Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3371, I’m Hungry


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Over a dozen Emperor Realm Masters of Star Soul Palace had clearly entered this place before him, but Yang Kai didn’t see a single figure when he came in. It was a bit strange.


However, if the entrance had the function of randomly teleporting, it could explain the current situation. Yang Kai had entered similar Sealed Worlds where although there was only one entrance, the people who entered didn’t appear in the same location.


Judging by the current situation, this Sealed World should be also of this type. So, Yang Kai couldn’t find everyone who had stepped in before him, and perhaps everyone else was in the same situation. They might be all alone and forced to fend for themselves.


But that shouldn’t be a problem. If everyone was dispersed, there was a higher chance of finding Lan Xun if she was really here.


After confirming that there was no danger around, Yang Kai began searching the nearby surroundings. It was a dark and gloomy world where World Energy wasn’t rich. The entire world appeared dead and silent. It was impossible for such a world to give birth to any kind of precious treasure. At first glance, the environment here somewhat resembled that of the Western Territory, with hard rocky ground and some sparse shrubs scattered around. As for living creatures, there were no signs of any at all.


But for some unknown reason, Yang Kai had felt a sense of unease ever since he entered this place, as if there was some kind of danger lurking nearby, unseen and unheard.


After pondering for a while though, Yang Kai turned towards a certain direction and flew off.


This was indeed an independent Sealed World, but although it had its own World Principles, they were imperfect, a bit similar to his original Sealed World Bead. Other than that, this Sealed World seemed to be fairly large. Yang Kai flew forward for almost an entire day but didn’t encounter anything worth paying attention to, let alone Xiao Yu Yang or the others.


It was as if they had all evaporated from the face of this world.


There was no day or night in this Sealed World, and the sky was always dark and bleak. The surroundings too were extremely similar. Being left alone in such a lonely and bleak environment would gradually wear down anyone’s mental strength. After another day, Yang Kai, who was searching around, suddenly raised his brow as he looked ahead.


[Someone’s there!]


Over a dozen kilometres ahead of him, he could sense a life aura, so he immediately focused his gaze in that direction.


This person seemed to have noticed Yang Kai’s gaze though and their figure flickered as they flew off.


Yang Kai had finally met someone alive in this damned place, so how could he just let the other party escape? He immediately gave chase, but very soon, he discovered that this person was unbelievably fast and, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t close the distance between them. What’s more, this person’s Divine Sense was so powerful that Yang Kai couldn’t probe their true appearance or cultivation at all. Yang Kai’s own Divine Sense was blocked by an invisible field when it approached this person.


A feeling of being toyed with rose in Yang Kai’s heart, causing his anger to rise as he made even more of an effort to catch up, only realizing a short time later that the other party seemed to be leading him somewhere.


Speculating so, Yang Kai deliberately slowed down a little, and as expected, the other party also slowed down. When Yang Kai sped up again though, the other party also sped up!


[Damn it!] Yang Kai was furious as he threw all caution to the wind and gave it his all to catch up.


Although he knew that there might be some kind of trap waiting for him, this was the first clue he had found since entering this world, so even if he knew that there was a tiger waiting for him on the mountain, Yang Kai had no choice but to ascend it anyway.


One chased and the other fled, leading to an hour-long chase before suddenly, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed.


Because at that moment, he actually lost the opposite party’s aura, like they had simply vanished for no rhyme and reason, leaving not a trace behind.


Instead, Yang Kai now sensed several life fluctuations belonging to a small group not far ahead. Among them, Yang Kai found three of them somewhat familiar.


Realizing this, Yang Kai frowned before he hurriedly flew towards that side.


Not long after, he reached a rocky slope where five figures, one male and four females, were all sitting cross-legged.


When Yang Kai looked over at this group, he couldn’t help but be elated as he hurriedly shouted, “Yun’er!”


Among the five figures, the one in the middle was actually Lin Yun’er. Even though Lin Yun’er had also apparently gone missing and Yang Kai had suspected that it was the handiwork of the same group, he hadn’t really expected to find her here.


After looking at the others, Yang Kai discovered that it was as he had expected. Yao Lin, who was captured on the East Sea, as well as Lan Xun, who went missing in the Southern Territory, were both here. As for the remaining man and woman, Yang Kai didn’t know either of them, but judging from the previous intelligence, he could make an educated guess that this man and woman were either blood kin or Legacy Disciples of one of the Great Emperors.


The man appeared to be in his thirties and had a fair complexion, seemingly born with a handsome face. As for the woman, she was wearing a veil over her face, making it harder to see her true appearance, but judging from her enchanting and ravishing figure, she was undoubtedly a great beauty.


Yang Kai didn’t immediately rush over. He was lured here, otherwise, he would not have found these Great Emperors’ sons, daughters, and Disciples.


The question was, why was he led here? Was there some sort of scheme behind this? In such an unfamiliar environment, in suspicious circumstances, how could Yang Kai not raise his guard.


“Yun’er!” Yang Kai shouted again; however, Lin Yun’er remained sitting cross-legged, not reacting at all, as if she had fallen into a deep sleep.


Yang Kai’s Divine Sense scanned over and over again, but he couldn’t find the aura of the person who had led him here, nor did he find any traces of traps around Lin Yun’er and the others. Someone seemed to have cast a Divine Ability on the five though, locking them into a state of deep slumber with no perception of the outside world.


Of these five, except for Yao Lin, who was a Third-Order Dao Source Realm, the remaining four were all Emperors. The veiled woman was especially noticeable as she had a cultivation on par with Yang Kai’s, Second-Order Emperor Realm.


[She should be Flower Shadow Great Emperor’s Disciple! As expected, an accomplished Disciple owes their accomplishments to their great teacher.] Although he couldn’t see her true appearance, Yang Kai was sure that she wasn’t that old. Having such high cultivation at such a young age indicated that this woman’s aptitude was incredibly good.


However, thinking that Yao Lin’s kidnapper was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, Yang Kai couldn’t help but sigh. Although these five were fairly strong in their generation, they were far worse than a Pseudo-Great Emperor. If a Pseudo-Great Emperor had been aiming for them, none of them would be capable of escaping.


Yang Kai stood on the spot for a while, pondering, before he strode towards Lin Yun’er and the others in large strides.


If this was a blessing, it was not a curse, and if it was a curse, it couldn’t be avoided. Since he had found Lin Yun’er, Lan Xun, and the others, Yang Kai couldn’t stand idly by. In any case, he had to wake them up and ask them what had happened to them if he ever wanted to figure out what was going on.


At the very least, he had to know who did this to them, why they were kidnapped and brought here, and what was their kidnappers’ ultimate objective?


Not long after, Yang Kai stood right next to the small group of five, but to his surprise, everything remained completely safe and stable as before; nothing eventful happened. In fact, nothing happened at all.


Standing right in front of Lin Yun’er, Yang Kai placed his finger on her forehead, and then carefully sent a thread of his Emperor Qi and Divine Sense into her body to check her condition.


Surprisingly, Lin Yun’er had not suffered any injuries, though she seemed to be in a peculiar kind of mental state. Her Knowledge Sea was wide open and unguarded, and she seemed to have fallen into some kind of profound illusion, making it impossible for her to wake herself or even sense what was happening around her.


In other words, if someone wanted to do something nefarious to her, they could do so with impunity.


Realizing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. He was originally worried about what kind of peculiar seal had been planted on Lin Yun’er or others, but if it was just a type of illusion induced dream, he had a way to wake them up.


Silently urging his Golden Divine Dragon Source, Yang Kai sent a wisp of his Divine Sense into Lin Yun’er’s Knowledge Sea, transformed into an enormous Dragon Head, and roared, “Yun’er, wake up!”


Dragon Roar! 


This was among the most basic Secret Techniques of the Dragon Clan and had the simple effect of shaking the mind of anyone who heard it.


The Dragon Roar echoed endlessly in Lin Yun’er’s Knowledge Sea, spreading ripples far and wide. As these ripples spread, they cleared all foreign influences from Lin Yun’er’s Knowledge Sea and a moment later, a faint sound of something breaking rang out.


Lin Yun’er unconsciously made a groan as a frown appeared on her forehead before she slowly opened her eyes.


As her eyes gained clarity, Yang Kai’s face appeared before her.


Lin Yun’er kept blinking her big eyes, seemingly confused.


“Yun’er, how do you feel?” Yang Kai nervously asked. Although he had controlled the Dragon Clan Secret Technique as best he could to only awaken her, he had still done so directly into her Knowledge Sea, so a single careless mistake might have harmed Lin Yun’er Soul.


“Uncle… Uncle Yang?” Lin Yun’er was obviously a little groggy and confused as she stared at Yang Kai in a daze and asked, “How come you are here?”


Yang Kai smiled, “I came here to find you. Forget about me for now, let’s talk about you. Are you alright? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”


Lin Yun’er checked her condition after hearing this. Then, she candidly smiled, “I’m not feeling uncomfortable at all.” 


However, she suddenly frowned and said, “It’s just…”


Yang Kai’s face sank as he suddenly became nervous, “What is it?”


“I’m hungry!” Lin Yun’er touched her belly before she stuck her tongue cutely.


Yang Kai’s face twitched visibly as he wasn’t quite sure how to react.


He quickly recalled that after becoming the Disciple of Iron Blood Great Emperor, Lin Yun’er had somehow gained an astonishing appetite. In fact, when he last reunited with her, the moment she was out of danger, she had complained she was hungry.


She was really too carefree!


“If you’re hungry, fix something to eat yourself. I have to wake them up,” Yang Kai stated before walking toward Lan Xun.


“What happened to them?” Lin Yun’er seemed to have finally noticed that there were others here besides them and her eyes widened in astonishment.


“You don’t remember?” Yang Kai looked back at her and asked.


A pensive look suddenly appeared on Lin Yun’er’s face, and after a long time she clapped her hands and said, “Oh, I remember, I was caught by someone. That old man was really powerful. I couldn’t defeat him.”


“An old man?” Yang Kai frowned, “Was he wearing a black robe?”


Lin Yun’er denied, shaking her head, “No, he wasn’t wearing a black robe. His hair was white, but other than that he didn’t have any distinguishing features. I didn’t recognize him either.”


[White hair?] Yang Kai was a little stunned. He remembered that Yao Lin’s kidnapper didn’t have white hair, which was to say that Yao Lin and Lin Yun’er were kidnapped by different people!




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  1. Why does everyone think it was iron blood who sneaked in before YK? Why can’t it be any of the other emperors whose disciples got kidnapped?

    1. His disciple was taken, it’s in the western territory and it’s the same behavior as last time. Watching from a distance then at the last second interrupts Yang Kai doing space stuff without a word.

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