Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3370, Funnel


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“This is…” Xiao Yu Yang looked curiously at the Transmission Token in his hand.


When Yang Kai explained the purpose of the token, Xiao Yu Yang immediately put it away like he had received a precious treasure. With this thing, it would be more convenient for him to travel everywhere in the future as he could freely shuttle through any Space Array arranged by Yang Kai.


“When you are free, come to Star Soul Palace and arrange a Space Array, okay?” Xiao Yu Yang looked at him with a smile.


Yang Kai nodded and agreed, “No problem.”


He had originally planned to connect the entire Star Boundary with Space Arrays, so he had no issue arranging one in Star Soul Palace. After Yang Kai’s agreement, the two set off again.


After another three days, they finally arrived at their destination.


As Xiao Yu Yang flew down to the desert, Yang Kai looked in a certain direction in surprise.


About a thousand metres from him, there was a huge pit in the endless desert. The pit spanned over a thousand metres and was several dozen metres deep. The pit was like a huge funnel embedded in this part of the desert, one that was constantly rotating as a large amount of sand kept slipping into it and disappearing.


Yang Kai looked at it in amazement. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would have never believed that there was such a peculiar landscape in this world.


Who knows how this funnel was formed or how long it had existed, but Yang Kai could sense Space Principles fluctuating from its bottom. Whatever was at the base of this funnel seemed to be connected to an unknown location.


[Is this the entrance to the Sealed World that Xiao Yu Yang mentioned?]


Yang Kai carefully inspected and discovered that it was indeed the case. There should be a Void Corridor at the bottom of the funnel, but who knows where it led to. At this moment, this void Corridor seemed to be in a sealed state; however, judging by the traces Yang Kai noticed, this sealing seemed to have been done artificially. Without the correct method, it would be impossible to open this corridor, let alone enter it.


Hastily using brute force may very well destroy the corridor, and once that happened, entering the Sealed World would become orders of magnitude more difficult.


[No wonder Xiao Yu Yang didn’t hesitate to return to the Southern Territory from the Western Territory and asked Gao Xue Ting to lead him to the High Heaven Palace to find me. In this situation, I am indeed the right person to deal with it.]


Perceiving Yang Kai and Xiao Yu Yang’s arrival, figures hidden in the vicinity slowly appeared and gathered around them, one after another.


Yang Kai glanced around and found all of them to be familiar faces.


Xue Zheng Mao, Lei Hong, two Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters, were among them, and counting Xiao Yu Yang, three Third-Order Emperors from Star Soul Palace had been deployed here. Also, there were more than a dozen other Emperor Realm Masters present. Obviously, a great deal of the high-level figures of Star Soul Palace had come.


Xiao Yu Yang greeted the others before getting a brief rundown of the situation. After making sure that nothing eventful had happened during his absence, he finally put his heart to rest. Yang Kai too went over and greeted everyone.


Xue Zheng Mao’s face turned serious as he stated, “Yang Kai, we can only rely on you regarding this. Although it’s not definite, we are almost certain the Great Emperor’s message originated from this place. We suspect that Princess Lan Xun is inside as well. Please lend us your assistance.”


Yang Kai earnestly replied, “Elder Xue, I can also be regarded as a Southern Territory cultivator and am friends with Her Royal Highness. If she is in trouble, it is only natural that I help her.”


Xue Zheng Mao was very pleased after hearing this and repeatedly nodded, “Good, good, good, if you can really rescue Her Royal Highness, this Old Master and the others here will forever be in your debt. In the future, if you need any help, our Star Soul Palace will never turn you down.”


This was a very heavy promise, but it was also proof of how desperate Xue Zheng Mao and the others had become; otherwise, they would never promise something like this so easily.


“Elder Xue, please calm yourself. Let me take a look at the situation first.” Having said this, Yang Kai flew towards the bottom of the funnel.


The nearby Lei Hong immediately warned, “Be careful, the space down near the bottom is somewhat unstable.”


Yang Kai nodded before he quickly approached the bottom of the funnel. He stood there, observing the situation, and soon discovered it was even more shocking than what he first thought. With the sand flowing into it and the funnel rotating, it gave Yang Kai a feeling as if the entire world was being swallowed up.


Carefully spreading his Divine Sense, Yang Kai probed the area with his Space Principles, silently perceiving the feedback he received for quite some time. After he had made some speculations, he flew up again.


“Well, what do you think?” Xue Zheng Mao anxiously asked.


Yang Kai replied, furrowing his brow, “The entrance has been sealed by someone. All of you have been waiting here for so long, so have you discovered traces of other people?”


Xue Zheng Mao denied, shaking his head, “We found nothing. No one has even passed by here in many years as far as we can tell.”


Yang Kai continued, “The tracepoints to the seal being created by someone, so all of this must have been well planned out, a conspiracy of some kind. If I really open the entrance, I have no idea what would happen.”


“What do you mean?” Xue Zheng Mao’s expression turned serious.


Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, “I mean I literally have no idea what would happen. Perhaps it will alarm someone, or it might make things even more difficult for Her Royal Highness. In light of this, do you still want to open this entrance?”


Everyone looked at each other after hearing this, but after a long silence, Xue Zheng Mao stated in a heavy voice, “We haven’t heard from the Great Emperor, we have no idea whether Her Royal Highness is dead or alive. Now, this place is the only clue we have. Since that’s the case, we can only continue forward by opening it. If they are alive, we have to see them in person, if they’re dead, we must see their corpses.”


The others also nodded, expressing their agreement with Elder Xue. Now that they had a clue, exploring was the only option; no one was willing to simply sit back and leave things to fate. What’s more, Yang Kai only warned about the worst possible situation while there was no guarantee that things would turn out that bad.


They might even find both father and daughter, the Great Emperor and Lan Xun, right after opening the entrance. 


Yang Kai nodded, “Since you have already made a decision, I will proceed. However, the entrance is too unstable, so if everyone wants to enter, you must make every breath count. In addition, you have to be on guard the moment you enter, lest others take advantage of it.”


Xue Zheng Mao slightly smiled, “Though we’ve all lived many years, none of us is willing to die just yet. Naturally, we won’t be careless.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Since that’s the case, follow me.”


Saying so, he turned around and flew back down. Everyone hurriedly followed after him before scattering about, giving Yang Kai space to work. Everyone’s nerves were taut, waiting for the entrance to open so that they could rush in.


Space Principles fluctuated as Yang Kai cautiously cracked the seal on the entrance, opening the Void Corridor.


Space started rippling, as if pieces of stone were dropped onto the calm surface of the lake, causing ripples to spread.


Not long after, a dark tunnel suddenly appeared at the bottom of the funnel.


Void Corridor!


Everyone’s spirit rose at the sight of this, much more so for Xiao Yu Yang. He felt that it wasn’t a waste of time to invite Yang Kai. They had also tried to open this Void Corridor before, but none of them even had a clue how to begin. If they had used brute force, it might have collapsed the entrance entirely. Now though, the seal which had stumped them all had been solved in the blink of an eye by Yang Kai. 


[As expected, it’s all about the right man for the job.]


Pairs of eyes kept wandering between Yang Kai and the Void Corridor as everyone waited for him to give the signal.


The Void Corridor had just taken shape and was highly unstable, warping and distorting in a chaotic fashion. All Yang Kai could do was use his Space Principles to reinforce it so that it would be safer for people to transit through it.


After an incense worth of time, the Void Corridor that had been distorting all the while finally and slowly stabilized.


Yang Kai shouted, “Quickly enter, and be careful!”


Xue Zheng Mao, who had long been waiting for this, immediately rushed in. Right after, figures kept disappearing into the Void Corridor, one after another, with Xiao Yu Yang being the last one remaining.


When Xiao Yu Yang had plunged into the Void Corridor, Yang Kai’s figure also flickered as he prepared to go in.


But right then, his expression suddenly changed as he looked up.


In the sky, a streak of light was swooping down, shooting straight towards the Void Corridor. Yang Kai noticed a hazy figure in that streak of light, but even with his incredible strength and senses, he actually failed to even catch a glimpse of this newcomer’s true appearance.


“Who!?” Yang Kai immediately shouted as he lifted his palm and struck out. In his haste, Yang Kai actually used one of his recently comprehended Dragon Clan Secret Techniques unconsciously.


Majestic Dragon Pressure immediately spread into the surroundings as Yang Kai’s palm print transformed into a great Dragon Claw, giving the impression that it could shatter through the sky!


The oncoming figure, however, didn’t dodge or even try to slow down.


With a deafening bang, Yang Kai was knocked backwards and plummeted into the swirling sand, left in a sorry state from the rebound of his own strength.


When he flew back out from the sandpit, covered in dirt, the figure was nowhere to be seen. Immediately, Yang Kai looked towards the Void Corridor which was about to disappear because it had lost his stabilizing support and was quite unnerved.


The instant he came into contact with the other party, he felt an unfathomable strength push back against him. Till the end, he didn’t even catch sight of the appearance of the person who brushed by him.


[Even a Third-Order Emperor couldn’t have taken that attack head-on, but whoever it was just now smashed through it head-on without even stuttering! In other words, that person definitely had a cultivation much higher than the Third-Order Emperor Realm! Was it a Pseudo-Great Emperor? Or even a Great Emperor?]


Only someone with such strength could outright ignore an attack from Yang Kai. 


The only thing Yang Kai was certain of was that the other party had no malice towards him; otherwise, he would not have taken his attack without countering. Judging by the other party’s cultivation, if they really decided to fight back, Yang Kai would definitely have suffered.


[Who was it?]


Yang Kai was confused. Coincidentally or not, this newcomer had gone straight into the Void Corridor. Obviously, he or she had been monitoring this place all along, yet Xue Zheng Mao and the others had not noticed them.


Could it be Bright Moon Great Emperor? But if it was Bright Moon Great Emperor, why did he not appear?


[Who the Hell was it!?] Yang Kai felt extremely frustrated.


Seeing that the Void Corridor was about to close again though, Yang Kai had no time to give it any more thought as his figure rushed straight into the black portal.


Everything went white before Yang Kai’s eyes before he suddenly appeared in another world.


He immediately prompted his Emperor Qi to guard himself against any possible threat, but no sneak attack came. As Yang Kai looked around, he couldn’t help but frown.


Because not a single person was in sight. Xue Zheng Mao and the other Emperor Realm Masters of Star Soul Palace who had entered before him had completely disappeared, and when he spread his Divine Sense, he couldn’t sense anyone either.


[Where is everyone?] Yang Kai was confused.




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    1. I think it’s the shadow emperor. It was mentioned that several GE’s disciples/children were kidnapped, plus Author probably wants to develop western region now.

  1. They are idiots, they poked their way into a place where there is at least a pseudo-great emperor, and maybe a real great emperor only by the forces of third-order emperors. And Yang Kai didn’t even take Liu Yan and Qiong Qi with him. The Abyssal Returner could also be useful.

    1. Just cus. I guess if the author was forced to give a reason, Liu Yan ‘hates being stuck inside’ (so let her out?) and Qiong Qi just wants to chill. IDK, MP is so full of plot holes it’s nothing new.

  2. And why wouldn’t YK put his allies into SWB? Just tell them to relax in some city and never get separated again instead of each time.

  3. Yeah, the reason he didn’t put everyone in SWB is due to plot. That would have been the smart thing to do. Everyone would be together, and travelling over the void corridor would have been the most safe if it was only Kai. At the other end, you have them leave SWB; problem solved, except plot becomes more difficult.

    My guess is Iron Blood GE. Too much power, and did it with force. Who else is going to camp out the entrance in the west for their disciple. He is going hunting for food for his wok. 😀

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