Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3366, Great Aunt and Little Aunt


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Dong Su Zhu was overjoyed after hearing this, “Yang Xiao… en, what a good name, you have the same surname as my son.”


Yang Xiao was taken aback, “Your son’s surname is also Yang!?”


“That’s right! My son’s name is Yang Kai, he is the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace. Since you are a High Heaven Palace disciple, you should know him, yes?” Dong Su Zhu introduced her son with pride. Although she would complain a little every time she met Yang Kai, she was very proud of her son. He forged his way to the Star Boundary alone, toiled hard to lay a solid foundation for High Heaven Palace, and then returned to Heng Luo Star Field to bring so many friends and family here, allowing more than 100,000 people to enjoy far better cultivation conditions. Even if someone might be able to accomplish a similar feat in the future, right now, it was definitely unprecedented.


Yang Xiao’s jaw dropped so wide that an egg could be stuffed into it upon hearing this.


[What!? What!? Did I just hear it wrong? This woman is actually Adoptive Father’s mother!? If it was just the name, it might be nothing, but how many Palace Masters can High Heaven Palace have?!]


[No wonder this devilish crazy woman is so respectful, so that’s how it is!]


“Hm, what’s wrong?” Dong Su Zhu was paying great attention to Yang Xiao’s words and expressions, so she was now curiously looking at him after noticing there was something wrong with this little fatty’s state.


Yang Xiao hurriedly straightened his clothes and cleaned his face before he took a few steps back and courteously bowed to Dong Su Zhu, solemnly greeting, “Grandson Yang Xiao greets Grandmother!”


Now it was Dong Su Zhu’s turn to be dumbfounded. Even Yang Xue, who was standing by Dong Su Zhu’s side, stood gawking at him in surprise.


After a long time, Dong Su Zhu broke into giggles before she rubbed Yang Xiao’s head and said, “Little one, you can’t randomly call just anyone by such a title.”


Yang Xiao, however, sternly shook his head, “Grandson did not randomly call you grandmother. You are my grandmother. High Heaven Palace Master is my Father.”


Dong Su Zhu couldn’t laugh anymore hearing this. Her facial features twitched a little, whereas Yang Xue looked shocked. The little girl might be young, but she was extremely smart, so how could she not understand the meaning of Yang Xiao’s words?


“What’s going on?” Dong Su Zhu turned to Liu Yan and asked using her Divine Sense, “Is he telling the truth?”


[My son actually has a son, and I didn’t even know about it!] At this moment, Dong Su Zhu was completely furious; however, she couldn’t show it in front of Yang Xiao, so she could only ask Liu Yan privately.


“Master said that he is his Adoptive Son.” Liu Yan replied, “And he brought him back from the outside.”


“Adoptive Son!?” Dong Su Zhu couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief after hearing this, “That scared me, thinking that he had…”


Although Dong Su Zhu was eager for Yang Kai to find more daughters-in-law and give her grandchildren, his four wives at home still hadn’t given birth yet. If some random woman from outside gave him a child first, it would be quite a mess for his four wives back at home.


Since it was an Adoptive Son though, there was no problem.


Suddenly, something came to mind and Dong Su Zhu turned around and rushed straight into the wooden house.


Yang Xiao was confused now. The three little figures remaining stood exchanging uncertain glances.


After his recent experience, Yang Xiao was truly scared of Liu Yan, so he chose to focus on Yang Xue with a flattering smile on his face.


Yang Xue decided to take the initiative here, placed her arms akimbo and asked in a cute voice, “Are you Big Brother’s son?”


“Big… Big Brother?” Yang Xiao was taken aback but immediately understood, “Oh, you’re Adoptive Father’s sister!?”


“Hehe,” Yang Xue cutely laughed through her nose. “You are Big Brother’s son, while I am his younger sister, what should you call me?”


“What should I call you?” Yang Xiao looked confused.


“En, en, what should you call me! Hurry up and call me something nice and I’ll give you a nice gift!” Yang Xue’s pretty eyes lit up.


Yang Xiao couldn’t help his face from twitching. He now felt that no one inside High Heaven Palace was normal. Liu Yan could torture him with a smile on her face, and now his Adoptive Father’s younger sister was making such incomprehensible demands. While he was thinking so, he suddenly felt a heatwave blowing across his face. When he focused his gaze on the source, he saw a fire snake hovering beside him, calmly staring at him.


“You want to burn me again?!” Yang Xiao was shocked.


Liu Yang strode towards him as she stated in an incomparably gentle voice with a sweet smile hanging on her lips, “Think carefully before you answer.”


Yang Xiao wracked his brain for a while before casting a begging look toward the wooden building. But unfortunately, his grandmother had just gone in to do who knows what and still hadn’t come out. He wanted to escape, but he knew that was impossible, so he forced his brain to work even harder to come up with the right answer.


Suddenly, in a flash of enlightenment, he excitedly turned to Yang Xue and stated, “Auntie!”


Yang Xue blinked her big, pretty eyes before looking at Liu Yan.


Liu Yan gently nodded, indicating he was right.


Yang Xue immediately clapped her hands and stated, “Hehehe, that’s right. Tell me, what do you want as a reward?”


Yang Xiao powerlessly replied, “I don’t want any reward.” [I only want to return to Adoptive Father’s side. The outside world is too dangerous. Where are you, Adoptive Father?]


“That won’t do!” Yang Xue shook her little head, flicking her two braids left and right. She tilted her head for a moment before making her way to Yang Xiao’s side, where she stood on tiptoe and rubbed Yang Xiao’s head, muttering in a cute and tender voice, “Good Yang Xiao, great Yang Xiao, Yang Xiao is the best.”


Yang Xiao’s face twitched as he stared at her. The little girl before him was even shorter than him, but she actually dared to pat his head and call him a good boy. He was a member of the Dragon Clan, and no one would dare touch a dragon’s head! But after giving it another thought, she was his Adoptive Father’s younger sister, so seniority wise, he was indeed lower than her. He had no choice but to resign himself to his fate and smiled bitterly as he asked, “Is this a reward?”


Yang Xue earnestly nodded, “En, mother always rewards Xue’er like this.”


“Aha… ha…” Yang Xiao couldn’t only sigh and say, “Auntie, you are quite easily satisfied.”


Yang Xue snorted and angrily rebuffed, “You’re happy too, right?”


“Yes, yes, I am very happy,” Yang Xiao couldn’t help but nod.


The nearby Liu Yan giggled as she asked, “Now do you know what you said wrong?”


Just as he heard her voice, Yang Xiao couldn’t help but shudder and nervously gulp before asking, “Ahem, what exactly did I say wrong?”


Liu Yan didn’t answer and just quietly stared at him.


Yang Xiao had a bad premonition, like he had reached a critical juncture in his life. He realized that if he couldn’t give an answer that satisfied Liu Yan, his future would be quite miserable.


Once again, he racked his brains hard, but no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t understand what his mistake was. Left with no other choice, he pitifully looked at Liu Yan and asked, “Can you give me a hint?”


Liu Yan’s lips curled before she turned to Yang Xue and stated, “Xue’er, who am I?”


Yang Xue immediately called out in a loud and clear, “Big Sister Liu Yan!”


“Now do you understand?” Liu Yan turned back to Yang Xiao.


“En, en, I understand!” Yang Xiao fiercely nodded, but inside he was angrily howling in his heart, [I understand nothing! Why does her calling you Big Sister Liu Yan lead to you burning me!?]




Yang Xiao suddenly seemed to have realized something and timidly glanced at Liu Yang before hesitantly calling out, “Aunt… Liu Yan?”


A smile immediately bloomed on Liu Yan’s face as she then declared to Yang Xiao, “From now on, I am your Great Aunt, and Xue’er is your Little Aunt. Don’t you forget it, okay?”


Yang Xiao stood dumbfounded on his spot. [That’s it?! So she chased me around and burned me with her fire just because I addressed her the wrong way!?]


[If that was the case, couldn’t she have said something earlier? Why did she force me to realize it myself? How was I supposed to know that!?] Yang Xiao was sad and frustrated, wishing he could smash his head on the ground to death.


But right then, the nearby Yang Xue clapped and stated, “Right, right, I am your Little Aunt, and Big Sister Liu Yan is your Great Aunt. We’re all one family now.”


[Only ghosts would want to be your family!]


Suddenly, hurried footsteps could be heard coming from inside the wooden house. Yang Xiao turned to look and saw Dong Su Zhu hurrying over with a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man bore some resemblance to his Adoptive Father, and coupled with Dong Su Zhu’s intimacy with him, Yang Xiao immediately understood his identity. This man must be his Adoptive Father’s father.


Yang Ying Feng had been cultivating when he heard Dong Su Zhu excitedly running over, saying she has some good news for him. With a look of glee, she told him that their son had adopted a son, a cute and chubby little boy, so Yang Ying Feng came out to check on the situation.


When Yang Ying Feng looked at the little boy before him, he realized that it was indeed as Dong Su Zhu had said; this little guy was pretty cute, but he also seemed to be in a bit of a miserable state. After gazing at him for a while, he nodded and asked, “Is he Yang Xiao?”


“En, that’s him. He said he came back with our son,” Dong Su Zhu nodded.


Yang Ying Feng smiled, but before he could speak, he saw Yang Xiao bowing flat to the ground, “Greetings, Grandfather!”


Being addressed as Grandfather gave Yang Ying Feng immeasurable joy. Although it wasn’t his grandson by blood, judging by the fact that this little one was so sensible at his young age, it was evident that he had received a good education, so he hurriedly raised his arm and said, “Get up, get up, let Grandpa take a good look at you.”


Yang Xiao immediately straightened his back and stood at attention, allowing Yang Ying Feng to take a closer look.


Yang Ying Feng nodded with a smile, “Good, good, but… since you’re my son’s Adoptive Son, why is your surname Yang? Could it be that your family’s surname is also Yang?”


Yang Xiao respectfully replied, “Grandson was born with the help of the Adoptive Father just a few days ago, so when I was born, I asked the Adoptive Father to grant me a name and received Adoptive Father’s surname.”


Yang Ying Feng suddenly came to realize before he asked, “Your parents had no objections?”


Yang Xiao smiled, “They did not.”


“Then everything is alright…” Yang Ying Feng smiled and nodded before suddenly his eyes widened and he asked, “Born not long ago? How old are you?”


Yang Xiao bashfully replied, “Xiao’er was born about one or two months ago.”


[One or two months ago!?] Dong Su Zhu and Yang Ying Feng stood in a daze.


Liu Yan explained, “He does not belong to the Human Race, he seems to be from the Dragon Clan.” 


As a fellow Divine Spirit, Liu Yan could feel the Dragon Aura from Yang Xiao.


“Dragon Clan!” Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu were greatly taken aback. As far as they knew, Yang Kai had an ambiguous relationship with a Dragon Girl. The last time he went out, he seemed to be going to Dragon Island, and now, he had returned with an Adoptive Son who was a Dragon. Furthermore, his surname was also Yang. Could it be…


“Where is that smelly brat!?” Dong Su Zhu asked with a stern look on her face.


Liu Yan replied, “He is talking with Head Manager.”


Dong Su Zhu coldly snorted, “Tell him to immediately come over to see me.”




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