Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3369, Vast Desert


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Who would have thought that they would receive such a disturbing response saying that descendants and Disciples of many Great Emperors had disappeared, and in a span of just two or three years, too.


[As many as five Great Emperors have been drawn into this. In addition to Serene Soul and Bright Moon, Heavens Revelations Great Emperor, Flower Shadow Great Emperor, and Iron Blood Great Emperor also had their descendants or Disciples kidnapped.]


That meant that Lin Yun’er was also missing!


Whether other descendants or Disciples of other Great Emperors have gone missing, Spirit Beast Island wasn’t clear about it for the time being; after all, not every Great Emperor used Space Beacons. But, judging by the current situation, while Disciples and descendants of just these five Great Emperors were confirmed missing, perhaps there were still more.


Whether others were missing or not, Yang Kai didn’t really care, but Lin Yun’er’s situation was different. After they parted ways in the Western Territory back then, he hadn’t seen her again to this day and he never expected to receive news like this.


Xiao Yu Yang and Yang Kai glanced at each other and could clearly see the shock in each other’s eyes. Although they had no idea who was responsible for this, they faintly felt that an invisible dark hand had covered the entire Star Boundary.


The descendants and Disciples of Great Emperors had gone missing from various territories of the Star Boundary, and anyone who had the courage and means to do this could not be ordinary. More likely than not, the one responsible for this incident was some huge and powerful organization.


However, what confused Yang Kai was what the goal of the mastermind behind this was. The Great Emperors were the strongest figures in this world, so it wasn’t a good idea to provoke any one of them, much less five all at once.


After a long silence, Yang Kai finally opened his mouth, “Elder Xiao, you said that you had a guess about the perpetrator behind Junior Sister Lan Xun’s kidnapping, but you aren’t sure. Dare I ask who you think is responsible for this?”


Xiao Yu Yang pondered for a while before finally replying, “Originally, we thought that Shadow Killer Palace was behind it.”


“Shadow Killer Palace!” Yang Kai furrowed his brow.


He was definitely familiar with Shadow Killer Palace as it was the dominant Sect of the Western Territory, a great force helmed by Night Shadow Great Emperor. But this great force was extremely mysterious, just like the Night Shadow Great Emperor himself. No one knew where Shadow Killer Palace was located exactly. All the public knew was that there was a hegemon existence in the Western Territory, but it was almost impossible to meet anyone from it under normal circumstances.


“Because the message sent by the Great Emperor pointed to a location in the Western Territory?” Yang Kai asked. This was a reasonable guess as no one would dare to attack the daughter of a Great Emperor, unless it was another Great Emperor. The message sent by Bright Moon Great Emperor eventually led to someplace in the Western Territory, which made Xiao Yu Yang and the others ultimately make such a conclusion.


Xiao Yu Yang denied it, shaking his head after hearing this, “That is only one of the reasons, there are others as well.”


“Oh! I would like to hear the details.”


Xiao Yu Yang explained, “You may not know that the Western Territory’s Great Emperor and our Sir are at odds. The two Great Emperors have a number of grievances with each other.”


Yang Kai asked in surprise, “Why so?”


“It’s primarily a struggle that originated from their opposing Great Daos,” Since Xiao Yu Yang had already decided to speak, he didn’t have any intention to conceal anything, “Just think about the titles of the two Sirs.”


Yang Kai frowned as he murmured, “Bright Moon, Night Shadow…” After murmuring a few times, a stunned look suddenly appeared on his face.


“Under the bright moon, everything is visible, nothing is hidden, there is no night shadow. These two Sirs were at odds from the start. One represents the light, and the other represents the darkness.”


Yang Kai frowned and stated, “But how can there be darkness without light?”


Xiao Yu Yang was stunned for a moment before he failed to stifle his laughter, “You should talk about this with the two Sirs and see what they think.”


Yang Kai’s facial muscles twitched before he waved his hands in denial, “It was just a casual thought, but since Elder Xiao originally speculated that Shadow Killer Palace was behind Junior Sister Lan’s disappearance, why didn’t you send a representative to Shadow Killer Palace to speak with someone important?”


Xiao Yu Yang heaved a sigh before replying, “Perhaps only a few Great Emperors know the actual location of Shadow Killer Palace, so how could we know where its headquarters are? What’s more, if Shadow Killer Palace was really behind it, then it means that they were prepared to go to war with my Star Soul Palace. Not only that, if they were responsible, would they even bother discussing it with us? Although it was our guess at first because of the relationship with the two Sirs, now it seems… someone was trying to make Shadow Killer Palace their scapegoat.”


Yang Kai nodded. If only Lan Xun was missing, this speculation might have merit, but now, far too many Great Emperors were involved. Even if Night Shadow Great Emperor wanted to deal with Bright Moon Great Emperor, he wouldn’t have involved others into this dispute.


“While speculation is just speculation, the possibility also can’t be ruled out; after all, the final point is indeed in the Western Territory. We will know the truth after we have found Her Royal Highness and the others.”


Yang Kai nodded his agreement before both sunk into silence.


Xiao Yu Yang’s heart was weighed down by Lan Xun’s safety and Bright Moon Great Emperor’s unknown whereabouts. Whereas Yang Kai was concerned about Lin Yun’er. He had no idea whether he would find her at the destination of this trip or not. If so, it would be best; he could then rescue her together with the others. If not… where would he even begin to look for her in this vast Star Boundary?


[Iron Blood Great Emperor should know about this, so Yang Yan must have also learned about it. Will they take action too?]


The flying ship was as swift as lightning, and with Xiao Yu Yang not holding back in the slightest despite exhausting himself, their pace was extremely quick.


However, even if he was a Third-Order Emperor, Xiao Yu Yang couldn’t sustain such intense output forever. Fortunately, there was Yang Kai to help out. After releasing the controls of the flying ship, the two took turns piloting. When one was resting, the other person would fly ahead at full speed. As such, there wasn’t any delay whatsoever.


As the journey was long, Yang Kai took the opportunity to intermittently cultivate for a few days. In his spare time, he also discussed various cultivation experiences with Xiao Yu Yang. In any case, he was a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master. As the saying goes, wise men correct their mistakes from others’ faults. In the end, each had their own harvest from the other’s knowledge and understanding.


After two months, the duo finally reached the borders of the Western Territory. Here, it wasn’t suitable to use the flying ship openly anymore. According to Xiao Yu Yang, because the relationship between Bright Moon Great Emperor and Night Shadow Great Emperor wasn’t amiable, Star Soul Palace and Shadow Killer Palace were also like water and fire. As such, the members of Star Soul Palace had to remain discreet after entering the Western Territory, lest they be discovered and it led to unintended accidents.


After disembarking the flying ship, the duo disguised themselves quickly before flying off under their own power.


This time, they remained completely silent, alternating between flying and resting. Apart from occasionally looking for hidden mountains and rivers to rest along the way, they spent all their time moving forward.


Nearly five months later, Xiao Yu Yang finally pointed to a vast desert before them and spoke, “Here, it’s inside that desert.”


Yang Kai’s expression finally changed after hearing this. He had been constantly rushing forward for the past few months, which was already extremely tiring both physically and mentally. At this time, he couldn’t help but grumble about the Space Array he had arranged back then and how much easier it would have been if it hadn’t been destroyed. For various reasons, he had been feeling somewhat anxious and upset during this trip, so now that their destination was in sight, he naturally felt his spirits lift.


[We’re finally here.]


The two shot straight into the endless desert one after another, disappearing into a cloud of dust and sand in the blink of an eye.


Compared to the other territories of the Star Boundary, the Western Territory’s geography was generally desolate. Desert and rock fields could be found almost everywhere while lush and verdant mountains and rivers were very rare. However, it was this harsh environment that forged a valiant attitude and hearty disposition in the Western Territory’s cultivators.


There was no end to this vast desert in sight, and when the wind blew, the sky was filled with dust and sand. Visibility was reduced to just three meters at times and furthermore, everything within ten thousand kilometres appeared identical. There was nothing to take as reference for bearing. Even a cultivator with low cultivation might get lost and trapped here forever. Not to mention that there were many unpredictable dangers in the desert. Even an Emperor Realm Master may meet their end here if he or she wasn’t careful.


After Yang Kai followed Xiao Yu Yang into this desert, he immediately realized the ruthlessness of nature. When the wind started blowing hard, the sand particles blew in his face, striking hard against his Emperor Qi protection, releasing some harsh noises.


When he scanned the surroundings with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai found almost no living auras in his range of perception. All he sensed were some Monster Beasts that were struggling to survive in this difficult environment.


After two days, when the duo was passing by an oasis, Yang Kai finally called out to Xiao Yu Yang, signalling for them to fly down.


Xiao Yu Yang, whose entire figure was covered in dust, doubtfully asked, “What’s wrong?”


Yang Kai took a glance at him before suggesting, “Elder Xiao, you should take some time to recover, you haven’t rested for a long time.”


Xiao Yu Yang furrowed his brow before denying, “We’re almost there. It won’t be too late to rest when we arrive.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Just rest. This place is perfect to arrange a Space Array. You don’t want to fly all the way back on our return trip, do you?”


Hearing this, Xiao Yu Yang finally nodded in agreement, “Good, then I will leave it to you.”


Yang Kai waved his hand before he started inspecting the oasis.


This place couldn’t really be called an oasis, not anymore at least. The water source here had dried and even the trees were completely dead and dry, leaving only a remnant behind. But compared to the desert filled with sandstorms and dunes, this was the only real option Yang Kai had to arrange a Space Array.


After all, he couldn’t arrange a Space Array in the middle of the desert. If he did that, the Array would be buried in sand in just a few days.


Although the water source here had dried, since the oasis still continued to exist, it meant that it would not disappear in a short time. It was the best landmark to arrange a Space Array at.


This time, Yang Kai didn’t bother trying to conceal the Array. In any case, his Array could only be activated using the Transmission Tokens specially refined by him, so even if it was discovered, it didn’t matter. The only thing he was worried about was it being destroyed by someone.


After picking a place with solid ground, Yang Kai got to work.


After toiling hard for half a day, a brand-new Space Array had been laid out. After a thorough inspection and confirming that the Array was connected to various Arrays he had arranged before, Yang Kai stepped back and nodded in approval.


Xiao Yu Yang, sensing this, opened his eyes and asked, “Finished?”


“En!” Yang Kai nodded.


Xiao Yu Yang came over and after looking at the finished Array for a while, he couldn’t help but praise, “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, this Xiao wouldn’t have believed that something like this could be arranged in just half a day.”


“Practice makes perfect,” Yang Kai smiled lightly before he threw a Transmission Token to Xiao Yu Yang.




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