would be better if he never saw her again in his life!


As one ran and the other chased, they disturbed many disciples of various peaks who all cried out in surprise before staring at this unusual pair in wonder.


Yang Xiao asked for help numerous times, but the disciples of various peaks didn’t recognize him, and seeing that it was Liu Yan who was chasing him, why would they care? They only thought that this little fatty had snuck into High Heaven Palace with impure intentions and gotten caught.


From time to time, Liu Yan fired off a fire snake. The fire snakes weren’t enough to kill or injure Yang Xiao, but their high temperature was unbearable, causing the boy to cry out from the torture. [Damn it, this crazy woman is attacking me just enough to not injure me. If I was hurt even a little, I could go and complain about her to Adoptive Father but like this…!]


He also wanted to escape back to Yang Kai, but Liu Yan was hot on his tail. Not to mention, he didn’t know the way back and High Heaven Palace was pretty vast, so he didn’t know where he had escaped to after running around randomly.


In line with the saying that a wise man doesn’t fight when the odds are against him, Yang Xiao begged for mercy several times, but Liu Yan turned a deaf ear to his grief and indignation.


Yang Xiao fled all the way to a lush and verdant peak, alarming countless people living there and finally drawing the attention of a certain charming woman. Next to the woman was a little girl who looked like she was carved from jade itself. She was about four or five years old and was almost as tall as Yang Xiao.


“Oh, what’s going on here?” The woman took the little girl’s hand and walked out of the wooden building overlooking a lake and was surprised when she saw Yang Xiao being chased by Liu Yan.


Yang Xiao rushed straight to the woman and begged her with snot dripping from his nose and tears leaking from his eyes, “Help! Someone wants to kill me!”


The woman’s heart ached the moment she turned her gaze to him. The little fatty was in an extremely embarrassing state as his clothes were singed and his hair was a bit burnt, like a little beggar on the street. And what’s more, Liu Yan was behind him with a couple of fire snakes circling around her, giving off a fearsome and chilling aura.


Maybe it was because the little fatty seemed about the same age as her daughter, the woman’s maternal instincts were tickled and she immediately pulled him behind her and comforted him, “Don’t be afraid, no one will kill you!”


She could also tell that Liu Yan had no intention of killing this boy and reckoned that Liu Yan just wanted him to suffer a little; otherwise, with Liu Yan’s strength, how could this little brat have survived until now?


She looked at Liu Yan in a little confusion and asked, “What’s going on here?”


Before this woman, who outwardly was just a First-Order Dao Source Realm, Liu Yan actually assumed a humble and polite attitude. She first withdrew the fire snakes before elegantly greeting, “Greetings, Madam.”


In the entire High Heaven Palace, only one woman could be treated so courteously by her, and that was Yang Kai’s mother, Dong Su Zhu!


Back in Heng Luo Star Field, Dong Su Zhu was just an Origin King, but owing to slow accumulation after coming to the Star Boundary and the support of the enormous resources of High Heaven Palace, she easily broke through to the Dao Source Realm. After advancing to a higher realm, her appearance had become a lot younger and she now appeared no older than twenty-five years old. It would be easy to mistake her as Yang Kai’s sister if the two stood side by side.


With the woman being Dong Su Zhu, the cute and pretty little girl whose hand she was holding was naturally Yang Xue, who she had given birth to a few years ago. The little girl was too young to start cultivating, but it was alright to instil some knowledge into her. When she was at the right age, she could choose a Secret Art and begin her journey on the Martial Dao. Presumably, with High Heaven Palace’s unlimited support, Yang Xue’s future prospects would be pretty good.


“What did this little one do to provoke you?” Dong Su Zhu asked, looking at Liu Yan.


Liu Yan calmly replied, “He didn’t do anything wrong, he just spoke incorrectly.”


Yang Xiao refused to back down though and stuck his head out from behind Dong Su Zhu to shout, “What did I say wrong?”


Liu Yan cast him a glance, which caused Yang Xiao to immediately shudder. He hurriedly retracted his head. He was really afraid of her. Who would burn someone on their first meeting just because he or she said something wrong? But even after giving it another thought, he couldn’t think of anything he had said that would be considered disrespectful.


Dong Su Zhu rebuked, “When children make mistakes, just reprimand them a little. What you did is just too pitiful. His parents would feel tormented seeing him like this.” If Yang Kai or Yang Xue was tortured like this, she would not have been able to accept it.


Liu Yan lowered her brows as she complied, “Yes.”


Dong Su Zhu squatted down and wiped Yang Xiao’s face with her sleeve, ignoring the dirt and snot on his face. Immediately, a chubby white face appeared before her, making her happy, “Little one, you’re pretty cute, where are your parents?”


She thought that the little fatty resided on some Spirit Peak around here. Although most of the people in High Heaven Palace were from the lower Star Field, there were just too many of them to keep track of. It was next to impossible for Dong Su Zhu to know all of them so it was reasonable to say that a kid like Yang Xiao would be from a different peak nearby.


“Father… is far away,” Yang Xiao knew that he couldn’t easily reveal his identity, so he gave a vague reply. When he said this, he couldn’t help but feel a little sad; he missed his parents a little now, but mainly because he was afraid of being tormented by Liu Yan. If he had stayed on Dragon Island, he would have definitely been loved and adored by all; how would he have been chased around like a stray dog like this?


Dong Su Zhu, sensing it was wrong to ask about this, quickly changed the topic and asked another question, “What’s your name?”


Yang Xiao sniffed before abjectly replying, “My name is Yang Xiao, Xiao as in rising straight to the ninth heavens.”




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